October 2003


Chairman and Secretary General visit to Brazil and Chile Summary of certified hectares PEFC website revamped Australia - A change in the woods Austria – 200

By Ben Gunneberg, Secretary General Much has happened since the last newsletter. First of all we have appointed a new communications expert, Ms Maha Tissot, whom many of you will have already spoken to, and who is in the process of reviewing all aspects of communications for the PEFC Council. Maha has an extensive knowledge of communications for international organisations and she is based at the international office in Luxembourg. The PEFC Brochures have been translated into several more languages and are now available in Russian, Dutch, and Czech as well as English French and German. Estonian, Italian, and Japanese ve rsions are expected shortly and all will be placed on the website for easy access to all wishing to promote PEFC certification. The PEFC Website has been completely revised and will be launched at the General Assembly on st 31 October here in Luxembourg. The General Assembly will see a new applicant from Poland, and invited guests and certification schemes from several countries around the world at different stages of development have been invited to witness the proceedings. The keynote speaker at this year’s General Assembly will be Mr Pekka Patosaari, Coordinator and Head of the Secretariat of the United Nations Forum on Forests. He will address delegates on the role of the intergovernmental processes for SFM on forest certification schemes. A boat trip down the Moselle has been arranged for the Saturday and we look forward to seeing all members and guests there.

Chain of Custody Issued

Canada – Requirements and Guidance standards approved Czech Republic – Forest certification taking off Denmark – First forest certificates issued Finland – PEFC logo usage on the increase France – Great demand for PEFC certification Germany- Chain of Custody certification in full swing Italy- Certification scheme under way Latvia – multi-site certification forging ahead Lithuania – Technical document in progress Malaysia- MTTC to use a new compatible MC&I standard by January 2005 Norway- ENGO withdraws from revision process Spain- revision of the certification scheme completed Sweden- positive trends Switzerland – increase use of labels United Kingdom – certification takes off USA- SFI program featured in Europe

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October 2003

Mr Pekka Patosaari, Co-ordinator and Head of the Secretariat of the United Nations Forum on Forests.

Chairman and Secretary General visit to Brazil and Chile.
The Chairman and Secretary General visited Brazil and Chile from the 5th to the 12th of September 2003. In Brazil they met with community leaders as well as with environmental, industry and trade union representatives as part of their visit to INMETRO and ABNT, the national accreditation and Cerflor forest certification standard setter respectively. Recent Cerflor certified forests were visited with the certifier, and the PEFC delegation was also shown extension and education centres of International Paper, as well as the research facilities of INMETRO.
From left: Mr Henri Plauche Gillon, Chairman of PEFCCouncil, Prof. Joao Alziro da Jornada, Director for Scientific Metrology, INMETRO Mr Ben Gunneberg Secretary General PEFC-Council

Two schemes, namely CertforChile and the PEFC Italian scheme, have been submitted to undergo the PEFC Council’s thorough assessment process. This requires the schemes to be assessed by independent expert consultants against 195 specific requirements. The process, including a public consultation period, takes several months and thereafter members are provided with the consultants report to inform the mutual recognition voting process. Summer is usually a quiet period, but this year has seen a series of studies and consultations including the B&Q revision of its procurement policy and FERN’s assessment of forest certification schemes. CEPI (the Confederation of European Paper Industries) is currently reviewing its comparative matrix and undertaking consultation concerning a proposed international Chain of Custody along with CEI Bois. PEFC has been requested and agreed to participate in all these processes. The European DIY Retail Association has similarly requested input concerning its principles for timber procurement and credible forest certification schemes. PEFC has also been a participant at meetings of the Chief Executives of forest certification schemes, hosted by the Forest Dialogue and the FAO respectively. These meetings are aimed at fostering a better understanding between the schemes and providing a platform for exploring and discussing areas of mutual interest. The group which to date comprises leaders from ATFS, CSA, CertforChile, CERFLOR, FSC, LEI, MTCC, PEFC, SFI as well as ITTO and ATO, aims to meet again in Germany at the end of October.

