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If Athens is all Greek to you, try visiting in November.

Its festival time!

Lord Byron, champion of Greek (O) independence, could hardly DEPEND

have imagined it. Today, years after his (56) .. , 2 mil- DIE

lion of his compatriots, although less (57) .. , make HERO

the annual (58) .. to Greece for the Britain and Greece PILGRIM


The (59) .. Ambassador speaks of the festival as a BRITAIN

(60) .. of the strong links between the two countries, CELEBRATE

but also as an (61) .. to those who wish to create INSPIRE

new links, a (62) .. that 2004 and the Athens Olym- REMIND

pies are not too far away. Everything about the festival highlights

the theme of (63) .. . The commercial exhibition Part- PARTNER

ners in Trade will focus on (64) goods and ser- INDUSTRY

vices, design, travel and software (65) .. including DEVELOP

opportunities for Olympics 2004.

1 He tried to fix his machine but it was (POSSIBLE) .................................

2 You don't need to wear a suit to the party. You can look
(FORMAL) ................................. if you wish.

3 She won the bicycle race (EASY) ................................. .

4 The weather forecast says it's going to be (RAIN) ................................. today.

5 The body was discovered (LIE) ................................. on the floor.

6 He told her that he was (TRUE) ................................. in love with her.

7 She was filled with (HAPPY) ................................. when she heard the good news.\

8 He was the (BIG) ................................. in the class.

1. It isn't very that Paula is at home, is it? She usually works at this time.


2. Megan was told by her dietician that she was becoming thin and should eat more.


3. is the spice of life, says the proverb and everyone should try and do new things and meet new people to

avoid becoming bored.


4. Harry had a difficult and was brought up by an aunt and uncle living in the country.


5. The whole dispute began after a small over the money needed to finance the new company.


6. The introduction of insecticides in the 20th Century agriculture across the world.


7. All the coastal towns in this area are by strong tradition of dance and there is a festival of dance that

takes place every August.


8. My company has spent a lot of money building a new, factory which will nearly double production.

1. I was just trying to be towards him and he accused me of wanting his money!


2. The south-west of England, for example Devon and Cornwall, is known as the part of the United



3. What you may think is is really just over-enthusiasm. He would never harm anyone.


4. Anyone being rude and to our staff will be asked to leave the premises immediately.


5. Men have more of a to put weight on around the waist and stomach areas and this is something they

should be aware of.


6. Three weeks after winning the lottery, Daniel Perkins had the to lose a court case in which he was being

sued for nearly $2million.


7. The pharmaceutical company's have discovered a better way of combining medicines to create a flu



8. The babies were put up for when their mother was jailed for her part in the murder.

1. I need to my knowledge of classical music (BROAD).

2. I love all forms of , including ballet and opera (ENTERTAIN).

3. Phantom of the Opera is a music show (SENSATION).

4. During her , the girl lived in Australia. (YOUNG)

5. The mid-20th century saw the of pop music. (ARRIVE)

6. Bollywood movies achieved huge in the 1990s (POPULAR)

7. You need to your muscles if you want to become a bodybuilder (STRONG)

8. The money they get from donations will them to buy more equipment (ABLE)

9. Thieves sometimes target people at concerts , so be with your wallets. (CARE)

10. Watching old movies is my mum's idea of (HAPPY)

11. While the population of Europe and America is growing older , those in

(DEVELOP) countries are becoming younger. In the non-Western world,

(PARTICULAR) India, China and Brazil there is a new generation of teenagers

(GROW) up. These young peoples tastes are influencing (CONSUME) habits in

our world today.


13. In terms of language , English is dominant throughout the world. It is a way with which
teenagers across the world can communicate with each other and share a common
culture. The (EXIST) of graffiti written in English in so many countries is one

example of this.

15. The (STRONG) force in international youth culture today is pop music. It has

a (UNIVERSE) appeal and is driven by pop music stations like MTV and others.

They broadcast pop music to every corner of our planet, and while most of the music is
English, kids from all over the world learn to sing English too.
16. Youngsters these days can communicate online with friends in (DISTANCE)

places . In fact, a teenager in India may feel they have more in common with an Internet
friend in Brazil than with other young people in their (NEIGHBOUR) . Young

people around the globe are beginning to hang around together on the Internet as they
used to on the street.

