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Silent install @ SolidCAM

SolidCAM Silent installation enables you to install automatically without showing any dialog
to the user. The installation options are recorded one time and then you can use the recording
to install automaticlly. This is typically good for big companies (or schools) that need to install
the software on multiple computers.

Follow the steps below to perform a silent install:

1. Create a recording of your installation options.

First step is to create a recording file of the setup.

Open command Prompt and enter the path of the setup file and add /r
/f1c:\recording.iss Example:

c:\ SolidCAMSetup\setup.exe /r /f1"c:\recording.iss"

*Note The f1 parameter and path of the ISS file should have no spaces
between them

The ISS file records the following information:

Installation path
Measuring unit (Metric or Inch)
Components to install (Example parts, posts, etc.)

2. Run the silent install using the recording.iss file on a computer.

Run the silent install by adding /s /f1c:\recording.iss, for example:

c:\ SolidCAMSetup\setup.exe /s /f1"c:\recording.iss"

You can check the progress of the silent install by opening Windows Task
Manager > Processes and wait for the setup.exe file to disappear

*Note The f1 parameter and path of the ISS file should have no spaces
between them

Installation language

If you install SolidCAM in language which is different from English, the default language will
always according to language of the operating system.

If you have an English based operating system and you want to install a different language, you
need to pass the parameter of the language at the installation time. (Even if the recording is in
English, you can over-ride it with the parameter passed) Example:

C:\setup.exe" /s /l007 /f1"c:\recording.iss"

In this case the language ID is 007 (German). A lower case L is written before the ID.

All available IDs:

Install Language ID
Chinese (Simplified) 0x0804
Chinese (Traditional) 0x0404
Czech 0x0405
Danish 0x0406
English (United States) 0x0409
French 0x040c
German 0x0407
Hungarian 0x040e
Italian 0x0410
Japanese 0x0411
Korean 0x0412
Polish 0x0415
Portuguese 0x0416
Russian 0x0419
Spanish 0x040a
Turkish 0x041f

Installation options
When performing a silent install, the installation assumes that you already have a license and
you are not being promoted to select your license type. Also the silent install connects
automatically to SolidWorks or Inventor/AutoCAD.