In Chile, the delegation made presentations at the Global Forest Products Market conference organised by Fundacion Chile. They also participated in a study tour of modern pulp and paper mills, sawmills and board mills as well and pine and eucalyptus plantations. Certified forests were also visited, and it is interesting to note that owners already certified under an international scheme are now looking towards supporting their own national bespoke system, CertforChile, by obtaining certification under it.

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October 2003

Summary of Certified Hectares of PEFCC endorsed Forest Certification Schemes.
Schemes Endorsed by PEFCC
Hectares certified Certified C-o-C

Australia- A change in the woods
New company formed and registered to manage the Australian forest certification scheme. Australian Forestry Standard Limited commenced operations in mid-July 2003 taking over from the partnership of Commonwealth Government, State and Territory Governments, and forest industry associations that had overseen the development of the Australian Forestry Standard from late 1999 onwards. The company will be based in the suburb of Yarralumla in Canberra. This suburb also houses the Australian national research organisation for forestry and forest products, CSIRO, as well as the Old Forestry House, which trained many of Australia’s foresters between 1926 and 1964 as part of the Australian Forestry School. The company is currently finalising the Chain of Custody standard and arranging for accreditation of certification bodies to certify to the standard based on an existing product certification programme under Australia’s national accreditation body, JASANZ. This completes the main elements of the Australian forest certification. The company will be pursuing mutual recognition of its scheme in the very near future. Contact:Mark Edwards:

Austrian Forest Cert. Scheme Belgian Forest Cert. Scheme Czech Forest Cert. Scheme Danish Forest Cert. Scheme Finnish Forest Cert. Scheme French Forest Cert. Scheme German Forest Cert. Scheme Italian Forest Cert. Scheme Latvian Forest Cert. Scheme Norwegian LFS Cert. Scheme Spanish Forest Cert. Scheme Swedish Forest Cert. Scheme Swiss Q Label Holz Scheme UK Cert. Scheme for SFM TOTAL

3 924 000 0 1 985 327 5 926 21 910 000 2 365 845 6 527 036 0 17 826 9 194 000 87 898 2 306 010 135 752 9 125 48 468 747

222 5 21 0 70 195 312 2 8 3 1 37 0 8 884*

Date: 31 August 2003

* This number does not include companies participating in group C-o-C certification but only covers individual and group certificates.

PEFC-website revamped

Austria – 200th Chain of Custody issued
The Säge Hirt th Company is the 200 company to receive a PEFC chain of custody certificate. “Finally, I can offer my customers what they have been demanding for a long time: Timber which has been proven to come from sustainable forest management”, said Bruno Ruhdorfer, Managing Director of Säge Hirt. The company processes around 25 000 m3 of round wood annually and specialises in construction timber.

The new version of the website will be launched at the General Assem bly with new sections, more targeted information and a user-friendly approach.

Reports from the PEFC National Governing Bodies.
In the following section, each of the PEFC members has the opportunity to present a brief report. The view expressed here are the views of the members and do not necessarily reflects the views of the PEFC-Council.

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October 2003

The percentage of production exported is 30%, the rest is sold to national carpentry companies.

Czech Republic – Forest certification taking off.
More than 1 900 000 hectares of forests, mainly state forests are currently certified. Demand for PEFC certified wood is increasingly significantly. A very important property has recently been certified namely the Forest Enterprise’s Training Masaryk Forest in Krtiny. For an updated list of PEFC certificate holders, please check our website. During June several important wood processing companies obtained their PEFC Chain of Custody certificates. A total of 47 companies are now covered by 21 individual or group Chain of Custody certificates including Wood & Paper Inc and its biggest customer Frantschach Pulp & Paper Czech Inc. PEFC Brochures are now available in Czech in pdf format on the Czech website. Contact: Mr Pavel Hes:

Red Room in Museum Quartier
Architect Volker Giencke installed a temporary construction called the Red Room in the Museum Quartier of Vienna. The idea was part of the proHolz Austria campaign order to present wood and its potential usage to the public. The Red Room was constructed using PEFC-certified spruce wood.

The Red Room, in the Museum Quartier of Vienna, is made of PEFC certified wood.

