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Date 1 Date 2 Goal Reward Photo 1 Photo 1 Notes Photo 2 Photo 2 Notes

Photo 3 Photo 3 Notes Photo 4 Photo 4 Notes

1/2/2015 3/7/2015 snap a sword yokai Cursed Blade http://m Chilhuahua! (Kee
p trying!)
1/3/2015 3/8/2015 snap a swimming yokai Fish Bait x 10 http://s
jpg Fishpicable (keep trying!)
1/4/2015 3/9/2015 snap a rare yokai Holy Exporb x3 http://m Pepillion (zoom
in!) skritchy http://o
k.jpg singcada
1/5/2015 3/10/2015 snap a legendary yokai Holy Exporb x5 http://l tilt around a bi
piyzW1uz3253o2_1280.png Dandoodle
1/6/2015 3/11/2015 snap a Cadin Cicada Sword https://pbs.twim Woman on right out a little bit. bottom of circle should be just b
elow her fingers.
1/7/2015 3/12/2015 snap a Tattletell Reflector http://i snap it quick! (my crap
py drawing sry lol)
1/8/2015 3/13/2015 snap a Walkappa Big Bottle
/a/X4ez3 Angle for obtaining below
s/0/BusinessPeopleImage2.png middle man
1/9/2015 3/14/2015 snap a Komasan Flood Charm
/PZOYo8B (Difficult to obtain)
1/10/2015 3/15/2015 snap a Jibanyan Spell Bell http://www.daily
"(sometimes your dates might be off by
2-3 days, it's because of your 3ds time settings.
offset dates accordingly.)"
1/11/2015 3/16/2015 snap a Baku Sleepillow http://cdn2.theg "Takes v
ery specific angle" "must angle upwa
rds from the bottom.
1/12/2015 3/17/2015 snap a Manjimutt Marbled Beef http://i Manjimutt
1/13/2015 3/18/2015 snap a Shmoopie Love Sceptor https://pbs.twim
1/14/2015 3/19/2015 snap a Buhu Orange Coin https://tribzap2 Tilt 3DS
to the left
1/15/2015 3/20/2015 snap a Draggie Dragon Orb http://gingerpar tilt to the righ
t to get the face in the circle
1/16/2015 3/21/2015 snap a Hungramps Roe Rice Ball x10 http://i
1/17/2015 3/22/2015 snap a Pupsicle Snowstorm Cloak
1/18/2015 3/23/2015 snap a Dismarelda Light Blue Coin http://w
%9F.JPG "Save and photograph the
thumbnail - works easier" guy on right
1/19/2015 3/24/2015 snap a Happierre Lunar Ring https:// unsettling warni
ng (but effective photo)
1/20/2015 3/25/2015 snap a Leadoni Reversword http://i.imgur.c
om/oJyHG37.jpg "High screen brightness"
2140202207542259303 "Tilt left side of DS towards monitor,
angle sample:"
1/21/2015 3/26/2015 snap a Wazzat Galaxy Charm
/0ZTlgai "Hair is partially cut off and picture is zoomed out a bit. The
edges of the circle touch the corners of where his jacket meets his neck. If not
, try taking picture of screenshots.
1/22/2015 3/27/2015 snap a Ratelle Red Coin http://i.imgur.c
om/vaQzux2.jpg Eyes must be high on circle
1/23/2015 3/28/2015 snap an Espy Thick Specs
1/24/2015 3/29/2015 snap a Noko Drop of Joy Noko (tilt right a littl
1/25/2015 3/30/2015 snap a Daiz Turnabeads
1/26/2015 3/31/2015 snap a Negasus Meteor Badge https://tribzap2 tilt to
1/27/2015 4/1/2015 snap a Mama Aura Fiend Badge http://m zoom in the best
you can!
1/28/2015 4/2/2015 snap a Castelius I Platinum Bar http://i
1/29/2015 4/3/2015 snap a Frostina Glacial Clip
/a/QtL25 (see note)
1/30/2015 4/4/2015 snap a Zerberker Fiend Band http://w
1/31/2015 4/5/2015 snap a Greesel Fiend Ring http://heroesfor man on left
2/1/2015 4/6/2015 snap a Dromp
2/2/2015 4/7/2015 snap a Pandanoko Ancient Scale https:// warning: a little creepy.
2/3/2015 4/8/2015 snap a Tengu Tengu Fan
2/4/2015 4/9/2015 snap a Kyubi Fire Ring
2/5/2015 4/10/2015 snap a Venoct Venoct's Gauntlet
2/6/2015 4/11/2015 snap a Shogunyan Tough Bell
2/7/2015 4/12/2015 snap a "charming" tribe yokai Pretty Ring
arlotte-old-painting.jpg try diff angles (damona) https://s-media- Baddinya
2/8/2015 4/13/2015 snap a "tough" tribe yokai Medium Exporb x3
-of-John-F.-Kennedy.jpg Mad Mountain
2/9/2015 4/14/2015 snap a rank E yokai Dancing Star x3 https:// Wantston

