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1. Gargi Vachaknavi mentioned in the later 7. Which one of the following is correctly 15. During the Mauryan times the office of
Vedic literature was matched? the samsthadhyaksha stood for
(a) the first woman who committed (a) Apasthamba President of the (a) mint master
sati third Sangam (b) superintendent of weights
(b) a learned woman who em- (b) Kautilya Indias Alexander
(c) superintendent of markets
barrassed sage Yajnavalkya with (c) Susruta Founder of
(d) superintendent of commerce
her searching questions Dhanvantari
(c) a woman who practiced polyandry school of medicine 16. Which of the following cities were
(d) a widow who got remarried (d) Uddalaka Compilation of included in the Sunga empire?
Vedas 1. Ayodhya 2. Sialkot
2. Which one of the following did not limit 3. Vidisa 4. Taxila
kings autocracy in most cases during 8. All the Mauryan pillars and other
products of Mauryan stonemasons (a) 1 and 2 (b) 3 and 4
the later Vedic period? (c) 1, 2, 3 (d) All the above
came from the quarry at
(a) Power of the Brahmins
(a) Rajgriha (b) Pataliputra 17. Who among the following Indo-Greek
(b) The Dharmasastras
(c) Chunar (d) Ahichchatra kings attained fame as Milinda in the
(c) The weight of tradition
9. The oldest of the cave temples among Buddhist text, Milindcipanho?
(d) The force of public opinion
the following is (a) Seteucus Nikator
3. Uchchhedavada (Annibilationism) was (a) Bhaja near Pune (b) Karle (b) Menander
propounded around the 6th century BC (c) Eiephanta (d) Ajanta (c) Eucradites (d) Demetrius
10. Udgatir mentioned in the Vedic 18. Which one of the following Kushana
(a) Katyayana (b) Makhali Gosala
literature was kings first issued gold coins?
(c) Ajita Keshakambalin (a) Vima Kadphises
(d) Charvaka (a) one of the Ratnins
(b) a category of sacrificial priests (b) Kujula Kadphises
4. Which one of the following is/are true (c) an ascetic (c) Kanishka (d) Kanishka II
regarding Buddhism? (d) a sacrificial horse 19. Which one of the following persons and
1. The Buddhist sangha did not bar their patrons are correctly matched?
the entry of prostitutes 11. Which one of the following classes well
respected in the Vedic times fell to the 1. Chanakya Chandragupta
2. Buddhism accorded the first place Maurya
status of impure Sudras or outcastes
to Kshatriyas and the second to 2. Vasumitra Kanishka
Brahmins 3. Charaka Chandragupta
(a) Nishada (b) Antyavashayin
3. Buddhism gave indirect support to (c) Chandala (d) Rathakara Vikramaditya
usury (a) 1 only (b) 2 and 3
12. Megasthenes noted seven (c) 1 and 2 (d) All the above
Choose the answer from the codes endogamous craft-exclusive classes in
given below: India. Which of the following is one of 20. The Kushana period is memorable for
(a) 1 and 2 (b) 2 and 3 them? the development of which of the
(c) 1, 2 and 3 (d) None (a) councillors following?
(b) government officials 1. Mahayana Buddhism
5. Which one of the following is not one of
(c) soldiers (d) All of them 2. Buddha figures 3. Gandhara art
the Four Noble Truths of Buddhism?
(a) 1 and 2 only (b) 1 and 3 only
(a) The world is full of suffering 13. Which among the following dynasties (c) 1 only (d) I, 2 and 3
(b) Desire is the main cause of all first encouraged cave architecture?
suffering (a) Mauryas (b) Guptas 21. The earliest inscriptional evidence
(c) Right kind of livelihood is most (c) Rashtrakutas (d) Kushanas shows that landgrants in India were
essential first made by the
(d) Nirvana is possible through the 14. Which one of the following is/are (a) Mauryas (b) Satavahanas
Eight-fold Path incorrect about Asokas policy of (c) Kushanas (d) Guptas
6. Which one of the following is correctly 1. Asokas dhamma was an ethical 22. Who among the following stated that
matched? code there was no slavery in India?
