(A Comprehensive Study on the Inspirational

Life of Nick Vujicic)

Thesis: Born with a unique disability, Nick Vujicic’s steadfast

faith in God helps him face his daily challenges with strength

and perseverance as he fulfills his passion to speak and

encourage people through the testimony of God’s faithfulness in

his life.

I. Nicholas James Vujicic was born with a unique disability.
A. He was born in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia to

Dusanka and Borislav Vujicic on December 4, 1982

with phocomelia without some fully formed limbs.
B. Due to this disability, he has limited

capabilities compared to other people with only

having two small and deformed feet to work with.
C. He grew up and lived life differently from the

everyday lifestyle of other people as he had to

use his two small appendages to do things that we

would normally do with our hands.

II. He also learned to overcome the barriers of his disability by doing the best he can in any situation and not being afraid to try and fail. C. Nick’s steadfast faith in God has helped him in numerous ways. IV. A. but this law was changed later on. he was the prime target of ridicule and bullying from other students which led him to struggle with very severe depression and contemplated committing suicide at the age of ten years old. A. He tried his best to be independent and do the things which people with limbs are capable of doing. After being admitted. and he became the first physically challenged child to be admitted to a mainstream school. . A Victoria state law made it difficult for him to enter a mainstream school. Nick dealt with the typical challenges of school and adolescence along with some unique challenges due to his condition. B. III. He had particularly challenging time finding acceptance from others as the fears of rejection and mockery constantly bothered him. Nick learned to persevere through the struggles that he faced. B.

God has used him to let people know in countless schools. and never gives up. B. . C. prisons. B. Nick found passion to speak and encourage others through the message of Jesus Christ. trusts God. focus on what is important. C. He assures people that God does have a plan for their lives that is purposeful as seen in how God took his life and filled him with His purpose and plan to move hearts and lives toward Him. churches. He wanted to be a witness for God. hospitals. It helped him to accept himself the way he is and vowed to praise God and make a difference in the world. V. orphanages. stadiums and in face-to-face encounters with individuals how very precious they are to God. A. A. giving him the strength to continue on with life today. He was able learn the importance of humility through the circumstances that God presented in his life. and have a positive mindset where he believed that one does his best. to become an international inspirational speaker and be used as a vessel in both Christian and non-Christian venues. It also helped him to embrace life.

VI. Analysis VII. Conclusion .

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