Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes

No 38 July 2007


§ PEFC Strategic Review § PEFC complaints and dispute procedures § 200 million hectares PEFC certified § End of conversions of native forests in Tasmania § Consumers in Germany want certified timber § Italian regional administrations choose certified wood § London City recommends PEFC § ENGOs and trade unions support Norwegian standard § Seminar on forest certification in Russia § All Danish state forests now PEFC § Reports from the PEFC National Member Countries

PEFC Strategic Review
Since January 2007 PEFC has been undertaking a comprehensive strategic review and revision of it roles and governance to ensure its future growth, relevance and value to stakeholders and in the market place. The PEFC Council members have been fully involved in the strategic consultation process. The Board is currently preparing the final strategic plan for presentation to members at the General Assembly in Munich in October. External consultants have been involved in the process and have undertaken necessary background research, such as an image and impact survey, a governance review and an appropriate allocation of resources review, which are informing and guiding the strategic planning process. As a result of increasing its role as a proactive actor in the global development of sustainable forest management, PEFC has identified that there is a lack of objective background information on social issues. To fill this gap, PEFC is therefore in the process of commissioning Chatham House to undertake a background study and review on “social issues for public procurement policies”. The aim of this review is to provide the information required by all stakeholders, including governments and internationa l institutions, to progress the debate on social criteria. In addition PEFC has commissioned background studies into “conversions of forests” to facilitate its policy planning in this important area.

PEFC complaints and dispute procedures
As part of its review and strengthening of its Governance procedures, the PEFC Council has re-confirmed its complaints and appeals procedures at international level in the form of a Guideline “PEFC Council Procedures for the Investigation and Resolution of Complaints and Appeals”, which is available on the PEFC Council website under the documents section. This document was approved by the PEFC Council Board of Directors on 28th June 2007 and comes into immediate effect.

200 million hectares of forest PEFC certified
PEFC is the first-ever organisation to bring 200 million hectares of production forests under independently certified sustainable management. This important milestone for the protection and sustainable management of the world’s forests was reached in July of this year.

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No 38 – July 2007

Australian companies end conversions of native forests to plantations in Tasmania
Forestry Tasmania, the state forest company in Tasmania, and the international company Gunns Limited have decided to stop the broad scale conversion of native forests to plantations in Tasmania. This was announced in press releases of the two companies in June. The companies cited their commitment to environmental, social and economic sustainability and their willingness to be responsive to changes in community views, as reasons for the decision. “Around the world, there is concern about the clearing and conversion of native vegetation” said Dr Hans Drielsma from Forestry Tasmania and explained that the basis for the decision to end conversions were shown in a new booklet, which was launched at the same time, titled Sustainable Forest Management. Ben Gunneberg, Secretary General of the PEFC Council said: “We welcome the decision by the two companies, which demonstrates their willingness for co-operation with environmental groups in Tasmania and globally. We encourage ENGOs in Australia and Tasmania to likewise react positively to this signal and actively engage in co-operation in the continued development of the Australian Forest Certification Scheme.” The companies’ decision was also welcomed by WWF Australia. For the full press release and the new booklet see

When faced with a choice a given the same nd price, 92% of all consumers would choose products from proven sustainable forest management. There was an especially high interest from house owners, of whom at same prices, 95% would choose certified products. More than 70% of the sample stated that they would even accept higher prices, if this made a contribution to environment and climate protection. The survey showed that a sense of responsibility increases with the age of the respondent. 78% of over 40-year olds are willing to pay more for the protection of forests. In the generation 60+ this percentage increased to 80%. Of tenants, who are thinking of moving out to build their own house, 82% indicated that they are willing to pay more for timber from sustainably managed forests. The research also revealed that 54% of all consumers questioned indicated that they would specify certified timber when placing orders with craftsmen.
Timber procurement – Germans support Sustainable Forest Management

Consumers in Germany want certified timber
Consumers want to have certified timber products. This is the result of a representative public opinion poll undertaken by the EMNID Institute in Germany. The poll revealed that 93% of the 1,000 persons questioned, wanted the trade and industry to supply timber and timber products from sustainably managed forests.