(a) Nyaya system of 2. Asokas dhamma emphasised (a) Strabo (b) Fa-hien
philosophy : Jaimini toleration (c) Hiuen-Tsang (d) Megasthenes
(b) Uttar Mimamsa : Kanda 3. Asokas dhamma included several
23. Given below are two statementsone
(c) Sankhya : Gautama measures relating to social welfare
labelled as Assertion (A) and the other
(d) Yoga : Patanjali (a) 1 only (b) 2 and 3
labelled as Reason (R).
(c) 1 and 2 (d) None of the above
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Assertion (A): Kanishka convened the (b) Taxes on trade and commerce (a) Arabia (b) China
Fourth Buddhist Council in increased and taxes on land (c) Ethiopia (d) Rome
Kashmir to discuss decreased
(c) The judicial system was neglected 38. Which one of the following dynasties
theology and doctrine.
by the Gupta empire made the largest grant of villages to
Reason (R):Farsva had advised
temples, and Brahmins?
Kanishka to convene (d) Uparika was the most impostant
officer in the Gupta empire (a) Guptas (b) Pratiharas
such a council.
(c) Cholas (d) Rashtrakutas
Which one of the following is correct?
31. Which one of the following is the
(a) Both A and R are correct and R is greatest specimen of Buddhist art 39. Which of the following was the single
the correct explanation of A. most important factor in transforming
during the Gupta age?
(b) Both A and R are true but.R is not the ancient Indian society into medieval
(a) A 25-metre-high copper image of
the correct explanation of A. society?
Buddhamade by Fa Hien
(c) A is true but R is false. (a) The assimilation of foreigners into
(b) The Buddhist monastery
(d) Both A and R are false. Indian society
established at Nalanda
(c) The Ajanta paintings (b) The decline of trade
24. Which one of the following was not a
main item of export to the Roman (d) Images of the Buddha made in (c) The practice of land grants and
empire from India during the first Sarnath and Mathura emergence of landed aristocracy
century? (d) Muslim conquests
(a) Pepper (b) Pearls 32. According to Hiuen-Tsang, the
revenues of Harsha were divided into 40. Who is known as the south Indian
(c) Copper (d) Ivory Manu?
four parts. Which of the following is
25. Which one of the following is incorrect not one of them? (a) Agastya (b) Apasthamba
about Mahayana Buddhism? (a) For religious purposes (c) Karikala (d) Nagarjuna
(a) Nagarjuna was one of the earliest (b) For trade and commerce 41. Which one of the following
exponents ofMahayanism (c) For the scholars Vijayanagar kings allowed the
(b) Mahayanism regarded individual (d) For the officials and public Portuguese to establish churches at
salvation as the goal servants Vellore?
(c) The doctrine of bhakti (loving (a) Rama Raya (b) Deva Raya II
devotion) evolved as a 33. According to which one of the
following systems of philosophy can (c) Krishnadeva Raya
characteristic feature of
a person attain salvation through (d) Venkata II
(d) Bodhisattva doctrine was the physical application? 42. Which of the following was a feature
hallmark of Mahayanism (a) Samkhya (b) Vaiseshika of the style of architecture that the
(c) Yoga (d) Nyaya Turks brought with them?
26. In which year were Asokan Pillars
34. Which one of the following is not a (a) Plasters
transplanted by Firuz Tughlaq?
consequence of granting lands to the (b) Corbel brackets
(a) 1367 (b) 1384
brahmins and others in early medieval (c) Ornamental designs (d) Vault
(c) 1356 (d) 1376
India? 43. Which of the following established the
27. When was the Gupta era started and (a) Spread of Ayurveda medicine and Chisti order in India?
by whom? agricultural calendar (a) Nizam-ud-din Auliya
(a) SamudraGupta : 335 (b) The Sudras came to be termed as
(b) ChandraGupta I : 319 (b) Farid-ud-din Ganj-in-Shikar
peasants and agriculturists (c) Sheik Muinuddin Chisti
(c) ChandraGupta II : 380 (c) It dealt a telling blow to the class
(d) KumaraGupta : 412 (d) Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti
of landlords
28. Which one of the following south (d) It paved the way for a new type 44. The Battle of Haldighati was fought
Indian powers was made to feel the of social formation feudal in between
weight of Samudra Guptas arms and character (a) Jahangir and Rana Amar Singh
forced to recognise his sovereignty? (b) Akbar and Rana Pratap Singh
35. Who was the Achemenian ruler who
(a) Pandyas (b) Cholas (c) Akbar and Rana Udai Singh
annexed Punjab and Sindh in 516 BC?
