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Starter unit p4 Free time p5 be: affirmative and negative

video games, music, art, animals, etc. Subject pronouns and possessive adjectives
Key phrases: Talking about hobbies and interests Key phrases: Introducing people
p6 Prepositions and everyday objects p7 Possessive s
on, in, under, laptop, bag, coat, phone, etc. be: questions

p12 Places in a town or city p14 A description of a cruise p15 Is there ?, p16 Comparing places
1 restaurant, school, park, etc.
Language point: Theres, There are +
Vocabulary plus: fantastic,
Are there ?,
How many ?
old, quiet, pretty, etc.

Towns and a, an, some and any comfortable, swimming pool,

cities Key phrases: Talking about places etc.

Review Unit 1 p20 Puzzles and games p21

p22 Daily routines p24 A busy day p25 Present simple: p26 Special days

2 get up, have classes, study, etc.

Language point: Adverbs of
Vocabulary plus: son, daughter,
parent, etc.
affirmative and negative
Pronunciation: Third
sing, dance, wear, etc.
Study strategy: Preparing to
Days frequency person -s listen
Key phrases: Comparing answers
Review Unit 2 p30 Puzzles and games p31
p32 Animals p34 The ugliest animals? p35 Superlative adjectives p36 Amazing animals
3 camel, butterfly, snake, etc. Vocabulary plus: beautiful,
common, dull, etc.
Study strategy: Improving
your grammar
kill, grow, survive, etc.
Wild life Key phrases: Identifying things
Pronunciation: Sentence stress
Review Unit 3 p40 Puzzles and games p41

p42 School subjects p44 Schools project p45 Present continuous: p46 Verbs: Studying a language
maths, English, history, etc. Vocabulary plus: primary affirmative and negative listen, check, repeat, etc.
Learning Key phrases: Talking about school school, private school, boarding Study strategy: Thinking about
subjects school, etc. learning
Review Unit 4 p50 Puzzles and games p51
p52 Food p54 Sumo wrestlers p55 Countable and p56 Adjectives: Health
5 burger, salad, meat, etc.
Study strategy: Organizing and
Vocabulary plus: dish, vitamins,
uncountable nouns +
some, any, much, many
fit, hungry, etc.

Food and remembering vocabulary and a lot of

health Pronunciation: Short and long vowels
Key phrases: Likes and dislikes
Review Unit 5 p60 Puzzles and games p61
p62 Sports p64 The Olympics then and p65 there was, there were, p66 X Games: Regular and
football, athletics, cycling, etc. now was, were irregular verbs completed,

6 Key phrases: Talking about sports Vocabulary plus: winner,

competitor, swimmer, etc.
became, etc


Review Unit 6 p70 Puzzles and games p71

p72 Describing people p74 Childhood photos p75 Object pronouns p76 Life events
short, round, moustache, etc. Vocabulary plus: grow, change, Past simple: affirmative grow up, go to school, etc.
7 Pronunciation: Diphthongs give and negative
Growing up Key phrases: Guessing answers

Review Unit 7 p80 Puzzles and games p81

p82 Things for a holiday p84 Summer holidays p85 be going to: p86 Weather conditions
rucksack, tent, water bottle, etc. Vocabulary plus: cool, affirmative, negative and windy, stormy, foggy, etc.
8 expensive, boring, etc. questions
Pronunciation: Question
Study strategy: Guessing
answers before listening
Going away
stress and rhythm

Review Unit 8 p90 Puzzles and games p91

English Plus Options Extra listening and speaking p92 Curriculum Extra p100 Culture p106 Project p112 Song p116

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p8 Basic adjectives p9 this, that, these, those
new, fast, cheap, boring, etc. have got
Key phrases: Adverbs of degree
p10 Countries and nationalities p11 Question words: Where ?, What ?, Who ?
Spain, Turkey, Japan, China, etc. Conjunctions: and, or, but
Key phrases: Thinking of answers
Key phrases: Writing about yourself


p17 Comparative adjectives p18 Asking and saying where p19 A description of a town or city p92 Extra listening and speaking:
Pronunciation: // sound in places are Key phrases: Describing a town or Asking for and giving personal information
comparatives Study strategy: Learning the city p100 Curriculum Extra: Geography: Reading a
Key phrases: Comparing key phrases Language point: Position of map
opinions Key phrases: Asking and saying adjectives p106 Culture: The United Kingdom
where places are p116 Song: Im the King

p27 Present simple: questions p28 Making plans and p29 A special day p93 Extra listening and speaking:
Key phrases: Time expressions suggestions Key phrases: Talking about a Talking about timetables
Key phrases: Making plans and celebration p101 Curriculum Extra: Geography: Time zones
suggestions Language point: also p107 Culture: Weird festivals
p112 Project: A class survey

p37 can for ability p38 Asking for permission p39 Animals in danger p94 Extra listening and speaking:
Questions with How ? Key phrases: Requesting, Key phrases: Describing animals in Phoning a friend
Key phrases: Estimating giving and refusing permission danger p102 Curriculum Extra: Natural science: Animals
Language point: Giving examples p117 Song: I Can Tell You

p47 Present continuous: p48 Asking for help when p49 An email about your school p95 Extra listening and speaking:
questions youre studying Key phrases: Giving information Comparing two pictures
Present continuous and present Key phrases: Asking for help about your school p108 Culture: Home schooling
simple with languages Language point: so p113 Project: My dream school
Pronunciation: The alphabet

p57 Verb + -ing p58 In a caf p59 A food blog p96 Extra listening and speaking:
Imperatives Key phrases: Ordering food Key phrases: Writing a food blog Shopping at the market
Language point: Sequencing p103 Curriculum Extra: Science: Food and
p118 Song: Delicious

p67 Past simple: affirmative p68 Last weekend p69 A sports star p97 Extra listening and speaking:
Past time expressions Key phrases: Talking about the Key phrases: Profile of a sports star Talking about video games
Study strategy: Learning weekend Language point: Paragraphs p109 Culture: Football vs. baseball
irregular verbs p114 Project: A new sport
Pronunciation: -ed endings
Key phrases: Past time

p77 Past simple: questions p78 Role-play: an interview p79 Biographical questions and p98 Extra listening and speaking:
with a famous person answers Describing people
Key phrases: Doing an Key phrases: A biography: questions p104 Curriculum Extra: Language and Literature:
interview and answers The Elephant Man
Study strategy: Improve your Language point: Punctuation p110 Culture: Amazing people
speaking p119 Song: The Story of Your Life

p87 will and wont p88 Offers and promises p89 An email p99 Extra listening and speaking:
Key phrases: Making offers Key phrases: Writing an email The weather forecast
and promises about a friends visit p105 Curriculum Extra: Language and literature:
Language point: because The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
p111 Culture: Theme parks in the USA
p115 Project: A holiday

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