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COming hOme FOR ChRistmas CePPio/JRM-PiA5

Christmas is in the air as the Kamundagan Festival 2016 kicks-off on Saturday the 22 barangays of the city. After the street parade, the participants performed
night, Dec. 3. Naga City officials headed by Mayor John Bongat and First Lady their choreographed dances for the dance competition. Overall winners are:
Farah Bongat led the Christmas Lighting Ceremony of the big Christmas Tree Bagumbayan Sur (1st Place), Bagumbayan Norte (2nd Place), and Concepcion
and lights at Plaza Quezon after the Kirikiti Street Parade participated in by Pequena (3rd Place).

BOngat BeaRish Women, disaster

study pact inked
On BiCOl tOuRism

DAET, CNORTE -- The Mabini Colleges,

Inc. (MCI), recently signed a Memorandum of
Agreement(MOA) with the Local Government
By ANA-LiZA S. MACATANGAy Unit of Mercedes where it will provide the research
component to study the vulnerabilities and coping
mechanisms of women in the town in a novel Public-
NAGA CITY --- This summit will cer- Private Partnership addressing both gender and di-
tainly shed new light on the potential and saster preparedness.
The MOA on the research study titled Natural Haz-
new tourism products and services, as well ard Vulnerabilities and Coping Mechanisms of Women
as guide stakeholders from the govern- in Mercedes, Camarines Norte, was signed by MCI
ment and private sector for a sustainable President Engr. Paul C. Abao and Mercedes Mayor Al-
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exander L. Pajarillo.
and responsible tourism development.
This was how Naga City of interests to the over-all
Mayor John Bongat encap- goal of enhancing the tourism
Director RAVANiLLA sulated the brighter prospects industry.
that await every Bicolano Bongat stated that Bicol
after the successful holding tourism has already crafted
of the 2-day Bicol Regional its own niche in the tourism
Tourism summit held No- industry and Naga City is not
vember 28 to 29 at The Tent, far behind when it comes to
Avenue Plaza, here. efforts and innovations to en-
The summit, which gath- tice more visitors and make
ered all tourism stakehold- their stay truly an unforget-
ers from all over the region table experience.
showcased the current state With the help of the DOT,
of the countrys tourism in- Naga has continuously im- mOa signing
dustry and served as a venue proved the quality of service Mabini Colleges President engr. Paul C. Abao and
where every partaker can find of our tourism enterprises Mercedes Mayor Hon. Alexander L. Pajarillo sign an
ways to collaborate and com- and workers by investing in agreement addressing women participation and disaster
resilience witnessed by Coun. Maria Velia Flor N. Velasco.

Mayor BoNGAT plement their respective line (Turn to page 2)

sales & seRviCes

Barangay San Felipe, Naga City 473-8888

3rd floor, GerONiMO blDG., bArliN sT., NAGA CiTY TelePHONe: (054) 884-93-76 CP 0921-3183720 / 0929-245-7353 / 0920-5337766
2 bikol reporter opinion december 4-10, 2016

editorial Bigger 2017 Infra Spending

Martial Law Jitters (Atty. APA chairs Acyatan &
Co., CPAs-DFK International is
the Dept. of Agriculture (DA) an-
nounced. This starts the disman-

President Rodrigo Duterte brands

past chair of ASEAN Federation of
CPAs, PICPA past president and opinions tling of cartels controlling impor-
tant commodities in the country.
martial law as stupid. Hall-of-Famer, and ACPAPP Lifetime The participating chains are SM,

This can be read as saying he

Achievement Awardee).
BUDGET: President Rodrigo R. unlimited Rustans, ShopWise, Savemore
and Mindanao-based NCCC Mall.
Duterte will double the annual infra- Sec. Piol revealed that Filipino
doesnt intend nor has a plan to structure spending of the past ad- onion and garlic farmers suffered
declare one. ministration starting next year, the from depressed prices of their
Department of Finance (DOF) said. produce because rich, power-
The Presidents men, however, For 2017, the government will spend Atty. TONY (APA) ACYATAN ful groups control the industry via
have different body language and P860.7B on large-scale infrastruc- unscrupulous trading including
ture projects., or double that of last in the countryside. Major fund ear- hoarding and smuggling. It was Go
pronouncements altogether. year under the Aquino administra- marks are for projects to improve and Negosyo head Joey Concepcion
tion. This infrastructure budget is build road networks, flood control who negotiated the crucial agree-
There are as well events which are also P100B more than the 2016 capi- systems, seaports, airports, school ments. With this development , DA
feared leading to a dj vu of 1972. tal outlay of P756.4B. buildings, hospitals and health cen- will work out a system by which on-
The huge infra outlay represents ters, and irrigation systems. ion and garlic farmers could deliver
Theres the call for expanding his 5.4% of the countrys gross domes- MAJOR PRODUCTS: Good news their produce direct to the super-
tic product (GDP). The DOF said the for housewives! Five of the coun- market chains.
emergency powers to address the heightened infrastructure spending trys biggest supermarket chains EPISTLE: Prepare the way of
traffic in Metro Manila, for one. is in line with the Dutertes commit- have committed to buy directly from the Lord make His path straight!
ment to disperse growth and create onion and garlic farmers, to end ma- Repent our sins; tread the narrow
Theres the controversial ambush enough jobs for Filipinos, especially nipulation practices of middlemen, road..
of Presidential security advance team
in the South, for anotther. Lung & Kidney Center, Childrens Medical Center,
Theres the talk on unseating Vice Convicted Drug Lords testified giving money
President Leni G. Robredo, who may
soon quit her Cabinet post, to give
to Sen. De Lima and What is Chrismas?
way to losing candidate Bongbong Important hospitals were congressmen ask more questions to
Marcos. inadvertently omitted in my column test his credibility. Espinosa said he