18. There may be a greater (READY) to learn a foreign language on the streets of

cyberspace than in a normal classroom. More and more people are learning English from
their friends on the Internet and it is not always the same as the English they learn in

20. Tim Berners Lee , the British (INVENT) of the World Wide Web, imagines the

effect of the Internet on a teenage boy : Google shows him a random

(SELECT) of the hundreds of thousands of people around the world whose

(PREFER), for example, in reading are similar to his own . He may live in a small town in
the Netherlands but he is right in the centre of a major trend. He feels he is

(EXACT) in tune with all of his (SEEN) friends.


22. Many companies say they are trying to create a youth agenda to unite teenagers around
the world. Such an agenda includes an (AWARE) of the global environment
and human rights. Benetton, for example, says teenagers do not always conform to the
same style. Thus, those who wear the united colours of Benetton are encouraged to
celebrate together their individual and (CULTURE) difference.

23. I am quite sure I wouldn't like to have an (OCCUPY) that has anything to do

with physics, (CHEMIST) or maths. I am not the (SCIENCE) type at

all. In school I was a complete (FAIL) in the mentioned subjects. I am not very

good at (DEAL) with people either, nor am I very (AMBITION). Jobs in

business, (ADMINISTRATE) and (MANAGE) do not really

interest me. In (ADD), I find it rather (IRRITATE) to be surrounded by

many people.

25. I would rather see myself in a job involving (CREATE) work or (ART)

skills of some sort. I'd like to have the opportunity to work outdoors

(OCCASION) and perhaps do some (TRAVEL) too. I am not

(PARTICULAR) concerned about becoming (WEALTH) but I would like to have

a (REASON) income - enough to live (COMFORT).


27. His among fellow authors is amazing. (POPULAR)

28. The car was probably the most important of the 20th century. (INVENT)

29. helped him earn millions of dollars. (FAMOUS)

30. Her biggest strength is the she shows when she does something new.

31. We try to be to the needs of the customer (RESPOND)

32. The Prime Minister has promised to take steps to fight terrorism (DECIDE)

33. They live in a quiet street in the north of Chicago (SUBURB)

34. Are you taking the trip for business or ? (PLEASE)

35. It's for him to hang out with children of his age (NATURE)

36. A lot of our medicines from tropical plants (ORIGIN)

37. are looking at new evidence on how the Egyptians buried their dead


38. She had an outward of calm, but she was really worried (APPEAR)

39. The Birmingham-based firm has over 300 (EMPLOY)

40. The publishers are looking for an American for his novels (TRANSLATE)

We live in a new (RESIDENT) area in the suburbs of London. It is a quiet

(NEIGHBOUR) , which is a great change after living in one of the (NOISE) parts of
London for years. The house is set in beautiful (SURROUND) , but there is one

major (ENVIRONMENT) problem: a chemical factory a few miles away in

the (INDUSTRY) zone. (FORTUNATE), the waste from the factory has

been causing serious (POLLUTE) of the atmosphere and the Thames River.

Another (ADVANTAGE) is the night life , which doesn't exist. If you want

any (ENTERTAIN) you have to drive into (CENTRE) London, where you

have the (DIFFICULT) of finding a (SUIT) parking space. (LUCK) , it

is only a five-minute walk to the nearest (GROUND) station, which then takes me

directly to Oxford Circus.

Hawaii is one of the most (FASCINATE) places in the world to get a clear view of the

night sky. This is because of the island's (GEOGRAPHY) setting. Because it is

a (MOUNTAIN) area in the middle of the ocean, Hawaii is much less affected by

light (POLLUTE) than other parts of the world.

(FORTUNE), tourists are allowed to go to the top of the volcano,known as Mauna Kea,

where the view is even more (IMPRESS). The volcano rises to a (HIGH) of

over 4000 metres and gives visitors an (INTERRUPT) view of the night sky. It is also

the (LOCATE) for the world's most (POWER) telescopes.

The telescopes at WM Keck Observatory have been credited with the (DISCOVER) of

about 40 new planets beyond our solar system . By proving the (EXIST) of these

planets, (ASTRONOMY) have increased the (PROBABLE) that some day

an inhabited world like our own may be found.