Contact: Mr Dietmar Hagauer

Canada- Requirements and Guidance standards approved
by the Standards Council of Canada as Canada’s National Standard for Sustainable Forest Management .

Denmark – First forest certificates issued
On 13 of June 2003 the first 5 forest certificates were issued in Denmark covering 5900 ha.

More areas are in the process of getting certified. Four of the five certifications are for individual forest units and the fifth one is a group certificate for 16 estates.

This brings to an end a two and a half year review and revision cycle of the CAN/CSA-Z809 standard. The new standard is a significant improvement over the 1996 standard with a stronger focus on the 3 pillars of sustainable forest management in Canada: Public Participation Requirements; SFM Performance Requirements and Management System Requirements. As of September 18 million hectares of Canadian forests have been certified to CAN/CSA-Z809. In addition, 43 CSA chain of custody certificates h ave been issued covering 71 sites. More information: http//
As of September 1, the new Canadian contact for PEFC Canada is Peter Johnson who is the Manager of CSA International’s Forest Products Group:

From the left Viggo Munk (BVQI Bureau Veritas), Niels Reventlow (Hverringe), Niels Peter (Dalsgaard Jensen skovrider), Niels Bach (Skovfoged), Jan Østergaard (Skovfoged), Salten Langsø, (Poul Mikkelsen,) (Dønnerup/Rangle Mølle) - with 3 certificates

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October 2003

The Danish website has been revised, and now contains more information. All the Danish documents are now downloadable including the new brochures. Contact: Ms Tanja Olsen:

As part of this PEFC promotion campaign, PEFCFrance has organised an information day in all of its st regions on the 21 October. This will provide practical demonstrations of PEFC certification in action for distributors who are contributing to the system’s success. PEFC France has also launched a newsletter (1st issue only available in French) designed to inform the markets but which is also being widely distributed to political and economic players. Finally, PEFC has started work in French Guyana (which comprises 9 million hectares State-owned tropical fores t). It is an experimental approach involving all local stakeholders. Contact Mr Stéphane Marchesi:

Finland - PEFC logo usage on the increase
A Finnish “follow-up system” provides information on PEFC logo usage.

The PEFC logo offers an ideal opportunity for the forest industry to step up its marketing of wood products originating from FFCS (Finnish Forest Certification System) certified forests. In Finland, annually, more than 50 million m3 of harvested timber enter into certified Chain of Custody systems. Chain of custodies cover the 3 3 production of 10 million m of sawn wood; 2 million m of wood based panels; 3 million tonnes of pulp; 2.8 million tonnes of paper and 0.5 million tonnes of paperboard. All this production potentially has access to a PEFC logo. In 2002 the on-product use of the PEFC logo covered especially production of sawn materials. The certified chain-of-custody systems are in use in six pulp mills, four paper mills and three paperboard factories. 3.pdf Contact: Mr Auvo

Germany – chain of custody certification in full swing
The PEFC certified area in Germany amounts to 6,527,036 hectares in 2,413 community forests, 2,182 private forests and 792 forestry associations with more than 200,000 members.

A total of 353 companies are now covered by 312 individual or group certificates comprising 249 timber traders, 76 saw mills, 7 paper mills and 21 other wood processing companies. The visibility of the PEFC logo is rising as well. One example, the mail order company Schneider, trading in office supplies and gifts, displays the PEFC logo on a “baby scooter” made of beech. The demand for PEFC is increasing more and more in the marketplace. Even the chairman of the German FSC working group has recently certified his own forests to PEFC as a result of customer demand.

France- great demand for PEFC certification
One quarter of the French wood production surface is now PEFC certified. More companies are going for a PEFC Chain of Custody Certificate.

For several months now PEFC has successfully embarked on a campaign to raise awareness about certification amongst distributors. As a result, the first PEFC products can now be found on the shelves of big DIY companies.
Baby Scooter by Schneider made of PEFC certified beech .