These are certainly feeding the

which were built during Martial Law
years and serving the people until today.
from gave P8 million and had a picture
taken with De Lima after that.

They are the Lung and Kidney Centers Ronie Dayan also revealed
paranoia experienced by the country and the Childrens Medical Center that he did not appear in the first
during the Marcos dictatorial regime. located in Metro Manila. Patients from investigation of the House because

And these are not doing any good

all the regions in the Philippines go
there. The massive irrigation system in
Libmanan is not Marcos corruption but
window Sen. De Lima texted her daughter not
to appear in the House investigation.
Sen. De Lima said it was an advice
in allaying the fears of a nation in for rice production. I am writing about not an order. Dayan was cited for
trauma. accomplishments during the martial nenita fuentebella-peones contempt.
law years in order to know the complete I do not want to judge Sen. De
Certainly too, not timely when the history and not a one-sided story. We
gave money by the millions of pesos Lima. But these investigations
should know why Martial Law, which already show the kind of person she
country was just divided further by monthly for perks and protection also.
is provided in the Constitution was is. Somebody from her hometown
the surreptitious internment of the Based on their testimonies, Jayvee
declared; what were the good and Iriga City told me, she is an example
Sebastian testified he gave de Lima
late dictator at the Libingan ng mga the bad things that happened and
millions. I wonder why would a driver of the LPs DaangMatuwid.
Bayani. what was the result or aftermath of *****
be trusted to collect so much money
Martial law. I however say that the What is Christmas? To us
by Senator de Lima.
accomplishments of Ferdinand E. Catholics, it is the commemoration
What the country needs now is a Marcos is not the accomplishments
Senator Leila de Lima admitted in
of the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ,
the TV Program of Winnie Monsod
true hero and leader who will heal of Bongbong Marcos, I still support
that she had a relationship with Ronie the Redeemer of Mankind. By giving
these divisiveness and paranoia. LeniRobredo as vice president birth to the Lord Jesus, the Blessed
Dayan, her driver and security escort
***** Virgin Mary became the Mother of
for two years. Thats an ordinary news,
Senator Leila de Lima has been our Redeemer and we should thank
The President, sadly, is not the hot topic in the news these past
except that she is a senator and should
be morally upright and Ronnie Dayan her for that. We should thank St.
providing one. weeks because of the investigations in Joseph for being His foster father
is a married man.
the Senate of extrajudicial killings and on earh. But most of all to God the
Ronie Dayan also revealed that
illegal drugs and House investigations Father for sending His only Son to
he had a relations with Sen. de Lima
on illegal drug trades in the new Bilibid the world to be our Redeemer, and
for seven years and he collected and
Prison and the testimony of Erwin to Jesus for sacrificing His life for our
02082606 received a bag from Erwin Espinosa
Espinosa, a confessed drug lord. redemption.
several times for De Lima but did not
During the investigation of the The first word of Jesus on the
know what was inside. He just touched
House Committee, several convicted cross in calvary was on forgiveness.
it without looking at it, but believe it
drug lords testified they gave money I hope these words will be emulated
is money from illegal drugs. And that
from illegal drugs to Sen. de Lima so that there will be peace in our
he does not know it is money from
for her campaign for senator thru her country.
illegal drugs. Can you believe that? 50
driver Ronie Dayan. Some said they Merry Christmas to everyone!

Bongat Bearish on Bicol Tourism . . .

regular trainings to enhance edged the outstanding in- Santos believes that more ing income and creating jobs.
Tel. No. (054) 475-6262 the skills and knowledge novations and interventions than the number of tourists That is the essence of sustain-
of tourism workers, and by crafted by the Arts, Culture coming in, LGUs also needs able, responsible and inclu-
conducting joint inspections and Tourism Office (ACTO) to give attention to other sive tourism development,
quarterly of tourism busi- headed by Alec Santos, es- things. Santos added.
nesses, we are able to main- pecially its personalized ap- "Success in Naga and Bi- In closing, Bongat said
tain standards as expected by proach in assisting tourism col's tourism industry cannot that the summit will provide
ed g. yu tourists travelling to Naga enterprises and stakeholders. be measured solely in tour- Bicols tourism stakehold-
Editor and making Naga a jump-off This, he said, has led to the ist arrivals. Tourism plan- ers the chance to gain new
point to other tourism places steady growth of tourism ar- ners and stakeholders like knowledge and insights into
Lee G. Dullesco II or destinations in the region. rivals in the city and the re- LGUs need to focus as well our Regions potential as a
Head, Advertising Associates Bongat also acknowl- gion. on what's important: generat- tourism destination.

