Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes

No 31 May 2006


§ PEFC chosen by Public Procurement Policies in Belgium and Japan § PEFC Sweden issues Policy on Sami Reindeer Herding § Deutsche Post sells PEFC labelled paper in its post offices § PEFC Belgium launches PEFC Product Database § PAFC Gabon system finalized § PEFC Portugal launches new website § PEFC Promotion Seminar in the UK § PEFC Promotion Seminar for Dutch and Belgian companies § PEFC Council Statistics § Reports from the PEFC National Member Countries

Japanese Public Procurement Policy chooses PEFC
The Japanese government has included PEFC certified products as legal and sustainable in its new Public Timber Procurement Policy. As a result, PEFC certified timber based products will receive preferred selection in tendering processes in the Japanese public construction and procurement sector. Japan is one of the world’s largest importers of timber and paper products, with an estimated value of more than 8.8 billion Euros annually. Of the 15 top timber importing countries to Japan, half have PEFC endorsed certification systems for their national forests, among them Austria, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Finland, Sweden and the USA. The Japanese “Law Concerning the Promotion of Procurement of Eco-Friendly Goods and Services by the State and Other Entities (Law on Promoting Green Purchasing” can be downloaded at The accompanying “Guideline for Verification of Legality and Sustainability of Wood and Wood Products” is available at

PEFC Sweden publishes policy on Sami Reindeer Herding
PEFC Sweden has published a new policy to ensure a balance between forestry and reindeer herding interests in the Swedish PEFC certification system. The policy defines how dialogue and collaboration between reindeer herders and the forestry sector takes place. The policy can be downloaded at (in Swedish and English).
Swedish PEFC certification incorporates the interests of reindeer herding in its regulations

The PEFCC Newsletter is produced by the PEFC Council (Registered as an asbl in Luxembourg No. 1999-61-02192) 17 Rue des Girondins, L-1626 Hollerich, Luxembourg ¦ Tel: +352 26 25 90 59 ¦ E-Mail: ¦ Web Page:

No 31 – May 2006

Belgian Public Procurement Policy includes PEFC
The PEFC Council welcomes the decision of the Belgian Government to give preference to certified wood products in its public procurement policy and to include PEFC in the national policy for wood based products. However, PEFC notes with some concern that the policy differentiates between national PEFC schemes which, in an open and independent assessment, have all been found to meet PEFC's rigorous criteria for sustainable forest management. PEFC has been artificially divided into two lists simply because members of the government’s expert committee could not unanimously agree that PEFC systems in Australia, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Sweden and the USA met the requirements with regard to the social dialogue criterion. It is regrettable that opinion, rather than facts assessed in an open and transparent process, appears to have guided the approach of the committee appointed to assist the Minister. PEFC therefore urges the Belgian Government to revisit its procurement decision and the basis on which it was arrived at, at the earliest opportunity, to limit the potential damage to the image of certified wood in general and to remove the current artificial two list separation. PEFC remains committed to the development of clear, objective guidelines for public procurement policies, but is concerned that different national regimes appear to be taking different approaches and arriving at different conclusions. This is not to the benefit of sustainable development. PEFC believes that there is a need for European

and international harmonisation. Governments must keep focused on the key issue of procurement and not to become involved in creating, in isolation, new de facto standards. The Belgian Procurement Policy is available at (in French).

Assessment of Forest Certification Systems
Six forest certification systems are currently undergoing the PEFC endorsement process. Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia have submitted their certification systems for PEFC endorsement and France for the PEFC re-endorsement process. T independent consultants will start he the assessment work in due course. Public consultation has ended as part of the assessment procedure of the system from Estonia. The assessment report is currently being compiled and will be published on the PEFC Council website, after the PEFC Board of Directors have made their recommendations and PEFC members have considered them and voted on acceptance or otherwise of the national system for endorsement. The national forest certification system of Austria is in the periodic re-endorsement process. It is currently undergoing further revision due to some interim findings identified during the reassessment of the scheme. Detailed information on all forest certification systems endorsed or in the process of being assessed is available at the PEFC Council website at

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No 31 – May 2006

PEFC Promotion Seminars in the UK and Belgium
PEFC Council and its national members in Belgium and in the UK are organizing two seminars for companies in the timber and paper sectors - on Tuesday, the 13th June 2006, in London and on the 21st June 2006 in Westerlo (close to the Dutch-Belgian border). The seminars titled “Why PEFC certification is good for Business” will provide Belgian, Dutch and UK companies with the opportunity to explore the potential of producing and marketing PEFC certified timber based products. Representatives from companies who have opted for PEFC certification will talk about their experience of participating in PEFC certification and PEFC experts will present the latest developments of PEFC around the world. The seminars will conclude with a panel discussion for detailed questions and answers on the PEFC certification process in general and Chain of Custody certification in particular. Both seminars will be in English and participation is free of charge. For more information and registration please contact: For Belgium and the Netherlands: Mr Bertrand Auquière PEFC Belgium Tel. +32 2 223 4421 Fax +32 2 223 4275 Email: or register online at For information and registrations for the seminar in London for UK companies please contact: Mrs Hilary Khawam PEFC UK Ltd. Tel. +44 1689 819902 Fax +44 1689 819902 Email:

