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1. what does an accelerator do?

2. How does it function?

3. Key stakeholders?
4. various programs?
5. Characteristics?
6. Action plan for iBhubs to position itself as accelerator for VR/AR

fixed-term, cohort-based, and mentorship-driven, and they culminate in a graduation or

demo day.
accelerator experience to immersive education, where a period of intense, focused attention
provides company founders an opportunity to learn at a rapid pace. Learning-by-doing is
vital to the process of scaling ventures.
channels through which accelerators aid venture development, demonstrating that it is
primarily about learning in the accelerator experience, not potentially confounding factors
such as credential signaling to future investors, selection bias, or previous founder
experience at top companies.
the value of accelerators seems real and likely comes from the intensive learning
environment itself

key milestones - time to raising venture capital, exit by acquisition, and gaining customer

Y combinators

3. The startup community must be inclusive of anyone who wants to participate in it.
4. The startup community must have continual activities that engage the entire
entrepreneurial stack.

guiding principles - give before you get; everyone is a mentor; embrace weirdness,
eccentricity and difference; be open to any new idea; and be honest


enterprise, commerce, education, health, social, and esports

Vive X operates under a service-oriented philosophy and seeks to build relationships and act
as partners with its companies and alumni.

ecosystem boosters, a force multiplier whose success can lead to other company successes
pain point solvers

network of entrepreneurs, investors, industry professionals, and media

cultivate, foster and grow the global VR ecosystem by supporting startups and providing
them with education (emerging VR trends), investment and mentorship (how to build the
company) connecting them with expertise (thought leaders, guest lectures on new
innovations), networking (like-minded entrepreneurs), support services (infra, accounting,
finance, HR, legal, etc.)

empower founders and early-stage software startups with funding, deep domain expertise,
co-located work spaces, and unparalleled resources to build products, launch startups and
grow companies ready for scale.

BoostVC, Green Screen, HTC ViveX, Rothenberg, Samsung, SXSW

TechGroov Mentors will help validate your ideas. Struggle with other startups and solve
problems quicker. TechGroov will connect you with various audiences to help alpha & beta
your products and gain valuable prelaunch insights. You'll save months of hard work by
doing this right!

Few key features of TechGroov Program:

1.Top 25% of batch gets free Tech Mentorship for 6 months
2. Top 10% of batch gets 6 months of Free Design & Prototyping Services
3. Chance to Pitch & Get Funded by Leading VCs

Additionally they also provide a fully functioning working space with the following amenities :
24*7*365 space access+ air conditioning
High energy work area + interaction with fellow startups and business leaders
High speed internet access
Fully stocked snacks bar
Networking with Industry experts and Tech leaders

Tribe & Alumni Networks
Investor Connections
Industry Specific Contacts
Mentors & Speakers

Legal Support
Office Space

Industry Knowledge
1:1 Strategy Sessions
Office Hours

seed-DB -> database for collecting information about seed accelerators

focussed on marketing, culture, startup accounting, product design, mobile, user testing,
sales and more

LOWE'S innovation lab collider, bangalore

coffee gatherings, happy hours, user grup, tech meet ups, startup discussions, open source
gatherings, barCamps, Trade Shows

community talks, blogs, tweets,

make a co-working space, organize hackathons,

build a checklist to evaluate a VR startup?

verticals, rout-to-market, revenue streams, test and validate business assumptions through
focus-group testing and data analysis

what's the end-goal? Time-frame? What stage shoudl startups be at when they get out?
How baked do they need to be in order to be on solid footing and raise follow-on capital?
(early adopter traction) - need more traction and more de-risking before investors will pay
equity - 5-12% range (risk-benefit analysis)
specialization - AR/VR
time-frame? no of startups in each time frame?

arrange for follow-on investment? - have an accelerator with a sidecar fund that's able to
cherry pick the deals it wants to add more capital into?
- events geared towards investors, dine-n-wine evenings and personal introductions are key.
Professional networking and targeted match-making between startups and investors are key
elements when it comes to spoon feeding the local investor community.

Target corporates as well - they are continuously looking for innovation.

Banks, financial instis are always happy to fund accelerators
Startupbootcamp backed by Santador, rabo bank, lloyds
Techstar backed by Barclays

when to exit from the equity stake of the company?

Business model for the accelerator? revenue model including targets

costs - rent for large space, staff overheads, branding, marketing, and PR expense, seed

value chain (talent, branding, marketing, startups, mentors, investors, management team) ,
PR/media, mentor base, startups, skill programs, conversion funnel, application process

management level, prtfolio level, programme level

start small with high quality



Incubators Accelerators

In the initial stage, you And accelerators, the name is

require basic business self-explanatory. They are
services like office required to speed up your
space, infrastructure business in the later or last stages
and expanding your generally. They offer services like
network, which is mentoring, fundraising, strategic
provided by incubators consulting, etc.1
Backing Government & private angel investors or VC firms
Helps the setting up the business expanding the business
startups in

Accelerators in India
1. The Hatch
- The Hatch is a pan-India accelerator, a business incubator, a
pre-seed stage fund and a learning center for budding
entrepreneurs and startups. It gives a pre-seed stage funding
through small ticket co-investments by mentors and investors.
They provide a facility of 25000 square feet space for
operations in Chandigarh and Gurgaon.

4. Microsoft Accelerator
The platform offers a 4-6-month tailor-made program for later-stage startups
looking to go beyond the development of their product by providing support
and resources necessary to building a sustainable company and scaling up
every aspect of the business. It has two batches- summer batch (applications
start in November) and winter batch (applications start it May)

Location: Bangalore

About: It is an early-to-middle-stage accelerator focussed on themes such as

smart cloud services, mobile applications, urban informatics and Big Data,
Internet of Things and wearable computing.

Programme details: It is a four-month programme conducted twice a year

one starts in January and the other in July. Startups gain access to
business mentors, technical and design experts, office space and resources to
help entrepreneurs quickly scale their business. It also connects startups with
VCs and angel investors. It has incubated more than 30 startups till date.

Microsoft Ventures does not take any debt or equity from the startups in
exchange for the programme.

5. Axilor Ventures

Axilor Ventures helps early stage startups succeed through its programs and a
unique venture funding model. The 100-day Accelerator program helps
startups figure out if they are working on something people want, build
products users love and show traction in terms of usage and revenues.
Startups that meet the investment goals get funding of upto Rs 25 lacs on
successful completion of the scale-up program requirements. Axilor focuses
on startups in sectors like Enterprise SaaS, Fintech, e-commerce, healthcare
and cleantech.

6. Kyron

In return for 10% equity stake in startups, the four-month accelerator company
will provide $10,000 in cash, $20,000 in business services (including
dedicated CXO team) and a vast portfolio of business services in areas such
as HR, finance, legal, marketing and IT.

Location: Bangalore
About: Kyron is a next-generation global accelerator for early-stage
technology startups. Kyron is supported by a team of experts in technology
architecture, business strategy, design, finance, fund raising, innovation and
organisational effectiveness, human capital management, marketing and
customer relationship management.

Programme details: The Kyron programme begins with a boot camp

organised in partnership with global academic institutions. It concludes with
a week-long base camp that prepares the teams to deliver an unfailing
performance on Heroes Day. Heroes Day marks the formal culmination of
the programme.

In return for a nominal equity stake in the company, Kyron offers a dedicated
CXO team to build product/market development roadmap for the post Kyron
phase. It may also provide seed funding.

It gives access to Kyron for life resources such as continued access to

mentorship, online resources, Kyron alumni network, etc.

Launched In: 2012

Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: Kyron Global is an initiative of ANSR

A Brief Overview

Kyron Global is a gateway for B2B startups to access corporate

customers. Kyron started as an accelerator programme, with a duration
of three-four months. It later pivoted to Corporate
Acceleration/Innovation/Digital Transformation providers. It
identifies opportunities offered by Fortune 500 companies and links
them to innovative solutions offered by startups to maximise value and
make it a win-win on both sides. At present, it runs four programmes in
partnership with Lowes Innovation Labs, LEAP, InsurTech, and

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: Kyron supports all varieties of

funding structures from no-funds to non-equity grants for startups that
are part of the programme. It networks with leading industry investor
groups angels, individuals, and VCs to help its startups raise funds
when they need it.
Focus Area(s): Retail, fintech, SMAC, AR/VR, IoT, blockchain, AI.
Some Startup Graduates: Till now, 12 batches have graduated from
five corporate accelerator programmes which includes notable startups
like Bookpad, Konotor, Cloudcherry, Senseforth, Uncanny Vision,
Preksh, Discover Dollar, to name a few. Out of 31 graduated startups,
approximately 11 startups Cloudcherry, Scandid,, Unbxd,
Innovaccer, to name a few have raised funds.

8. Venture Nursery - Mumbai

It is Indias first Angel-based start-up accelerator. They organize accelerator

plan three-four times a year, approximately one every quarter, and one
program lasts for 13-week.

Location: Mumbai

About: VentureNursery (VN) is Indias first angels-backed startup

accelerator. It was established in March 2012 by angel investors Shravan
Shroff, Founder and former MD, Fame Cinemas; and Ravi Kiran, former
CEO (South East and South Asia), Starcom MediaVest Group.

Programme details: VN undertakes an intensive and immersive coaching

and mentoring role in the chosen startups and helps each with end-to-end
infrastructural and learning support. It follows a hybrid model which
includes acceleration programme, as well as ParallelTrack process of

The programme offers three-month focussed business acceleration aimed at

enhancing the probability of success of the startup. The comprehensive
package for startups including regular interaction with Angels-in-Residence,
Executive-in-Residence, feedbacks session with top angel investors and
partner level VCs, and basic infrastructure support.

ParallelTrack accelerations aims at taking participants outside the


Currently, VN is focussing on six sectors media and entertainment, retail,

e-commerce, consumer technology, education and clean tech.

Angel investors associated with VN may invest up to US$40 000 in each

startup upon successful graduation from the acceleration programme for five
per cent equity stake.

9. The Startup Center (TSC) - Chennai (co-working space)

An accelerator and incubation space for tech startups, TSC boasts of a well-
equipped office, pro-active entrepreneur community meetups and workshops,
a well-stocked library and a location to envy for for any coworking space in
Chennai. If you are a tech based startup, check out their incubator program

Features High-Speed WiFi, Lounge / Chill-out Area, Free Coffee / Tea, Free
Drinking Water, Beanbags
Rental Rs. 5000 per month per seat. They also have a flexi-usage plan for
daily use for Rs. 400 per day per seat.
Timings Mon Sat 9 am to 6:30 pm

Location: Chennai
About: The Startup Centre was launched by a group of entrepreneurs in
India. The aim of the programme is to help transform ones prototype and
product vision into a viable product with product-market validation.

Programme details: It is a six-month programme. It provides a

collaborative work environment

with a furnished office space and bandwidth (Internet and guidance) for the
duration of the programme. It gives enough time for the team to build the
first version of the product and get the market validation done. The teams
will have their first checkpoint in month three to deliver a minimum viable
product, followed by customer validation and the remainder of time
(approximately two months) to pivot accordingly.