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October 2003

Contrary to some rumours making the rounds at the World Forestry Congress in Quebec, Canada, the German government has not translated the coalition’s contract into action. Neither have the federal state forests been certified to FSC, nor has their been a decision about a timber procurement policy favouring FSC. The responsible ministry for procurement is developing a set of criteria for forest certification schemes and is discussing developing a legitimacy threshold model. A first draft is expected to be made available in autumn 2003. Contact: Mr Dirk Teegelbekkers :

Latvia - multi-site certification forging ahead
More than 100 forests and 8 Chain of Custody participants in KS MAA are now certified.

Italy – Certification scheme under way
The Italian certification scheme was agreed by PEFC Italy on 6th August 2003. It has recently been submitted to the PEFC Council to undergo its conformity assessment. 3.000 hectares of beech forest in Tuscany (managed by Consorzio Forestale dell’Amiata) have recently been certified against the PEFC Italy scheme as part of a pilot testing process prior to submission of the scheme to the PEFC Council, which has not yet endorsed the scheme. PEFC Italy is an independent scheme. Three new members of PEFC Italy: the regional Administration of Emilia Romagna (Central Italy), Modulo Uno srl, a consultant agency and the “Agenzia per la Garanzia della Qualità in Agricoltura (AQA)” have recently joined PEFC Italy. This now brings the total number of members to 40. A new Italian website was launched accessible through PEFC-council website or directly: Contact Mr Antonio Brunori:

KS MAA, an umbrella organisation, was certified under a multi-site certification standard and has started its internal audits and its ongoing training of forest owners, contractors and chain of custody participants in the umbrella. In addition to internal audits, KS MAA organises field seminars, meetings and workshops for forest owners and discussions about the future of private forestry in the light of EU membership. Discussion meetings have also been organised concentrating on issues surrounding illegal logging in private forests and the use of certification as a main tool to prevent this. Contact: Ms Skaidrite Albertina:

Lithuania- Technical document in progress
After almost 2 years of intensive development work the Technical Document of PEFC Lithuania was submitted to the public for conformity assessment. PEFC Lithuania organised a seminar "The development of PEFC Certification System in th Lithuania" in Vilnius, Lithuania, on August 7 . -8 Representatives from Forest Owners Association of Lithuania, National Accreditation Bureau, Lithuanian University of Agriculture, Environmental institution, and other NGOs and experts from Sweden: Sven Lundell (PEFC Sweden Chairman) and Folke Stenstrom (PEFC Sweden national secretary), attended the seminar.

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October 2003

Norway - ENGO withdraws from revision process
The Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature has withdrawn from the Living Forests Standards revision process

(Left to right) Sven Lundell (PEFC Sweden Chairman), Arvydas Lebedys, Jonas Grigaliunas (author of the TD of the PEFC Lithuania), Antanas Zulys, Folke Stenstrom (PEFC Sweden national secretary)

The guests were invited also to visit a Pilot Operation in Moletai, where PEFC Lithuania had tested the PEFC requirements on Group Certification. Experts from Sweden affirmatively assessed the work of PEFC Lithuania in developing National Forest Certification Scheme and presented their recommendations concerning improvement of the PEFC Lithuania system. Contacts: Mr Algis Gaizutis: Ms Halina Petrulevic:

According to the secretary general in the newspaper “Nationen” (16.09.03) the reason for the decision is that the organization carefully has to choose what tasks to get involved in due to limited resources. The expected results of the revision process will not equal the costs of their participation. Priority will be given to the organisations work on forest conservation. The Living Forests Standards, adopted in 1998, form the basis of the Norwegian PEFC approved forest certification scheme. It was recommended that the standards should be revised every 5 years. Contact: Ms Elizabeth Gill:

Malaysia – MTCC to use a new standard by January 2005
The MTCC has decided to use a new standard (MC&I), which also conforms to the Principles and Criteria of FSC, for the next phase of the MTCC certification scheme beginning January 2005.

Spain - Revision of the Spanish certification scheme completed
After months of intense work and public consultation, Spain is now hoping to have the revisions to their scheme assessed by PEFC.

