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Subject: Update - Skid Row Subdivision Election Challenges

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Date: Friday, April 14, 2017 6:03 PM


The Skid Row Subdivision Election received challenges which must be resolved before the
election results can be certified.

Nearly 1600 people voted in this election. Ballots were cast online from smartphones and
personal computers; at mobile Pop-Up Polls, and at the polling location on the official Election
Day, Thursday April 6th.

The preliminary results were 764 in favor of the subdivision proposal and 826 opposed. Since
then, two of the 11 provisional ballots have been verified and counted, making the preliminary
results now 766 in favor and 826 opposed.

There was a request for a recount which came in after the deadline, but the issue is moot, as the
ballots were already recounted as a matter of routine.

Election challenges were filed by stakeholders within the five calendar day period for filing such
challenges. Those challenges will be addressed before the election results are certified.

The challenges filed may be viewed here - scroll to the bottom to view the Skid Row challenges.
An overview of the challenge process - and a list of challengeable issues - may be viewed on p.
27 of the Neighborhood Council Election Manual, located here.

The Department of Neighborhood Empowerment reviewed the election challenges, and will be
convening an Election Challenge Review Panel to resolve the pending challenges. The panelists
will be selected from the Citywide list of challenge panelists, and the date and time for the panel
hearing will be determined when the panelists have been selected. You will be notified when the
time and date for that hearing is determined.

The Skid Row Neighborhood Council Subdivision Election was one of the first two to take place
under the new Subdivision Ordinance set forth in 2016 by the Los Angeles City Council. Under
this ordinance, stakeholders of a Neighborhood Council may petition to subdivide an existing
Neighborhood Council to create a new one. A special election is then held for the stakeholders of
that Neighborhood Council. The subdivision proposal must get a yes vote from a majority of
voters, in order to pass.

For more information, please contact Stephen Box at or by calling 213-

Best regards,
The EmpowerLA Elections Team

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