Each startup pays US$800 and two per cent equity in the startup on

10. Catalyzer? (Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad)

Catalyzer is a Startup Accelerator based in India. We work with

prospective entrepreneurs through a mentorship driven startup
accelerator program based on systems theory to facilitate accelerated
learning through appropriate research methodology and data analysis.
Catalyzer accepts teams with innovative ideas and helps them grow by
providing access to seed funding, office space, mentors (usually
entrepreneurs who have gone through the startup struggling phase) and
connections to experts in industry, academia and investors; all resources
startups might otherwise struggle to find.
Catalyzer Startup Accelerator focuses on startups in Technology mobile,
internet, telecom, etc., Non-Technology education, environment,
healthcare, nutrition, hospitality & design and enterprises creating Social
Capital for profit and non profit.
Catalyzer is a Mentor, Accelerator, Investor & Kick Starter for
Startup Entrepreneurs.
Catalyzer Startup 101 Accelerator Program is a 101 days mentorship
driven entrepreneurship cohort accelerator program for startups. We
select startup teams (or individuals) and help them navigate the crucial
first stage. Startup founders working in Technology space building
Enterprise Software, Mobile Applications, Software as Services, Web
Applications, etc., Non-technology areas such as Education, Environment,
Media, Finance, Healthcare, etc., and Social Enterprises working for-profit
or non-profit are eligible to apply. We look for teams from all sorts of
background. Selected startup teams will have to move to Hyderabad,
India for the program. Read more : Our Process
Startup 101 Program Features
* Startup 101 accelerator program offers an individualized needs
assessment of a startup followed by a customized program for 101 days.
* Every startup is supported with mentors who are experts in their area of
specialization and often entrepreneurs themselves.
* Startups receive legal and financial advice, expertise in customer
discovery, product

* Every startup is provided know how in data based analysis and process
development, organization development to help them grow quickly after
* Networking and office space along with many other perks are additional
features of Startup 101 program
* All startups would have built a very robust business portfolio by the end
of the 101 days program along with training in communication skills and
pitching their product
Mentors & Advisors
* We have a network of mentors and advisors both in India and US, that
have built successful startups and have strong domain expertise to help
our startups become successful.
* We share updates of our portfolio companies with our network of
investors to connect founders to form early relationships.
* All Startups that are accepted to Startup 101 Accelerator program, get
access to a Gold Card on to help them build their company.
** build a database of mentors and list it out on the site **

11. 500 Startups has been in India since 2011.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: Under the 500 Seed

Program, it invests $150k in exchange for 6% equity and charges a
$37.5K fee. While the 500 Series A Program provides a check size
ranging from $150K-$250K, with $50K in programme fees.
Focus Area(s): Consumer commerce, education, design, bitcoin,
payment and financial service, adtech, IoT/drones/hardware, onlive
video, foodtech, digital healthcare, cloud service, international and
emerging markets.
Some Startup Graduates: To date, over 600 startups have graduated
from 18 batches in the past six years, globally. In November 2016, it
announced its 19th batch with 44 startups from all over the world
including Nigeria, India, Jordan, UK, Brazil, Spain and more. In India, it
has invested in over 50 startups including ZipDial, Pricebaba,
Instamojo, Targetingmantra, Kartrocket,and SocialCops. Startups which
have been part of the accelerators earlier batches include InnovAccer,
Tourlandish (now called Headout), Sourceasy, TargetingMantra, Credii,
Seat 14A, Tushky, and more.

12. 50K Accelerator

Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Hyderabad

Founded By: Raju Reddy

A Brief Overview
An initiative of 50K Ventures, it claims to be Indias first Go-To-
Market accelerator. It is a four-month programme to help startups with
their go-to market strategy and execution, business development, and
enterprise customer engagement. It conducts a tri-annual programme
with three startups in each batch. The core team consists of top
executives and entrepreneurs from companies including Hitachi
Consulting, BlackBerry, Tech Atlantis, and RedBus.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: Startups are provided with

facilities and resources. Post the completion of the programme, startups
also stand a chance to raise funds.
Focus Area(s): Payments, security and business interoperability
Some Startup Graduates: The current portfolio includes only one
startup, CheckOn.

13. Startup Village

Location: Cochin

About: Started in 2011, Startup Village is a sector-agnostic technology

business incubator promoted by the government. It is also in the midst of
launching an angel fund aimed at backing its startups.

Programme details: Unlike traditional cohort-based accelerators, it works

with startups on a long-term basis until the startups gets some
traction/generate revenues. In addition to regular programme, it also offers a
virtual incubation, and the companies by default are selected to make a pitch
presentation to Startup Village Angel Fund.

14. 5ideas

Location: Gurgaon (near New Delhi)

About: A sector-agnostic tech startup accelerator-cum-fund, it was started

by Pearl Uppal and Gaurav Kachru.

Programme details: 5ideas typically looks for businesses in niche e-

commerce, B2B/SME focused SaaS, intersection of mobile and geo,
education, urban parenting, Big Data, and ad tech. It fuels startups with
scalable distribution, design and UX, communication and brand building.
It also offers seed investment between US$50 000-US$300 000. It can also
invest up to US$500 000 in follow-on rounds, usually pre Series A.

15. AngelPrime

Location: Bangalore

About: AngelPrime was founded by serial entrepreneurs Sanjay Swamy,

Shripati Acharya and Bala Parthasarathy.

Programme details: AngelPrime is a sector-agnostic seed-stage fund,

focussed on startups that not only need seed capital but also require
mentoring. The firm closely works with the companies we invest in provide
mentorship for 12-18 months. AngelPrime typically invests between US$500
000 and US$1-million each in three-four startups every year. It has invested
in and incubated half-a-dozen companies to date.

16. GrowthStory

Location: Bangalore

About: Started by serial entrepreneurs K Ganesh and wife Meena,

GrowthStory is an entrepreneurship platform that promotes greenfield
ventures. A seed investor-cum-accelerator, it mainly focusses on consumer
Internet, technology, education and the India retail consumption sectors.

Programme details: GrowthStory doesnt follow a cohort-based

programme. It basically incubates the companies it invest in. To date, it has
founded four green-field startups, and nine of its portfolio companies have
raised funds from institutional VCs. It also co-invests in its portfolio firms
with other leading VCs, including Qualcomm Ventures, Sequoia Capital,
Accel Partners, VentureEast, WestBridge Capital, Ascent Capital (UTI
venture funds), Lightspeed Venture, Silicon Valley Bank (Saama Capital),
and Zodius Capital.

17. HealthStart

Location: Noida (near New Delhi)

About: HealthStart is an accelerator programme dedicated to supporting

startups in the healthcare industry through funding, mentorship and other
requisite support.

Programme details: HealthStart, along with Indian School of Businesss

human centred design-focused incubator DLabs, has launched an
acceleration programme that will incubate five to eight startups a year. The
selected ventures get mentorship and access to a dedicated in-house team
and global network to help them develop products.

It basically looks for early-stage startup that solve a genuine problems with
particular relevance to the Indian market and have high-growth potential.
They can be digital healthcare, medtech and wellness and disease
management startups, and companies that increase access and affordability
of healthcare services and products through innovative distribution and
business models.

The selected startups also receive VC funding.

Separately, it also runs an angel funding programme which targets to invest

in five to six companies outside the accelerator programme and relatively
mature in terms of their stage of execution. HealthStart investment at angel
stage would typically go up to US$100 000.

Launched In: 2014

Headquartered In: Hyderabad

Founded By: Pradeep K Jaisingh

A Brief Overview

The HealthStart accelerator programme is dedicated to early-stage

healthcare entrepreneurs. It provides funding, mentorship and other
requisite support to the startups in the healthcare sector. It is launched
by HealthStart & ISBs human-centred, design-focussed incubator,
DLabs. Its a 20-week programme providing selected startups with
investment capital to develop their ideas further.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The startups should have a

prototype or proof-of-concept or pilot. Startups looking for business
advisory and mentoring support, along with funding are also eligible for
the programme. The selected startups are provided with funding of $
37.3K (INR 25 Lakh). Furthermore, each startup is provided with a
dedicated mentor along with access to healthcare expertise and investor
Focus Area(s): Digital healthcare, medtech, wellness, disease
management, fitness, innovative distribution.
Some Startup Graduates: Some of the notable startups include,, ObiNo, Careway Health, SportsPal,

18. Ginserv

Location: Bangalore

About: Global INcubationSERVices (GINSERV) is a technology business

incubator, promoted by JSS Mahavidyapeetha, Mysore, one of Indias
modernistic educational organisation, with the support of National Science
and Technology Entrepreneurship Development Board (NSTEDB),
Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. It works
closely with foreign companies looking to set up Indian operation, as well as
Indian startups that show a great degree of promise.

Programme details: It provides collaborative work space, along with

strategic, technology, operation and services support. Ginserv is incubating
30 companies currently.

It also provides seed funding of up to US$80 000 to companies with

minimum 51 per cent ownership by Indian nationals.

19. Start Tank

Location: Chennai

About: In 2013, PayPal India launched Start Tank, an innovation space for
the next generation of startups in India. It is located within PayPals India
Development Centre in Chennai. The initiative seeks to nurture and support
the creation of a new generation of technology companies by offering them
initial infrastructure and mentorship, direction and encouragement. PayPal
has partnered with TiE Chennai and their mentor network to support the
varying needs of the incubated startups.

Programme details: Start Tank offers an innovative environment where

entrepreneurs can grow and feed off each others energy, creativity and
support. It also gives access to talent and connections from within the PayPal
It is a 12-month programme for pre-angel/pre-venture funded seed and
early-stage technology startups. The ventures should have a significant tech-
centric component that can benefit from PayPals technical mentors and
TiEs business mentorship.

It doesnt provide funding to incubatee startups.

20. Khosla Labs

Location: Bangalore

About: It is a startup incubator started by Vinod Khosla, Co-founder of Sun

Micro Systems and Founder of Khosla Ventures.

Programme details: The incubator is focussed on solving large-scale

problems driven by technology. The selected startups get prototyped through
in-house design and technology teams, and are pilot tested on the ground to
get feedback and market validation. Based on the project traction and
business plan, the project gets funded by the Khosla Ventures seed fund and
a new company gets spun-off by the lead entrepreneurs from the lab.

It also runs a programme called Incubate Aadhaar, along with Unitus Seed
Fund to support entrepreneurs building applications linked to Aadhaar, a
Unique Identification Authority of India. It jointly provides technical and
business expertise to entrepreneurs and also provides relevant services that
they will need to integrate with Aadhaar. It plans to build an app store to
showcase Aadhaar apps and provide a platform to publish and market them.

21. Infuse Ventures

Location: Ahmedabad, Bangalore

About: Housed at Indian Institute of Managements (Ahmedabad) Centre

for Innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE), it provides clean
tech entrepreneurs with hands-on business and mentoring support, an
ecosystem of Indian and global partners, and seed and early-stage capital.

Programme details: It runs PowerStart, a two-month accelerator

programme aimed towards Indian clean tech startups. Following the
programme, two startup teams receive seed investment of US$40 000 from

22. Villgro
Location: Bangalore

About: Founded by Paul Basil, Villgro mentors, funds and incubates early-
stage innovation-based social enterprises that impact the lives of Indias
poor. Villgro is one of Indias oldest social enterprise incubators, supporting
innovators and social entrepreneurs during their early stages of growth.
Since 2001, Villgro has incubated 103 such enterprises.

Programme details: Villgro incubates and supports enterprises in four key

sectors healthcare, education, agri business and energy.

To date, it has incubated/invested in around 30 firms

23. Srijan Capital

Location: Bangalore

About: Founded by Ravi Trivedi, Srijan provides seed-stage investment to

technology startups. It targets startups that are based out of India, or have
India as a target market. Its focus areas are Internet of Things (IoT), SaaS,
and consumer Internet.