Visit our website:
december 4-10, 2016 bikol reporter 3
Kamundagan Festival opening in photos
Kamundagan Festival
Naga City celebrates the Kamundagan Festival
every Christmas time. It begins with the lighting
of the Chistmas Village in Plaza Quezon
Grandstand. After the lighting of the Christmas
Vilage, locally handmaid stars, known locally as
parols are lighted with different meanings. Love,
progress, peace, happiness, prosperity, and joy
symbolize the stars. The giant Christmas tree
is lighted two weeks before Christmas. Every
night, different fantasy-themed Christmas shows
are held in Plaza Quezon. A Grand Christmas
Bazaar is also held. The Bazaar also has some
stores that sell locally-made Christmas themed
products for visitor. -CEPPIO/JRM-PIA5
4 bikol reporter december 4-10, 2016

Global Warming: The

Human Activities Repleksyon sa Pen asin mga Trolls
By Krisalyn Legaspi-Bolalin
Rodriguez National High School Sa ginibong national conference kan na inihahatag kan mga nagtutulod
Cadlan, Pili, Camarines Sur

The Planet Is Heating Upand Fast. Thats how global

Philippine Chapter kan International
PEN, an organisasyon nin mga
parasurat asin kun sain pinamayuhan
Dis*Karte kan federalism.
Saro pang nagin punto nin
hararom kong repleksyon iyo an
warming does. The increase of the average temperature
of the Earths atmosphere and its oceans since 1950 until
ko an sarong panel manongod sa
Federalismo na itinutulod ni Presidente *Kusyon manongod sa mga inaapod na trolls
na tinukar man sa sarong panel.