1. Stephen King's new novel is really (REMARK).

2. Why don't you go to the police . It's the most thing to do (REASON).

3. The only for getting the job is being 18. (REQUIRE)

4. Taxi drivers are often very people (TALK).

5. Can you tell me if the disease is (INFECTION).

6. Our team didn't lose because of their great footballers (DEFENSE).

7. Please don't touch my hand. It's very where I got bruised (PAIN).

8. It was very of you to send me a postcard (THOUGHT).

9. You should be careful when using appliances (ELECTRIC).

10. My flat consists of a very living room and a kitchen (SPACE).

11. My car has back seats (REMOVE).

12. Passengers must expect delays in departures and arrivals (LONG).

13. Jean said that she had destroyed her ID card (ACCIDENT).

14. I prefer fresh food to food (FREEZE).

15. I've visited Greece for five years and I'm going there this year too (SUCCESS).

16. You wouldn't like the movie. Its too for you (CHILD).

17. Her soup tasted (HORROR).

18. She doesn't know who her father is (BIOLOGY).

19. There is no explanation for what we just saw (SCIENCE).

20. There are many parks in the US, especially in California and Florida (AMUSE).

1. The made it clear that it wasn't his last book (NOVEL).

2. We normally don't trust (POLITICS) .

3. What kind of am I to take to cure my disease (MEDICINE).

4. It was a big compared to his last match (IMPROVE).

5. Everybody is worried about the of the rainforest (DESTROY)

6. The police were told by their where to find the criminal (INFORM)

7. He received many medals for his acts of during the war (HERO).

8. This knife won't cut. It needs (SHARP).

9. John turned up on the wrong day because of a (UNDERSTAND)

10. She got very angry but later on apologised for her (PATIENT).

11. People living in cities often suffer from (LONELY).

12. My grandfather got a medal for his during the war (BRAVE).
13. The book contains some very nice (ILLUSTRATE).

14. Failure to apply in time may result in a of benefit (LOSE)

15. Mary suddenly fell sick so we needed a immediately (REPLACE)

16. Jackie had another with her boss. They always quarrel (AGREE).

17. Bobby Charlton was a player who played in the 1960s (LEGEND).

18. Ever since their house burned down they have been (HOME).

19. He gave me a smile because he knew he had done something wrong (DEVIL)

20. He turned out to be a very worker (USE).

I was (LAZY) browsing through the small ads in a local newspaper when I

(SUDDEN) saw an (ADVERTISE) for a second-hand word (PROCESS) , so

I decided to give them a ring to get more (INFORM). I have a computer but it

doesn't (REAL) have a (POWER) enough memory for the project I'm working on

at the moment. In most (OCCUPY) nowadays , it is becoming useful to be 'computer

literate' but in my (PROFESS) it has become an absolute (NECESSARY). I

must admit I do not get much (PLEASE) out of sitting in front of a computer screen for

hours, but I don't stand much chance of (PROMOTE) without computer skills. So I

made an (APPOINT) to see my bargain computer the next day.

Pythagoras was a (PHILOSOPHY) born on the Aegean island of Samos. He was

known as a great (MATHEMATICS) who has received (ADMIRE) for over

2000 years. As a young man he travelled a lot and was (GREAT) influenced by

some (REMARK) ideas he came across in Egypt and Babylon.

Over time, he made (EXTEND) mathematical (INVESTIGATE) , which

included "Pythagoras' Theorem" , a great (DISCOVER) stating that the square of the

hypotenuse of a right angled triangle is equal to the sum of the squares. In (ADD),

Pythagoras was one of the earliest (SCIENCE) to suggest that the earth was a

sphere (REVOLVE) around a central fire. Without doubt, his

(CONTRIBUTE) to the scientific world will always be acknowledged.

Many people , maybe even the (MAJOR) are not particularly happy in their job. They go

to work and get paid. (EMPLOY) for them is just a way of paying the bills. This leads

to (LAZY) at work and unhappy workers often don't show enough (POLITE)

to customers or (KIND) to their fellow workers. Many workers feel that they have no

chance of (PROMOTE) and they are unhappy with the (WORK) conditions.
If you want to get (ENJOY) from your work, make sure that involves doing an

(ACTIVE) that you like. Ask yourself whether the job will have the same

(ATTRACT) after five years. A (CARE) now can save you a lot of (HAPPY) in

the future.