… would like to have more products from Sustainable Forest Management

… would, given the same price, buy a certified timber product

… would pay … want to more for a specify certified certified timber timber when placing orders with product craftsmen

A representative EMNID poll commissioned by PEFC Germany indicates a growing demand for certified timber

“The poll indicates that the growing trend for responsible procurement will continue”, said Mr Frank v. Römer, Chairman of PEFC Germany, that had commissioned the study. “With the overwhelming majority of forests being PEFC certified, especially here in Germany, the sector is well prepared for this growing demand.

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No 38 – July 2007

National Secretaries discuss future developments of PEFC
The PEFC Council National Secretaries met for their annual information and training session in Edinburgh, Scotland, from 24 to 26 May 2007. This year’s topics included the development of the new PEFC strategy and the new PEFC product database as well as PEFC’s promotion and communication activities in China. The meeting was hosted by PEFC UK Ltd.

Dutch and Belgian paper and printing companies at the PEFC seminar in Westerlo (Belgium)

Beverage Carton producers choose certification
Chief executives of the world’s three leading beverage carton manufacturers, Tetra Pak, SIG Combibloc and Elopak, have announced details of a unilateral commitment they are making to help improve forest governance globally. PEFC is cited as one of the international forest certification systems the three companies will use for their activities.
National Secretaries from the PEFC Council member countries at their annual meeting in Edinburgh, Scotland

PEFC roadshow for paper merchants and printers
“PEFC, its international position and what’s in it for your business” was the theme of PEFC’s latest roadshow seminar, which took place in Westerlo (Belgium) on 28 June 2007. Dutch and Belgian printers, paper merchants and other companies from the paper sector learned about the opportunities and benefits of producing and marketing PEFC certified paper products. Presentations by PEFC certified printers and paper merchants as well as by PEFC experts, provided information about PEFC and were well received by the participants. For upcoming seminars in your country, contact your national PEFC office at > Members & Schemes.

The voluntary initiative on wood traceability, launched by companies representing 80% of the sector’s worldwide turnover, was supported by European Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas and Commission Vice-President Günter Verheugen. The three companies are all members of the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment, ACE. They have committed to a system to ensure within 10 years all wood fibres used in beverage cartons can be traced back to legal and acceptable sources in their forest of origin. The industry’s requirements of paperboard are estimated at 2 millions tonnes annually. For the Alliance’s full Press Release, further details on the Commitment, and its full text, see

First PEFC certificate in India
The first PEFC Chain of Custody certificate in India was awarded to Pyramid Timber Associates Pvt. Limited in Mysore, India.

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No 38 – July 2007

Assessment of 12 national Forest Certification Systems
12 forest certification systems are currently undergoing the PEFC endorsement process. The Lithuanian system has been submitted for PEFC endorsement and the systems of Latvia, Belgium and Denmark for re-endorsement. The systems from the USA (the ATFS) and Switzerland are currently in the international public consultation process and all interested parties are invited to send comments. Public consultation for the systems of Estonia, Gabon, Italy, Poland, Slovenia and the UK has ended and the assessment reports will be published on the PEFC Council website, following the Panel of Experts’ peer review; a recommendation by the Board of Directors and a vote by PEFC members on endorsement or otherwise. Detailed information on all systems in the process of being assessed is available at > Members & Schemes.