Programme details: It incubates startups, where it works in tranches at a

co-founder level. It does only one incubation in one or two years. It also
invests in angel/seed rounds by syndicating investments from like-minded
individuals/funds. Its investment is often part of a incubation round of
between US$16 000-US$24 000 or a seed round of US$160 000 to US$320

Aarambh Ventures
Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Greater Noida

Founded By: Pramod Saxena, Chairman and Managing Director of

Oxigen Services, in partnership with IIT-Roorkee.
A Brief Overview

Aarambh works with startups where an innovators solution to a

problem is being capitalised by an entrepreneur. The accelerator
platform operates in two phases. The first phase provides infrastructure
and tech support to the selected startups by setting up an idea lab at the
IIT-Roorkee campus. The second phase is a 16-week accelerator
programme located outside the campus in Greater Noida. The
accelerator plans to select close to 100 ventures in the next two years. It
aims at turning at least 20% of them into successful viable business
ventures with funding.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: It looks for design/business

innovation/use of affordable and radical technologies in startups, we
work with. Startups with Proof of Concept (PoC) and/or with market
validation and/or with early revenues. The programme includes
workshops, coaching, networking, mentoring, weekly evaluation,
coworking space, variety of events, speakers, demo day, legal and admin
Focus Area(s): Fintech, cleantech, SaaS, AI, big data.
Some Startup Graduates: One of its accelerated startups, Kalaage,
raised INR 1.5 Cr in an funding round from RAIN, in September 2016.
(We were unable to discover the information about other startups in its

AIM Smart City Accelerator

Launched In: 2016
Headquartered In: Ashoka University, Sonepat, Haryana

Founded By: The accelerator is a partnership association of DLabs at

the Indian School of Business, and Ashoka University.

A Brief Overview

In line with PM Narendra Modis Smart City Mission, the accelerator

aims to identify, invest in, and support the best startups focussed on
making cities a better place. It is a four-month programme, wherein
beyond funding and mentoring, the accelerator will also liaise with the
Government to consider the solutions proposed by selected startups. The
programme is also supported by Microsofts BizSpark programme,
under which selected startups can individually apply for up to $120K
(INR 80 Lakhs) worth of Azure cloud computing.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: Startups are judged on financial

viability, technology feasibility, desirability to its target audience,
sustainability of the solution and track record of the team. Startups who
are between piloting or in the initial launch to pre-expansion phase can
apply for the programme. The accelerator will be providing investments
in the form of workshops, technology support, knowledge support, and
financial investment. The net investment will be to the tune of $15K-
12K (INR 10 Lakhs-INR 8 Lakhs) that includes an INR 8 Lakhs cash
component. The accelerator may own nominal equity against the
investment made during the cohort time duration.
Focus Area(s): Startups working on smart city solutions in the areas of
education, healthcare, transport & logistics, and infrastructure.
Some Startup Graduates: The first cohort was concluded in August
2016. It listed eight startups viz. Exchange4Solar, Ajeevi, Gudgudee,
Pump Charge, Smarter Clinics, Khetify, KONTEXT, and
Amplifi Asia
Launched In: 2015

Headquartered In: Mumbai

Founded By: Amplifi and XIME launched together the accelerator


A Brief Overview

It is reportedly the countrys first and only B2B SaaS accelerator,

with a three-month-long programme. These selected startups work out
of the XIME campus in Bengaluru. The initiative aims to prepare each
startup with a focused business pitch and a working or refined
prototype. Amplifis program is available currently in Bengaluru,
Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi NCR and Kolkata and has
been recently launched in Hong Kong.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: It offers infrastructure,

mentoring, shared resources, access to corporates, angel investors and
VCs plus credits from partners and service providers, for the
entrepreneurs selected through this programme. To join the programme,
startups should be incorporated as a Private Limited Company and must
be in pre-revenue or pre-product market fit or pre-prototype stage of
product development.
Focus Area(s): B2B SaaS startups
Some Startup Graduates: The first cohort which concluded in July
2016 included 6 startups viz. InsightNxt, Travdots, Pyplyn, Varsito,
Tellofy, and Trilyo. In October 2016, Amplifi announced its second
cohort with 10 startups: Health-n-Me, Till PoS, SuperWise, Krackzee,
Keito, Bestosys, Virtual Spaces, Sociograph Solutions, Cumulus
Technologies, and BricApp.
Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: Ansrsource founders and managers

A Brief Overview

Anscelerator stands for ansrsource Learning Accelerator. It is a 16-

week programme, launched with an aim to discover and enhance
learning technologies that can facilitate the effective authoring, design,
and delivery of learning assets. Selected startups will get a chance to
engage with a leading global learning solutions company, opportunity to
work with global markets/business topics, and 3+1 months of office
space in Bengaluru. Ansrsource hosted the Demo Day of the first cohort
in January, 2017.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The programme provides

startups with insight into the latest technology trends, client
requirements, and industry best practices.
Focus Area(s): Edtech
Some Startup Graduates: Nittio Learn and InsightGURU

Appy Hours
Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: The accelerator is launched by Appiness, a mobile app
solution provider founded by Visakh Viswambharan, Sunil Thomas, and
Rigin Velayudhan.

A Brief Overview

Appy Hours claims to be Indias only product partnership

accelerator, which offers a collaborative, product-oriented, technology
partnership programme for promising startups. It plans to add around 25
startups this year to its portfolio, of which five are already onboard.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The selected startups get access

to Appiness products and resources for a part cash and part equity deal.
Key resources include UX experts, developers (web, mobile, product),
marketing, QA, analysts etc. The accelerator also helps startups in the
quick roll out of minimum loveable product (MLP) and helps them until
they raise institutional funding.
Focus Area(s): Web, mobile, robotics, wearables, blockchain, VR and
Some Startup Graduates: The current portfolio includes five startups:
Trizzio, Scholfin, Sarvam, All Things Happy, Trustb.le from India and
FleetMarket from New York.

Autodesk Entrepreneur
Impact Program
Headquartered In: California

A Brief Overview

Autodesk is an American multinational software corporation, supporting

entrepreneurs making a positive impact in social, cleantech, and
environmental sectors. It also lays emphasis on early-stage hardware
startups. It offers other impact programmes such as Sustainable Design
Education Workshops for its customers, Technology Impact Program for
non-profit organisations, and Making For Impact in the 3D printing

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: It provides startups with free

Autodesk digital prototyping software worth $150K, which can help
them design, visualise, and simulate their ideas. Also, startups are
provided access to exclusive three-year trainings, events, and co-
marketing opportunities. To join, businesses should be less than 5 years
old, have fewer than 10 employees, and have less than $1 Mn in annual
Focus Area(s): Energy, water, transportation, waste, agriculture, built
environment, health & well-being, marine.
Some Startup Graduates: Being a global programme, it has around
200 startups in its portfolio. From India, Bengaluru-based FiasTech,
Pune-based Arcatron Mobility, Enviro Tech, and Chennai-based
Kabadiwalla Connect were selected, in March 2016. Other startups
connected with Autodesk include Agrilution, Biolite, Bombora,
FreeWire, LIM Innovations, Loowatt, NBD Nano, Planetary Power,
RESA, Uncharted Play, Vantage Power, and WindPax.

Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Hyderabad

Founded By: The accelerator is launched by IIIT Hyderabad in

partnership with 50K Ventures, T-Hub, and Co-creation Consulting.

A Brief Overview

IIIT-Hyderabad as a research institute, enables a supportive

atmosphere for startups working in areas of deeptech. The selected
startups are mentored by the resources of IIIT-H Foundation and its
network through a structured programme. The six-month accelerator
programme includes the investment committee of IIIT-H Foundation,
50K Ventures, T-Hub and other reputed VCs. The programmes will be
customised for each startup basis their location and their current stage. It
is not mandatory for these startups to relocate to Hyderabad for the

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The committee selects up to 10

startups over a period of one year. Each startup is given a seed fund of
$15K (INR 10 Lakhs), wherein IIIT-H Foundation and 50K Ventures
will co-invest $7.4K (INR 5 Lakhs) each. The accelerator takes 2%
percent equity. The seed fund is provided as a convertible debenture
Focus Area(s): Deeptech, machine learning, AR/VR
Some Startup Graduates: In May 2016, it selected Fabulyst, Sastra
Robotics, and Endless Robotics for its first batch. Scholr was part of the
second cohort. Recently, in January 2017, it selected five startups for its
third batch which included, Blue Semiconductors, Authbase,
DreamVu, and Docturnal.
Axilor Ventures
Launched In: 2015

Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: Kris Gopalakrishnan, SD Shibulal, Srinath Batni,

Ganapathy Venugopal, Tarun Khanna.

A Brief Overview

Axilor supports entrepreneurs in the first 24 months to move from

idea to scale. The programme lasts 100 days and takes in less than 4%
of applicants. As part of the programme, startups get dedicated access to
experts and other entrepreneurs. They also receive partner benefits
accruing up to $200K from AWS, Google, Microsoft and Facebook.
Tools for market validation, prototyping and testing, free membership of
Tracxn database, market access through partnerships with companies
like Mindtree and other select partners are other benefits of the
accelerator programme. The Axilor Accelerator Programme runs twice a
year March and September.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: Startups that meet the

investment goals get funding of up to $37K (INR 25 Lakhs). The
startups must have a product and early adoption metrics in place. It also
invite late stage companies working on a specific idea and wanting to
revisit their business model to apply and finetune their solution.
Focus Area(s): Consumer Internet, enterprise, fintech, AI, healthtech.
Some Startup Graduates: To date, four batches have already passed
from the accelerator. The first batch of startups joined the accelerator
programme of Axilor in March 2015 with five startups, while the second
batch (September 2015) included seven and third batch included nine
startups. Although, it increased the batch size of September 2016 from 9
to 15, it included only nine startups which listed Bueno Labs, Fabulyst,
InsightsIO, MatchBox, MiStay, LyTyFy, SeenIt, Trustio and TotalCloud.
The other Axilor portfolio startups from previous batches includes
PaySay, Storewalk, PushChamp, Xobin, Survaider, and PlaceofOrigin
and more. Till August 2016, the accelerator has invested in a total of 12
startups and mentored over 20.

Brand Capital GSV

Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Silicon Valley

Founded By: Brand Capital, formed a joint venture with GSVlabs that
accelerates startups called BC-GSV Accelerator.

A Brief Overview:

Brand Capital GSV accelerator programme is a 15 week accelerator

programme in Bengaluru, Gurugram and Silicon Valley. Each cohort has
access to a startup programme that assembles the practices extracted
from the best minds and ventures the world has seen. Further, it
provides learning opportunities and connects entrepreneurs to networks
of talent, investors, and media partners.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: Programme provides access to

mentorship from leaders in India and the Silicon Valley with dedicated
mentor per startup. Apart from this it also provides media investment
and distribution opportunities through the Times of India Group. They
take equity in each participating venture, in exchange for the benefits
made available through the BC-GSV platform.
Focus Area(s): Edtech, Healthtech, Consumer services and Fintech
Some Startup Graduates: Clorik, Enytime, FinUp, GeeksDemy,
GrokCare, LivSharbati, Mate are few startups that have graduatedfrom
its first batch in May 2016. Applications to the second cohort are open
till February 15, 2017.

