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Bulacan State University

College of Nursing
Guinhawa, Malolos City
Malolos Bulacan

Anatomy and Physiology

Grade Criteria 5 4 3 No Effort Remarks

Excellent Good Fair (-)
Knowledge In depth knowledge of anatomic Adequate knowledge of Knowledge sufficient to Project not completed. No
structure and physiologic anatomic structure and design presentation, but useful information
25 % Clear and mechanisms/process. Utilized physiologic not for clear delivery. presented on the topic
understandable basic anatomical facts and mechanisms/process. Information incomplete or assigned.
Able to answer physiological concepts and Explains basic physiology. inaccurate. Answers to
principles in nursing care of And presents the nurses questions consist of re-
questions individuals. Fully prepared for role in caring of individuals. stating earlier points.
questions. Answers some, but not all
Presentation Excellent, extremely organized, Clear, understandable, Presentation is fairly Did not present material to
interesting, creative, easy to interesting, organized. organized, slightly class.
25 % Organization, follow. Support materials Support materials engaging. The
Creativity, Engaging appropriate and effectively used. appropriately used. presentation consists
Demonstrates originality. Presentation actively primarily of reading from
Engaging and encourages active involves class members. notes.
Visual Aids Excellent development and use Good use and development Adequate use of at least No forms of visual aids
of multiple visual aids. Visual of visual aids. Visual aids one visual aid. Visual aid presented.
25 % Development, aids are relevant and enhances enhance the presentation slightly enhanced the
Use, Relevancy, learning. and relates to the material. presentation. Poor
Enhancing development of visual
aids. Questionable
Professional Excellent eye contact. Shows Maintains eye contact. Occasionally uses eye Did not speak/present.
enthusiasm through entire Shows enthusiasm most of contact. Difficult to hear,
Speaking presentation. Easily understood. the time. Voice clear and excessively uses "ums" or
25 % Eye Contact, Speaks about subject with understandable. Minimal other fillers. Frequent
Enthusiasm, Audible authority and ease. fillers used. Appears calm. pauses to find place.
Minimal reliance on notes. Some mispronouciation of
terms. Too much reading,
reliance on notes.
Prepared by : Jennifer S. Centeno, RN,MSN