PEFC Council Global Statistics
PEFC/Countries Australia Austria Belgium Brazil Canada Chile China Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Hungary India Ireland Italy Japan Latvia Luxembourg Malaysia Morocco Netherlands Norway Portugal Slovak Republic Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom USA-Canada (SFI) Total Endorsed Chain of certified Custody forest area certificates 8 551 560 6 3 960 200 255 122 762 657 77 963 966 1 681 578 0 1 976 000 204 674 22 144 082 4 351 587 7 185 744 0 0 0 652 332 0 37 860 24 185 0 0 0 8 477 944 0 537 120 972 157 7 047 960 398 588 0 54 121 158 201 306 507 132 96 2 52 14 4 217 17 107 967 591 3 1 1 57 24 3 4 1 1 22 10 8 3 81 68 186 437 8 3 123

International Workshop on Forest Certification in Russia
The PEFC Council participated in a workshop on forest certification in Russia, organised by Savcor Indufor Oy as part of a World Bank sponsored project. The aim of the seminar, which took place in Moscow in June 2007, was to enhance the development of forest certification in Russia and inform stakeholders on the state of the development of all certification systems in Russia and examine challenges facing them. Participants of the two existing national initiatives for forest certification in Russia praised the event as an important step forward for SFM in the country with the world’s largest forest area. The two Russian systems joined forces under the new Partnership on the Development of PEFC Forest Certification at the end of last year, which now represents Russia in the PEFC Council, and it is expected that both systems will be submitted for PEFC endorsement shortly.

The data above is updated regularly and is available on the PEFC Statistics Interactive Database at (30 June 2007).

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No 38 – July 2007

Reports From The PEFC National Governing Bodies
In the following section PEFC member systems, both endorsed and those working towards endorsement, have the opportunity to present a brief report on the current state of play in their country. The views expressed here are the views of the members and do not necessarily reflect the views of the PEFC Council

All State Forests in Denmark now PEFC certified
In June all of the Danish state forests, an area of 188,125 hectares, were successfully certified to PEFC. The certification was done by BMG TRADA Certifiering AB and was based on comprehensive audits carried out by NEPCon. In a press release, the Danish Minister of Environment Mrs Connie Hedegaard said: “As consumers we are all able to make a difference – also when it comes to wood-based products. And certification enables us to know that the wood we buy has been produced in a responsible way. That is why I would like to support the use of certification systems in Danish forestry. And that is why I have requested the Danish state forests to become certified”. The Minister hopes that the certification of the state forests will help to develop the market for certified wood, which could also benefit private forest operations. “I am very pleased that the entire Danish state forests are now certified according to rigorous environmental and social standards”, said Mr Peter Feilberg, D irector of NEPCon in a press release, which said that policies governing the management of Danish state forests have changed substantially since the beginning of the 1990s. Large areas containing important wildlife habitats had since then been set aside for natural succession. Today, the management strategy emphasizes the principles of continuous cover silviculture, use of native and site-adapted tree species, conservation of old trees and dead wood, and environmentally friendly produc tion methods that avoid the use of chemicals. The management style has also become more inclusive, inviting local stakeholders to participate actively in discussions about the management through so-called “User Councils” established by each state forest district. Contact: Tanja Olsen Email:

ENGOs / trade unions support Norway's Living Forests standard
The Norwegian Living Forests standard has been translated into English. Norwegian stakeholders reached consensus on the revised Norwegian forest management standard in October 2006. The revision of the standard, which took three years from August 2003 to October 2006, is supported by a wide range of organizations, including the Norwegian Trade Unions, WWF Norway, the Forest Owners, the Norwegian Biodiversity Network SABIMA as well as forest industry sector and outdoor recreation associations. The new standard will be governed by a Living Forest Council in which the stakeholders participate. The council will be used as a dispute settling body. The Living Forests standard is also the forest management standard of the Norwegian PEFC certification system. The revised standard will be used in the re-endorsement process of the Norwegian scheme and was published at The English version is available for download at de_skog_standard_engelsk_18.06.2007_11.43.1 8.pdf. Contact: Svein Søgnen / Ivar Korsbakken Email:

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No 38 – July 2007

Seminar to promote forest certification and co-operation in Portugal
CFFP/PEFC Portugal held its first national seminar for the promotion of forest certification and for an increased co-operation between stakeholders in the forestry sector on 6 June 2007 in Viseu, in central Portugal. The aim of the seminar was to increase the awareness of PEFC in the national market and to involve local forest owners in regional certification. About 100 representatives of forest owners’ organizations, the public forest administration and from forest based industries attended the event.

