Incomplete Dialogues
Questions number 1 to 15, choose the appropriate option to complete the dialogue.
1. Employer : The living room looks very dirty while our A. I will visit my friend abroad
guests will come at once. B. I was back from my village
2. Maid : ... . C. I am going to my home town
3. Employer : Thank you D. I have no plan to have vacation
A. Let me clean it fast, sir 21. John : I’d like to prepare some documents for the board
B. Will they come by taxi? meeting. ...
C. What should I do? 22. Randy : I did, sir. The room is ready to use.
D. You’re right, sir A. Would you help me to write the report?
4. Annisa : Hi! How was your trip? B. Could you set the meeting room, please?
5. Rommy : ... . The mountain air was fresh, and the C. Can I deliver the invitation for the participants?
hiking trails were spectacular. The fishing was good, D. Could you bring this equipment to that room, please?
too. 23. Travel agent : Can I help you?
6. Annisa : You make it sound wonderful. It makes me want 24. Customer : I would like to book two seats for the flight to
to take a vacation! Singapore on Saturday.
A. It was superb 25. Travel agent : I am sorry, sir. ... . What about if you
B. It was annoying take flight for the next day?
C. It was just usual A. You have to make reservation soon
D. It was uninteresting B. All seats have been sold for that day
7. Erika : You look worn out. You really need a break C. We only have two flights for that day
8. Tavip : ... . unfortunately, I have to finish the projects D. The flight was delayed for a few hours
this month 26. Woman : Excuse me. ... ? I’d like to buy some medicine
A. I will get a new job if I don’t do it 27. Man : Sure. Just follow this street, then turn right at the
B. If I were you, l would talk to the manager T-junction and it’s on your left
C. I would do it if there weren’t too much work 28. Woman : Thanks a lot
D. If l were the manager, I would go for a vacation A. Do you mind showing me how to get to the hospital
9. Alvin : I have sold my house and other properties B. Can you show me the way to the grocery store
10. Andy : ... . Keep on spirit, please C. Could you show me the way to the drugstore
11. Alvin : Thanks D. Is there a doctor near here
A. How many houses do you have? 29. Wawan : What exactly do you do at the company?
B. How much have you sold it? 30. Rudy : I’m a marketing manager. ... .
C. I am sorry to hear that A. I coordinate my staff in promoting
D. I am happy to hear it B. I create products to the customer
12. Ajeng : ... for you to achieve your target in slimming C. I handle every incoming call
program if you go on eating too D. I interview the customers
13. much 31. Mutia : I have two tickets for SM Town Concert. Would
14. Alia : Don’t worry. I will exercise more you like to accompany me to see this concert?
A. It is okay 32. Shinta : ..., but I have to finish my job as soon as possible
B. It is possible A. Sure, no thanks
C. It is probably B. I’m afraid I can
D. It is impossible C. Sure, I’d love it
15. Della : In my opinion, the internet is very useful for us. What do D. Don’t mention it
you think about it? 33. Anton : What would you rather do in your spare time?
16. Dina : ... . There are so many negative sides that we can’t 34. Robert : ... . It helps me to keep our body healthy
avoid. A. I enjoy reading newspaper
A. I totally agree with you B. I prefer to do some exercises
B. I have my own opinion C. I had better write some articles
C. I couldn’t agree more D. I like travelling better than shopping
D. I really think so 35. Zeta : I am so tired. I think I need refreshing my mind.
17. Hamid: Hi, it’s great to meet you here. What are you doing? 36. How about watching a movie when we finish up
18. Arya : Oh, hi. Glad to see you. ... . here?
A. I was walking around with my family 37. Ayu: ... . Let’s do some window shopping
B. I have been talking to someone A. That’s too bad
C. I wanted to meet some friend B. I don’t think so
D. I am waiting for my client C. That’s a good idea
19. Kathy : Hi, Jane, Do you have plan for this vacation? D. I disagree with you
20. Jane : Yes, ... . I want to enjoy the natural sightseeing of my
38. Incomplete Dialogues 39. Questions number 1 to 15, choose the
appropriate option to complete the dialogue.