now is what we called global warming. This can refer to Duterte na magsangli sa presente tang Nakakadisturbo man nanggad na
us as climate change or the gradual increase of general sistemang presidential. kun magpost ka sa Facebook garo
temperature of the Earth. We can say that the primary Naogma ako sa kapas na miembro sinda mga ligwan na pupuruputan
contributory cause of this is humans, yes humans. The kan sakong panel, partikular si ka. Sabi kan sarong speaker,
other one is the natural events, however, we can help our Dr.Sukarno Tanggol, an Chancellor kinakaipuhan sa mga netizens na
Mother Earth and yes, its not yet too late. kan Mindanao State University- frank peones jr. magkaigwa man nin panibagong
Increased volumes of carbon dioxide, greenhouse gases Iligan Institute of Technology; asin si literacy sa internet asin kun pano
and other human activities; these are the primary cause of Jonathan Malaya, Executive Director ini nagooperar, kun boot nin isay
global warming. Natural events and Human activities are the kan PDP-LABAN Federalism Institute. problema kan satong nasyon. man na labanan an mga trolls na ini.
categories of how global warming occurred. Natural event Manongod sa federalism an naging Sa sakong summary kan saindang Sabi niya, yaon sa payroll kan isay
is happening everywhere without the help of humans. The doctoral dissertation ni Dr. Sukarno kan diskurso, sinabi ko na kun matrapik man man na nasa poder, an mga trolls na
primary causes of global warming are volcanic eruptions, siya magadal sa Switzerland, mantang sa Metro Manila, por dahil ini ta kapot ini na katubuan mga nagtatrabaho
rotation of the sun, and the evaporation of ocean. But let si Jonathan na personal kong amigo kan gobyerno nasyonal, partikular man sa mga call centers.
us focus on Human Activities. Cutting of trees, burning of asin dating Assistant Secretary kan an Department of Transportation, an Huna ko an sunod na laban
fossil fuels; these are just the basic distribution of humans DepEd, kapas na magtaram kan isyu. mga traffic lights asin bako an mga manongod sa tubig asin pagkakan.
that causes global warming and we can say that this is Sa hiling ko, nalinawan kan duwa an Metro Manila mayors. Siring kayan Igwa pa palan sa WWW asin
the most contributory that destroy the Earth. Deforestation mga kahapotan manongod sa tema kasimple an sobrang konsentrasyon makamundo na an kalaban ta digdi
is the permanent destruction of forests in order to make asin nahiling ninda na ini man nanggad kan poder sa mga nasyonal na mga kapareho ta man sanang
the land available for other uses. This destructs not only ahensya kan gobyerno, an solusyon
an sarong posibleng solusyon kan Filipino.
the habitat of animals but the Earth itself. What happens
when we cut trees? We minimize the proper distribution of
oxygen that came from trees and imagine what will happen
if theres no available oxygen on Earth, are we going to
survive? Of course NO, we cannot survive. When human
Tigaon organic farmers get national award
increased, carbon dioxide will increase to. Where thus the
carbon dioxide go? We all know that the food of trees are LAOAG CITY, ILOCOS
carbon dioxide through photosynthesis and because of NORTE The Agri-Planters
deforestation and cutting of trees everywhere, the carbon and Food Processors Associ-
dioxide that supposed to be going to trees are being trapped ation of Tigaon (TAPFPAT)
into the atmosphere and adds to global warming. of the Bicol region won as na-
Burning of fossil fuels, this is another factor that causes tional outstanding Organic
to increase global warming. When fossil fuels such as coal, Agriculture group category
oil, and petroleum are burned produce major amounts during the 13th National
of carbon dioxide or CO2. The best example is factory. Organic Agriculture Con-
Factories used coals, fuels and when burned, these fossil gress held at Plaza del Norte
fuels emit harmful gases including carbon dioxide and sulfur Convention Center here. The
dioxide which increase the amount of greenhouse gases in TAPFPAT, led by Chairman
the atmosphere resulting in global warming. Elmer Salazar, also received
See how we are so much affected by these. Signs P500,000 worth of project
Are Everywhere. The planet is warming. The water level grant.
in the ocean increases and its still happening in the The other finalists from Bi-
present. Lowland areas will suffer, habitat of animals will be col in the national awarding
destroyed and humans too will be affected. Another effect which was attended by Agri-
that is connected is the increase in occurrence and severity culture Secretary Emmanuel F.
of storms and other severe weather events. Lets use some Piol included the Province of
simple analogy, when the planet becomes warm, evaporation Albay, finalist in outstanding TIGAON FARMERS AWARD
of water in ocean will increase. Due to water cycle, The Agri-Planters and Food Processors Association of Tigaon (TAPFPAT) of the Bicol region
province category; Ligao City, received P500,000 cash award from Sec. Piol and Gov. Imee Marcos.
when evaporation increases, precipitation will increase. finalist in City category; Elea-
Therefore, the more the heat, the more the precipitation will nor O. Daep, finalist in Pro- Costales. Aside from the awarding partment of Agriculture recent-
occur. When precipitation increases, diseases will increase vincial Focal Person category; DA Bicol Regional Execu- ceremonies which was the ly turned over to the Nabua
too like malaria, dengue fever, leptospirosis, typhoid fever Dexter A. Mendoza, finalist in tive Director Elena B. delos highlight of the event, there Gabi Producers Association
etc. Those are the major effect of global warming. There city focal person category; Ed- Santos and Adelina A. Losa, was also a trade fair where the (NAGPA) a P1.5million worth
are 24 common effects of global warming. Melting of ilberto A. Abad, finalist in OA Chief of AMAD and regional RPM Pili Nuts of Naga City, Community-Based Processing
Glaciers, Climate Change, Droughts, Diseases, Hurricanes individual farmer category; focal person of Organic Ag- Legazpi City Organic Trading Facility located at Barangay
Frequency, Rise of Sea Levels, Agriculture, Heat Waves, Amata family, finalist in Out- riculture Program led the Bi- Post and Nabua Gabi Farmers Old Antipolo this municipal-
Frequent Wildfires, Severe Precipitation, Longer/Shorter standing OA farming family col delegation of more than participated; plenary session, ity. The building will serve as
Seasons, Crops, Oceans, Food Chain, Health Risks, category. 90 participants composed of break-out sessions for begin- office, receiving, packing area
Animal Extinction, Quality of Life, Economic Collapse, Air
A posthumous award for the awardees, organic farmers, ners, research and marketing for dried gabi leaves, stock
Quality, Decreased Population, Human Extinction, Going
late Ronald Costales, owner of LGU officials, agricultural ex- groups, photo contest, and room and even conference
off the Grid, Fresh Water, Disappearing Countries.
Costales Nature Farm was re- tension workers and represen- cooking contest. room for the association.
Weve gone this far, I believe that there are things can
ceived by his wife, Josephine tatives from the academe. In a related story, the De- According to Rosita M.
we do to lessen the burdens that our mother earth does.
By using the 3Rs. REDUCE. They may say, the best Imperial, regional coordinator
way to manage waste is to not produce it. This can be of the DAs High Value Crop
done by shopping carefully and being aware of reducing Development Program which
materials that can cause harmful effects in our nature. provided funds for the con-
Buying products in bulk, avoiding over-packaged goods, struction of the building, the
especially ones packed with several materials such as foil, facility is the DAs support to
paper, and plastic and avoiding such disposable goods that farmers to enhance their com-
is difficult to dispose will help it. REUSE. Reusing product petitiveness add value to their
may help you to learn new things by using your creativity. produce and ensure food safety
We can reuse products for the same purpose. Save paper through hygienic drying and
and plastic bags, and repair broken appliances, furniture packaging practices. She adds
and toys. You can sell old clothes, appliances, toys, and that it is the vision of the DA
furniture in garage sales or ads, or donate them to charities. to make the municipality an
Use re-sealable containers rather than plastic wrap. export player of gabi.
These are some guidelines in reusing things. RECYCLE. Already the DA has provid-
Recycling is a series of steps that takes a used material and
ed 10 units of Multi-Commod-
processes. Use your imagination and creativity and youll
ity Solar Tunnel Dryer (MC-
see that everything is useful. These are some tips on how
STD) spread out in the gabi
you can involve yourself by recycling. Buy products made
from recycled material. You can make use of paper cups, producing barangays which
plastics straws, plastic bottles, cans, etc. to make it newly include Sta. Lucia, Sta. Elena,
ones as a decoration at home or use them as garden tools La opinion, San Jose and An-
for urban gardening practices. tipolo Old. Farmers need not
Global Warming is happening now in the present and it dry their gabi leaves in pave-
will get worst in the future if we do not make some change
Community health day in Samar ments, hence their produce
More than 1,900 local residents of the municipality of Guiuan and cities of Borongan and are hygienic and safe and they
in ourselves. Lets help cure our beloved Mother Earth. Its Catbalogan received free medical services from CARD Mutually Reinforcing Institutions
not yet too late. Just like what Marian Wright Edelman said, can even dry their gabi leaves
(CARD MRI). Medical, dental, and optical were among the services rendered by CARD MRIs
You really can change the world if you care enough. And health protection program team. CARD MRI has been regularly providing healthcare services even when the weather is not
remember, People need nature, but nature doesnt need among its members and even non-members since 2007. To date, more than 400,000 residents so sunny or even on rainy days.
people. nationwide have benefitted from the program. -Lovella P. Guarin
december 4-10, 2016 bikol reporter 5
Caravan launched

