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Republican rule

George Washington made his farwell advices : to be united in one political party and to stay
neutral with the affairs of the other nations.

John Adams became a president of the united states he was a federalist.

Passed the alien and sedition acts

increased from 5 to 14 years the

period of residence recquired to
become an american citizen.
Allows the president to send the
country aliens considered
Allows the president to arrest aliens
in case of war. Because of all these acts, people reacted
Allows the president to punish anya and it was the end of the federalist era.
liens acused to publish a sedition
piece of writing.

Jefferson won landslidely this election

described it as a revolution of 1800 and considered it as real as the revolution of 1776.

Jeffersons presidency :
Louisiana purchase
One of the successes of jeffersons presidency was louisiana purchase which doubled the size
of the US and eliminated the frensh control of new orleans and the mississipi river.

The American were lucky, Napolion needed money because of the war that is why he
accepted to sell the area.

Here jefferson by purchasing the new area proved that he was not a strict constitutionist even
though it was a good idea.

James madison :
The second revolution reward 1812
Because of the British policy of impressment (the british kept this policy) and the support that
gave the British to native American against American citizen the congress passed a
declaration of war againsyt the British. The war hawks were full engaged in it.
War hawks : congressmen who supported the war.

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England was powerful than america. But they were basy by the war in Europe.

America was weak because republican cut the military expenditures. But they were
lucky ones again.

The signing of the treaty of ghent in december 1814 ended the war and restored tha status quo
(things returned as it twas before the war.). But the Americans thought that they won the war,
why ?

Because of the slowness

Manifest destiny : of comminication, the
war hawks did not know
The american felt they were about the treaty.
blessed and chosen as they won
against the british.

Monroes presidency :

The era of good feeling

It is called the era of good feeling because monroe unified the political parties in one political
party, the republican, and also because of the high morale after the war of 1812.

The monroe doctrine :

John quincy adams, secretary of states, composed the monroe doctrine, which had 3
principle :
Neutrality concerning europe, and that europe cannot colonize both america and if any
attempt, it is concedered as an unfriendly act.

All this because monroe wanted to dominate all america.

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