Brigade REAP
Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: Nirupa Shanka

A Brief Overview:

Supported by Microsoft Accelerator, Brigade Real Estate Accelerator

Program (REAP) helps entrepreneurs to create sustainable and
scalable businesses in the real estate industry by utilising technology.
The four-month accelerator programme offers selected startups with
resources, support, and mentorship from Industry leaders. The
programme also provides customer access for product validation and
adoption along with investor connects. It further helps startups to
develop an in-depth investor pitch and business plan along with the
opportunity to present to investors from across the country.
Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The accelerator selects those
startups who have minimum two promoters with impeccable credential,s
angel funding/seed investment is a must, and the startup should have
customer traction and revenue stream with strong technology.
Focus Area(s): IoT, cleantech & renewable energy, nanotechnology,
visual computing, logistics & supply chain.
Some Startup Graduates: Inviting application for its second batch,
Qwikspec, Snaptrude, Constapark, AirZaar as some of the notable
startups in its kitty. Recently, Qwikspec has raised funding in angel
round from undisclosed investors.

Business World BW
Launched In: 2014

Headquartered In: Delhi

Founded By: Ashu Agrawal

A Brief Overview:

Business World Accelerator is a not-for-equity, multicity acceleration

programme for early-stage startups with a minimum viable product
(MVP). It is a three months programme which offers entrepreneurs with
experienced hand holding, business intelligence, and market access.

It further offers entrepreneurs with learning and mentorship

opportunities by business leaders from across sectors in the country,
networking and market connect openings across Business World
initiatives, and other ecosystem-partnered events and activities. It also
connects these startups with angel investors, venture capital fund,
strategic investors, and other institutional investors through the
programme and exclusive pitch sessions with investor partners towards
the end of the programme.

There are also focussed sessions and case studies by faculties from
institutions in the country and abroad.

Focus Area(s): Sector-agnostic

SomeStartup Graduates: Actozen, Brevity, CollegeMedia,
Cityfurnish, Connectofy, DIKY, Goounj are a few startups that have
graduated from its second batch. Applications for the third batch is

Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: It was launched by Societe Generale Global Solution

Centre (SG GSC)

A Brief Overview

CATALYST is a 10-week-long accelerator programme, wherein selected

startups work on theme-based business challenges, under the
mentorship of experts in those business areas.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The first phase of the

accelerator is open for both emerging or mature startups. Startups are
required to have a shelf-ready technology that can be customised and
scaled for CATALYST themes. Selected startups receive a chance to
work inside the SG GSC premises, access to in-house infrastructure,
along with guidance and mentorship from subject matter experts. The
aim is to help startups scale in real-time business scenarios.
Focus Area(s): The first phase has covered four themes: AI & machine
learning, big data/data visualisation, voice-to-text transcription, client
sentiment analysis.
Some Startup Graduates: Out of 30 applications, the first batch of
selected 8 startups from Bengaluru, Chennai, and Mumbai. The list
included Agora Analytics, Datum Informatics, FixNix Inc., GAVS
Technologies, Lithasa Technologies (, Stride.AI,, Tookitaki
Technologies, and Uniphore Software Systems. In 2017, the accelerator
is looking to work with fintech startups.

Cisco Launchpad
Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: Cisco

A Brief Overview

Cisco LaunchPad is more than an accelerator as it provides startups

with an opportunity to be part of an innovative ecosystem. Its four-
months accelerator programme offers startups a Go-To-Market engine to
validate and scale innovative ideas. The Launchpad programme includes
4-6 startups in each cohort.
Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The accelerator provides
startups with numerous benefits which include coworking space,
workshops, speaker sessions, mentorship program, and investor/industry
connects. Startups also have an access to Ciscos technology platforms
in wireless/mobility, IoT, collaboration, security, networking, and cloud.
Startups that are selected by Cisco Launchpad get a grant of $8,000
upon graduation and up to $500 per month is available to support ther
IT needs. The final selection is based on the strength of the business
idea/plan, team capabilities, and relevance to focus areas. Cisco selects
startups that have an innovative and scalable idea coupled with a great
Focus Area(s): Networking and infrastructure, collaboration, security,
IoT, video, analytics, cloud, machine learning/Deep Learning/Natural
Language Processing, visualisation/UX, virtual reality, Smart Things,
last-mile connectivity
Some Startup Graduates: AlgoEngines, VuNet, Teslon, Torchfi,
Navstik Labs, HaltDos, Astrome and IQLECT have graduated from
batch one in January 2017.

Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Pune

Founded By: The accelerator has been launched by the MIT Institute of
Design, Design and Technology University.

A Brief Overview

DesignGild is a design-focussed accelerator which aims to provide

high-quality design mentorship and resources to passionate individuals
and teams to create design-led business. Startups are provided with
strategic design consulting, design co-founders, and hands-on design
services to enable seamless integration of design in business. The
average duration of the programme is six months, and a customised road
map is created for every selected startup.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: Selected startups will have

access to mentors, field experts, academic researchers, enthusiastic
design students panning 10 design disciplines and all prototyping
resources along with access to investors. The deployment of funds is
mediated by DesignGild to ensure focus on design activities and
resources and for it, and shares an equity of maximum 3% to 4%. The
main focus is towards startups with any product or service idea.
DesignGild will not be supporting designers who plan to set up a design
service-based agency.
Focus Area(s): Startups from any sector and stage are eligible to apply.

Launched In: 2015

Headquartered In: Pune

Founded By: The accelerator has been launched by MAEERs MIT

Group of Institutions MIT Academy of Engineering.

A Brief Overview

Edugild is a global edtech accelerator which offers a 12-to-18 month

revenue readiness and product realisation programme. It acts as a
catalyst for creating exciting scale opportunities and habits for the
future generations. Edugild conducts two batches every year. Some of
the strategic partners of the accelerator include Cambridge University
Press, EPG UK, JMD Edu China, EdTech Israel, Brand Capital, VIT
Vellore, Fresco Capital and more.

Focus Area(s): Edtech, augmented reality, virtual reality, learning

analytics, adaptive learning, skills assessment, university destinations,
Robotics, corporate learning solutions in knowledge management.
Some Startup Graduates: Two batches and 11 startups have graduated
from the accelerator. The first batch was concluded in February 2016
with four startups- Simulanis, Classboat, Gradopedia, and Instafeez. In
September 2016, the second batch concluded with seven startups, Edorble, Ekin Knowledge Enabled, ProctorEdu to name few.
Gradopedia has even received follow-on funding.

Launched In: 2015

Headquartered In: Noida

Founded By: A joint initiative of Entrepreneurial Spark, UK and

Viridian Ventures.

A Brief Overview

The accelerator supports startups in India and offer upto 18-month

programme to Indian entrepreneurs along with a platform that includes
infrastructure, seed capital and mentoring. Espark-Viridians centres are
located in Gandhinagar, Chandigarh, Greater Noida (NCR) and
Mumbai. Additional centres are being rolled out in other major business
nerve centres across India.
Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The accelerator looks for early-
and growth-stage startups. The selected startups receive seed funding as
per investors terms and conditions .
Focus Area(s): Sector-agnostic; encourages applications from core
sector innovation, women entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship.
Some Startup Graduates: Till now more than 40 startups have been
graduated from the accelerator which includes startups like Matrubharti,
PlayLab, ProBazzar, KleverMind, ParentZap, Accelerate Social Kount,
Propel to name few.

First Light Accelerator

Launched In: 2012

Headquartered In: New Delhi

Founded By: Karthik Chandrasekar

A Brief Overview

An energy-focussed accelerator, First Light India provides risk capital

and support to seed-stage enterprises. The accelerator, which is an
early-stage venture capital fund, provides startups with a high level of
technical and business development assistance including access to
expertise from First Light and Shell Foundation networks and partners.

Five.Eight Accelerator
Launched In: 2016
Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: GE Healthcare

A Brief Overview

five.eight is aimed at improving healthcare outcomes for the worlds

developing economies. The accelerator targets global health startups
with a vision to improve healthcare quality and accessibility in
developing or low-resource settings from education and training to
disruptive, low-cost technologies, and digital applications.Through the
programme, GE Healthcare and each startup will focus on commercially
scaling healthcare innovations for emerging economies, with the
potential for GE Healthcare distribution of the startup product, or
integration of the service into GE Healthcares Affordable Care

Funding Structure/Selection Criterion: The accelerator selects up to

10 startups in each batch. The potential candidates are provided with up
to $5 Mn funding on a case-by-case basis. The startups selected in
five.eight will also be able to access resources and connections with
other GE global innovation centres in Helsinki, Cardiff, Istanbul,
Calgary, Johannesburg, Dubai etc.
Focus Area(s): Mother and child care, cardiology, oncology, radiology,
surgery and primary care

Some Startup Graduates: Tricog Health is the first company selected

by the accelerator. The first batch will include portfolio companies from
four social impact investors -Acumen, Aavishkaar-Intellecap Group,
Unitus Seed Fund and Villgro as the initial applicants for the first
accelerator programme.
Forge Innovation
Launched In: 2015

Headquartered In: Coimbatore

Founded By: The accelerator programme is an initiative promoted by

Coimbatore Innovation and Business Incubator (CIBI).

A Brief Overview

Forge follows a two-stage model comprising FORGE.FIRST and

FORGE.FAST. The former is a product accelerator programme
offering tech infrastructure, startup grants, and resources along with
easy access to mentors, experts and early adopters. The latter, however,
is a business accelerator programme which offers access to seed capital,
intensive mentoring and consulting support, aimed at validating the
potential for growth with less cash and in quick time. The programme
begins with a Minimum Viable Business (MVB) BootCamp, followed
by a three-to-six month accelerator programme aimed at preparing
selected startups to raise Seed capital from Forge with potential for co-
investment from angel/VC partners.

Focus Area(s): Connected devices, industrial Internet, digital

Some Startup Graduates: Earlier in August 2016, Forge accelerator
organised a bootcamp for 33 education technology startups followed by
a pitchfest. where startups like Skaas, SchoolSaamaan, and Praqtise
emerged winners.
GenNext Hub
Launched In: 2015

Headquartered In: Mumbai (Reliance Corporate Park (RCP))

A Brief Overview

The GenNext Hub accelerator programme helps startups scale up to a

minimum viable company. Its four-month programme provides
startups access to funding, business mentors, technical and design
experts, plug and play office space and other resources. GenNext Hub,
which is supported by Microsoft Accelerator, allows startups to get
access to Microsoft business units for product feedback, marketing, and
technical guidance including the Microsoft BizSpark programme.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The accelerator provides an

option for startups to receive investments from it, during the early part
of the programme. At the same time, it also conducts funding workshops
and closed door interactions for startups with prominent investors from
the ecosystem. The selection of startups is on the basis of their team,
technology, market opportunity, scalability, and alignment with value
pools. In short, the startup should be a registered entity, have a strong
founding team consisting of a mix of business and technical expertise
with some market traction.
Focus Area(s): Digital technology
Some Startup Graduates: In March 2015, completed first batch with
11 startups- CarIQ, LogiNext, Playport, Axlerate. In September 2016,
accelerator concluded its third batch. Codemojo, DATTUS, Dont
Scratch Your Head (DSYH), Happy2Refer (H2R), Headspin are a few
startups that graduated from the batch.
GHV Accelerator
Launched In: 2014

Headquartered In: Gurugram

Founded By: Vikram Upadhyaya

A Brief Overview

The six-month accelerator programme provides startups with the

necessary resources and controlled environment, which enables them to
build scalability and achieve healthy business metrics in order to reach
Series A funding in a shorter time frame.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: Seed funding from $50K-

Focus Area(s): Healthtech, edtech, fintech, IoT, AR/VR, AI, big data,
Some Startup Graduates: FitMeIn, Applop, My Taxi India are the few
notable startups that have graduated from the accelerator programme.
FoodPort, Applop, CaRMP, AddUrCup have received follow-on
Govin Capital Startup
Accelerator Program
Headquartered In: Singapore

