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(The Intellectual & Children)

The 5th house denotes children, intellect, intelligence, discretion,

talent, mind morals, good bahaviours, Sobriety, good deeds in
pastlives, meditation, Spiritual practice, religious ceramonies,
pregnancy, discretion, mechanical arts, clothes, great actions,
foresight, liaison, secrets, decorum, journalism, friends, social life,
sports, literary, work, stamoch, heart, religion, wisdom, satisfaction,
initiation, power of discrimination, position and fame. It is a house of
creativity, love, physical attraction between opposite sexes an
licentiousness, courtesan, pleasures and risks of gambling and
speculation. Creativity represents the work of creative artists.


Jupiter (Children, knowledge & education) Mercury (Intelligence, Shares, Unearned money)

Children, maternal grandfather, beloved ones.

Body Parts

Liver, gall bladder, intestines, back.


Paternal property.

Mental Status

Mind, discretion, foresightedness, seriousness, secrets, humility, piety (pious).

Virtues Faculties

Virtuous deed of father, good character education, Vivek (discrimination between good and bad) welfare,
wisdom, genius, cheefulness.






Ministers, teachers


Gynecology, B.ed, Futurology

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5th house-2 -

Teacher, job in education deptt., Writer, Yoga, Astrologer, Consultant.

Relationship with respect to other houses being.

2nd House from 4th House

Accumulated wealth of mother, family, property, vehicles.

3rd House From 3rdHouse

Courage or efficiency of younger Brother.

4th House From 2nd House

Family estates, Car , House, Joint property.

5th House From 1st House

Own intellectual, Education, Progeny, Love affairs etc.

6th House From 12th House

Problems of secret enemies, their sickness.

7th House From 11th House

Liaisons with associates.

8th House From 10th House

Losses in career.

9th House From 9th House

Grand father, fathers luck, Teachers knowledge.

10th House From 8th House

Social background and proffession of the family of spouse.

12th House From 6th House

Secret enemies and clandestine deals.

Lord of the fifth house deals with the results of ones past karmas.

First House

Shrewd, learned, deviod of comforts of progeny, wastes the money of others, renowned.

Second House

Many sons, much wealth, renowed, liked by women, versed in song and music.

Third House

Liked by his siblings, an enchanter, back-biter, thrifty, selfish, sweet tongued, his children look after his brothers.

Fourth House

Comforts from mother, wealthy, wise, a minister or a preceptor, follows his ancestral vocation, devoted to his

Fifth House

Blessed with learning, pride and progeny, foremost amongst the famous, virtuous.

Fifth lord under benefic influence: good for progeny, under malefic influence, childless.

Sixth House

Illness to child, opposed by his son, many enemies, sickly, poor, lacks respect.

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5th house-2 -
Seventh House

Religiously inclined, proud, helpful to others, blessed with sons devoted to gods and preceptors, virtuous wife.

Eight House

Short tempered, cruel, miserable, bad for progeny, disease of the respiratory system.

Ninth House

High status for the son, renowned among his family members, writer of books, versed in poetry and music, good
looking, honoured by the king.

Tenth House

Famous like a king, many physical pleasures, indulges in virtuous pursuits, good for mother.

Eleventh House

Very learned, wealthy, removed, skilled in book writing, blessed with many sons, firm in friendship, brave, enjoys
royal comforts.

Twelfth House

Deprived of comforts from his children wanders in foreign lands.

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5th house-2 -

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