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VM Role
11/2009 Admin Mode
2007 Full Trust/Native Startup Tasks
Project Red Dog PHP & Java Full IIS
Launched Support Remote Desktop

PDC2008 2/2010 11/2011

Windows Azure Windows Azure Cross Language
Web/Worker Java, Node.JS
Roles Eclipse Plugin
Partial Trust
.NET Only
If deploying an application requires a developers involvement, its not IaaS
VM Role Virtual Machine
Storage Non-Persistent Storage Persistent Storage
Easily add additional storage

Deployment Build VHD offsite and upload Build VHD directly in the cloud or build
to storage. the VHD offsite and upload

Networking Internal and Input Endpoints Internal Endpoints are open by default.
configured through service Access control with firewall on guest
model. OS. Input endpoints controlled through
portal, service model or API/Script.
Primary Use Deploying applications with Applications that require persistent
long or complex installation storage to easily run in Windows
requirements into stateless Azure.
PaaS applications
Windows Server 2008 R2 OpenSUSE 12.1
Windows Server 2008 R2 with CentOS 6.2
SQL Server 2012 Eval Ubuntu 12.04
Windows Server 8 Beta SUSE Linux Enterprise Server SP2
# Data
VM Size CPU Cores Memory Bandwidth
Extra Small Shared 768 MB 5 (Mbps) 1

Small 1 1.75 GB 100 (Mbps) 2

Medium 2 3.5 GB 200 (Mbps) 4

Large 4 7 GB 400 (Mbps) 8

Extra Large 8 14 GB 800 (Mbps) 16

Each Persistent Data Disk Can be up to 1 TB
Base OS image for new Virtual Machines
Sys-Prepped/Generalized/Read Only
Created by uploading or by capture

Writable Disks for Virtual Machines

Created during VM creation or during
upload of existing VHDs.

Data Synchronization
SQL Azure Data Sync

Connectivity & Messaging
Service Bus

Secure Machine-to-Machine
Network Connectivity
Windows Azure Connect

Secure Site-to-Site
Network Connectivity
Windows Azure Virtual Network

IP-level connectivity
Hybrid Public/Private Cloud
SharePoint PaaS Roles

File Servers Local AD SQL VMs

A summary
PaaS is faster

PaaS is cheaper

PaaS lowers risk

Connect Cloud Apps via VIPs
Windows Azure 90 Day Trial

System Center 2012 Evaluation Download

Windows Server 2012 Product Download

Microsoft Virtual Academy

Windows Server 2012 Virtual Labs