Founded By: Anand Govindaluri

A Brief Overview

The Govin Capital Startup Accelerator is a global innovation network

that accelerates early stage startups into great businesses. It has offices
in Chennai and Vishakapatnam. The accelerator offers early stage
startups a six-month programme with extensive support from over 150
mentors, to help them achieve a scalable business model along with
technological leadership. In June 2016, it also partnered with Pune-
based Seed Infotech to launch the Pune chapter of its Startup
Accelerator India.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: It basically selects startups at

the ideation stage and invests around $15 Mn- $1,493,196 (INR 1 Cr-
INR 10 Cr) for up to a 20% stake.
Focus Area(s): The accelerator is open to all industries with a major
focus on sectors such as edtech, medtech, foodtech, IoT, ecommerce,
virtual reality, thin SaaS, fashiontech, tourism.
Some Startup Graduates: The current portfolio includes eight startups:
HealthSaathi, Unihalt, Greenline Labs, Palash IVF, CIALFO,
CellBeans. It has, to date, funded around 10 startups in India.
GSF Global Accelerator
Launched In: 2012

Headquartered In: Gurugram

Founded By: Rajesh Sawhney

Brief Overview

Having a global community of over 400 mentors and startup

founders, GSF Global Accelerator is a 13-week programme which aims
to provide selected startups with unparalleled access to venture and
business networks, personalised and intensive mentoring, and initial
capital. The selected Indian tech startups must relocate themselves to
NCR for the duration of the programme. It provides accommodations to
those entrepreneurs who come from outside NCR. Furthermore,
shortlisted startups have to complete phone screens and an in-person
interview with the investment team before being called up.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: GSF invests $30K-$60K at

8%-9% equity in selected startups. It also does follow-on rounds of up
to $500K into a few select startups after the programme. GSF funds
those startups that have built at least an initial prototype.
Focus Area(s): Internet, mobile
Some Startup Graduates: The portfolio mentions companies like Little
Eye Labs (acquired by Facebook in 2014), SilverPush (funded by IDG
Ventures and 500 startups), Zapr (funded by Flipkart and Saavn),
Overcart (funded by JSW and Omidyar), HackerEarth (funded by Prime
Venture), Flinto (funded by Globevestor and Others), Browntape
(funded by Seedfund and others), Timesaverz (funded by Unilazer
Ventures and others), Dailyrounds (funded by Accel), Pluss App (funded
by IDG and others), DocsApp (funded by Rebright and others),
Gamezop (funded by Kwan and others) and more.
Location: Bangalore/Gurgaon
About: GSF is a startup accelerator-cum-early-stage fund run by
former Reliance Entertainment President Rajesh Sawhney.
Programme details: It is a 13-week programme created
around the concept of a hackathon. Products pivot several times as
teams go through intense, often gruelling Q&A sessions with mentors
and entrepreneurs in residence. The startups attend 20 intensive
workshops conducted by global experts. These workshops are in five
major themes of product strategy, marketing, technology, business
strategy and venture funding.
GSF invests US$30 000-US$60 000 in return for eight to nine
per cent equity in the startups inducted into the global accelerator
programme. GSF also does follow-on rounds of up to US$500 000 into
a few select startups after the programme.
GSF Global Accelerator is a 13-week program to foster innovation in the
rapidly increasing number of startups. It aims to unparalleled access to
ventures and business networks, personalized and intensive mentoring, along
with initial capital.
Headed by Ranjesh Sawhney, Former President, Reliance Entertainment, this
accelerator mostly invests around $ 25,000 to $ 30,000 for a single digit equity

Hax Hardware Accelerator

Launched In: 2012
Headquartered In: Shenzhen (China), Guangdong (China), and San

Founded By: Cyril Ebersweiler, Sean OSullivan

A Brief Overview

Hax Accelerator is reportedly the worlds first hardware accelerator,

with over 150 companies launched in the past four years and combined
revenues and investments of over $0.5 Bn. It runs two programmes
every year and invites startups at the pre-launch stage. It then recruits
fifteen teams of two to five entrepreneurs who have a concept or an
early prototype for a high-growth startup.

The startups are provided with expertise and mentorship from over 50
mentors, given seed funding, a shared office and lab space, specialised
staff to help with design, sourcing, DFM, and more. The selected teams
relocate to its offices in Shenzhen, China for 111 days, where they
finalise prototypes and learn to scale their businesses. The final two
weeks of the programme are spent in refining the startups pitches and
are prepared for their demo day showcase and launch event in San
Francisco. Also, for startups at post-launch stage, it runs HAX Boost in
San Francisco.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: It does seed investment in the

range of $25K $200K against 6%-9% equity. Startups also receive
access to the SOS Ventures Hardware scaling fund. The selection
criterion depends upon startup team, market opportunity, and ideas
which are solving real problems or creating a meaningful change in the
current technological state.
Focus Area(s): Hardware+software, mobile, consumer electronics,
wearables, Robotics
Some Startup Graduates: A total of nine batches have graduated from
the accelerator so far, thereby, investing in over 163 companies globally.
It recently held its 9th demo day, in January 2017. The accelerator
announced to invest in Indian hardware startups in June 2016 and made
its first investment in October 2016, in Bengalurus Riot.
HP Haven Startup
Accelerator Program
Launched In: 2015

Headquartered In: California

Founded By: HP

A Brief Overview

The HP Haven Startup Accelerator is a programme designed

specifically for early-stage companies that are racing to build the
best-in-class big data solutions. It allows startups to tap directly into
the power of the HP Haven Big Data platform when building data
analytics solutions for their customers. It enables qualified, early-stage
developers special access and pricing to select HP products, tools, and
technologies. It will be a one-year-long programme with two stages:
Bootstrap and Growth.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: Startups should be an

independent identity and should be less than five years old. The team
must be of less than 50 employees, must have received less than $10 Mn
funding, and revenues should be in the range of $0-$10 Mn. The
qualified participants will receive free usage of the community versions
of HP IDOL and HP Vertica with expanded capacity; premium version
of HP IDOL and HP Vertica with attractive pricing; and HP Application
Delivery Management tools including HP Agile Manager, HP LeanFT,
and HP LoadRunner.
Focus Area(s): Big data
Indus Net Labs
Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Kolkata

Founded By: Indus Net Technologies

A Brief Overview

It is a digital acceleration lab to mentor B2B tech startups,

spreadaround a 1,000-square-feet incubation lab. The three-month
accelerator programme will also provide industry connections and
guidance in investor networking. The programme will be offered free of
cost. The aim is to produce three to four successful startups each year.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: Preference will be given to

those startups catering to marketing, financial services, retail, and
business critical solutions. After completion of the acceleration
programme, startups are also provided with the option to work with
INTs in-house core teams in the marketing and sales channel, along
with access to its client base and network of partners. The startups are
also provided with an as-yet undisclosed investment from INT.
Focus Area(s): Digital technology, software
Some Startup Graduates: Its portfolio companies includes names such
as Breeze, MakeYourTax, and Collusion.
Intel India Maker Lab
Launched In: 2015

Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: Intel India

A Brief Overview

The year-long programme aims to accelerate Design-in-India

capability and grow Indias innovation ecosystem, thereby creating a
platform to facilitate hardware- and systemsbased innovators in India.
It has also collaborated with the Department of Science & Technology
(DST), Government of India and Society for Innovation and
Entrepreneurship (SINE), IIT-Bombay, to launch an incubation
programme for hardware and systems startups, called Plugin. The
startups selected in Plugin will also get access to Maker Lab facilities
directly without going through any other selection process.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: Selected startups receive access

to hardware & software development kits, reference boards, design
collaterals, test & debugging equipment along with technical support for
design, development, and testing. They will also get mentoring from
senior Intel India technologists and experts and networking
opportunities with industry leaders along with go-to-market assistance.
The funding is provided through a collaborative incubation programme
with DST and SINE, where the startups receive about $ 15K (INR 10
Lakhs) seed funding.
Focus Area(s): Education, sports, health, agriculture, Banking,
Financial services and Insurance (BFSI), e-governance, Internet of
Things (IoT), cloud, and client compute.
Some Startup Graduates: In October 2016, the accelerator concluded
its first cohort with 14 startups. The list included Aerx Labs, Avench,
Green Ocean Research, Jayalaxmi Agrotech, Klassik Klonec, Parkzap,
Skylark Drones, Smartron, Terrablue XT, Acceleron Lab, BrownLogic,
Phoenix Robotics, SrishtiESDM, and Yaw software. Also, 20 startups
were selected in the Innovate for Digital India Challenge in 2015.

ISDI Creative Accelerator

Launched In: 2015

Headquartered In: Mumbai

Founded By: ISDI

A Brief Overview

The ISDI Creative Accelerator provides an opportunity to a select group

of entrepreneurs to launch or re-design their company. Startups that
are part of the six-month programme have access to all the necessary
resources to support them with design strategy, user experience design,
product design and branding; in addition to business and technology
mentoring, GTM strategies, financial planning, fund raising, pitching,
etc. Apart from providing mentoring, the Creative Accelerator also
focusses on capacity building for entrepreneurs and investors, and
extending funding support to promising startups.

Focus Area(s): Innovative design, technology

Some Startup Graduates: The current portfolio includes six startups,
including ClassReserve, mGuru, Ornativa, and Linkwok, to name a

Jaarvis Accelerator
Launched In: 2015

Headquartered In: Gurugram

Founded By: Gabriel Fong, Kuldeep Bhayana, Jaspal Sarai

A Brief Overview

Jaarvis Accelerator takes in early-stage, technology-based startups and

helps them rapidly build a sustainable business.Its four-month
residential accelerator programme offers mentorship, capital, seed
funding, tech support, infrastructural support to each selected startup.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria:The accelerator disburses funds

starting with $25K$50K for 8%15% equity. As ventures grow, its
partner Incubate Fund, further invests $100K to $300K.
Focus Area(s): Fintech, bitcoin, blockchain technology, IoT, agritech,
data analytics, artificial intelligence.
Some Startup Graduates: Spotwrks, Promon, EduRev, Scorloc were
part of batch one in June 2015. DrinksOnMe, EduRev.In,
Comparometer, Greentooth Technologies are a few other startups that
have graduated from their first batch.
Launchpad Accelerator
Launched In: 2015

Headquartered In: So Paulo, Alagoas

Founded By: The accelerator programme is an initiative of Google.

A Brief Overview

Launchpad Accelerator is a six month accelerator programme to scale

technical startups. The programme includes mentorship and access to
Google Product Managers, a startup package of equity free support,
product credits (e.g. Google Cloud), and access to their full suite of
Launchpad initiatives and connections. This also includes an all-
expense-paid trip to Google HQ in Mountain View to collaborate with
Google engineers/product managers and regional VCs. Currently, the
programme operates in Latin America (Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and
Mexico) and Asia (India, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and the
Philippines), but there are plans to expand to other countries as well.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: $50,000 in equity-free funding.

Focus Area(s): Mobile apps
Some Startup Graduates: It has concluded its third batch in
September, 2016. Some of the notable startups are Curofy, Flyrobe,
HarshLearn, Playment, Rentomojo.

Launched In: 2015
Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: The accelerator is launched by Supply chain major Mast

Global along with Kyron Global.