The CARD Mutual Ben- products and services offered Dawat said, adding that the
efit Association (CARD by CARD MBA, CaMIA, and generation of data is through
MBA), CARD MRI Insur- CPMI other than the regular CARD MRIs Data Control
ance Agency (CaMIA), and insurance they avail as mem- Center (DCC).
CARD Pioneer Microinsur- ber of the institution. GM Dawat disclosed that
ance Inc. (CPMI) launched
Notice is hereby given that Mr. JOSE D. PARCIA, Security
According to GM Dawat, at least nine areas in Davao
a Microinsurance Cara- clients of CARD MRI are au- City, Oriental Mindoro, Al- Officer/Shipboard Training Coordinator of Mariners
van, which will serve as an tomatically insured in CARD bay, Capiz, and La Union or Polytechnic Colleges, Naga City whose photo is herewith
awareness campaign on the MBAs life insurance product more than 2,700 member- shown is no longer connected to the institution due to his
importance of microinsur- once recognized as member. savers will be reached by the
ance. These individuals, however, caravan before the year ends. retirement effective October 20, 2015. Any transaction which
The member-savers of the need to also be covered with CARD MBA provides mi- he may enter into for and in behalf of the institution will no
three banking institutions of non-life insurance, which are croinsurance products for the longer be honored for reasons heretofore given.
CARD Mutually Reinforcing not covered by CARD MBA members of the Association
Institutions (CARD MRI), to be prepared in times of un- and their families; CaMIA is
the CARD Bank, Inc., CARD certainties, she added. the insurance agency of non- This notification is being disseminated so that concerned
SME Bank, Inc., and Rizal The first leg of the cara- life insurance products of entities/individuals will be guided accordingly.
Bank, Inc., as well as their van was held in Mandaluyong CARD MRI; and, CPMI is the
beneficiaries will benefit from City, where at least 400 mem- first non-life microinsurance
the said campaign. ber-savers attended. To date, company in the Philippines.
These member-savers are the campaign already reached These three organizations
those who have not availed more than 1,500 member- are the microinsurance arms
any loan products and are
savers from Laguna, Marin- of CARD MRI, a social de-
not attending center meet- duque, Makati, and Quezon velopment organization that Vice President for Administration
ing, said May Dawat, gen- Province. provides financial and com-
eral manager of CARD MBA. These identified areas are munity development services BIKOL REPORTER
She added that the campaign the top list with most num- to poor women and their Published: Nov. 27, Dec. 4 and Dec. 11, 2016
calls for the clients to avail ber of member-savers, GM families.

Bring Christmas to your home from sm

Bring the joy, love and beauty of Christmas to your creative and classic. At SM Home, there are lush Christ- Ornaments like stars, balls, reindeer and snowmen
home with dazzling ornaments and dcor from SM mas trees and bountiful wreaths and garlands. Scandina- speak of a classic Christmas. But there are also mod-
Home. vian inspired clay ornaments and Gingerbread inspired ern, whimsical touches: translucent Christmas orna-
These modern expressions of traditional holiday plush ornaments give us a glimpse of Christmas traditions ments; delightful cupcakes and doughnuts ornaments
trimmings have an artisan touch that celebrate all that is from all parts of the world. that show the sweet side of Christmas.
The collection is available at the SM Home section
at all SM Stores.