(c) Chalukyas (d) Pallavas (d) Babur and Rana Sanga
(a) Cyrus (b) Darius I
29. Which one of the following was a (c) Cambyses (d) Darius III 45. For what reason is the reign of
cause for the downfall of the Gupta Shahjahan regarded as the golden age
36. Which one of the following is correct?
empire? of medieval Indian history?
(a) In the middle of the secound
(a) The Hunas from central India made (a) For the development of literature
century BC a Chola King named
drastic inroads into the Gupta (b) For military achievements and
Karikala conquered Sri Lanka
empire territorial expansion
(b) The compilation of Sangam
(b) King Yashodhannan of Malwa dealt (c) For the development of
literature took place under the
a severe blow to the Gupta architecture
patronage of Chera, Chola and
authority (d) For economic prosperity
Pandya Kings
(c) The practice of land grants
(c) The most important king of the 46. Which one of the following was not a
persued by the Gupta emperors
Cheras was Udiyanjeral source of central revenue during
(d) All the above
(d) The Romans built a temple of Akbars tenure?
30. Which one of the following is correct Augustus in the Chera Kingdom (a) Trade and commerce
about the Gupta age? (b) Land revenue
37. From which of the following countries
(a) Royal power was limited by the (c) Grazing tax
was ivory imported into India during
absence of a firm practice of (d) Customs duty
primogeniture the Gupta period?
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47. Under the mansabdari system, the zat (b) He was a leader of the Findaris at 64. Assertion (A): Kanishka was a great
rank signified the time of the Revolt of 1857 patron of learning.
(a) the personal status of an official (c) He was a Sikh leader after Guru Reason (R) :Digraga and
in the imperial hierarchy Govind Singh Vasubandhu flourished in his court.
(b) the branch of army to-which an (d) He was a general of Ranjit Singh (a) Both A and R are correct and R is
official belonged the correct explanation of A.
(c) the system of branding and 56. The Chota King Rajendra I invaded
(b) Both A and R are correct but R is
maintaining the horses Bengal when it was being ruled by a
not the correct explanation of A.
(d) the family status of an official Pala king named
(c) A is correct but R is incorrect.
among the nobility (a) Ramapata (b) Devapala
(d) Both A and R are incorrect.
(c) Mahipala (d) Dharmapala
48. The most important painter who studied 65. Assertion (A): Firuz Tughlaq prohibited
and incorporated interesting details 57. The famous rock-cut temples of Siva Muslim women from worshipping at the
from European paintings during the at Ellora were built by the Rashtrakuta graves of saints.
Mughal period was King
Reason (R):Firuz Tughlaq
(a) Abu-al-Hassan (b) Abul Fazi (a) Krishna III (b) Indra I persecuted a number of
(c) Basawan (d) Jahangir (c) Krishna I (d) Indra III Muslim sects which were
49. Why were the mansabdars expected 58. Which one of the following is correct? considered heretical by the
to maintain twenty horses for every (a) The State in India during the period theologians.
ten cavalrymen? 800-1200 was a theocratic state (a) Both A and R are correct and R is
(a) For rest during marches and (b) The State in India during the period the correct explanation of A.
replacements in times of war 800-1200 was a military state (b) Both A and R are correct but R is
(b) It improved the prestige of the (c) The State in India during the period not the correct explanation of A.
cavalry 600-1200 was a welfare state (c) A is correct but R is incorrect.
(c) The government couid have more (d) The State in India during the period (d) Both A and R are incorrect.
horses at their disposal without 800-1200 was a totalitarian state
66. Who among the following issued the
having to increase the salaries of
59. According to the Aithasastm the army Nasik inscription?
the mansabdars
is to be recruited from five classes. (a) Sri Satakarni
(d) Each chariot needed more than one
Which one of the following is not one (b) Gautami Balasri
of them? (c) Vasisbti
50. The Mughal architecture reveals a (a) Choras (b) Miechchas (d) Mahakshatrapa Rudradaman
happy blend of (c) Choraganas (d) None of them
(a) Turkish and Afghan styles 67. The best known Satavahana ruler is
60. Kanisnka was a great patron of (a) Sri Yagna Satakarni
(b) Turkish and Indian styles
learning. Which one of the following (b) Pulumayi II
(c) Turkish and Persian styles
did not adorn his court?
