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Too much fluid can cause high

blood pressure, swelling and
heart failure. Extra fluid can al-
so build up around your lungs
and make it hard to breathe.

1. Limit sodium to help cut down

on thirst
2. To quench thirst, try rinsing

Promoting Health
through DIET

Saint Louis University

School of Nursing
Baguio City

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(2016). Retrieved 3 December 2016, from http://
Control and you should have
WHY IS AN EATING the right portion of:
apples and strawberries
- Cauliflower, onions, peppers,
radishes, lettuce

Avoid high potassium foods:

It can help control the 2. Protein
- Avocados, bananas, melons,
blood pressure. Especially Eat Low protein foods:
oranges, prunes and raisins
when the food is low in - Bread
- Beans
- Fruits
salt and fat. 6. Phosphorous
- Vegetables
High blood pressure may - Pasta and rice
Eat low phosphorous
- Corn or rice cereals
help prevent kidney dis- Avoid High protein foods:
Avoid high phosphorous
ease from getting worse. - Red meat
- Whole grain bread
Help protect your kidneys - Poultry
- Nuts and sunflowers seeds
- Fish
from further damage. - Oatmeal
- Eggs
3. Fat

Use unsaturated fats REMINDER:

- Olive oil Do not add salt to your food
- Peanut oil when cooking or eating
- Corn oil Choose fresh or frozen vegeta-
Avoid saturated fats bles instead of canned vegeta-
- Butter bles.
- Lard Avoid processed meats like
- Shortening ham, bacon, sausage, and lunch
- Meats meats
4. Carbohydrates
Avoid pickled foods
5. Potassium
Avoid condiments like soy
Eat low potassium foods:
sauce, BBQ sauce and ketchup
- Apples, cranberries, grapes, pine-