Add this The French Light up your Christmas tree

Santa plushies will bring Chocolatier to your with these LED balls. Festive Red and Gold
The traditional Gingerbread
cheers to your home Christmas Village. trimmings.
man gets a new look in
Bring Christmas to your plushie form.
home by decorating with
oversized ornaments and
Santa plushies as a topper.

Snow globe ornaments

for a wintry Christmas. Wine bottle Christmas Glow and shine with gold and silver
Gingerbread bells Snowman climbing ladder trimmings.
6 bikol reporter december 4-10, 2016

Childrens month marked

LEGAZPI CITY The tion on the Rights of the Child ecumenical service, pledge of
Regional Council for the (UNCRC) in the Filipino con- commitment of various agen-
Welfare of Children and sciousness. cies, testimonials from the dif-
the Department of Social The UNCRC is a human ferent sector of children and
Welfare and Development rights treaty which sets out the recognition of different part-
(DSWD) Bicol led this years civil, political, economic, so- ners.
childrens month celebra- cial, health and cultural rights The Bicol Network Chil-
tion in the region themed of children. dren (BNC) and Regional
Isulong, Kalidad na Edu- Among the activities con- Juvenile Justice and Welfare
kasyon Para sa Lahat ng ducted are roll-out training on Council likewise led the Ka-
Bata. monitoring, reporting and re- linga Hindi Kulungan: Bicol
The Childrens Month sponse system (MRRS) on the Youth Meet on November
Celebration is a time to rec- grave child rights violations in 29 highlighted by a dialogue
ognize the value of Filipino the context of armed conflict between adults and children
Children as the most valuable on November 15-17, training on House Bill 02 which seeks
asset in the society. The theme for selected school children to lower the Minimum Age
focuses on the rights of chil- on basic emergency first aid of Criminal Responsibility
dren to education, DSWD for children on November 23 (MACR) of Filipino children
Bicol director Arnel B. Garcia and regional poster making from 15 to 9 years old.
said. contest on child pornography DSWD assistant director
New 4Star Hotel Garcia added that the cel- for selected school children on Victoria Tagum and Saligan
The Avenue Plaza Hotel is now a 4-STAR-Department-of- ebration also aims to instill the November 24. Bicol discussed and clarified
TourismAccredited Hotel in Naga City. significance of the adoption of The celebration culminat- the bill and its impact to chil-
the United Nations Conven- ed on November 28 with an dren and community. -PIA5

Disaster resiliency training

Republic of the Philippines
Province: Camarines Sur
City/Municipality: Libmanan

for entrepreneurs held NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC

CCE-0111-2016 R.A. 10172
In compliance with the publication requirement and
NAGA CITY -- A com- to extend its helping arm to course of the confab, we have business concerns. pursuant to OCRG Memorandum Circular No. 2013-1
munity of entrepreneurs the needy most especially dur- recognized some concerns, Metro Naga Chamber Guidelines in the Implementation of the Administrative
from the Micro, Small ing the most vulnerable situai- like the need to map existing of Commerce and Industry Order No. 1 Series of 2012 (IRR on R.A. 10172), Notice
and Medium Enterprises (MNCCI) president Gilbert is hereby served to the public that JAYFIEL ENRIQUEZ
tons. MSMEs, strengthen public
(MSMEs), gathered togeth- ESPINOSA, has filed with this Office, a Petition for
Maricris Bias, Asia Pa- and private partnership and Albero emphasized the im-
correction of entry in SEX from FEMALE to MALE
er at the Villa Caceres Hotel cific Alliance for Disaster the inclusion of BCPs in lo- portance of the training to the
in the certificate of live birth of JAYFIEL ENRIQUEZ
here for the 3-day Business Management-Philippines (A- cal disaster risk reduction and micro and small local enter- ESPINOSA, at Libmanan, Camarines Sur and whose
Community Planning (BCP) PAD Philippines) regional management plans, Bias prises, particularly in ensur- parents are DOMINGO A. ESPINOSA and EVELYN E.
and Disaster Risk Reduction coordinator in Bicol stated added. ing that the operation of their ENRIQUEZ..
and Management (DRRM) that the confab was primarily Metro Naga Development respective business will not be Any person adversely affected by said petition may
training seminar primar- conducted in cognizant of the Council Project Officer Totoy hampered by the onslaught of file his written opposition with this office not later than
ily to mainstream business great role that Micro, Small Badiola said that disaster pre- any disaster. December 10, 2016.
community and resiliency of and Medium Enterprises paredness will only get an op- Preparedness always
local enterprises. (MSMEs) play in the develop- timum result once shared with plays the key role in ensuring (Sgd.) EMILIE S. AGNES-DAIRAO
The activity, which started ment of community disaster other collaborators, especially that our respective businesses Municipal Civil Registrar
November 28 and capped its resilience. with the intervention of the lo- will not suffer the brunt of a
Published: Nov. 27 and Dec. 4, 2016
final program yesterday, No- A-PAD Philippines con- cal government units, includ- disaster. We have to be resil-
vember 30, endeavors to cre- ducted this training to enhance ing public organizations and ient so that we can also help
ate a more resilient business awareness and instill the im- the private sector. others who are in need. EXTRAJUDICIAL SETTLEMENT OF ESTATE
community, more adaptive to portance of BCP and DRRM The LGUs need the coop- The 3-day confab was WITH PARTITION
the call of the changing times among selected MSMEs and eration and support of the pri- organized by the Citizens
and enjoin individuals ready other stakeholders. During the vate sector in implementing a Disaster Response Center Notice is hereby given that the named parties are the
comprehensive DRRM plan. Foundation, Inc. (CDRC) in sole Heirs of the late SPS. EPIFANIO BEA BELGA
collaboration with Tarabang and SEVERINA GARCERA BELGA (the decedents)
Multi-stakeholder collabora-
who died intestate on February 5, 1985 and April 27,
tion is how A-PAD Philip- para sa Bicol, Inc., MNCCI.
1976 respectively in Magarao, CamSur, left parcels of
pines operates. Kapisasan ng mga Brodkaster
agricultural land situated in Sta. Rosa, Magarao, Camarines

