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Lesson Plan for Implementing

NETSSTemplate I
(More Directed Learning Activities)
Template with guiding questions
Name Kallayhe DeBord

Position 10th Grade Teacher

School/District Southeastern Oklahoma State University


Phone 940-634-2024

Grade Level(s) 10th Grade

Content Area US History I

Time line 5 days

Standards (What do you want students to know and be able to do? What knowledge, skills, and strategies do you
expect students to gain? Are there connections to other curriculum areas and subject area benchmarks? )
Standard 5: The student will analyze the social and political transformation of the united
States as a result of the causes, course, and consequences of the American Civil War
Content Standards during the period of 1850 to 1865.
Standard 3. Research and Information Fluency
3b. Students locate, organize, analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and ethically use information
NETS*S Standards: from a variety of sources and media.

Overview (a short summary of the lesson or unit including assignment or expected or possible products)

After researching The Great Hanging of 1862, students should be able to identify key aspects associated with this
incident. Utilizing technology and effective group work, together the students will investigate The Great Hanging of
1862 and determine the cause and effect of this incident. The students will be provided with all of the necessary
materials. After learning and investigation, the students will end with a written research paper. Furthermore, the
students will review the place in which the hanging took place.

Essential Questions (What essential question or learning are you addressing? What would students care or
want to know about the topic? What are some questions to get students thinking about the topic or generate
interest about the topic? What questions can you ask students to help them focus on important aspects of the
topic? What background or prior knowledge will you expect students to bring to this topic and build on?)

1. What was The Great Hanging of 1862?

2. When and where did this incident take place?
3. Why were these individuals hanged?
4. What were the causes and effects associated with The Great Hanging?

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Assessment (What will students do or produce to illustrate their learning? What can students do to generate new
knowledge? How will you assess how students are progressing (formative assessment)? How will you assess
what they produce or do? How will you differentiate products?)

1. The students will be instructed to research the topic, The Great Hanging.
2. After reviewing and researching the topic, students will be given a quiz gauging their learning of the topic.
3. Students will then be required to work in groups and share their information learned via a verbal reflection.
4. Students will be required to take the gathered information and produce a written research paper.

Resources (How does technology support student learning? What digital tools, and resourcesonline student
tools, research sites, student handouts, tools, tutorials, templates, assessment rubrics, etchelp elucidate or
explain the content or allow students to interact with the content? What previous technology skills should students
have to complete this project?)

1. Students will need to have prior knowledge of basic computer skills.

2. Students will have access to the Internet to research this topic.
3. Teacher will provide list of acceptable websites and sources.
4. Students will be given a list of appropriate research sites
5. Students will need to correctly find credible sources; a minimum of three sources for topic.

Instructional Plan
Preparation (What student needs, interests, and prior learning provide a foundation for this lesson? How
can you find out if students have this foundation? What difficulties might students have?)

The student will need prior knowledge of Internet, locating sources, and the format of a research paper; however,
if the students do not have this foundation, the teacher will be available to assist. All of the materials necessary
will be provided to accomplish this task including handouts, tools, and grading rubric.

Management (How and where will your students work? Classroom, lab, groups, etc?

The students will be required to work on this research in the classroom, computer lab, and in small groups. The
students will be divided into groups to locate pertinent information relating to this topic. After group activity, the
students will individually work on their research in the computer lab.

Instruction and Activities (What instructional strategies will you use with this lesson? How will your
learning environment support these activities? What is your role? What are the students' roles in the
lesson? How can the technology support your teaching? What engaged and worthwhile learning activities
and tasks will your students complete? How will they build knowledge and skills? Will students be
expected to collaborate with each other and others? How will you facilitate the collaboration?)

The teacher will supply and all necessary materials for this activity including handouts, tool, and grading rubric.
The students will be required to have prior knowledge of Internet; however, the teacher will help with and approve
of any research sites for credible sources. If any help is necessary, the teacher will assist. The students will be
required to research the topic and present their findings in the form of a research paper.

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Differentiation (How will you differentiate content and process to accommodate various learning styles
and abilities? How will you help students learn independently and with others? How will you provide
extensions and opportunities for enrichment? What assistive technologies will you need to provide?)

Accommodations and modifications will be available in an effort to accommodate various learning styles. The
teacher will supply verbal and written instructions to accommodate these learning styles. The students will have all
of the necessary materials applicable to this topic. Students will need to have an understanding of research and
ability to utilize the Internet to research this topic. Upon completion of this research, the students will take a field
trip to the location in which The Great Hanging took place.

Closure and Reflection (Will there be a closing event? Will students be asked to reflect upon their work?
Will students be asked to provide feedback on the assignment itself? What will be your process for
answering the following questions?
Did students find the lesson meaningful and worth completing?
In what ways was this lesson effective?
What went well and why?
What did not go well and why?
How would you teach this lesson differently?)

Students will be required to present their research, share their findings, and present their opinions regarding such
topic. The students will be asked to supply verbal or written communication regarding their experience. In an effort
to evaluate this lesson, the students will be asked their opinion regarding this task and any ideas to make this
lesson more productive for future classes.

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