A Brief Overview

The Leading Entrepreneurial Accelerator Program (LEAP) is an

initiative of Mast Global, the logistics arm of L Brands in the US. It is
designed to engage with Indian startup companies, in partnership with
Kyron Global. It aims to explore new technology solutions while
enabling entrepreneurs to gain valuable access to domain expertise and
learning. The duration of the program is approximately eight weeks.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The accelerator programme

includes working with CIO+leadership teams from MAST Global,
coaching on pitch sessions, along with a demo day with brand leaders
and top investors.
Focus Area(s): Mobility, big data, omnichannel, supply chain,
marketing, and security.
Some Startup Graduates: To date, the accelerator has announced two
startup batches. The selected startups in the first cohort of 2015 were
Wazzat Labs, EasyRewardz, while in 2016 the list includedthree viz.
Senseforth, CloudCherry, and SayPay Technologies Inc.

Lowes Innovation Labs

Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: UK and Bengaluru

Founded By: Lowes Companies Inc.

A Brief Overview

Globally, this is Lowes third innovation lab and the first one outside the
US. It is a 16-week accelerator programme, with a focus on startups to
choose a problem area and develop a consumer-facing solution with the
help of Lowes team. Also, Lowes has a Global In-house Center (GIC)
in India, since 2014, with more than 400 employees working on
technology and analytics solutions.

Focus Area(s): Augmented and virtual reality, 3D printing and

scanning, and Robotics.
Some Startup Graduates: The first batch was selected in September
2016, which included DimensionNXG, Carbon Continuum, Graviky
Labs, and Timeflex.

Microsoft Accelerator
Launched In: 2012

Headquartered In: Redmond, Washington (Global), Bengaluru (India).

A Brief Overview

Microsoft Accelerator is a global program built to empower startups

around the world. They work with market-ready startups to provide the
tools, resources, connections, knowledge and expertise they need to
become successful companies. They offer a 4-month tailor-made
program for market-ready startups that are looking to go beyond the
development of their product by scaling their businesses. Through the
program they provide all the elements that come with building a strong
company and scaling up every aspect of the business: from CEO
coaching, team culture development and recruiting talent to creating
distribution channels with global Fortune 500s, learning how to work
with big corporates and developing new markets.

Throughout the program and after graduation, they serve as a strategic

partner for startups and provide unparalleled routes to market by
connecting startups with our global network of customers, partners,
VCs, business mentors and technical experts.

Focus Area(s): Technology enabled/technology startups that are later

stage or enterprise ready.
Some Startup Graduates: Since its inception in India, 115 startups
have graduated from the program including successful exits of 10
businesses. The latest of them is Touchfones acquisition by
Scoopwhoop last month, few other one, which are well known, include
Bookpads acquisition by Yahoo, PlusTxt by Paytm (One97), Profoundis
by FullContact, GazeMetrix by Sysomos and Native5 by Flipkart.

Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Kolkata

Founded By: Raghav Kanoria

A Brief Overview

Touted as the first private accelerator in East India, Neoleap

providesbudding entrepreneurs and startups a supportive ecosystem.
Acting as a catalyst to usher in the entrepreneurial revolution, Neoleaps
four-month accelerator programme provides startups with shared
services, mentoring, business connects, and access to investors.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The selected startups are

provided with an opportunity to pitch their products and services to the
investors on demo day. The accelerator takes INR 20,000 as upfront
commitment, 5% acceleration equity and 2% of funds raised from each
startup. It selects a startup on varied factors such as market size,
customer identification, relevant founding team, long-term commitment,
team size, business defensibility, financial projections, and current
business requirements i.e. mentoring, funding, support services,
knowledge inputs, business contacts, investor pitch preparation.
Focus Area(s): Across sectors
Some Startup Graduates:, Healthbuds, MachineHire are
some of the notable startups from the first batch (August November

NUMA Global Accelerator

Launched In: Globally in 2000, Entered India in 2015

Headquartered In: Paris, France and Bengaluru, India

Founded By: The accelerator programme is launched by Marie-Vorgan

Le Barzic (NUMA) and Naresh Narasimhan (NUMA Bengaluru) as a
joint venture between NUMA Paris and Metaform.
A Brief Overview

NUMA launched the second international centre after Moscow, in India.

Its goal is to support startups by providing entrepreneurs with
educational and financial resources. Its acceleration programme brings
high-quality mentorship, opportunities, international network, offices,
and funding to the startups around the world since 2011. The NUMA
Bengaluru Acceleration programme is a six-month programme for early-
stage, tech-enabled startups. Its key value propositions are the global
market access and in-house resources (including Entrepreneur-in-
Residence and Experts-in-Residence like growth hacker, visual designer,
UI/UX, finance, digital marketing, etc.). Recently, it has also
openedbranches in Berlin and New York.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: Predominantly, technological

startups in early-stage with growth potential can apply for the
programme. In return for a 4.5% shareholding, the accelerator offers
$3,747 (3,500) financial contribution, the equivalent of $19,271
(18,000) in advantages such as infrastructure, mentor and expert hours,
great connections and perks which amount to $749 (700K) and a bunch
of other benefits.
Focus Area(s): Sector-agnostic
Some Startup Graduates: Till the end of 2015, it has accelerated 103
startups in Paris. The first batch of 11 Indian startups graduated in
November 2015, listing names such as 1Plify, Courtside, FlippAR, Full
On Shaadi, Najdik, Piki, Smart School App, Mens Room, Canvazify,
Inkhorn, and Svadhin. The second batch concluded in 2016 included 18
startups viz. Repoto, Ideaphora, FollowClass, Valmeeki, Book My
Sawari, Wlend, SpotPlay and more.
Oracle Startup Cloud
Accelerator Program
Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: Oracle

A Brief Overview

The accelerator aims to be a catalyst for new business ideas with

growing popularity of cloud as an alternative computing model.
Startups will receive technical and business mentoring and will be
provided with coworking spaces, free credits on the Oracle Cloud,
access to investors and to Oracles customers and partners. The
company also has plans to open other centres in Chennai, Gurgaon,
Hyderabad, Mumbai, Noida, Pune, Trivandrum, and Vijayawada. Its a
24-week programme, in which five startups are selected for each batch
and are given more than 125 hours of combined mentoring.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: Early-stage startups can apply

for the programme. They must be working on building innovative
solutions that solve real-life problems and have the potential to make an
impact on the targeted customer segment.
Focus Area(s): Technology
Some Startup Graduates: Five startups have been chosen in the first
batch which include Vear, Tydy, Ray, Niyo, and ExpertRec.

Quintypes SpeakWrite
Launched in: 2015
Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: Amit Rathore

A Brief Overview

A virtual accelerator programme, SpeakWrite provides mentorship,

access to Quintypes state-of-art publisher platform, technology and
professional services, access to the publishing ecosystem, and an
innovative community. Having a programme duration of 12-24 months
for every startup, the SpeakWrite programme aims to neutralise the
advantage that big publishing houses have with their deep pockets, large
teams, and investments in technology.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The accelerator selects a startup

on varied factors such as market size, team, startup pedigree, previous
entrepreneurial experience, potential, funding rounds, affiliation with
other incubators/accelerators, etc.
Focus Area(s): Digital media startups

Revvx Hardware
Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: Avinash Kaushik

A Brief Overview
It helps hardware startups in three separate tracks which includes
prototyping, manufacturing, and distribution over a six-month
programme. It works with major Silicon Valley companies along with
global design studios, maker labs, component suppliers, EMS
companies and OEMs across India, China, and Taiwan to support
startups building disruptive consumer products. In April 2016, it also
announced the setting up of a dedicated investment fund to help the
startups in its programme build prototypes.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: As mentioned on its website,

Revvx works with 15 hardware startups every year through its
accelerator programme and 20 additional startups through mentorship.
The Revvx portfolio includes startups from India, USA, Singapore,
Hong Kong, Croatia and Slovenia. It works in collaboration with
Nasscom IOT COE to drive the Hardware Acceleration and Corporate
Innovation Programs.
Focus Area(s): Internet of Things, augmented/virtual reality, robotics,
drones, blockchain, wearables, connected automobiles
Some Startup Graduates: In May 2016, the first batch graduated four
startups such as SeeHow, Fragging Monk, The Things Cloud, and
Senze. In the second batch, 10 startups were selected: EzeeCube, Wagr,
Cyclops, GameBeats, BitMotion, Rewango, TalkingThings, Brelo,
TitanoBots, and SpplyChain.
Revvx is Indias first Indian Accelerator focused on supporting Hardware Startups through
Prototyping and Manufacturing of innovative consumer electronics and connected Devices.

RevvX supports building Disruptive and Innovative Product Startups in areas such as Internet

of Things, Augmented /Virtual reality, Robotics, Drones, Blockchain, Wearables and

Connected Automobiles. Revvx drives Hardware Startups in 3 separate Tracks as part of the

Acceleration Program.
Track1: Prototyping: Startups build Proof of Concept into a Prototype
Track2: Mass Manufacturing: Startups scale up Production
Track3: Distribution: Startups roll out Retail Sales
Rise Accelerator
Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Mumbai

Founded By: The programme was launched by Barclays in association

with Zone Startups.

A Brief Overview

The Rise accelerator is reportedly Indias first global fintech

accelerator programme. It is a cohort-based programme that offers
industry connections, mentorship, customer validation, investor access
and a global reach. It is an 18-week programme, wherein the startups are
co-located at its coworking space Rise Mumbai. In addition to Rise
Mumbai, Barclays operates accelerator programmes in six more

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The startups are provided with

$10K worth cloud credits. The selected startups will also get access to
Barclays technology as well as mentors, and advisor support.
Additionally, they will get a chance to reach to international borders
through the Barclays and Zone Startups Network.
Focus Area(s): Lending, digital banking solutions, trading, enterprise
mobility, cybersecurity, data analytics, payments, cryptocurrency,
insurance, and wealth management.
Some Startup Graduates: Recently, it launched its first cohort in
October 2016, comprising 10 startups which include ArrowAI, Fund
Expert, RockMetric and more.
SAP-SINE Social S-Cube
Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Mumbai

Founded By: It is a joint initiative of SAP India Pvt Ltd (SAP India),
and Society for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SINE).

A Brief Overview

The programme is designed to assist technology-based startups that are

developing for-profit business solutions with a clear social and/or
environmental impact. It provides weekend training programmes and
mentorship for a period of 12 weeks in Mumbai/Bengaluru followed by
a demo day and the top 20 teams are chosen for evaluation by a jury of
experts. These teams are invited to participate in a two-day bootcamp at
Mumbai organised by SINE and SAP India. The programme is divided
into two phases Bootcamp and Accelerator Programme.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: 10 selected startups from the

bootcamp will receive training and $4.4K (INR 300K) funding provided
they meet the following conditions: the startup should be incorporated
and must be technology-based having the potential to make an impact
on society by the creation of affordable and accessible products and
services, employment opportunities, etc. The selection of final
participants is based on criteria such as market opportunity, potential for
social impact, scalability of product/business, uniqueness of business
proposition, and team strength.
Focus Area(s): Healthcare, clean energy, environment, agritech and
SAP Startup Studio
Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: SAP Labs India

A Brief Overview

SAP Startup Studio, is an accelerator programme at the SAP Labs

campus in Whitefield, Bengaluru, which include a 75-seat incubator
aimed at nurturing early/disruptive-stage startups. Startups are
incubated for a period of one year, coupled with a strongly knit
mentorship programme that extends beyond their first year.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The startups must be at idea or

early prototype stage. They are provided with mentoring, infrastructure,
technology support from SAP experts. If required, SAP also takes an
equity position and provides a reference to SAPs Merger & Acquisition
team for the next stage of growth.
Focus Area(s): IoT, big data, cloud, as well as verticals in retail and
Some Startup Graduates: The first batch included seven seed and
early-stage startups: CloudKare,, Sellerworx, Stratawiz
Technologies, Moglix, Ecolibrium Energy, and Blubirch.