(d) Persian and Indian styles (c) Hala (d) Sri Satakarni
(a) Asvaghosha (b) Parsva
51. Arrange the following in chronological (c) Vasumitra (d) Vishakhadatta 68. The earliest Kadamba inscription is in
order: (a) Paisachi (b) Prakrit
61. Alberuni lived in the reign of
1. Ajatasatru 2. Kalasboka (c) Sanskrit (d) Greek
(a) Jahangir (b) Iltutmish
3. Vasudeva 4. Sisunaga
(c) Alauddin Khalji 69. Which of the following was the capital
(a) 1, 2, 3, 4 (b) 4, 3, 2, 1 of the Kadambas?
(d) none of the above
(c) 2, 4, 3, 1 (d) 1, 4, 2, 3 (a) Manyakheta (b) Vaijayanti
62. Who built the Brihadishwara temple at
52. Arrange the following in chronological (c) Santipura (d) None of the above
(a) Raja Raja I 70. Which of the following inscriptions are
1. Ramanuja 2. Madhavacharya
(b) Ananta Verma found in the natural rock caverns of the
3. Jnandeva 4. Ekanatha south?
(c) Narasimhavarman (d) Indra II
(a) 4, 3, 2, 1 (b) 1, 4, 2, 3 (a) Mamulanar inscriptions
(c) 1, 2, 3, 4 (d) 4, 1, 2, 3 63. Match List l and List II and choose the
(b) Damili inscriptions
correct answer from the codes given
53. Arrange the following in chronological (c) Pallava inscriptions
below the lists.
order: (d) Inscriptions of the Moriyas
List I List II
1) Battle of Chausa
A. Ramesbwaram 1. Eastern 71. Which of the following rulers are referred
2) Second Battle of Panipat
temple Gangas to as Sriparvatiyas in the Puranas?
3) Battle of Haldighati
B. Rock-cut temple of 2. Cbolas (a) Satavahanas (b) Rashtrakutas
4) Battle of Raktshashi-Tangodi
(a) 1, 2, 3, 4 (b) 1, 2, 4, 3 Vishnu (c) Ikshvakus (d) Guptas
(c) 4, 3, 2, 1 (d) 4, 1, 2, 3 C. Puri Jagannath 3. Rashtrakutas
temple 72. Who among the following is described
54. Arrange the following in chronological as the destroyer of the Sakas, Pallavas
D. Statue of 4. Pallavas
order: and Yavanas?
1. Harisena 2. Kalidasa (a) Kharavela
3. Asvaghosha 4. Banabhatta (b) Gautamiputra Satakarni
(a) 3, 2, 1, 4 (b) 2, 4, 3, 1 (c) Kanishka (d) Skandagupta
(a) 3 4 1 2
(c) 3, 1, 2, 4 (d) 2, 1, 3, 4
(b) 1 2 3 4 73. The Saka power in the west was
55. Who was Banda Bairagi? (c) 4 3 2 1 routed by
(a) He was a leader of the Jats who (d) 2 1 4 3 (a) Chandra Gupta II
rebelled against Aurangazeb in the (b) Kharavela
Mathura region
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(c) Pulumayi II 83. Which one of the following is (c) Mitakshara

(d) Rajendra Chola incorrect? (d) Durga Bhakti Tarangmi
(a) Both the Sultanate of Delhi and the
74. Which Delhi Sultan did not make any 93. The Sultans of Delhi patronised
Vijayanagar empire were police-
fresh conquests after assuming the (a) Persian (b) Arabic
reigns of power? (c) Urdu (d) Turkish
(b) Both were governed by autocratic
(a) Mohammed bin Tughlaq 94. Which one of the following Sufi sects
rulers who professed to rule by
(b) Allauddin Khaiji adapted itself most to Indian
their respective religions
(c) Qutubuddin Aibek conditions?
(c) Both the states had their religious (a) Naqshabandi (b) Qadiri
(d) All the above
endowment departments (c) Suhrawardi (d) Chisti
75. Which of the following offered tough (d) Vijayanagar rulers like their
resistance to the rulers of Ghazni Sultanate counterparts persued a 95. Allahabad and Kara were returned to
including Tazuddin Yaldoz for their the Nawab of Avadh by the Treaty of
policy of religious intoleration
claims of sovereignty over India? (a) Faizabad (b) Banaras
(a) Chandragupta II 84. Which of the following Republics are (c) Meerut (d) Ruhelkhand
mentioned in Samudraguptas
(b) Qutubuddin Aiaek 96. The First Mysore War (1766-1769
Allahabad inscription?