1. Despite being a passionate camper, I find the (DARK) in this forest


2. In order to (BROAD) your shoulders you have to do many push-ups at the gym.

3. She didn't like the colour of her hair so she decided to (DARK) it.

4. The suspect was released because of lack of (EVIDENT) against him.

5. Being unable to meet John , I rang to apologise for the (CONVENIENT) I had

caused him.

6. (FLUENT) in at least two languages is essential if you want to become


7. The town council placed (RESTRICT) on the water supply due to a

(SHORT) of water that year.

8. There are many (COMPLAIN) about the (ADEQUATE) of facilities

for the handicapped.

9. The government attempted to reduce (VIOLENT) by increasing police patrols.

10. The (DEEP) of that lake has never been measured.

11. To calculate the area of the room you have to multiply its (LONG) by its


12. The doctor advised me to exercise in order to (STRONG) my muscles.

13. Amanda is (LIKE) to lose any weight, as she has a (WEAK) for sweets

and junk food.

14. Many (FLY) were delayed today, causing growing (PATIENT) among

the passengers.

15. In some countries the percentage of (LITERATE) is still very high.

1. Unfortunately, your illness is (CURE).

2. Please don't tell me any more lies. It is very (HONEST)

3. You won't be paid very much as an worker (SKILL)

4. His arguments are so it's impossible to have a decent discussion with him (LOGIC)
5. The traffic problem in the city has improved (EXPECT)

6. The judge told him it was to drink and banned him for a year (RESPOND)

7. Please make the cheque to John Brown (PAY)

8. Such a small car is for longer journeys (SUIT)

9. Please put out your cigarette. There's an over there (ASH)

10. My boss continually his position by getting me to do things that I really am not supposed to do (USE)

11. He holds strong and is ready to defend them at any time (BELIEVE)

12. James Bond was a hero of mine (BOY)

13. Congratulations ! All the you have made turned out to be correct (CALCULATE)

14. Two soldiers and eighteen were killed in the attack (CIVIL)

15. I found this offer among the ads in the paper (CLASS).
16. I have my letter of application and a CV (CLOSE)

17. I seem to have my car keys. I can't find them anywhere (LAY)

18. We have just been shown another example of killings (SENSE)

19. We don't have any avocados. There seems to be a at the moment (SHORT)

20. The long rainy journey was the first of many that awaited her (HARD)

1. I wouldn't accept him as a business partner because he is completely (RELY).

2. Have you ever seen the Prime Minister's official (RESIDE)

3. Whenever I meet my old teacher I greet him (RESPECT)

4. You can't be so if you want people to like you (SELF)

5. Kurdish organized a demonstration last week (SEPARATE)

6. Your ideas are interesting but you must the language. Nobody can understand it (SIMPLE)

7. This cafe in ice-cream (SPECIAL)

8. I appreciate the of this material, but its too expensive. (SOFT)

9. He was won the competition for five years. (SUCCEED)

10. I have to make my final by next Monday (DECIDE)

11. Don't be so of my work (CRITIC)

12. When they searched the postman's house they found bags full of letters (DELIVER)

13. I am unable to between the different kinds of perfume. Everything smells the same (DIFFER)

14. Why don't you check the number in the phone (DIRECT)

15. Good is the key to success (EDUCATE)

16. We are aiming at cooperation between our two firms (EFFECT)

17. Lech Walesa was the personality during the changes that took place in Poland (DOMINATE)

18. We must call an to repair the heater. (ELECTRIC)

19. He is a kind and understandable who cares for his workers (EMPLOY)

20. I like the book although it is an of the story I had read earlier (EXPAND)

21. It is no (EXAGGERATE) to say that the world has become a global village. Modern methods

of (COMMUNICATE) have made the world much smaller and the problems we face, such

as (POLLUTE) are not restricted to this country. The (DESTROY) of the rainforests in Brazil

is everyone's problem and the (STARVE) which is common in many African countries is a challenge for

Europe too. The (EXTINCT) of rare species is a tragedy for the planet as a whole and the

(EXHAUST) of oil supplies will shake the (FOUND) of the world's economy.

23. The (PROTECT) of the environment is the (RESPONSIBLE) of all nations, rich and

poor. However , uncontrolled economic (COMPETE) between strong and weak nations leads to

the (CREATE) of greater (EQUAL) between the rich and poor nations of the world.