Scale Up
Launched In: 2014

Founded By: Pitney Bowes

A Brief Overview

The Pitney Bowes accelerator programme, Scale Up, provides

mentorship, access to venture funds, and networking to innovative
startups. Scale Up is part of NASSCOMs 10,000 Startups initiative.
Startups are required to relocate to Pune or Noida for incubation and are
also provided with opportunities to network with prospective investors.
The six-month programme will provide selected startups access to select
Pitney Bowes software and APIs in addition to mentorship with leading
engineering and innovation experts for technical and business guidance

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: Selected startups will get

access to Microsofts Visual Studio and Azure Cloud Credits up to
$27,000 over three years, via the BizSpark programme.
Focus Area(s): Customer information management, mobile, data
analytics, location-based services, ecommerce management, machine
Some Startup Graduates: To date, three batches have graduated from
the accelerator. In 2016, eight startups were selected, which included
Audianz, Browntape, Heuristics, Ideata Analytics, RetailNav, Tagalys,
Teritree, Yo-app In 2015, it selected four startups viz. Ipsator, Fetchon,
Kayeura, and Shipdesk and two as part of a collaboration programme,
Loginext and Primaseller. In August 2016, it announced six startups for
its summer batch: listing eCourierz, Infinite Analytics, Medimojo, Niki,
Sponsifyme, and Wedosky.
Launched In: 2015

Headquartered In: Hyderabad, India and London, UK

Founded By: Atal Malviya

A Brief Overview

Spark10s accelerator programme is designed to assist early-stage

startups to scale and improve visibility. It is Indias only global mentor-
led acceleration programme and reportedly the first European startup
accelerator launched in India. It is a 13-week (3 months) programme,
divided into three phases. The first month is about validating
assumptions and business models, the second is about building or
stabilising the business model and the value proposition, while the third
is about growth and traction.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The accelerator looks for

companies developing products that are innovative, have relatively
high-levels of differentiations from competitors or existing products,
and can create entry barriers for others looking to get into space. As a
part of joining the programme, each company gets INR 10 Lakhs
(roughly $15K) as seed funding for equity at fair market valuation.
Startups are also provided access to knowledge, resources and to global
mentors and investors.
Focus Area(s): Software technology-driven startups.
Some Startup Graduates: There were 9 startups in its first cohort
concluded in 2016: BeHungry, Brisky, Carzip, daddyspocket, Feltso,
Fliona, OHLOOK, Ornativa and Paysack. The startups for cohort 2017
are yet to be shortlisted.
Shell Make The Future
Launched In: 2017

Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: The accelerator programme is launched by Shell Global, a

global group of energy and petrochemical companies.

A Brief Overview

Shell works globally with an average of 93,000 employees in more than

70 countries. The #makethefuture Accelerator India Programme aims to
support anyone with a bright energy idea in action. The programme
will help the businesses to build a strong value proposition and enable
them to access funding to scale. The top three finalists will receive
coaching from experts on how to grow their ideas into reality, before
pitching to an esteemed jury to decide the final winner.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The enterprises must operate in

an Indian city, have a registered entity, be in post-pilot or prototype
stage and be available to travel to Singapore for the accelerator event.
There will be four stages in the evaluation process. After initial
screening of applications, 10 semi-finalists will be shortlisted and the
top three ranks will be invited to participate in an accelerator event at
Make the Future Singapore, who will present their idea to a panel of
judges at the Shell Technology Centre Bengaluru. The participating
startups will be evaluated on the basis of innovation and technology,
commercial viability and feasibility, and bright energy idea.
Focus Area(s): Cleantech startups focussed on providing solutions to
improve energy efficiency, reduce energy waste, reduce CO2 emissions,
generate energy from a new source and broaden access to energy.
Startupbootcamp FinTech
Launched In: Globally in 2010 (Copenhagen), FinTech program in
2014, FinTech India in 2016

Headquartered In: London

Founded By: Alex Farcet, Carsten Kolbeck, Patrick de Zeeuw, Ruud

Hendriks, Nektarios Liolios.

A Brief Overview

Startupbootcamp FinTech is a leading global FinTech accelerator

which, after being deployed in London, New York, and Singapore,
launched its fintech programme in India in September 2016. It offers a
3+1 month programme which provides startups with a structured,
mentorship, office space in the heart of Mumbai, funding and access to a
global network of investors and VCs for up to 10 selected fintech
startups from across the globe. For three months, the selected startups
collaborate with an extensive network of mentors, partners, and
investors to build fintech companies, with the ultimate goal of becoming
leading players in the financial ecosystem. The programme is supported
locally by ICICI Bank, ICICI Lombard, RBL, Capital First, AZB &
Partners, and PwC.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria(s): 6% Equity, Vertical Specific

Programs (IoT Barcelona, Smart City Amsterdam, FinTech
London + Amsterdam + NewYork, Smart Transport- Berlin etc), India
programme is FinTech-focussed. It offers INR 1.1 Mn cash grant per
team and INR 33 Mn + in partner services.
Focus Area(s): Foodtech, fintech, healthcare, ecommerce, smart
transportation, IoT, cyber security, insurtech

Some Startup Graduates: Globally, 18 batches and 404 startups have

been graduated from the accelerator. Some of the notable startups like
The Eye Tribe which was acquired by Facebook, Relayr, TripRebel,
LoyaltyLion, TagTagCity have graduated from the accelerator. Not only
this, reportedly 258 graduated startups have received follow-on funding.
The accelerator recently announced the first batch of 10 Indian startups
including Doboz Solutions, ExpoWealth, GiftAssets, GreenDeck, RuPie,
Bitgram, ManageMyFortune, Propelld, QuikkLoan, and Zilra.

Swiss Re InsurTech
Launched In: 1863 (Entered India in 2016).

Headquartered In: Zurich, Germany and Bengaluru, India

Founded By: Swiss Re Group

A Brief Overview

The InsurTech accelerator programme is a global fintech accelerator

programme. It is a 16-week programme which aims to mentor and help
curate startups with the potential of disrupting insurance practices. It is
the first-ever initiative by a reinsurance company to foster technology
innovation amongst startups in the insurance tech area in India. Swiss
Re has partnered with Barclays Rise and the Alchemist Accelerator for
the project. Apart from this, it will also partner with Nasscom 10,000
Startups and Kyron Global to curate startups and foster technology
innovation. The company aims to work with four to five startups for the
first batch.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: It provides non-equity grants to

startups along with mentorship and business engagement.
Focus Area(s): IoT innovative distribution channels & robotic advisors
and analytics.
Some Startup Graduates: In July 2016, it selected six startups for its
first batch which lists EKincare, GOQii, Arya.Ai, Niki.Ai, Touchkin,
Datasigns Technologies.

Target Accelerator
Launched In: 1962 (Globally), 2014 (Launched in India)

Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: It was founded as a subsidiary of Minneapolis-based

Dayton Department Stores.

A Brief Overview

Target was launched as a retailer in Bengaluru (India) in mid-2005.

Itlaunched its first accelerator programme in India in March 2014, The
Target Accelerator Program, aims to help early-stage startups to develop
concepts that could improve Targets business and the broader retail
industry. Through the four-month intensive programme, Target aims to
foster a culture of innovation in the startup ecosystem. It is looking to
tap into the startup ecosystem while providing startups with an
opportunity to work with the Target leadership team in a specially
designed, energetic, and creative hub at Target Indias office in Manyata
Tech Park, Bengaluru.
Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: It provides seed funding up to
$30,000. The Target Accelerator Program has a customary screening and
selection process that includes multiple stages, such as completing an
online application followed by a face-to-face pitching. The final
selection will be based on the team and its talent and most importantly,
relevance of the idea to Target.
Focus Area(s): Marketing, omnichannel, mobile, big data analytics and
merchandising, supply chain technologies.
Some Startup Graduates: In October 2016, Target concluded its fourth
batch. Some notable startups like Preksh, Uncanny Vision,MintM,
Lechal, StoryXpress graduated from the batch. Startups that were a part
of their earlier batches include, BugClipper, Whodat
spaces, and Twiddly. Other Indian companies in its portfolio are
muHive, Unbx, InstaClique, Konotor, Turnaround Innovision,
Instaclique, Twiddly, Whodat Spaces, Wazzat, Torch, and Visarity.

Location: Bangalore

About: Started in May last year by US retail major Target Corp., the
accelerator is focussing on startups that can bring in transformative ideas
across five key areas search, content, data, social and mobile.

Programme details: Target is currently incubating five teams to work in a

specially-designed space in Targets Bangalore headquarters facility. During
the four-month immersive programme, Target will help each startup develop
its ideas by providing access to mentors, tools, resources and operational
support. It is currently incubating muHive, Unbxd, InstaClique, Konotor and
Turnaround Innovision.
The D.N.A
Launched In: 2016

Founded By: The accelerator is an initiative of Bosch India.

A Brief Overview

D.N.A. stands for Discovering startups, Nurturing them, and Align to

get them investment-ready and eventually become profitable businesses.
The accelerator works towards developing disruptive solutions in the
areas of aerospace, agritech, mobility, energy, medtech or Smart Cities.
An initiative of Bosch India, it is an 18-week programme. The first
successful Indo-German Bootcamp was held in July 2016 in Berlin and
the next bootcamp will be held in India this year.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: It provides startups with

mentorship from top Bosch experts in technology including the defined
scope areas as well as in product design, operations, financing etc. Once
successfully accelerated, the startup will have an opportunity to pitch to
Focus Area(s): IoT, deep learning, analytics, cloud, machine
learning/artificial intelligence, virtual/augmented reality, blockchain.
Thought Factory
Launched In: 2016

Headquartered In: Bengaluru

Founded By: It is launched by Axis Bank in partnership with Zone


A Brief Overview

Axis Bank is the first Indian private sector bank to launch an

Innovation Lab, Thought Factory, with an in-house incubator. The aim
is to work closely with entrepreneurs who are redefining the digital
banking space in segments such as credits, deposits, wealth
management, mobile payments, and security etc. The selected startups
will receive mentorship by experts, dev. tools, workspace, funding and
networking opportunities.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The startup must be a

registered Indian company with a minimum viable product (MVP). Only
five-six people per startup will be accommodated in the Bengaluru
facility. It neither takes equity nor gives cash grants.
Focus Area(s): Artificial intelligence, big data and analytics, mobility,
blockchain, IoT, open API, networking.
Some Startup Graduates: The accelerator selected six startups in its
first 2016 cohort Perpule 1 Pay, Gieom, Polly, Paymatrix,
FintechLabs, and S2Pay.
Launched In: 2011

Headquartered In: Noida

Founded By: Abhishek Gupta

A Brief Overview:

TLabs is a startup accelerator and an early-stage seed fund. The

TLabs accelerator programme is spread over sixteen weeks, broken into
four phases., TLabs provides a platform to selected startups to shape
their ideas with the help of mentorship and guidance by functional
experts. The accelerator invites mentors from across industries, once a
week to share their experience and guide startups towards their
successful journey which is followed by one-on-one discussions.

