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1 your bill

for telemedia services

Mr G Thiyagarajan account no : 15758809
New No A78
Jai Supriya Apts Babu Rajendra bill no : 554939175
Prasad St Sathiyamoorthy Blk Nr Nutech Indira Apts bill date : 31/Aug/2011
Tamil Nadu - 600083 billing period : 26/Jul/2011 to 25/Aug/2011
due date \zu si uv 19/SEP/2011


your email as per our records is :

please call 121 to update your alternate contact number in our records: 9791106393
to get your monthly bills on your email id SMS STARTEBILLFL <email id> <stdcode+fixedline no> on 121 from your registered airtel mobile or 9650096500 from non airtel no.
your account summary
previous balance payments adjustments this month's charges amount payable by amount payable after
19/SEP/2011 19/SEP/2011
947.49 - 947.49 - 0.00 + 942.68 = 942.68 1,017.68
u \zv uP Ammm Cu Pmhn[P CzuvUS \zu Cu uvUS S
si uP: \zu si uP

this month's charges Cu Pmhn[P

Now make cash payments for your airtel fixed line at any of the 41000
Oxigen Outlets across India. For outlet location, visit ""
monthly charges uv Pmhn 899.00 and enter the area Pin Code in "Oxigen Outlet Search" bar to get the
Outlet details.
call and vas charges P B i H G Pmhn 0.60
dsl usage charges i G G Pmhn 0.00
other charges Cu Pmhn[P 0.00
late fee uu Pmhn 0.00 live easy with ebills
gross charges Pmhn 899.60 - anytime access to your broadband and fixedline bill on your email
less total discounts zu ui -44.95
- access last three months of archive bills.
net charges zu Pmhn 854.65 - instant SMS alert on your registered mobile number on receiving
taxes 88.03 your eBill.
- analyze your calls in ms excel.
- easy and safe to use, no delay or loss in transit.

total current charges uPP zu Pmhn 942.68 for monthly bills on email only SMS STARTEBILLFL <email id>
<stdcode+fixedline no> on 121 from your registered airtel mobile or
e. & o.e. 9650096500 from non airtel no.

nearest payment points: - to enjoy service of monthly bills on your email and no hassle of
H B Communication 16, Pillay Kail Street,Jafferkhan Pet,Chennai, paperbill, use this service.
Rajam And Company 81, Pillaiyar Kovil St,AshoK Nager,Chennai,TamilNadu
R Shankar No: 3, Udayam Complex,J.N Road, Ashok Nagar,Chennai,Tamil Nadu
A Balasubramani 55 ,Anjugam Nagar,3rd street ,Ashok Nagar,Chennai,Chennai City,
J MURUGAN 218 Main Road,Pennadam, Chettokodi Thaluka,Caddallor Distt,Tamil Nadu

service tax registration no. AAACB2894GST036 /telecommunication services pan no.: AAACB2894G

please detach this slip and return with payment

bill date : 31/Aug/2011 ways to pay your bill
pay from home
account no : 15758809 amount payable : 942.68 1. pay using mchek on airtel mobile, call 543219 (toll
bill no : 554939175 due date : 19/SEP/2011 free) -
157588095549391753108201100000094268 2. log on to & click on "easy pay" option or
go to "my account" section.
one time payment instruction
to make payments,kindly make crossed cheque/dd/pay order in favour of "airtel account no 15758809"
1. give an ECS for your bank account.
cheque/dd/payorder no 2. give a standing instruction for charging your credit card.
bank / branch amount ` dated
walk-in and pay at
1. any airtel relationship centre (cash / credit card /
cash received airtel outlet signature & stamp
as per the new RBI guidelines,credit card payments through the remittance slip will not be accepted . kindly pay 2. any easy bill or oxigen outlet (cash).
your bill through any of the modes mentioned in the "ways to pay your bill" section. 3. any airtel drop box (cheque) - posting of amount in
account would be within 2 working days.
bharti airtel limited 4. ATM payments - for PNB debit card holders.
circle office: no 11/1 & 12/1, west 'a' wing, maruthi infotech centre, amarjyothi layout, domlur, bangalore-71. for drop box location - SMS CHEQUE <pincode> to 121, for
city office: oceanic towers, 6th floor, 101 santhome high road, santhome, chennai-28. cash payment location -SMS CASH <pincode> to 121 from
dial 121 (chargeable), 198 (tollfree) for queries & complaints respectively.alternatively dial your airtel mobile.
044-44444198/044-44444121 from a non-airtel number or e-mail visit for more details regarding the payment
you can highlight any matter related to our services to our nodal officer at 044 42100356, email id - locations.
"", fax no-044-42102356
in case you do not get any satisfactory response you can highlight the matter to our appellate authority at 044
42039583, email id - "", fax no-044 42102583

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Your Bill in Detail
Telephone Number 04443589783
Your Bill Plan Impatience 899 DSL Combo@4mbps UL (Mar 10) Plan
Voice Call Rates Airtel Fixed Line Other Fixed Line Airtel Mobile Other Mobile Airtel CUG WLL
Outgoing - Local (Rs. /Sec) 0.6/60 0.75/60 0.6/60 0.75/60 0.6/60 0.75/60
Outgoing - STD (Intra Circle) (Rs. /Sec) 0.6/60 0.75/60 0.6/60 0.75/60 0.6/60 0.75/60
Outgoing - STD (Outside Circle) (Rs. /Sec) 0.6/60 0.75/60 0.6/60 0.75/60 0.6/60 0.75/60
Outgoing - ISD (Rs. /Sec) 6/60,7.99/60,11/60 (US,SINGAPORE,UAE)
[For country specific tariff, visit 121]
Call to Mobile (Within Circle) 1 Minute 0.60
Total Call & VAS Charges (A) 0.60

Taxes (Service Tax @10% + Edu cess @2% on S.Tax + Sec & Higher Edu Cess @1% on S.Tax) 0.06
Total(B) 0.06
Total Current Charges (A+B) Rs.0.66

Call to Mobile (Within Circle) Call Details
S.No Date Time Location Number Duration Pulses
1 07/08/2011 11:33:40 Tamilnadu 9894775277 45 0.60

Total Call to Mobile (Within Circle) Call Details 0.60

User ID 04443589783_tn
Your Bill Plan Impatience 899 DSL Combo@4mbps UL (Mar 10) Plan
DSL Usage Rates (Rs./Unit) Time Based Data Transfer Based
Peak Rate 0/MB
Off Peak Rate 0/MB
DSL Subscription Charges for the Bill period
Monthly Rentals Usage Charges Other Charges Discount Total Service Tax Total Charges Payable
899.00 0.00 0.00 -44.95 854.05 87.97 942.02
DSL Monthly Rentals
Type Period AMOUNT(Rs)
From To
Scheme Charges - DSL 26/07/2011 25/08/2011 899.00
Rental (Total Rs.) 899.00

DSL Benefits
5% Disc on DSL Rental -44.95
Benefits (Total Rs.) -44.95

DSL Taxes
Taxes (Service Tax @10% + Edu cess @2% on S.Tax + Sec & Higher Edu Cess @1% on S.Tax) 87.97
Total 87.97


Account Level Details


Details Period Amount (Rs.)

Payment - Bill Desk NET Banking 07/08/2011 -947.49


Details Amount (Rs.)

Service Tax @10% 85.47
Education Cess(On Service Tax) @2% 1.71
Secondary and Higher Education Cess(On Service Tax) @1% 0.85
TOTAL TAXES (Rs.) 88.03