PEFC recognised in Timber Procurement Policy
Following on from the positive CPET decision in December and recognition within the Code for Sustainable Homes in April, in May, the Sustainable Timber Recommendations for the Greater London Authority (GLA) were published. While recycled or reclaimed timber is preferred, certified timber from a number of certification schemes including PEFC is accepted as proof of sustainable timber sourcing. The previous GLA timber procurement advice only recognised FSC and PEFC is grateful for the lobbying that the Timber Trade Federation undertook on behalf of the industry to encourage consistency with CPET and other procurement schemes. Recognition of a range of sustainable forest management schemes within these influential local and central government timber procurement policies is vital if demand for certified timber is to be pulled through the supply chain and PEFC UK has therefore been greatly encouraged by these developments. Increasing visibility of PEFC logo for consumers In May, the first of 9 million recipe cards began to appear in 183 Waitrose stores around the UK. Waitrose, part of the John Lewis Partnership, is one of Britain’s most upmarket food retailers combining the convenience of a supermarket with the expertise and service of a specialist store. Their buyers work closely with producers and growers and have been early champions of sustainable sourcing. So ensuring that their recipe cards are printed on material which originates from sustainably managed forests is a good fit with their corporate sustainability commitments. Contact: Hilary Khawam E-mail:

(from left to right) Mr Josu Azpitarte (Portuguese Forest
Owners), Mr Mariano Torre (Castilha e León), Rosario Alves (PEFC Portugal), Mrs Ana Noriega (PEFC Spain), Mr Joao Amaral (Forest Administration)

Speakers from CFFP/PEFC Portugal presented the advantages of PEFC at regional level and showed some of the successes achieved in Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) in other European countries. Representatives from PEFC Spain spoke on their experiences and the Environmental Director General of the Spanish Administration Castilha e León, Mr Mariano Torres, explained how public administrations in Spain work together with the PEFC initiative and consider it to be a good marketing tool to promote SFM. Contact: Paula Salazar E-mail:

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No 38 – July 2007

New CertforChile website available in English
CertforChile has launched its new website, which contains a new extensive section in English. Training material for users of certification and detailed information on the Chilean certification system are given. A new "E-Shop" is also planned for the near future, where one can find materials for the promotion of Certfor and PEFC, as well as merchandise such as clothing, accessories and corporate gift options. The new website and further details are available at CertforChile General Assembly 2007 The 2007 General Assembly of CertforChile elected Mr Andrés Gómez Lobos as the new President of the CertforChile Council. Mr Gómez Lobos has a wide experience from his work with a range of different organisations, among them the Oxford Economic Research Associates (OXERA) and the Gas Consumer's Council, both in the United Kingdom. He has worked as a consultant for the World Bank in different Latin American countries. Since 1999 he has held various research and teaching positions in the Department of Economics of the University of Chile. The General Assembly also confirmed Mr Eladio Susaeta as Vice-President of the Board and elected the new Board of Directors for the period 2007-2009. Contact: Aldo Cerda E-mail:

their public procurement, to promote sustainable and multifunctional forest management. Most of the provinces’ forests are PEFC certified and together produce more than 800,000 m³ of coniferous timber, which is the equivalent of 75% of the whole Italian wood production.