The MTCC Malaysian Timber Certification Council timber certification scheme, which began in October 2001, is being implemented using a phased approach. The standard currently used for assessing Forest Management Units (FMUs) for the purpose of certification is the Malaysian Criteria, Indicators, Activities and Standards of Performance for Forest Management Certification (MC&I) which is based on the 1998 ITTO Criteria and Indicators for Sustainable Management of Natural Tropical Forests. It contains the key elements for sustainable forest management covering economic, social, environmental and conservational aspects. So far, eight timber producing State FMUs in the Malaysia Peninsular, covering more than 4.8 million hectares of permanent reserved forests, have been independently assessed using this standard. In addition, a FMU in Sarawak has undergone a preassessment against the requirements of this standard. Contact: Mr L.T. Chew

The inclusion of new certifiable materials such as cork has been welcomed by the associations of the sector as well as by manufacturers. Spain is the world’s second biggest cork producer with 80 000 tonnes. Group certification was welcomed as well, given the fact that Spanish industry comprises mainly small to medium sized enterprises, this will allow them to access certification more easily and to reduce costs. The First Chain of Custody certificate has been issued to El Grupo Mariano Hervàs S.A. that specialises in parquet. “ PEFC is more than a stamp… defending sustainable forest management is the main investment the wood industry could do”, s Javier Hervàs, manager of the aid company. The region of Alicante (South-East of Spain) has opted for the PEFC system to certify around 1300 hectares of state owned forests consisting of pine trees and typical Mediterranean vegetation. Contact: Ms Eva Martin Orejudo:

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October 2003

Sweden - positive trends
The number of sawmills with Chain of Custody certificates is increasing as a result of successful awareness campaigns

UK – PEFC certification takes off
Over 40 companies are expected to get a PEFC Chain of Custody certificate by the end of this year.

More than 70 sawmills have n Chain of Custody ow certificates or participate in group C -o-C certification. Together they process over 10-million m3 of timber of which approximately 30 % is PEFC certified. Holmen Forest Division has applied for membership of Swedish PEFC. Holmen is the first of the larger forest industry companies to join. Holmen has about one million-hectares of productive forestland. PEFC is printing a new newspaper focussing on wood products and over 400.000 copies will be printed which are expected to reach almost one million readers
New board members in Swedish PEFC Sune Nilsson, Forest owner association Mellanskog. Magnus Norrby, Forest Certification Mellansverige AB Björn Gunnarfelt, Luleå diocese (The Swedish church) Eric Lagerwall, MD Metsäliitto Sverige AB Contact: Mr Folke Stenstrom :

BM Trada, who carry out audits for Chain of Custody Certification, has indicated that there are currently 61 companies in the UK that have registered an interest in achieving certificated status. Promotion of PEFC the brand and label is now considered by many to be an important issue. A meeting with the Buildings Research Establishment and the associated “Ecohomes”, addressed the discrimination against PEFC in their highly respected guide to specifiers. This apparently, had also concerned representatives from DEFRA, the government ministry currently evolving a procurement policy. Hopefully a republished guide will accommodate the necessary change . We are pleased to record the appointment of three additional directors to our board; Paul Godwin of Charles Bentley and Son, (and also currently a member of the FSC UK Board), Paul Martin of the Timber Trades Federation and David Sulman of the UK Forest Products Association. Contact: Mr Len Yull:

Switzerland – increase use of labels
The use of the Swiss Quality (Q- Label) and the PEFC-logo on wood and timber increases rapidly. Switzerland has begun to help interested members in preparing for the certification of individual enterprises. In light o the revision of the revision of the Swiss f forestry law, the forest owners association has formed a task force. They want more freedom as entrepreneurs and less State interference, and to that extent, the voluntary certification and labelling of products has great political importance for the future forest and timber economy. Contact: Mr Urs Amstutz:

USA – SFI program featured in Europe
A special issue on SFI and US wood products in the Timber Trades Journal (TTJ)

The TTJ is the leading trade journal in UK and in the EU. SFI was on the front cover of the 9 August issue. This promotional opportunity is a key component in efforts to raise the profile of SFI program in Europe’s most environmentally sensitive markets and to be seen as a viable certification option. Yale website on certification: The Yale School of Forestry and Environmental studies maintains a comprehensive website on forest certification. Contact: Mr Mike Virga:

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