say no to drugs!
More than 40 participants nf Piipinas-Camarines Sur, Sur; that pursuant to Section 1, Rule 74 of the Revised
representing various coopera- Central Bicol State Univer- Rules of Court of the Philippines, the heirs both of legal
tives and stakeholders coming sity of Agriculture (CBSUA), ages and with full capacity to contract agree to divide and
from the food and agriculture MNDC, Mariners Polytechnic partition the entire estate described between themselves in
sectors took part in the said Colleges (MPC), Naga City pro indiviso equal shares, as acknowledged before Notary
confab. They were tasked to Disaster Risk Reduction and Public Atty. Carlo C. Villanueva, Jr., Doc. No.130, Page No.
come up or formulate with Management Office and the 26, Book No. 212, Series of 2016.
their own business continuity Philippine Information Agen-
cy (PIA) -Camarines Sur Pro- BIKOL REPORTER
strategies, aligning the real
Published: Nov. 27; Dec. 4 and 11, 2016
scenario in their respective vincial Office. -PIA5

for october
Name of Deceased Date of Interment
JESUS B. RAYALA October 2, 2016
PABLO S. GONZALES October 1, 2016
FE H. MANCERA October 2, 2016
FELIPA V. MUSTERA October 2, 2016
NILO V. BAES October 4, 2016
FORD P. GARZA October 3, 2016
ROSENDA G. ANTONIO October 12, 2016
FLORDELIZA M. BESANA October 13, 2016
MERIEM A. LAVAPIE October 16, 2016
LILY B. ZUIGA October 17, 2016
EUGENIO G. NIDEA October 18, 2016
RUBEN D. VIAS October 20, 2016
ARMANDO P. ESCARES October 20, 2016
FRANK T. ALVISO October 22, 2016
GLORIA O. ESMERALDA October 24, 2016
CORAZON M. SALES October 25, 2016
ESTELA D. ROPETA October 29, 2016
ORLANDO M. DIMABAYAO October 28, 2016
december 4-10, 2016 bikol reporter 7
De Asis elected RIC
Natl President
By Armie B. Gunay, CEPPIO

Naga City councilor Ce- has been in existence for al-

cilia Nene V. de Asis, was most 82 years. The group, con-
recently elected as the na- sidered to be the oldest wom-
tional president of the Rural ens group, is under the Rural
Improvement Club (RIC) of Base Organization (RBO) of
the Philippines, the second the Department of Agriculture
Bicolana after her mother, (DA), initiated by Maria Orosa
Lucy Veluz; who similarly who was then working in the
became a national president Bureau of Agricultural Exten-
during her term as mayor of sion (now Agricultural Train-
the municipality of Del Gal- ing Institute).
lego, Camarines Sur. In Naga City, the RIC is
This is a great honor for involved inMushroom Produc-
Bicol region, said de Asis. tion in Concepcion Pequea,
The RIC, consisting of the Itik Raising in San Isidro and
16 regions of the Philippines, Kakanin Making in the baran-
is a womens organization and gay of Sabang.

