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ISSUE 319 APRIL 2017

ISSUE 319 | APRIL 2017 | MONTHLY 4.75




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Darrell banks the first carp for 5 months, Lee Wagner talks about his rig that Luis Montes banks the USAs
from the ultra-hard Bayeswater has been 20 years in the making first 60+ carp, and much more

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only makes it incredibly slim and lightweight but
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Prices start from 139.99 RRP.

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The Carpworld Contents / Issue 319 / APRIL 2017

win one of five key cray packages worth over 119 each

35 Letter To A Small
Island Part Three
Simon Mansbridge
79 Think Tank
The word
thermocline is often
95 The Evolution Of
Lee Wagner
ISSUE 319 APRIL 2017

BIG Last month, Simon wrote bandied about at this time Big-fish angler Lee Wagner first
ISSUE 319 | APRIL 2017 | MONTHLY 4.75

about location of the general of year, and is described as started carp fishing 20 years ago,
P1 39
INTERVIEW areas where the carp can a section of water where the and here he reveals how he has
ALI HAMIDI be found. The next step water temperature drops continually worked to create the

is to find the spots within drastically with a small most efficient rig possible.
these areas where they are change in depth. We asked
prepared to feed. our panel of experts for their
102 The Deepings Years

opinions on how this affects Garry Carlton

P56 P95 P149

RigWorld featuring fishing, and how to tackle it. After Garrys article in the
Mike Kavanagh last issue, he carries on with

Darrell banks the first carp for 5 months,
from the ultra-hard Bayeswater

001_COVER_CW319_V3.indd 1
Lee Wagner talks about his rig that
has been 20 years in the making
Luis Montes banks the USAs
first 60+ carp, and much more

27/03/2017 10:29
Mike checks out products
from Angling Iron, including
their Ring Screws, Hook
87 My Manor
Simon Kenny
A change of circumstances
the story of his time on the
Deepings syndicate. If you
thought his first year on the
The man behind the big fish off Swivels and Shank Stops. led to Simon trying his hand water was good, after catching
and monster carp - ali hamidi. There are also products from on this deep, tricky, and often Black Spot, then read on.
Korum, Fox and Gardner, plus busy Essex venue, and he had

6 Editors Comments
This month, Steve talks
more in Carpworlds Choices. some truly outstanding results
for his efforts. 111 BaitWorld featuring
Joe Turnbull
about his first proper session of
the year on Greenacres, which
saw him wade through numerous
50 The F Word
Paul Forward
Paul has been trying to get 93 Nash Competition
The awesome new
This month, Joe checks
out groundbait from Bait-
Tech, imitation baits from
tench before landing a carp. Hes back amongst the fish this Key Cray bait has recently Enterprise Tackle, and looks
also been to the Carpin On month, but even a social been launched, so weve into mail-order bait from
show, which was a great success. with Dave Lane didnt help, teamed up with the guys at The Angling Bait Company.
until he decided to try his Nash to offer you the chance Theres also bait from Crafty

9 Gazette
All the news and views
from around the carp-angling
luck on a different venue
where the fish soon
played ball.
to win part of our 599.90
prize bundle.
Catcher, Nash, Sticky Baits
and Mainline.

scene to keep you up to date

with whats going on.
56 Peckys Progress
Darrell Peck

13 Kingsmead Chaos Part

Two Greg Ellis
Greg continues his Kingsmead
This month, Darrell banks the
first carp for 5 months from the
very tricky Bayeswater, and
adventure, and reveals how lands a cracking 30lb+ common
knowledge gained was a crucial from Blasford Hill.
part of his ongoing success on
this busy and often tricky venue.
The rewards are there for those
willing to make the effort.
63 Ask The Experts
Our panel of
experts answer questions on
tackling a large weedy water

20 Magical Meres
Brad Lewis
Much has been written about
where Chods are used a lot,
and fishing Zigs on a deep
water during the spring.
the Shropshire and Cheshire Theres also 250 worth of
meres, so Bradley Lewis reveals Mainline bait to be won.
how he tackles these enigmatic
waters, with a great deal
of success. 67 The Big Interview
Ali Hamidi
Steve Broad talks to TV

28 Some Kind Of Monster

Mark Watson
Mark takes a look at the fishing
presenter, and all-round nice
guy, Ali Hamidi, about
where it all began for him;
world, and just how much things from working for Korda

have changed, talks rigs, and right up to now, when hes
discusses the ethics managed to get more fishing
of prebaiting. on our TV screens.