2/10/2015 4/15/2015 snap a "heartful" tribe yokai Shiny Badge
ntings_by_Erica_Elan_Ciganek_2015_01.jpg Hungorge https://c2.stati Wantston http://i.imgur.c
om/uwE6R5c.jpg papa bolt
2140202207542259503 Wantston
2/11/2015 4/16/2015 snap a yellow yokai yellow coin http://y skritchy
thing?.out=jpg&size=l&tid=97596434 B3-NK1
m/736x/86/26/93/86269390c80fbe4fe68cf08aea18dc7f.jpg Babblong
2/12/2015 4/17/2015 snap a "mysterious" tribe yokai Top Techniques tattletell - snap it quick!
2/13/2015 4/18/2015 snap a rank D yokai Large Exporb x2 http://s
jpg Fishpicable (keep trying!)
ds/2014/05/3.jpg Suspicioni tattlete
ll - snap it quick!
2/14/2015 4/19/2015 snap a blue yokai blue coin http://y Suspicioni http://w
-F.-Kennedy.jpg Mad Mountain
f04ed08f58cdc1723-d8br9ck.jpg Suspicioni
2/15/2015 4/20/2015 snap a girl yokai heavenly sash http://y Rhyth
2/16/2015 4/21/2015 snap a "shady" tribe yokai Dancing Star x3 Suspicioni skritchy
2/17/2015 4/22/2015 snap a winged yokai Speed Talisman x5 Neighfar
2/18/2015 4/23/2015 snap a "eerie" tribe yokai Sticker of Hate Manjimutt
2/19/2015 4/24/2015 snap a horned yokai Brute Bracer http://y Suspicioni
2/20/2015 4/25/2015 snap a rank C yokai Silver Doll x2 http://w
-F.-Kennedy.jpg Mad Mountain
df84baeab4003a8144da6f7/rebecca-sugar.jpg whapir
2/21/2015 4/26/2015 snap a rank B yokai Mega Exporb http://w
y_Erica_Elan_Ciganek_2015_01.jpg Hungorge
5L.jpg B3-NK1 (snap it quickly)
x/43/28/50/432850e2c80fcd2aed59090e3eda7188.jpg Baddinyan http://i.imgur.c
om/kSVlqrc.png Alhail (Zoom in close!)
2/22/2015 4/27/2015 snap a "brave" tribe yokai Sun Bracelet B3-NK1 (snap it quickly)
2/23/2015 4/28/2015 snap a white yokai Clenzall http://y Alhail (Zoom in close!) http://d1oi7t5tr
2/24/2015 4/29/2015 snap a rank A yokai Golden Doll http://1
ng zoom out a bit! skritchy papa bolt
2/25/2015 4/30/2015 snap a pink yokai pink coin http://y
C2gThxkOg/s1600/2+copy.png zoom out a bit!
mages/resized_images/706x410q70Rebecca-on-mining-indaba.jpg Azure Dragon
2/26/2015 5/1/2015 snap a "slippery" tribe yokai Mighty Medicine
2+copy.png zoom out a bit!
ges/daily/02-2013/13-pavel-stroganov-old-painting.jpg http://soocuriou
Fishpicable (keep trying!)
2/27/2015 5/2/2015 snap a bug-like yokai Black Syrup x10 http://m Pepillion/better
fly skritchy http://o
k.jpg singcada
2/28/2015 5/3/2015 snap a black yokai purple coin http://m Neighfarious for more
reliable black yokai
3/1/2015 5/4/2015 snap a green yokai green coin http://c
Rhyth Wantston Wantston
3/2/2015 5/5/2015 snap a tasty yokai Shrimp Rice Ball x5 Rhyth
3/3/2015 5/6/2015 snap a bearded yokai Beefy Bell http://i papa bolt
3/4/2015 5/7/2015 snap a rank S yokai Holy Exporb http://w
old-painting.jpg try diff angles (damona)
dai/2140201947440635201/2140202207642263103 Pepillion (zoom in!) http://i
24.jpg Uncle infinite
3/5/2015 5/8/2015 snap a canine yokai Beef Tounge x5 http://i Manjimutt
3/6/2015 5/9/2015 snap a feline yokai Speed Bell https://