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Unit Plan & Lesson Plans & Rubric (10%)
Big Idea:
Big Idea addresses a timeless, cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary,
life-centered issue with layers of meaning potential.
Key Concepts and Essential Questions are well chosen, well
sequenced and scaffold understanding of the Big Idea.
Inspiration Artist(s) also complements the Big Idea.
Basic Elements:
Medium is identified with opportunities for multi-media
explorations to highlight 21st century thinking.
Overview clearly and concisely summarizes the importance of
the lesson.
Background Knowledge clearly and concisely addresses
experiences and prior knowledge and learning.
Objectives are clearly and concisely stated and identify
strategies or skills.
Rubrics (3+) assess achievement and learning (Objectives)
Standards soundly connect lesson learning to national (NCAS)
and state (VAPA) mandated expectations.
Vocabulary is clearly designated and concisely defined.
Procedures are very detailed.
Resources/References are complete and follow APA 6th edition.
Student Engagement:
Unit demonstrates variety and innovation; considers interests,
needs, and abilities of all.
Unit encourages student responsibility.
Reflective Questions: Responses are thorough and evidence a high
degree of pedagogical knowledge, creativity, and insight.
Presentation & Artmaking Investigation (10%)
Presentation summarizes Unit Plan and Lesson Plans in the
form of a PPT, Prezi, or similar format (~40 mins).
Artmaking Investigation evidences expertise in a visual art
medium through in-progress and finished photographs included
in the presentation.
Supplemental Materials (5%)
Appendices include the following documents:
A. helpful vocabulary terms and definitions.
B. associated techniques with visual and written text.
C. tutorials for caring for and/or using related tools and
Please submit one hard copy of the Unit Plan and appendices to
instructor (printed, double-sided, and stapled) on the due date. Also
by the due date, the completed Unit Plan and appendices should be
emailed to peers in one document/attachment as a resource for future
use: login to Blackboard/ My SacCT, click on ART 135, click on
Course Tools > Send Email > All Users.

TOTAL Value (25%): __________

Amber Ward, PhD

ART 135: Elementary School Art Education
California State University, Sacramento