Additionally, the firm helps startups to connect with the investor

community. On demo day, the accelerator brings in several angel
investors and venture capitalists, so that startups can pitch their ideas to
them for future funding. In June 2016, TLabs joined the Stripe Atlas
Network to provide a global reach to Indian entrepreneurs.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The TLabs accelerator

programme invests $50,000 (INR 30 Lakh) for 8% of equity (net INR
27 Lakhs). For Tlabs, having a well-balanced team is the major criteria
for selecting any startup. It prefers small teams consisting of two to four
entrepreneurs having qualities like passion, dedication, clarity of
thought, tenacity and agility. Every team has to present the idea along
with execution plan and support required when they apply for the
programme. Applications are evaluated by a core team and expert panel
team consisting of senior management.
Focus Area(s): Internet, mobile
Some Startup Graduates: Till December 2014, TLabs had 6 batches
and 36 total startups. Over 65% of startups that have graduated raised on
average $450 K in follow on funding. In November 2015, the
accelerator had announced its eighth batch. GetMyUni, Cirtru, HopOn
are a few notable startups from this batch.
Location: Noida (near New Delhi)
About: Founded in 2011, TLabs is a startup accelerator-cum-
early-stage seed fund for Indian Internet and mobile technology
startups. TLabs is run by The Times Group, parent of Times of India
Programme details: The accelerator programme, spread over
16 weeks, provides support through weekly catch-ups across different
verticals of the business. Startups also get access to over 60 experts who
are mentors of the programme and guide startups on specific issues. It
also provides regular engagement with early-stage VCs and angels
through multiple sessions.
It invests up to US$50 000 in each startup in exchange for eight
per cent equity.
Tlabs is founded in 2011,it is a startup accelerator as well as an early stage
seed-fund for Indian internet and mobile technology startups. Batches start in
February and August.

The Propositions
If you are wondering why you should consider applying to TLabs, here are
some really good reasons!

An in-house team that provides support through weekly catch-ups across

different verticals of the business
Access to over 100+ experts who are mentors of the program and guide
startups on specific issues
Regular engagement with early stage VCs and angels through multiple
sessions and finally demo months
Access to a network of like- minded peers allowing for an ecosystem where
startups get to learn from each other and work together

How it works
The Accelerator program at TLabs is structured down to the minutest detail.
Spread over 16 weeks, the program is broken down to 4 phases. Here is a
breakdown of what the Accelerator program entails.

TLabs helps entrepreneurs ideas reach their potential and bridge the
otherwise wide and often un-crossable gap between entrepreneurs and the
investor community. To be selected for this program is to get mentorship
and guidance from those who have been there and done. And in a world
with cut throat competition, startups could use all the edge they could get!



Location: Ahmedabad

About: Started in 2008, iAccelerator is an initiative by Indian Institute for

Management Ahmedabads Centre for Innovation Incubation and

Programme details: iAccelerator programme is focussed on startups in

the Internet and mobile domains. It is a three-month long residential
programme. During this period, experts give specific, one-on-one help in
areas of technology, product management, user experience and interface
design, sale and marketing, customer acquisition, business model
innovation, legal, and incorporation. The programme ends in a demo day.

The startups get US$8 000-US$16 000 each in seed funding. iAccelerator
has produced over 40 ventures to date.

VentureNursery (VN)
Launched In: 2012

Headquartered In: Mumbai

Founded By: Ravi Kiran, Shravan Shroff

A Brief Overview

An angel-backed startup accelerator, VentureNursery (VN) provides

coaching and mentoring to the chosen startups and helps them with end-
to-end infrastructural and learning support. With an aim to improve the
success probability of the startups and raise funding for Series A, VNs
process works on hybrid model that includes an acceleration programme
and parallel track mentoring. It runs a 13 weeks acceleration programme
twice a calendar year, for which it accepts applications over a threefour
week period. Of these applications, eight startups are selected for the
acceleration programme, wherein founders have to relocate themselves
to Mumbai for the boot camp.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The selected startups are given

a business support service package, along with basic business-building
infrastructure. In addition to this, each selected startup is given on-
premise guidance by industry experts as well as other professionals
through lectures and workshops and off-premise one-on-one mentoring
by the Advisors-in-Residence.
Focus Area(s): Media & entertainment, retail, ecommerce, consumer
technology, education, cleantech.
Some Startup Graduates: Oyo Rooms,, Catapooolt, Find Ur
Class, Peters Pan.

Y Combinator
Launched In: March 2005

Headquartered In: Mountain View

Founded By: Trevor Blackwell, Paul Graham, Jessica Livingston,

Robert Tappan Morris

A Brief Overview

In August 2016, global fund lus accelerator Y Combinator visited India

for the first time. It invests a small amount of money twice a year in a
large number of startups. These startups move to Silicon Valley for a
three-month accelerator programme and work closely with YC partners
to get into the best possible shape and refine their pitch to investors.
Each cycle culminates in a Demo Day, when the startups present their
business plans to a carefully selected audience of investors.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The accelerator invests $120K

in startups for a 7% equity stake across two batches, every year. It
makes funding decisions based on a startups application form and
personal interviews.
Focus Area(s): Sector-agnostic
Some Startup Graduates: According to the official website Y
Combinator till now has invested in more than 1,464 companies
including Airbnb, Dropbox, Stripe, Reddit, Instacart, Docker and Gusto.
The combined valuation of YC companies is over $80 Bn. In July 2016,
YC inducted three Indian startups Innov8, JustRide, meesho into its
summer batch for the first time. It has also funded ClearTax, and
Razorpay in July 2014 and May 2015 respectively.

YES Fintech
Launched In: 2017

Headquartered In: Hyderabad, Mumbai

Founded By: YES Bank, in partnership with T-Hub, Anthill Ventures,

and LetsTalkPayments, launched the programme earlier this year.

A Brief Overview

The accelerator aims to co-create innovative solutions and partners in

taking solutions to the banks retail and corporate customers, with no
upfront equity commitment sought from startups, a clear focus on
building solutions relevant to use-cases identified by YES Bank, and
providing fintech startups access to the Banks more than 2 Mn
customer base. It is a 15-week programme structured in four phases viz.
Co-create, Operate, Scale, and Invest & Grow, with three weeks of on-
site interventions and 11 weeks of off-site interventions.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: As part of the programme, the

selected startups will get access to T-Hubs ecosystem, global outreach
and an opportunity to showcase and increase product visibility.
Technology-focussed startups (India- or globally-based) with an MVP,
along with a growing customer base can apply for the programme.
Focus Area(s): Payments, lending (consumer + SME), trade finance &
forex solutions, wealth management, regulatory technology or Reg-
Tech, customer value-added services.

Launched In: 2015

Headquartered In: Gurugram

Founded By: Jason Wang, Amit Li

A Brief Overview

A Chinese accelerator and venture fund, ZDream Ventures is a Y

Combinator-like fund plus accelerator. The duration of the
programme offered is 12 months. As mentioned on the website, the
ultimate aim is to transfer the best of China to India in a much faster and
workable way.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: The startup must be in the

growth stage, should have a well-organised team, and a matured
business concept.
Focus Area(s): Technology, media & telecommunications
Some Startup Graduates: Its current portfolio includes two startups
MilkBasket and Iamwire.
Z Nation Lab
Headquartered In: Mumbai

Founded By: Anup Mehta, Neha Jain, Khushboo Jain

A Brief Overview

The intensive programme would be spread over 3 weeks in India and

additional 3 weeks in Silicon Valley where Z Nation Lab would identify
the uniqueness of the startups and the entrepreneurs will get an
opportunity to broaden their perspectives by communicating with
angels, VCs, industry experts and Venture Partners at Z Nation Lab from
Silicon Valley and India. It has affiliate centres in Pune, Jaipur,
Bengaluru, Chandigarh, Indore, Chennai, and Silicon Valley. The firm is
also affiliated with Washington DC-based Launch Dream to help
technology startups grow through ScaleUP USA and provide them with
the opportunity to work in the US market.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: It will offer mentoring

programmes and collaborative workspace in Mumbai. It has a ticket size
of between $50,000 and $250,000 per startup and will take an 8% to
12% stake in startups. Besides helping with product development, it
plans to provide support in pitching coach, mentors, chartered
accountants, lawyers, application and web developers, and social media
marketing support that costs anywhere between $7.4K- $15K (INR 5
Lakh and INR 10 Lakh) per startup.
Focus Area(s): IoT, Big Data Analytics, Machine Learning,
Consumertech, Edtech, Fintech.
Zone Startups
Launched In: 2014

Headquartered In: Mumbai

Founded By: It is a joint venture between the Bombay Stock Exchange

Institute Ltd. (BIL), Ryerson University of Toronto, Ryerson Futures Inc
(RFI), and Simon Fraser University, Canada.

A Brief Overview

Zone Startups is the first Canadian-led accelerator in India that

provides access to investors, corporate partners, and advisors to the
growing startups. For startups looking to establish traction and drive
growth, the accelerator programme provides the structure and guidance,
so that they have their products resonate with target audiences.

Funding Structure/Selection Criteria: Zone Startups makes seed

investments and supports activities to raise additional capital for its
portfolio startups.
Focus Area(s): Consumer, enterprise, social, financial, health, IoT,
media, technology, education, data analytics.
Some Startup Graduates: Smartican, Baby Chakra, ePoise, Fixy

Location: Mumbai

About: Started in February last year, Zone Startups is a joint venture

between Bombay Stock Exchange Institute and Ryerson Futures, a Toronto-
based technology startup incubator.
Programme details: Zone Startups offer work space, in addition to
mentorship including functional, business experts and industry panel,
market development and business development support, networking and
branding opportunities, funding opportunity, access to North American
market and peer-to-peer mentoring.

It also runs a US$15-million fund which seeks to invest in early-stage

technology ventures in India.

The fund invests between US$50 000 and US$500 000 in 10-15 startups
every year.

Zone Startups has already on-boarded 36 startups across data analytics, e-

commerce, education, hardware technology, human computing interface,
mobile payments, healthcare and enabling platforms.


Autonebula is a connected transport accelerator and investment fund. Its primary focus is on

supporting startups which are contributing towards developing Connected Transport

solutions. Their vision is to help accelerate the adoption of smart, innovative transportation

technologies resulting in economic and social value. To support this vision, Autonebula

provides seed funding, work facilities, mentoring and networking opportunities, to the start-

up in the connected transport area.

Center of Excellence
for IOT

The CoE-IoT Incubation Program will act as a catalyst to accelerate the efforts of the start-

ups for growth. The program will provide the necessary support to the start-ups to innovate

and create new products leveraging technology to solve real life problems. The IoT lab is an

interoperable, multi-technology based stack which will provide design prototype equipments,

validation & testing space, demo space and concept labs.


The Hypercat Incubator

offers an entrepreneurial environment to the start-ups in the domain of IoT and Smart City. It

offers high quality offices, advisory support, an international network of collaborators and

services. Its aim is to support the launch, survival and rapid growth of new IoT and Smart

City businesses that commit to using the Hypercat standard for interoperability. The Hypercat
Incubator is situated in Hyderabad, Indias Hi-Tech city, and has the backing of 700

businesses, globally, and houses 40 startups.

ISBA, started a decade ago, today has a membership base of 70+ organisations that are into

entrepreneurship development and incubation. ISBA has a pan India network of Business

Incubators and has an abundance of expertise and knowledge base in technology business

Incubation that has been acquired over a period of 25 years. A diverse range of technology

sectors are addressed by the technology business incubators including IoT.


Qualcomm has created the Qualcomm Design in India Challenge in collaboration with The

National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM). This challenge

aims to discover startups which are into product design, development, and manufacturing of

hardware and Internet of Things (IoT) for healthcare, education, banking, automotive as well
as Smart Cities sectors. In this challenge, in the first round, 10 companies are selected and

given $10,000, as well as incubation and access to Qualcomms innovation labs. Post this, in

the final round, the top three startups get a total prize money of $100,000.