The of the river at this point is about 5 metres (DEEP)

The new pop group was so successful in Britain that their spread to the USA (FAMOUS)

Although she was poor, her wouldnt allow her to accept any form of charity (PROUD)

She seemed friendly, but in she was only after his money (REAL)

There is a great of houses in most major cities (SHORT)

Is there any in the rumour that the Prime Minister is stepping down (TRUE)

The childrens at the party was dreadful (BEHAVE)

We cant stay all day. We have to make a soon (DECIDE)

The bombs caused terrible (DESTROY)

We had to get special to leave early (PERMIT)

I want of your love to me. Lend me 1000 !(PROVE)

The at the hotel was excellent (SERVE)

The more rises the less popular the government is going to get (EMPLOY)

His ended in a complete disaster. (MARRY)

The of the computer has had an enormous effect on peoples lives (INVENT)

She made an to see her bank manager in the morning (ARRANGE)

We tried to get home before set in because I dont like driving at night (DARK)

Do you get free dental in your country (TREAT)

Although it is , I dont think there will be true equality between men and women (DESIRE)

The of foreign languages, especially French, is required for the job (KNOW)

She was very and hoped to be a lawyer before she reached 35 (AMBITION)

I dont think well go down to the beach today. Its too (CLOUD)
The Times is perhaps the most famous paper in the UK (DAY)

The prisoner escaped to by hiding in the boot of the car (FREE)

I think the most thing to do is to wait a bit longer before buying the house (SENSE)

My neighbours were very kind and when my husband died (SYMPATHY)

He has the to become a professional football player (ABLE)

Is it to drive a car when youre 16 (LAW)

What started as quickly turned into love (FRIEND)

People watched in as the helicopter crashed nearby (HORRIBLE)

Switzerland and Austria are very countries (MOUNTAIN)

The police are still looking into the mysterious of the young woman (APPEAR)

There is only one snake in Great Britain (POISON)

We decided to take the flat because it was quite large and the rent was very (REASON)

What sort of fish is this? Its completely (TASTE)

Freedom from should be a human right (POOR)

They say that between companies helps keep prices down (COMPETE)
This part of the country is well-known as an area of great (BEAUTIFUL)

Is the from Earth to Mars the same as from Earth to Venus? (DISTANT)

Their was delayed because of bad weather (DEPART)

1. I didn't correct your writing because it was simply (LEGIBLE)

2. We would like to point out the between the two types of engines (SIMILAR)

3. The teacher was very annoyed at Tom because he's so in class (OBEY)

4. Are you sure you did't him? He cant have said that (UNDERSTAND)

5. Homework makes a lot of students , some even become sick (ANXIETY)

6. Vicky's at work was noticed so the boss called her at home (ABSENT)

7. Although I liked living with my family I didn't like the lack of (PRIVATE)

8. Parking space in the city is due to the of car parks (ADEQUATE, SHORT)

9. Despite being a camper I find the in this forest almost


10. I called to apologize for the I had caused (CONVENIENT)

11. The of that lake has never been measured (DEEP)

12. The doctor advised me to exercise a lot in order to my back muscles (STRONG)

13. Many flights were delayed today, causing growing among the passengers (PATIENT)

14. was down to five metres due to the thick fog (VISIBLE)

15. They depended on growing farm crops for their (LIVELY)

16. Can you sign this document, please? Dont worry , it's just a (FORMAL)

17. Violent, trouble-causing hooligans are a among football fans (MINOR)

18. The new machine does not only remove dust from the air, it also controls the (HUMID)

19. Janet anything I do. We simply cant get along with each other (LIKE)

20. There has been a change in his lately (NOTICE, BEHAVE)

1. She chose light-coloured furniture to up her dark room (BRIGHT)

2. The police released a of the wanted man (DESCRIBE)

3. The spectators with the referees decision and threw plastic bottles onto the pitch .(AGREE)

4. I had to his phone number because I didn't have anything to write it down (MEMORY)

5. The new laser treatment can extract teeth (PAIN).

6. An ideal friend should be and there for us when we need him (THOUGHT)

7. Four people died in a accident due to road conditions (FATE, ICE)

8. Local residents are angry because accidents have already happened there (NUMBER)

9. We told the children to look both ways before crossing the road (CAUTION)

10. can be an enjoyable experience, even if more and more couples are deciding to stay


