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Windows Server 2012 Beyond Virtualization Shared Nothing Live Migration .

What is Shared Nothing Live Migration? Why should I care? Technology Overview Demo Next Steps .

Shared Nothing Live Migration What is it? .

snapshots. • Improved performance and flexibility • No longer requires a clustered environment or shared storage* Live Migration can be done with shared storage and clustered VMs.Shared Nothing Live Migration The ability to move a virtual machine while it is powered on from one host to another without requiring shared storage • Faster and simultaneous migration • Entire VM moved with no downtime • VHD. but “Shared Nothing” uses neither . etc. configuration files.

Shared Nothing Live Migration Why should I care? .

migration of Hyper-V data required a shared infrastructure • Implementing shared storage and failover clustering can be expensive • In order to migrate data from one host to another.Why should I care? The challenge… • In Windows Server 2008 R2. both had to have a simultaneous connection to a shared storage device that could buffer data The Windows Server 2012 solution… • Shared nothing means the hosts needs to share nothing but a simple Ethernet connection to each other • Data is migrated without the need for a costly infrastructure • No devices are required to assist with buffering .

Shared Nothing Live Migration Technical Overview .

VM brought online on standard Ethernet connection destination server 6.Live Migration – Moving a Running VM without Shared Storage 1. State is transferred to destination server 5. Live Migration setup occurs 2. Modified pages are transferred to destination server 4. Network cleanup occurs . Memory pages are transferred from the source server to the destination server 3.

Configuring Live Migration .

Performing Live Migration .

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Shared Nothing Live Migration DEMO . System Center 2012 Evaluation Download Windows Server 2012 Product Download http://aka.aspx .Live Migration Shared Nothing Video Windows Server 2012 Virtual Labs Microsoft Virtual Academy http://aka.