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Windows Server 2012 Beyond Virtualization Shared Nothing Live Migration .

What is Shared Nothing Live Migration? Why should I care? Technology Overview Demo Next Steps .

Shared Nothing Live Migration What is it? .

configuration files. snapshots. but “Shared Nothing” uses neither . • Improved performance and flexibility • No longer requires a clustered environment or shared storage* Live Migration can be done with shared storage and clustered VMs. etc.Shared Nothing Live Migration The ability to move a virtual machine while it is powered on from one host to another without requiring shared storage • Faster and simultaneous migration • Entire VM moved with no downtime • VHD.

Shared Nothing Live Migration Why should I care? .

both had to have a simultaneous connection to a shared storage device that could buffer data The Windows Server 2012 solution… • Shared nothing means the hosts needs to share nothing but a simple Ethernet connection to each other • Data is migrated without the need for a costly infrastructure • No devices are required to assist with buffering .Why should I care? The challenge… • In Windows Server 2008 R2. migration of Hyper-V data required a shared infrastructure • Implementing shared storage and failover clustering can be expensive • In order to migrate data from one host to another.

Shared Nothing Live Migration Technical Overview .

Live Migration – Moving a Running VM without Shared Storage 1. Network cleanup occurs . Modified pages are transferred to destination server 4. State is transferred to destination server 5. Memory pages are transferred from the source server to the destination server 3. VM brought online on standard Ethernet connection destination server 6. Live Migration setup occurs 2.

Configuring Live Migration .

Performing Live Migration .

(Cont.) .Performing Live Migration.

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(Cont.) .Performing Live Migration.


Shared Nothing Live Migration DEMO .

com/?p=12287 System Center 2012 Evaluation Download Windows Server 2012 Product Download Windows Server 2012 Virtual Labs http://technet.aspx .Live Migration Shared Nothing Video Microsoft Virtual Academy http://aka.