11. The teacher told the children to hand in their no later than Friday (ASSIGN)
12. Dianne was refused to the club because she was under age (ENTER)

13. The manager is very generous to all of his staff, of their position (REGARD)

14. Melina was very about picking up her new scooter (ENTHUSIASM)

15. The is trying to find a solution to the crisis (POLITICS, DIPLOMAT)

16. Even though hes already 21, he is still (MATURE)

17. The firefighter was given a medal for the rescue of a little boy (HERO)

18. I do not know what to do now that my friends are gone. Ill probably die of (BORE)

19. In the early 1960s a new craze called skateboarding swept through the cities of the United States (COAST)

20. I heard that neither of the was found guilty in yesterdays trial (DEFEND)

Three or four cups of coffee a day may not sound (EXCESS) , yet some of the minor symptoms many of us

experience (like headaches , indigestion or high blood (PRESS) ) may be related to caffeine (TAKE). A cup of

real coffee contains about 100 mg of caffeine . It stimulates the (NERVE) system , heart and kidneys . Heavy
coffee (CONSUME) is likely to produce a general (FEEL) of anxiety.

The effects that caffeine has on the human body depends to some extent on personality and (PSYCHOLOGY)

factors. People, for example , who take tranquillizers are often (SENSE) to caffeine. Drinking more coffee only makes

their symptoms worse.

The long-term dangers of caffeine - such as cancer and heart disease - have been the subject of much debate , but a recent study
has found no significant association between coffee consumption and any major cause of (DEAD).

However, it might be worthwhile , trying to find out if caffeine is responsible for minor (ILL) by gradually

(REDUCE) the coffee intake. Switching to tea does not help much because tea also contains caffeine. The same applies to cocoa
and cola drinks. (CAFFEIN) coffee is not the answer either because it tends to have a greater effect on your

stomach, causing (DIGEST) and diarrhoea.

(HERB) teas, which contain low levels of caffeine, fruit juices and plenty of water are the best substitutes. Also watch out

for caffeine in painkillers and in cold remedies; you could end up ingesting several hundred milligrams of caffeine a day without
even (REALISE) it.

Although my two sisters have a mother , we are

definitely .

This is not just a matter of though we are small


with curly hair and a to overeat and put on weight.


The goes much further than that. Throughout


our we were brought up to be very adaptable and


our to accept change is another characteristic we share.


Another would be . We all hate parties where you


have to walk into a of strange faces. We are all


interested in wearing clothes and we often share


our clothes. , this causes arguments. We really


should come to some about who can borrow what


from whom.

George Lukas' Star Wars transformed 20th century


and raised audience to alarming heights for film


producers. Since Star Wars was made in 1977 special effects

have become important in selling a film

The script of Jurassic Park, for example, was rather


but the film was a box office success because the dinosaurs were
realistic. However, special effects do not always

guarantee success. , when Lost World came out,


the technology was far superior, but people had become tired
of dinosaurs and were not motivated enough to want to

go and see them any more. The film was not as


as its predecessor.
But who is not when they see Jar Binks in The

Phantom Menace, the first ever 3D interactive character


seen on film? Computer-generated are certainly the


way ahead, but you may be surprised to discover that the

most expensive special effect was filmed in 1956. The

of the Red Sea in Cecille DeMille's The Ten Commandments

cost an 2 million.

But what does the future hold? It is to think that


with computer-generated images filmmakers may be able to

deceased movie stars , such as James Dean and

Marilyn Monroe.

One thing that people get from their (OCCUPY) is, of course, money. Most people wouldnt do the job they do if it

wasnt for the pay at the end of each day, week or month. However, the (MAJOR) of people want more than just a good

salary. There are many other things which add up to job (SATISFY) , the feeling of (ENJOY) you get

from doing a job that makes you happy. What people in (EMPLOY) want from a job varies (GREAT) from

person to person.

For some, the chances of (PROMOTE) make a big difference. For others, working in a (CREATE)

environment with other people makes them happier than they would be working alone. When planning your career, you should
consider all the (ACTIVE) involved in a job and decide how each one suits your (PERSON) . If youre

considering becoming a (JOURNAL) , for example, do you like meeting members of the public? If you're thinking of

becoming an (ACCOUNT) do you enjoy detailed work with numbers? Just because one job is better paid than

another, it doesnt mean it's the job for you.