. …" 61. your company salesman 43. You are confirmed. Can you speak Spanish? Y: …. Thank you for the fly. You can hang your coat in that closet. It's been very nice to be here. 47. but she can’t swim. Yes. Certainly. 11. "Next. Shinta Hotel. A: Could your company salesman comes a little earlier? c. 12. come a little earlier? for the September long weekend. c. a. Will you pass me the salt. Please make yourself at home. OK. Ladies and Gentlemen …" a. Can I book a bus seat for next Sunday? a. Yes. good morning. You will be tired after working all day d. A: OK. OK. but he me to finish my report" just won't listen 49. please? c. If you like spicy food. sure. "First of all. Yes. The following expressions are correct. Will you do it? presentations are …. I'm afraid we’re totally booking for that weekend a. Thank you very much 55. "Good morning everybody. sure. "Good luck. I promise. sure. OK. will I here…" c. Could I have a reservation to Australia for two days ago? c. 2. Which is not correct? 46. You have reserved a a. Can you hold my coat for a second while I put on my single ticket for next weekend. The doctor says you will drink lots of fluids and get plenty my report" of rest b. Our son lives in a large Capital city? Ah! That will be d. I can fly afternoon 56. Thank you manager b. I've told him to turn off the lights a hundred times. d. Let me tell it first to you b. Yes. Can you give me that black book.. What kinds of rooms do you need? b. Do you 44. I would be glad to do it c. I'm not afraid we're totally booking for that weekend b. I would like to thank to everybody for helping 64. c. will always answer "no". 6. She can sail very well. 60. I can meet him afternoon d. You can take your stupid ideas and get out! 45. You can meet him tomorrow morning telephone or do anything you like. 1. My old car will barely go eighty kilometers per hour. X: I have to meet the director next week. except… B: …. a. 58. "My beloved teachers and friends. Customer: Hello. The following expressions are correct. Yes. You will be home by midnight and no later. a. 50. 15. The expressions for introducing subject of the best officer at our company’s annual party. A: We need a Master of Ceremonies to present the 48. Will I do it if you pay me well present my report" 41. What is the mistake in these expressions? b. except…. a. OK. 4. 52. Could d. d. b. 9. 13. A: Could you come on Sunday at 1. then. Ten o'clock Receptionist: …. will we b. Yes. It’s been very nice to be b. Will you wait just a minute please? I'm almost done presenting presentations. 3. The following are the expressions used for b. Sir. B: ………………………………. d. B: …. Today I would like to 62. Yes. d.40. you will try a Mexican restaurant. use the c. Which one is not correct? c. I’m happy to inform you that my report…" a. 51. "First of all. I want to have an arrangement right now c. Your flight is tomorrow sweater? afternoon. If you don’t understand you can ask a question. 8. "Good morning everybody. I’m interested in booking a room c. I'm not afraid we’re totally booked for that weekend B: Okay. please allow me to say that" 42. Sir? b. A: …? a. we will discuss about my family" Jakarta. a. b. sure. 5. Sir d. 10. Ladies and Gentlemen …" 59. Yes. Can I understand? make an arrangement? d. please? b. "On this event. today we are going to talk about d. and whatever you ask she B: Ten o'clock would be good. "My beloved teachers and friends. sure.00 pm for the d. then. I'm afraid we’re totally booked for that weekend c. c. We'll never get to the station on time a. My daughter is two years old. 7. present my report" 63. May I help you? d. You can watch TV. I want to have a meeting right now 54. I would like to thank to everybody for helping a. The doctor says you can stay warm and drink lots of fluids b. Today I would like to d. Sir. me to finish my report" . Which is not correct? a. Thank you very much c. "Everybody. "Ladies and Gentlemen. meeting? 53. The expression for opening the presentations is …. "Good luck. d. I want to have a ticket right now 57. except… c. 14. b. The director is going to have arrangement a.

