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Research Paper Rubric

Requirements 4 3 2 1
The paper has Some grammar There are more Many grammar
correct grammar and punctuation grammar and and punctuation
and punctuation errors and not punctuation errors, errors with no
Grammar along with a strong much use of strong but some strong vocabulary
use of vocabulary vocabulary vocabulary used
There are a correct There are a correct This paper lacks This paper failed to
amount of amount of the required use the correct
resources. The resources, however number of recourses and did
resources are not all of the resources and does not include any
reliable and the sources came from not have a works citations or works
Resources paper includes a reliable resources cited page cited page
works cited page that were provided.
with correct There is a works
citations cited page, but the
throughout the citations are not
paper done correctly
This paper This paper briefly Some of the topics Very few topics are
explains every covers the topics are covered, but covered, but they
single topic and that are required not all of them are not explained
Coverage provides evidence but does not well or have
of and examples for provide the need resources to back
Topics each topic evidence through up the explains
research and or
examples of each
This paper used Images were Inappropriate No images were
images that were included, however images were used used
accurate and still the length of and did not
Images wrote the required written content did strengthen the
(If Used) amount of pages not make the paper at all
The paper has a The structure of This assignment This paper lacks
strong thesis the paper is has a lack structure, use of
Paper Structure statement, presented, organization and vocabulary, and
followed by however the thesis uses incorrect use of reliable
structure statement and vocabulary and resources
paragraphs with transitions are not recourses
smooth transitions as strong
sentences and
finishing with a
great conclusion
Completing the Paper is missing a About one full There was no time
full amount of few sentences and page of the spent on the
Number of Pages pages for this is not quite the assignment is assignment and has
Required assignment and length required missing a lack in pages
even going over required and no
the required cover page
amount slightly