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ORS (Oral Rehydration Salts)

ORS is a special combination of dry salts that is mixed

with safe water. High fever and vomiting may occur during dengue
ORS packets are available from health centers, illness that may cause dehydration, which means the
pharmacies, markets, and can be made at home. When body loses a large amount of water
using packets, instructions can usually be read from the
packet itself. If packets arent available, homemade ORS A person may lose water when they have a high fever
can be made. through perspiring, which may become excessive.
Homemade ORS Recipe: Sweating occurs because it is part of the cooling system
Mix together in a clean container which helps rid the body of excess heat by the process of
o One liter of clean drinking water or boiled water evaporation, returning the body temperature to normal.
o 6 teaspoons of sugar
o Half teaspoon of salt Giving ORS will help replace fluids and minerals lost to
Encourage to drink as much as possible dehydration.
o For children under 2 years old:
- of a 250 mL cup for each watery stool
o For children 2 years and older:
- 1 whole cup of a 250 mL cup for each watery
Other rehydration alternatives:
o Fresh fruit juice
o Weak tea
o Green coconut water
o Water from the cleanest possible source (maybe
boiled then bring then cooled)