Shabu lab uncovered

in Catanduanes
VIRAC, Catanduanes The L-shaped structure that
Bicol Police Regional Director houses the laboratory lies on a
Hollywood Inspired Melvin Ramon G. Buenafe of 1,000 square meter lot rented
The 5th One Southern Luzon Scout Jamboree was held by the Philippine National Po- by a Filipino-Chinese identified
the foot of Ilian Hill, with the distinctive large signage of the lice (PNP) confirmed Sunday, as Jayson Gonzales Uy.
city which was erected during the First Venture National Nov. 27, the discovery of a Found inside the building
Scout similarly done here during the administration of the late clandestine shabu laboratory were hundreds of water con-
Mayor Emmanuel R. Alfelor. -Olimps Ibarrientos in Barangay Palta Small, in tainers, sealed plastic pails,
this municipality. freezers, electrical equipment
According to PCSupt. and three machines for manu-
Buenafe, the laboratory was facture of shabu that have yet to
uncovered by joint personnel be installed.
of Catanduanes Police Provin- Also found were chemical
cial Office, Provincial Public containers, digital weighing Auto Show
Safety Company, and the 83rd On-going till December 4 at SM City Naga is the Auto Mall
scales, plastic bags and a note-
Exhibited which started last November 28, 2016.
IB of the Philippine Army, in book with Chinese characters
coordination with the municipal and numerals beside the letters
government of Virac headed by kgs, which apparently meant VACATION LOTS FOR SALE
Mayor Samuel V. Laynes early kilograms.
Saturday, Nov. 26. Meanwhile, Governor Jo- AFFORDABLE AREAS FOR VACATION
Buenafe emphasized in a seph C. Cua thanked local au- HOMES ARE NOW ON SALE. LOCATED
media interview that the relent- thorities for the efforts that led ALONG PAVED NATIONAL ROAD TO
less campaign of President Ro- to the discovery of the labora- CAROLINA, NAGA CITY TOWARD MT.
drigo R. Duterte and the PNP, tory. ISAROG. ONLY FIVE KMS. FROM CITY
with the help of the community, The laboratory was the first PROPER.
led to the discovery of the labo- shabu lab discovered in Catan-
ratory. duanes. -PIA5 LOTS MEASURE 700 SQ.M. EACH. YOU
Under the MOA, MCI
through its Research Director CALL TONY ACYATAN (CP 0917 852 7391)
Sylvia B. Salvan, will provide FOR DETAILS & DISCOUNTS.
fund and oversee the conduct,
monitoring, evaluation and in-
formation of the finished out- NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC
put of the collaborative study. AUCTION SALE/SUBASTA
For its part, the Mercedes LGU
will similarly provide funding All unredeemed items/articles pawned at R. M. ASPE
and logistical support to the PAWNSHOP, Cor. Panganiban & Elias Angeles Street, Naga
research, assist in the conduct City, pawned from JULY 1-31, 2016 whose terms have expired
of capacity building activities will be sold to public auction sale on JANUARY 02, 2017 from
9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
for the implementation of the Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
project and institutionalize and above-mentioned date will be honored until DECEMBER 31,
integrate womens participa- 2016 only.
tion to ensure disaster-resilient THE MANAGEMENT
communities in the coastal mu- BIKOL REPORTER
Published: DECEMBER 04, 2016
The participation of the
Mercedes LGU in the agree- NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC
ment was authorized by the
Sangguniang Bayan Resolu-
tion No. 081-2016 sponsored All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ASPE EXPLORER
by Councilor Maria Velia Flor PAWNSHOP, Ground Floor, Bichara Complex, Abella St., Igual-
N. Ibasco. dad, Naga City, pawned from JULY 1-31, 2016 whose terms
have expired will be sold to public auction sale on JANUARY
02, 2017 from 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
Bicol Express... Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
These include the prob- above-mentioned date will be honored until DECEMBER 31,
lem of informal settles along 2016 only.
the railroad tracks in Quezon BIKOL REPORTER
province, obstructions like tree Published: DECEMBER 04, 2016
branches, protruding roof-tops,
and even talipapa or market.
The famed Bicol Express NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC
ceased operation in 2012 during AUCTION SALE/SUBASTA
the time of President Benigno
Aquino III when it was derailed All unredeemed items/articles pawned at ROWENA ASPE
in Sariaya, Quezon province PAWNSHOP, P. Burgos St., corner J. Hernandez Avenue, Naga
due to soil erosion along the City, pawned from JULY 1-31, 2016 whose terms have expired
railt racks. will be sold to public auction sale on JANUARY 02, 2017 from
Some P214-B had been ear- 9:00 A.M.-12:00 NOON.
marked by the Duterte admin- Redemption/Renewals of all pledges covered by the
istration for the South Luzon above-mentioned date will be honored until DECEMBER 31,
2016 only.
Railway project from Quezon, THE MANAGEMENT
Cam. Sur, Albay and a proposed BIKOL REPORTER
extension of the PNR railway Published: DECEMBER 04, 2016
lines to Matnog, Sorsogon.
Bicol Express On Track Next Year NAGA CITY An of-
ficial of the Philippine Na-
tional Railways (PNR) said
that the Bicol Express Run
will resume operation in the
first quarter of 2017 and not
December 15 as earlier an-
nounced by a Department
of Transportation (DOTr)
Hindi kakayanin ng PNR
na ibalik ang biyahe ng train
sa December, PNR OIC
Operations Manager Cho
Geronimo said, contrary to
the announcement made by
DOTr Assistant Secretary
Cesar Chavez that it will be
on track by December 15 af-
ter the reconstruction of the
railway bridge in barangay
Apad, in Ragay.
Geronimo said that sev-
eral problems had yet to be
addressed before the famed
train run resumes.
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