(c) Aurangazeb A.D.) was fought mostly between
i Madra ii Arjunayana
(d) Ghiasuddin Balban (a) Haidar Ali and Marathas on one
iii Malava iv Uttamabadra side, and the British and the Nizam
76. Which of the following Delhi Sultans Choose the correct answer from the on the other side
died of a sudden fall from a horse at codes given below: (b) Haidar Ali and the British
Lahore while playing chaugan (polo)? (a) i. ii, iii, iv (b) ii, iv (c) Haidar Ali and the Nizam on one
(a) IItutmish (b) Qutubuddin Aibak (c) i, ii, iii (d) i, iii side, and the British and Marathas
(c) Balban (d) None of the above on the other side
85. Narendra Sena and Deva Sena were
77. During the reign of......, the Mongols (d) Haidar Ali and the British on one
(a) Vakataka kings
invaded India under their leader Tair in side, and Marathas and the Nizam
(b) Pala kings on the other side
(c) Kushana kings
(a) Behram Shah 97. The best contribution towards painting
(d) none of the above
(b) Allauddin Masudshah in the reign of Akbar was in the art of
(c) Nasiruddin Mahmud (d) IItutmish : 86. The Lodis were (a) portrait painting
(a) Arabs (b) Turks (b) fresco painting
78. Sind was conquered by Mohammad-
(c) Afghans (d) Persians (c) scenery painting
bin-Qasim in
(d) miniature painting
(a) 812 (b) 912 87. Rana Kumbha constructed the vijay-
(c) 742 (d) 712 stambha at Chittor to commemorate his 98. The number of provinces in Shivajis
victory against kingdom was
79. Which one of the following issued
(a) the forces of Delhi (a) five (b) seven
coins bearing the titles which the
(b) Hamir Deva (c) three (d) two
Abbasid Caliphs had adopted?
(a) Alauddin Khalji (c) Malwa (d) Gujarat 99. Who among the following was
(b) Qutb-ud-din Mubarak Shah 88. The Jagannath temple at Puri and the responsible for the expansion of the
(c) Mohammad Tughlaq Sun temple at Konark were Maratha power in India after Shivaji?
(d) Iltutmish constructed in the reign of the (a) Baji Rao I (b) Raja Ram
(a) Gajpatis (b) Choda-Gangas (c) Balaji Vishwanath (d) Nana Saheb
80. Who among the following foreign
travellers visited the Vijayanagar (c) Palas (d) Bhois 100.Poet Chandidas contributed to the
Kingdom? popularisation of
89. Which of the following Bahmani rulers
1. Abdur Razaack 2. Ibn Batuta (a) Gujarati (b) Marathi
shifted the capital from Gulbarga to
3. Domingo Paes 4. Nicolo Conti Bidar? (c) Hindi (d) Bengali
(a) 1 and 2 (b) 2 and 3 (a) Ahmad Shah (b) Muhammad Shah 101.Which one of the following
(c) 2, 3, and 4 (d) 1, 3, and 4 (c) Nizam Shah (d) Humayun Shah astapradhans under Shivaji did not hold
81. All the Sultans of Delhi styled a military command besides civil
90. Who among the following annexed command?
themselves as the deputies of the Khandesh to his empire?
Caliph except (a) Pandit Rao (b) Peshwa
(a) Akbar (b) Jahangir (c) Sachiv (d) Amatya
1. Alauddin Khalji
(c) Shahjahan (d) Aurangazeb
2. Mubarak Shah Khalji 102.Which one of the following was
3. Mohammad bin Tughlaq 91. What was meant by Amaram in the responsible for the collection of
4. Balban Vijayanagar empire? revenue in villages under Shivaji?
(a) 1 only (b) 2 and 3 (a) Lease system of cultivation (a) Mirasidar (b) Patel
(c) 1 and 2 (d) 1, 2 and 3 (b) Territory assigned to military chiefs (c) Kutkami (d) Silahdar
(c) Land donated to the Brahmins
82. Who was the first among the Sultans 103.Who formed the Ghadr Party in USA
(d) The chief judge after the king
of Delhi to separate religion from state in 1913?
politics? 92. Jai Singh Suri wrote (a) Lala Hardayal
(a) Alauddin Khalji (b) Balban (a) Fambavati Kalyan (b) Madame Cama
(c) Sultana Razia (b) Hamntir-Mad-Mardana (c) Madan Lal Dhingra
(d) Mohammad bin Tughlaq (d) None of the above
7 : Model Test Paper D 39

104.The INC which split into moderates and A. Alai Darvaza 1. Alauddin Khalji 115. Who founded the Bhil Seva Mandaiin
extremists at the Surat session, again B. Purana Qila 2. Sher Shah 1922 to elevate the condition of the
united at the Lucknow session held in C. Hasan Nizami 3. Qutubuddin Aibak Bhils and other aboriginals in India?