(from left to right) Mr Lorenzo Dellai (Province of Trento), Mr Pierluigi Ferrari (PEFC Italia), Mr Luis Durnwalder (Province of Bolzano)

The Presidents of the Province of Trento, Mr Lorenzo Dellai, and the Province of Bolzano, Mr Luis Durnwalder, underlined the responsibility of public administrations in undertaking activities for the promotion of the sustainable use of wood. Printers and Paper Industries discover PEFC An increasing number of Italian paper companies has achieved PEFC certification, among them SCA Hygiene Products S.p.A., who produce PEFC certified tissue paper for major supermarkets in Italy and Ghelfi Ondulati S.r.l., who produce corrugated board and packaging. In 2007, the paper sack manufacturer Smurfit Kappa S.K.A. srl and Cartiere del Garda, a paper company specialised in the production of coated papers in sheets and reels, now also obtained PEFC certification for their businesses. A major campaign to promote PEFC certified paper was launched by International Paper (IP), who distributed a new booklet on paper and forest certification among their clients and partners. Furthermore, PEFC certified office paper produced by UPM, M-real and IP is now sold in many supermarkets. The first Italian printer to become PEFC certified was Gamedit, a renowned company working with a low environmental impact printing system

Public Administrators promote certified wood for their procurement
In a press conference in March, the Provinces of Trento and Bolzano as well as Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto regional administrations have announced that they will prefer certified wood in

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No 38 – July 2007

called “Eco Offset”. One of their first works with PEFC paper was the printing of a brochure on sustainable forest mechanization for the Italian National Research Council. More printers are currently in the preparation process for PEFC certification for their businesses. Contact: Antonio Brunori Email:

PEFC Spain, Spanish Environment Ministry and FAO in seminar on Forest Fire Prevention In co-operation with the Spanish Environment Ministry and FAO, PEFC Spain organized a side event, titled “Forest Certification for fire prevention - Future Challenges”, at the 4th International Wildland Forest Fire Conference in Sevilla in May 2007. Mr José Antonio Prado, Director of the FAO Forest Resources Section, stressed the need for cooperation at regional, country and global level as well as the necessity to strengthen local capacities for fire management and the role Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) has for forest fire prevention. Mr José Ramón González Pan, from the Spanish Environment Ministry highlighted the social aspects of SFM and Mrs Ana Belén Noriega, Secretary General of PEFC Spain, spoke about the linkages between certification and forest fire prevention.

New website for indepth information on PEFC
PEFC Spain has launched a new information platform for PEFC certification, the Observatorio de la Certificación Forestal PEFC, which is available online at The website provides detailed background information on forest certification in Spain, and combines data of the national forest inventories with forest certification data. A GIS-based tool (Geographical Information Systems) allows analyses on what kind of land is covered by certification, and on issues such as species, protection, natural parks or NATURA 2000 areas. Furthermore the new website lists reports about the forest sector and allows running simulations of different scenarios of sustainable forest management, using different parameters and targets. The platform in addition gives information about companies which hold PEFC Chain of Custody certificates; lists of products; contact information and other market relevant details. The new tool was co-financed by the European Social Fund, the Foundation Biodiversity of the Ministry of Environment of Spain and PEFC Spain. All users are invited to visit the website and register themselves. An English version of the website is currently being considered.

(from left to right) Mr José Antonio Prado (FAO), Mrs Ana Noriega (PEFC Spain), Mr José Ramón González Pan (Spanish Environment Ministry)

The 4th International Wildland Fire Conference was held under the auspices of the United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Reduction (UNISDR), the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the European Commission. It was hosted by the Government of Spain and the Regional Government of Andalusia. The conference brought together more than 1,500 participants from 88 countries from around the world, representing government organizations and civil society. Contact: Ana Noriega Email:

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No 38 – July 2007

PEFC certified forest area increases significantly
The second regional certificate of sustainable forest management in Slovakia was issued on 3 May 2007. The certificate covers the SEVER region in Northern Slovakia and 33 legal entities within the region have committed themselves to manage their forests under the Slovak Forest Certification System, which was endorsed by PEFC in August 2005. The certified area of the participating forest owners represents 58% of the region’s forests, an equivalent of 200,724 hectares. The certificate is valid for 5 years and several of the participants have already submitted their applications for the use of the PEFC logo. Currently there are also three Chain of Custody certificates in the Slovak Republic, which have been issued to sawmills and trading companies, the most recent one to a sawmill producing hardwood lamellas for the Italian flooring market. Contact: Hubert Palus E-mail: One important topic of the discussions was the situation of private forest owners in Serbia and their access to forest certification. Serbia has about 2.4 million hectares of mainly broadleaf forests, which cover more that a quarter of Serbia’s land area. The annual yield of these forests is 6.2 million m3 and almost half of them are owned by about 500,000 farmers. Contact: Igor Kotnik E-mail:

New brochure for companies and general public
Australian Forestry Standard Limited has produced its first glossy brochure on the Australian Forest Certification Scheme (AFCS) for distribution to both the forest and timber industries as well as for the general public. The four page brochure is designed to provide pertinent information on the components of the Australian Forestry Standard for forest management and Chain of Custody for forest products in the supply chain, to inform readers on the certification framework in Australia and clearly demonstrate the linkage with PEFC. This linkage is prominently shown on the front and back cover of the brochure with the AFS and PEFC logos linked by a chain to indicate the strength of the partnership. The brochure also devotes a section to describing PEFC and its commitment ‘to promote and support forest management worldwide by mutually recognising national forest certification schemes’. Contact: Mark Edwards Email:

PEFC Slovenia supports certification in Serbia
As part of PEFC’s partnerships between PEFC Council members and countries interested in PEFC certification, PEFC Slovenia has started its co-operation with stakeholders in Serbia. PEFC Slovenia together with the Slovenian Chamber of Agriculture and Forestry, presented ongoing activities in Slovenia to representatives in Serbia and established contacts with the Department of Forests of the Serbian Ministry for Agriculture, Forestry and Water Management.

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No 38 – July 2007

SFI, Inc. President, Bill Banzhaf retires

Mercer Group supports PEFC information event
PEFC Germany organised a well attended information event for the paper, printing and publishing sector in Thuringia, in cooperation with the pulp and paper mill Rosenthal, a company of the Mercer group. The State Secretary of the Thuringian Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Conservation, Mr Stefan Baldus welcomed the participants and underlined that the State Thuringia will continue to support PEFC certification in the future. The event included an on-site introduction into PEFC audits by Ms Eva Schloßmacher from the certifying organisation DQS and participants gained a fist-hand insight into PEFC certification in the forest of the Schleizer Geistlichen Hilfsfonds, a forest owned by the protestant church. Decision-makers of PEFC certified printers and paper companies presented on their experience with PEFC certification. The conclusion of all comments: There are multiple advantages of PEFC certification, ranging from benefits such as better market access to a flexible adaptation of the PEFC Chain of Custody requirements in the companies’ production processes . Or as Mr Harald Bier from the media und printing company Stieber GmbH said: “PEFC is not only good for the environment, it is also good for us.” Contact: Philipp Bahnmüller Email: bahn

Dear PEFC Members and Stakeholders: As I enter the exciting and unknown world of retirement (June 29), I want to express my appreciation for the great work of the entire PEFC family; the volunteer leaders of the General Assembly, Board of Directors, the National Secretaries, PEFC staff, and so many dedicated people who have served on various committees focused on the improvement of the PEFC program. Perhaps most importantly, I want to recognize and share my admiration for all of the PEFC certificate holders who have invested both human and financial resources to make certain PEFC makes a difference in the forest. Based on the outstanding work of all of you, PEFC is well positioned to continue its effort to expand the use of sustainable forest management throughout the world. I look forward to seeing PEFC flourish as it becomes the most recognized endorsement system globally. If you are travelling the woods of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, drop by. Bill Banzhaf President SFI Inc.

Growing number of PEFC Chain of Custody certificates in Northern America PEFC US welcomes three new PEFC Chain of Custody certificate holders in North America: International Paper, Sappi Fine Papers and Stora Enso North America. Contact: Allison Welde Email:

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