q!111i1sItcacithe lbllorvirrg passaqe l-tr1e and choosethe tresraltenrativeto cornplete cucirol' thc lirllor.r'inrl blanks-

'\1 onc ttrrtc. alrnost all . [ . i i i t i i i i < l l t i r i : r 1 ' t < l r t t c r , S C O : 1tbrms ] r e i iadvertising :by3 h e h i r , h l ; ' 'were prohibited. s t . : i , of a r 1 r ' t i i i i n g . . attomeys i : } iiigrritl'o1'the profissiort. irr 1977, horvever,the United StatesSup.o'" i;ourt stunned thc ir-'gal prolcsstolt by holding that truthful advertisinc cannot be cornpletely (2) I ire Ftrst r\mendment protects such advertising. Furthermore. advct-tisiltg dt>es not (-1) the sarnedanger as in person solicitation bv an -atlonter'' rr(n) (4) of advertising is generally under verv little pressure -to buy ilrc :rdvcdiscd product-in this czxe, zurattorne!,s scrvices- (5) attorncvs ciln L)rhicalll'u.. truthlirl. nonmisleading advertising to {trc general publin
' , t ( i . ' f l , ) 1 , , ( I 1 u t ; r t lc t t s i l t C s s . l

Sttttitcr; lirtr,'c sltowri tliai more than one-tliird of'all attomeys in tl-re cou'try errrr.ilgc s()lll. lilt'ltt ol'advcrlisrns lll lr4oS of it (6) ol- listirrqs in thc -l'hc 'r .:li.*' I'aqcs. Lrscrl'other rnarketinq tools is also on the il \ 1 o r - ' L i t l u t \ l ' ) t l t i l l t , r t t u r r s s p c n t o n t , : l c v i s i o n a < J v c r t i s i n qn 1 9 9 0 - ( 8 ) i rrl rtthrrt,'e\ adt'.-rtising clairn that it has rnadc leqal scrviccs pr..>rc i\i,i {iii) to llte JrLrbiit: alcl ha:; provided the pul;lic rvith a be11erb:rsis lirr
i, I ]l. rs I ll " it Il t( )tlP. .t r'.t t i :t ttl c lt t1<',iitctrs.

.r ir il lr

i r o s Llr c t'lltrt:ir,c banrrctl sulliccrl

e _ astutc


c. irrterred d. {brfbited

iI. rcstratrt lr. con \;cnc
i}, iili()ntc_\;

c](oncr:lte pose solicitor rccipient





it, Ncr crtlrcless b [ ,lrlirrlrrn:rielv
it L ' i ) l l : . 1\ l : ,

Hcncc d . I.ikeri,ise
c d qirtcs rr.tltr tllgrcsscs






a , nmltitude b' dispute a - consequelrtlv b- particula-rlv
a- Novices


nsc ilcclinc


c- as rvell d ioi erainple




Disserrtels d. Trarsients Iinrorous d. inadvertent


a- accessible b. lucrative




Direc'ttons:Re'ad following passage chr:,ose bestalte.mative the and the to complete eacliofthe followingblanks. Drouglrt-shessed:"r":,1 cropscanbe tricft:ed into producinga high yietd despite poor rainfall,German scientis{s JenaUniversitvhavedisconoJ. at The applir;ation certainnafuralnitrog,:ncompotrnds of reduces reactionof the the plantsto (1)__ and increasJ, yield. Or. hought generates stress a reaction, causing plantsto change tlre their chemicat q)_-- - , storingorganicnitrogen and cuttin! backthe size of the earwith therr:sultthat the quality (3)-.- ",r*po,rtra" bv 60 to 80 percent. The Foodsciences Insfituteat Jenahasrnanaged (5) to this stress reaction ttuougha simple (6)_ scientistssprayed**lt-i..iguGa b-l*y *ith nitrogen gompounds--so<;alIed
the alilrrn signal that produces the drought r:eactionstallilised the barley plants for later real

amino-alcohols-- (7) stressreaction. "This (8)

stress situations,"a scientist said. Afler beinl;treated just oncewith the alarm chernical, the 1,ieldduringtimes of droughtroseby 10 to 2a percenl compared with (9).barle-y. This simple trick canb,e applied all to *.pr r"rg" rrol_ ""rr,ul The process alsoinelpensive the nitn>gen "" " is as clrnpouncls fr" uppfleO tt. it sametime as(11) "*


a. cordiahity b. extrerru.t_v a. cornposrition b. calamily a. intirnidates tl. hibemates a. relinquishes b. tolerates
il. rveaken

c. jeop'ardy d. drought c. reflt:ction d. din c. decliues d. con'r'enes c. falls d- dispenses c. ratrs:tck d. tral'erse





b. inundate


a. trick b. pr:face
a. ac,]ontmodatino b. activating a. deceased

c. velocitv d. culprit c. reversing d. eliminating c. sober d. initial c. tmlreated d. recoiled c. forecast d. vicinity c. versiorx d. transients



b. municipal


a. ilft:gible b. intimidated a- scale b. a.ltitude a. horils b. her:bicides




carefu'l1y and choosethe best answerfor each OIRECTIONS:Read the passage bl ank.
0i1, t'imber and are among the many 2, natural resources that society e x p l o i t s f o r i t s 3 . , But not all r esour ces e ar n e c e s s a r il y " n a t u r a 1" o r t a n g ' i b l e , nor does this prevent them from being +. a s w e ll .