PEFC Council Statistics
Endorsed Chain of certified forest Custody area (ha) certificates Australia 5 157 003 1 Austria 3 374 000 275 Belgium 246 629 66 Brazil 762 657 0 Canada 69 209 277 48 Chile 1 552 420 9 China 0 2 Czech Republic 1 944 560 257 Denmark 26 011 10 Finland 22 150 982 106 France 4 010 510 880 Germany 7 180 357 607 Hungary 0 1 Italy 607 651 32 Japan 0 12 Latvia 37 860 14 Luxembourg 17 088 3 Netherlands 0 14 Norway 9 231 700 6 Portugal 50 012 1 Slovak Republic 0 0 Spain 380 093 41 Sweden 6 707 314 52 United Kingdom 9 125 173 USA-Canada (SFI) 54 376 769 0 Total 187 032 021 2 610 PEFC / Countries
The data above is updated regularly and is available on the PEFC Statistics Interactive Database at (30 April 2006). The Swiss Q-label system’s forest area was again recognized by the PEFC Council on 27 April 2006. Detailed figures will be published in due course.

PEFC General Assembly
The next PEFC Council General Assembly will be held on Friday, 27th October 2006 in Portland, Oregon (USA). Delegations from the PEFC member countries, together with representatives from potential new members, other invitees and obvservers are expected to participate at the event. Invitations for the General Assembly will be sent out in due course.

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No 31 – May 2006

Reports From The PEFC National Governing Bodies
In the following section PEFC member systems, both endorsed and those working towards endorsement, have the opportunity to present a brief report on the current state of play in their country. The views expressed here are the views of the members and do not necessarily reflect the views of the PEFC Council

as of July 2006. Mr Norrby currently is the Director for one of Sweden’s three regional sawmill organizations and its joint Chain of Custody certification umbrella. During 2004, he was the secretary for the revision work of the Swedish Technical Document and he has also done consulting for PEFC Sweden in marketing. Outgoing Secretary General, Åke Barklund, will take up the position as permanent secretary and Director for the Royal Swedish Academy for Forestry and Agriculture. Contact: Åke Barklund E-mail:

PEFC Portugal launches new website
PEFC Portugal, the Portuguese Scheme for Sustainable Forest Management Certification, has launched its website on the Internet. Available at this website gives detailed information on PEFC Forest Certification in Portugal and its official national body – CFFP, the Portuguese Forest Council. It gives access to relevant news about Portuguese SFM initiatives, statistics on PEFC certification in Portugal (available soon) and other relevant information. Through the site, PEFC Portugal will be able to communicate even better with its partners, customers and members: forest owners, forest based industries, contractors, environmental organizations and consumers. An English version of the website will be available soon. Contact: Paula Salazar E-mail:

Deutsche Post offers PEFC labelled paper
Now that three of the five biggest paper merchants in Germany - Antalis, IGEPA, Papierunion - have been PEFC certified, more and more paper products with the PEFC logo are arriving in stores. The latest example: branch offices of Deutsche Post. At the last general assembly of PEFC Germany Dr Winfried Häser, from the environmental department of Deutsche Post World Net, said: "There is a general trend for companies of our size that not only one’s own activities regarding sustainability performance are being analysed but also one’s supply chains are looked at. We have taken a close look at the supply chain for wood and have identified PEFC as one of the relevant standards for us, which we want to promote in the paper supply chain." As a result the German Post printed its Business Reports 2004 and 2005 on PEFC certified paper and PEFC certified and labelled office paper of different

Change of Secretary General PEFC Sweden
Mr Magnus Norrby will take over from Mr Åke Barklund as Secretary General of PEFC Sweden

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No 31 – May 2006

brands can now be purchased at branches of the Deutsche Post. Contact: Dirk Teegelbekkers Email:

National validation of the PAFC Gabon certification scheme
On the 4th May 2006 a national workshop took place in Libreville, Gabon in order to validate the PAFC Gabonese certification scheme. The opening ceremony was presided over by his Excellency the Minister of the Forest Economy, Emile Doumba. The PAFC Gabonese certification scheme was validated and adopted unanimous ly (with one amendment) by the administrative, economic, and social partners, by NGOs and by research institutes and is now functional for forest certification in Gabon. The documentation of the Gabonese system has been widely circulated among all stakeholders involved in forestry, for public consultation since June 2005. Discussion and information exchange meetings had been organised by the PAFC Gabon Association in order to present the scheme and collect opinions from the various stakeholders: representatives of indigenous people, NGOs, research organisations, the private sector and administrations. The certification scheme is currently being translated and will shortly be submitted to the PEFC Council for the endorsem ent phase. Contact: Benoît Demarquez Email:

New PEFC Belgium Product Database
PEFC Belgium has developed a PEFC product database to facilitate market access for certified products. The database was developed in cooperation with the Belgian PEFC certified companies. The new tool, available since mid February 2006, allows end consumers and enterprises to find all PEFC products available in Belgium. It also enables public procurement officials to find certified wood which they are obliged to buy under the Belgian Procurement Policy since March 2006. The search for PEFC certified products is possible using the following options: • by searching for a specific product • by wood species, i.e. listing all existing certified products for a specific species • by supplier The wood products are classified into different categories (products from forest operations, sawmill products, paper, construction products, transport products, external and internal fittings ). Complete details of each certified company are provided (address, fax, phone, e-mail, person contact name, summary of all PEFC products). First user statistics indicate a fast growing number of visits to the database, which is available at . Contact: Bertrand Auquière Email:

You can receive this Newsletter, further updates and current news by subscribing to the PEFC mailing list at
Further detailed information and news on PEFC member systems can be obtained directly from their websites whose links are available from the PEFC website:

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