EDUC 5312/3315-Curriculum and Instructional Design

Classroom Observation Assignment

Observation Form 1

Observation Date: 3/31/2017 Observation Time: 9:30 - 11:00

Teacher Observed: Mr. Yesilyurt Subject/Grade Level AP Stats/9-12

School Observed: Harmony Sugarland High School Observer: Memduh ATAMAN

1-What was/were the learning objectives/outcomes of the lesson? (Add state objectives if
known, for example, TEKS §111.4. Grade 2.b.)

Learning objectives and outcomes were not written on the whiteboard. When class was
over my friend asked the teacher and he said covering AP questions from previous tests so
students can review and be ready for the AP exam.

2-How did the teacher begin and end the lesson?

School’s representative put me to class 10 minutes late, so I could not catch up the
beginning of the class. End of the class, he gave a free time to students before 10 minutes to the
end time, because they were tired in that long class.

3-What did the teacher use for teaching materials or instructional aids/equipment?

There was one computer for answering AP questions and the projector was providing to
show that questions to whole class. Beside these, teacher had tablet on his hand for control to

4-Which instructional methods and strategies did the teacher use? ( lecture, inquiry,
discovery learning, discussions, games or simulations, demonstrations, cooperative learning,
integration of technology, socrative questioning, etc)

He used demonstrations and discussions.

5-How did the teacher assess learning? (informal, formal, formative, summative, oral, open-
ended, quiz, feedback etc) See Chapter 8 for more information on assessment methods

The teacher assessed learning through formative assessment. Students were discussing
the questions with each other, and the teacher was trying to understand that who was interested
with questions and who was not.
6- What can you say about the teacher’s philosophy/beliefs and style?
(Traditional/progressive, behaviorist, student-centered vs. teacher centered, authoritative etc)

According to given background about him, he is one of the traditional teachers. His style
was more likely teacher centered.

7-How does the teacher manage classroom? Can you identify classroom management
techniques used?

When students were getting off-task, he raised up his voice and tried to get them on-task
by tell them to pay attention to the questions. When it did not work, students were talking loudly
and disturbing to class, and teacher’s response was telling them to be quiet, and he waited until
they stop speaking.

8-Observe in the classroom setting and determine types of behavior students play when off-
task. What do they do when they are not paying attention? How does the teacher re-direct
them or get them back on task?

When the students were off-task, some of them were sleeping and teacher lowered the air
conditioner for prevent their sleep. Another one was playing with the ruler, and he stopped them
and took the ruler from them. For the another guys who were bored, he did some jokes.

9-How does the teacher communicate with students? (verbal, vocal, meta-verbal or non-
verbal communication such as facial, body language, use of space, motion and time?)

The types of communications between teacher and students were verbal and body
language. He was always speaking with them, and sometimes he used body language for making
some jokes to students, especially bored ones.

10-Who were the students in the class? What did you notice about them? (Background,
diversity, attitude, motivation, interaction, participation, etc)

Students were coming from different cultures, someone wearing very formal while others
are not. The class was almost full, so participation after exam week was better than what is
expecting. They were free to do what they want unless they were not disturbing to others. For
example one of them was chewing gum, and there was no problem for others.

11-What did you see that is effective in engaging students? What do you see that is
ineffective in keeping students engaged?

First half of the class was ineffective for students, because he was sitting on his place and
asking the correct answer. When they could not find, teacher was explaining them, but he was
missing some of the students. Second half was relatively better. When students got their
calculator for the answering questions, he was explaining that what they should do in calculator
step by step, and they got the answer together. It was effective to engage students.
12-What are the two instructional strategies you observed and would like to apply in your

Students were all bored due to their exam week. Because of that teacher did not go
through with teaching new things, he just reviewed the old AP exam questions. It gave me an
idea that in the long term when students get bored with class or topic, I have to understand that
situation early and find something interesting and related to the topic. One of the students offered
to solve questions from “kahoot”, and I think I can prepare some games to make that topic

One of the instructional strategy was about working together. In my classroom which I
observed, they were solving AP Statistics questions together. When students could not do
questions individually, teacher wanted them to discuss together, and they found out answer
correctly. Why I would like to apply that strategy in my classroom is that it encourages students
to answer questions and helps to improve students’ relationships. Also, if someone does not
understand well, friends of him/her can explain quickly in that discussion times.

13-What are two important classroom management strategies that you observed and would
like to apply in your classroom?

One of the classroom management strategies in that class was speaking only when
students are quiet and ready. When students talking in the classroom which I observed, teacher
waited them until they stopped speaking. I think, in my classroom, I should just wait and then
wait some more until all students are quiet. I believe that they will understand what is happening,
and my patience will paid off, and I will get to keep my voice.