It is easy to assume that life as a top sports star is both easy

and glamorous. But this is to completely

the reality of what goes on behind the scenes. From a very

early age athletes must be absolutely to their

But on its own is not enough - hey need to

be very in order to succeed, and must never


allow themselves to be by setbacks.


sports stars can, of course, become very wealthy,


in to being world-famous, but can be at a severe


in their social development. It is therefore


important to that they receive a reasonably


balanced upbringing and to their experience beyond


the daily grind of practice and in order to


them to deal with the constant pressures that


success can bring.

Use the following endings : -age, -hood, -ation, -ion, -ful, -ence, -ency , -ness, -al, -(er)y, -ment , - ety, -ism , -ity , -ing , -ior

1. I decided this. It was my .

2. Dont be so anxious. Control your .

3. Anns a socialist. She believes in .

4. We all want to be happy. We seek .

5. We all agree. Were all in

6. Who discovered this? Who made this ?

7. Well all arrive. Well be met on .

8. I was a child then. It happened in my .

9. She is absent. Can you explain her ?

10. Ill post this. Whats the ?

11. Be more efficient. Improve your .

12. Dont be so curious. Control your .

13. I refused their offer. My is final.

14. I warned you. I gave you enough .

15. Put it in your mouth. Take one .

16. Can you explain it? Is there an .

17. They tried him. I was at the .

18. Dont argue. I dont want an .

19. I dont like the way you behave. Your is impossible.

20. You can be active here. Choose any you want.

Use the word given in capitals at the end of some of the lines to form a word that fits in the space in the same line.


Body language is a very form of communication.


Some expressions, in particular, can be understood


all around the world. If we find something , for


example, we wrinkle up our noses. Anyone watching

knows how we feel.

All people smile, and a smile is likely to get a positive

. It can, however, be obvious when you don't mean

it. When you smile, muscles around your eyes


automatically contract, but these muscles are difficult to

control . An authentic smile fades quickly,too,

while an artificial smile will last longer.


The we make when we are angry, sad and


scared are also common to most cultures. Despite all the

languages spoken in the world, we can still

communicate using this language of facial


However, you sometimes need to be . Certain

gestures can vary, even within a single country. For example

Italians gesturing "yes" tilt their heads forward,

never back, whereas people in the north nod by


the head backwards and forwards. Sometimes, this can be

very .

The Eiffel Tower

One of the most famous in the world must be


the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It was built between 1887 and

1889 by Gustav Eiffel, whose design was the

entry in a for a new monument for the Paris


held in 1889.

The huge iron tower was an idea for its time and

it was the building in the world until the 1930s. It is


situated in an area called Champs-de-Mars, and


you get an amazing view of the city from the



, not everyone is impressed by the Eiffel Tower,


and it has received a lot of from many Parisians


who think it is ugly and . But for the thousands


of tourists who visit Pars every year, its


will always remain assured.

Keep Duburn Clean !

The local of the rural village of Dunburn

which has a of just 1,500 people , are protestiung


against a plan to turn this location into an



The local council recently made an saying


that an area outside the village had been sold and that in
the near future the of new factories would start.

The villagers are very that these factories will


spoil the scenery. They are also concerned that they will
threaten the local animal life. They say it was

of the council to make this without asking the local


people for their opinion.

People are (CRITIC) of parents who can't control, their children, but according to statistics, (OBEY)

among teenagers is increasing. It is (LEGAL) for children to miss school but many do play truant.

Experts say that the younger the parents , the (BIG) the danger that their (EXPERIENCE) as adults will

affect their children's schooling.

Children must be (COURAGE) not to think of school as an (RELEVANT) part of life. This will create a

transformation from positive to negative feelings. We must remember that only a few children (APPEAR) from

school each year and schools now offer many (ADDITION) activities. The days of children (HAPPY)

enjoying education are not yet over.

All students throughout the world sit for


at some point in their lives. If students are

they get a formal that enables them to

get a job or continue with further .


Most formal testing involves a of techniques


but the most common form requires students to show

that they have a detailed of the subject area.


Students, who do not pass are not considered as

, they simply need more time to study. Some


of them are simply .


The who pass do so because they have made


a good on the examiner and have also


succeeded in showing their .