4 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

004-005_Contents_CW319_v3.indd 1 27/03/2017 17:00

F: / T: @CarpworldMag

122 Chilled Out

Ian Chillcott
With the change of
weather, Chillys luck also all this
of Carpworl
seems to have changed, plus 12 issues door for just
delivered to
and with temperatures
on the way up, he makes
the most of the fish being
more active.

129 TackleWorld
In this months
TackleWorld, we check out the
awesome new Greys Prodigy OFFER ON | PAGE 76
Apex rods, which are simply FOR THE WORLDWIDE ANGLER
great to use and are awesome
all-rounders, plus a look at
some of the latest products
from Fox, Chub and Mitchell.


139 Still Carping On
Tim Paisley alpine RRP. 549.99 O/P 499.99
Tim shares the latest
revelations to unfold in
The Carp Society saga, and
giants with tony davies-patrick

recounts some of the most
recent things hes been
involved in, including a
meeting with Rod Hutchinson.


p168 w hy you dont ne e d t o p174 just a short drive from calais,

change your tact ics a b r oa d les lacs du verger is an ideal destination


147_InterCover_CW319.indd 1 27/03/2017 12:10
RRP. 384.99 O/P 349.99
T h is is th e d ed ic ate d s e c tio n fo r wo r l d wid e OR FROM 26.25 PER MONTH
a n g l e r s. I n E c ho e s this mo nth, the r e a r e s o me ON INTEREST FREE FINANCE!
v e ry im pr e ssive c a ptur e s fr o m a r o und the gl o b e ,
i n clu d in g a n e w r e c o r d fo r the US A , a nd c a ptur e s
f r o m F r a n ce , Mo r o c c o, Ho l l a nd, a nd mo r e . To ny
Dav ie s- Patr ic k finis he s his A l pine Gia nts s e r ie s
w i th h is f i f th ins ta l me nt, whic h ha s s o me inc r e d ib l e
i m ag e ry. W e v e a l s o go t two Ove r s e a s Fis he ry Fo c us
a r ticle s, a s we ta ke a l o o k at two ve ry d iffe r e nt
v e n u e s T o p C ats in Tha il a nd a nd L e s L ac s d u Ve r ge r
i n F r a n ce . T h er e s a l s o a fa nta s tic pie c e fr o m
Ca r pw o r l d r egul a r Ia in Mac mil l a n, who s ho ws ho w
h is tacti cs f or the UK wo r k j us t a s we l l ove r s e a s.

149 168
No Need For Change

Iain Macmillan
Alpine Giants - Part Five 174
Overseas Fishery Focus
Tony Davies-Patrick
Les Lacs du Verger RRP. 175.99 O/P 159.99
164 176

87 Overseas Fishery Focus

TopCats Overseas Directory
RRP. 131.99 O/P 119.99

0121 344 3333



B6 7HH

004-005_Contents_CW319_v3.indd 2 27/03/2017 17:00



he team here have just got back
from the Carpin On show 2017,
and what an awesome event it was.
As always, the visitors and exhibitors had a
great time at this very social occasion.
I would like to thank all the people who
exhibit and support the show the visitors, Urban Banx
star Alan Blair
the guys who keep the Rig & Bait Clinic kept everyone
running smoothly, and the event team of captivated with
Ali was on hand to talk about the stories of
Bev, Pip, and Jemima, who work tirelessly the Big Fish Off and Monster Carp. his adventures.
behind the scenes.
In no particular order, I would like to Mike and Julian talking
thank all the Carp-Talk guys for their great all things riggy.
company and hard work, Joe Turnbull, Mike
Kavanagh, Julian Cundiff, Rob Hughes, and
all the guys who did the talks and slide shows,
which were once again brilliant.
On the shing front, things have been
looking up. After doing loads of short sessions
on Greenacres, I finally managed to get
myself organised and do a 3-nighter in cold
and blustery conditions. I worked my way
through what seemed like a million tench,
and then it all came good with a three-sh
catch, including my rst 30 of the year, at
30lb 12oz. I was well chuffed.
Finally, weve all been working hard on the
new Carpworld website. Its had a big revamp,
so if you get the chance, take a look at: www. Joe was kept busy all weekend,
rolling loads of
Theres loads of stuff on there that will
hookbaits for an
help you get your carpy x, so enjoy. eager audience.

Chilly was signing his new book,

for which he won an award.

The Carp Society and the

PAG were in attendance.

6 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

006-007_Editorial_CW319 1 27/03/2017 07:54

Outside, the Shimano guys were
helping people with their casting.