R a n k i n g i g h a mo n g n a t i o n ' s 5 . h a r esour ces e its intellectual s - ar i t s a c a d e mi cs n d w ri te rs. F o r centur ies l' iter atur e has been 6. a w i n d o wn t o t h e 7 . i o f society, an jntellectual pr oper ty that 6. r e v e a l sa s o c j e t y ' s w i s d o m . A s s u c h , i t j s n u r t u r e da c c o r d ' i n g ' l y . I r o n i ca l l y, h o w e ve r,th i s aspect of liter atur e - - ' its position as a v a l u a b l e r eso u rce i n T h a i so ci ety is being g. as pr ofessl ona'l writersbecomeincreas.ingly10.-withtheamountofmoneytheyreceive
for their 11. W r i t e r s , i t a p p e a r s , a r e n o t i m m u n eo t h e t 12.-of''moremoney'.andareno.longerhappyif.'al1.'theyhave to show 'is a h'jgh-qualitypiece for their 13. of writing publishedin a giossy 14. __ t h e y w a n t t h e i r b a n k a c c o u n t t o s h o wt h e 1 5 . as we]1. T h e w h o l e c o u n t r y , a l o n g w i t h t h e r e s t o f S o u t h e a sA s i a , i s m o v i n g n t o t i the 16. c a i t je r a 'tiu r em a i n s t r e a m . E v e r y t h j n g t h a t s e l l s j s t u r n e d i n t o p tal st -- 'l a 17. included. 18 , publishers havebecome 'l'iterary p i e c e s r s d o n ef o r p r o f i t r a t h e r m o r eb u s j n e s s - m i n d ea n d p u b l i s h i n g o f d than for 19. o r t h e s p r e a d ' i n go f 2 A , thought among the p u b ' il c . 1. a. b. wi lderness wildl ife tangible convaI escent dravrback po1 giot y exp'lo'ited corrected concrete t o u c h a b le d'isp I ayed written sou1 eye never vividl y exh'ilarated pri zed


species necess' ity imm aculate invisible 1oss benefit exonerated ext ri cated i n t a n gb l e i qui ntessentia'l cons'idered i gnored benedi ct'ion contort i on hard'lyy 'l f i na1 contempiated overiooked

3. 4.

a. b.
a. b. a. b. a.


c. d.



6. 7.

d. c. d.



{ {t . t

a. b. a, b. a. b. a, b. a. b. a. b. a. b. a. b. a. b. a. b. a. b.

scrupulous typical w o rk bliss co n tro ve rsy rival co u n te rp a rts efforts agony legislature rarity d i ffe re n ce facetious p u n ctu a l c o ll a t ' i o n business Ambiguously C o r d i a1 y l e n te rta i n me n t s u r v e iI l a n c e reticent exempt

c. d. c. d. c. d. c. d, c. d. c. d. c. d. c. d. c. d. c. d. c. d.

preoccupied loathed coi nc'idence lackluster fate lure eccentricity amb'iguity magazine postscript jurisdiction multitude g'loba l illegib'le culprit jeopardy Inadvertentiy Consequently rebuke nonentity inte'l'lectual perennial


13. 14,

16. 17. 18.





Attornel, Advertising 1.b Comet 1. a 2. c 3.b 4.b 5.c 6.c 2.a 3.d 4. 5.c 6.a








1 0 .b 1 1 . a

Drought l.d 2.a











il, timber and I wildlife are among rhe many2-tangible natural resource.s socieq, that exploltslor ltsrbenefit. But not all resources ireiiiessurily "natural" or tangibJe, does this noi prevent themfrombeinCrexploited aswell. Rantiing high amonga;;iiG1 iffanei_ are its intellecrusl5-fi1, .ble resources academics writers. anp^ For cenruries litera_ h1t b.:ntglgggg a windowinrorhe .r*r.. an properly that .,/j9{ot soctery, intellectual g,uf_yidly revealsa sociery's wisdom. As such,it is nurrured accordingly. Ironically, however, aspec( Iitera_ this of ture- itsposition a valuable as resource in Thai sociery- is being?overlooked as rvriters beco-ffitGingly ,^professional luggglggpieg with rhe amount of rnon-ev they receive for rheir/lu,ork.Writers. it appeaf are not immurG-io-the/4ure of "more money" andareno longer fi'aoov if "all" theyhavero shou,for tf,.i/{ffii, i, a high-qq.aiiry pieceof writing pubiisf,Ed-in a gloss/Tnagazinc zlhey u,anttheirbank accountloshowthe'difference well. as Tl. wholecounrryJtone;.ithrhe,yesr of ^ Southeast Asia, is moving inro th/Qtobal capi ist mainsrrein.Everyrhng ttriTselts tal i into /)'busines_s Iiterature lt .tuT9dr., tncluded/JQonggqggnl!]y, publishers have become morebusiness-minded publish_ and ing of literary pi,eges done f"'r-pr"nt is rather..than*forlTg4grtgln**1 oi tt.

spreading ofugerlgg! thoue['iamonge th

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