(a) 1915 (b) 1916 D. Akbars Tomb 4. Jahangir (a) Jyotibha Phule
(c) 1920 (d) 1921 A B C D (b) B.R-Ambedkar
105.Who did not belong to the responsivist (a) 4 3 2 1 (e) Krishnaji Keshav Damie
group which believed in co-operation (b) 2 3 1 4 (d) Amritlal Vithaldas Thakkar
with the British Government? (c) 1 2 4 3 116. The first Indian Factory Act, 1881
(a) Lokmanya Tilak (d) 1 2 3 4 (a) prohibited employment for children
(b) Madan Mohan Malaviya below 7
(c) Lala Lajpat Rai 112. The most fundamental weakness of
the Revolt of 1857 was that (b) prescribed minimum wages
(d) N.C. Kelkar
(a) the entire rebellion lacked a (c) regulated working hours for all
106.The leader of the Revolt of 1857 in modem, unified, and forward- (d) prescribed all the above
Assam was looking programme 117. The Vaikom Satyagraha was launched
(a) Piali Barua (b) Purandar Singh (b) there was no understanding of the in Kerala to
(c) Diwan Maniram Dutta character of the enemys political (a) eradicate untouchability
(d) Kandarpesvar Singh organisation among the rebels
(b) force the temple authorities to
107.Which of the following classes did not (c) it lacked planning, programme, and appoint non-brahmins as priests
support the Revolt of 185 7? funds
(c) ban the initiation of devadasis for
(a) The new middle class (d) the rebels failed to understand the temple service
(b) The princes significance of contemporary
(d) open the temples for the entry of
(c) The peasants and artisans scientific advancements
the lower castes
(d) The landed aristocracy and the 113. The main plank of the programme of
zamindais 118.Which of the following peasant
the Faraizi sect, founded by Hazi
movements is not correctly paired with
108.The Battle of Buxar was fought Shariatullah of Faridpur in Eastern
the state in which it was launched?
between Bengal, was
(a) Bardoli Satyagraha Gujarat
(a) Mir Jafar and the British (a) opposition to the exploitation of the
(b) Pabna Agrarian Maharasbtra
(b) Mir Kasim and the Dutch on one peasantry by the zamindars
side and the British on the other (b) radical reforms in Muslim religious
(c) Kisan Sabha and Uttar Pradesh
side practices
(c) Mir Kasim and the British (c) to expel the British and restore
(d) Mir Kasim, Shuja-ud-daula, Nawab Muslim rule in Bengal
of Avadh and the Mughal Emperor (d) Moplah Rebellion Kerala
(d) to offer civil disobedience to the
Shah Alam on one side, and the British by non-payment of taxes 119. Whose efforts led to the enactment of
British on the other side the Agfi of Consent Act, 1891?
114. The Santhals of Rajmahal hills were
109.Who abolished the dual system of (a) Raja Ram Mohan Roy
provoked to rebellion in 1855-56 on
government in Bengal? account of (b) Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar
(a) Warren Hastings (b) Comwallis (a) the non-payment of wages by the (c) Bal Gangadhar Tilak
(c) Clive (d) Curzon railway authorities, who also (d) Behramji M. Malabari
110. Which of the following was totally insulted their women 120.Which of the following was the leader
absent in the military organisation of (b) the heavy demands of rents which of Waliullahi (Wahabi) movement?
the Mughals? made them a prey to the sharp (a) Syed Ahmad of Rae Bareilly
(a) Infantry (b) Mobile artillery practices of moneylenders (b) Abdul Aziz
(c) Navy (d) Cavalry (c) the harsh behaviour of the (c) Waliulla
revenue officials (d) Muhammed Abdul Wahab
111. Match the following:
(d) all the above