d. god audience ……” 75. bad speaker the unnecessary part to jump to the content. 92. avoid the error as good as But. In the oral audience presentation. d. The antonym of the underlined word 76. permitting the error as good as 102. It can eager to follow the speaker.attend possible . What is the main disturbance of interesting presentation? 93. a. e. 45. “In the written report. speaker needs to follow the 87. to make misunderstanding of the oral and written report. e. “It can make the audience feel curious and of the topic should treat separately. to permit the audiences presentation misconception 67. 44. recommendation. 88. possible As the speaker itself. e. a. c. bad audience 94. the topic separately? They should avoid errors as soon as possible. a. dismissing the audience’s attention 101. 65. So. c. a. the detail 90. b. c. hop 78. 91. Then. What should the speaker do to get the big is …… attention? 99. 43. a. 81. to make curious the audiences avoided . 41. giving a bad 82. intimate 68. 74. allowing the mistake of the Presentation presentation 66.” The underlined make the audience feel curious and eager to word has the synonym with…… follow the speaker. Why should the presentation speaker put speakers hold the interest of their audience. There are so many interesting presentations. how to make a good 85. c. b. d. they are destroyed by the bad speaker. c. presentation is like a nightmare because 83. 89. b. There are fundamental differences between 86. e. 42. d. cut 77. et cetera. 97. ignoring the audience attention 100. In the audience written make misconceiving of the speaker who presents the materials. what should we do? We should speak as confident as possible. bad interview 95. 98. the reader can skip the unnecessary part to jump to the content. good speaker 96.cognise 72. d. b. How to Give a Successful 80. b. the reader can skip 73. desire 70. jump 79. the chance of getting big attention is higher. If the chance of errors can be 84. trigger let the audiences perfunctory conclusion. Besides that.acknowledge 71.

b. Anjas:”Term of reference. Do you know that we have to the word…. 131. Niko : “Splendid. 127. to persuade the people to attend the event 143.” 162.. Anjas’s father 130. 126.bound off 135. And then?” 168. a. Decide the title 136. Decide the recommendation 105. a. 141. glittering 117.shoddy considered that we deliver a fake report. Make a shorthand 140. Who is the head of event called “Bhakti Taruna”? 172. 122. b. e. Niko :”I know it. description about the event 145. But. a. Then?” 163. c. The underlined wod has the same meaning with 110. Anjas: “I have an idea. d. Niko :”What?” 123. marvelous 116. 133. Niko : “Okay. Niko : “Okay. What is the first step of making presentation 175. e. . And then what do we do. c. “Splendid. Anjas:”It must be addressed to someone. c. Sandi 132. 139.neglect heading is our topic. Niko : “Hey. 128. event “Bhakti Taruna?” 156. 13. Sandi’s brother 134. make a presentation?” 150. e. Anjas: “Oh. to tell about the event 108.” 166. 11. 144. Anjas: “Procedure.” 120. Anjas:”The report should have a date. b. 152. we should have a heading first.” 154. Anjas:”Of course. 12. Niko : “Oh yes. “How we did the investigation?” 109. d. What is the topic of presentation? 106. Everything that we 167. d. Niko: “Okay.imposing 118. We don’t want to be 161. Niko : “Well. What’s next?” 114. We must dliver it to Sandi as 164. why should we 159. Niko 173. The 153. d. d. probe make a presentation”. then?” 121. So. sumptuous have a date?” 160. a. Afgan 174. 9. Let’s 151. e. How we did the investigation?” 169. collecting fund to the event 107. report on the event 147. b. what’s for the recommendation?” 170. the head of the event. 103. certaintly. 129. Make a summary 104. shub 112. Anjas: “The recommendation is the final heading of our report. Decide the conclusion 138. a. c.” 171. e. What’s next?” 157. DIALOGUE 149. 165. 146. 10. are asked to do. disregard 111.Sandy. e. Anjas: “Term of reference. c. 137. 125. 119. b.” 158. My… I haven’t done that.ignore 113. 142. 148.” 124. The antonym of the underlined word is… 115. How about report on the 155.

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