Darrell talked about his Each morning, visitors

mega 2016 season. queued to get in.

All the talks were a huge success.

Dave Levy was on hand all weekend.

Carp addict Scott Maslen talked

Tattoo artist Rob Theobald proved to be a hit. about his love for our sport.

The awesome Terry Hearn recounted

the tale of his most recent success.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 7

006-007_Editorial_CW319 2 27/03/2017 07:55

Pass4press - Internal Rip

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the carpworld



Were very excited to announce the launch of our brand-new website, on which we have been working
tirelessly over the past few months. It provides stacks of free content, including features from some
of the biggest names in the game. Our new-look website has been given a dramatic overhaul, and
features all the latest tackle reviews, bait reviews, and advice from a selection of our carp-angling
Theres a bit of bragging going on here, but we
experts. Keep up to date with all the latest goings-on in the angling world in our dedicated news
are happy to announce that the latest title in our
section, From the Bivvy, and upload your latest catch reports for your chance to win exclusive
publishing portfolio,
prizes. You can even have your say on the latest hot topics happening in the world of carp fishing.
Fanning The Flames by Ian
Check it out at:
Chilly Chillcott has been
awarded Best New Carp
Book in the Carp-Talk 2017


Awards! Thanks guys, and
well done Chilly. You can
order a copy from our online
shop if
you havent already done so.
As Tim mentions in his Carping On piece in this months issue, custodian of the Redmire bookings,
Les Bamford, has exclusively revealed the latest news on the Redmire Pool situation. When the news
recently broke that the Bernithan Estate was being put up for sale, there were fears that the historic pool
would be lost to carp fishing. However, Les has received assurances from the Richardson family, who
own the estate, that this is not the case. In fact, the younger generation of the family are keen to take
over the estate, and a plan is being put in place to make this possible. There is optimism that the pool
will stay in the family for at least the next 2 years and, hopefully, indefinitely.
Les emphasises that the family are fully aware of the significance of Redmire in the world of carp
fishing, and appreciate all the support given by carp anglers, and all the work that Les and his helpers
have done in the last 30 years of looking after the pool and its surroundings. The pool is in great order,
the weed is back, and the coloured water of a few years ago has completely disappeared.
The pool continues to be fully booked, year by year, and in the season just ended it yielded one
30, 64x 20s and 103 doubles. The long common which has been frequently mentioned over the years
is still there, and has been witnessed by several people, all of whom put the weight at around 45lb.
During the past season, this big fish was witnessed lying in the weed near the dam, and photographed
by long-time carpers Ted Hadaway and Robin
Dix. Les is familiar with the Redmire fish, and
is convinced there are two other commons in
excess of 35lb in the pool.
Les Bamford has been running the bookings
for the pool on behalf of the Richardson
family since 1988, by far the longest
continuous administrative arrangement for
the great pool in its entire history. It was Les
who made access to the pool possible for all
carp anglers, a remarkable achievement, and
one worthy of some sort of recognition from
the world of carp fishing.

Carpworld APR I L 2 01 7 9

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Make sure you keep up to date with us on our social media pages
Facebook and Twitter for the latest competitions, videos
and more. Well shortly be launching a brand-new website, so 2017 will see a very special milestone reached by Bedford-based bite indication
keep a lookout for that too. specialist, Delkim Limited. It will mark the 25th anniversary of the first Delkim
Bite Alarms with Vibration Sensing. All Delkim bite alarms, past and present,
use the unique system which can indicate proportionally both the speed of
linear line movement, and vibrations from rod tip nods and terminal tackle that
do not always move the line. The almost infinite range of sensitivity adjustment
can be fine-tuned to suit all conditions, methods and user preferences.
The original idea for the Delkim Vibration Sensing System actually came

to me in a dream back in about 1983, commented chairman and managing
director, Del Romang. The rest, as they say, is history, including the virtually
annual awards for the Delkim Tx-i as Best Bite Alarm. To be able to celebrate

TEAM MEMBERS 25 years of Delkim Vibration Sensing in 2017 is something I could never have
imagined, and is a landmark that I am justifiably proud of, he added.
After Dels initial dream eureka moment, and the years of subsequent
We are pleased to announce that long-range casting development, the very first Delkim Standard Bite Alarms were released to the
maestro Terry Edmonds has joined RidgeMonkey on a market in 1992, and became an almost instant success.
consultancy basis. The Essex-based Carp Team England To commemorate the 25 years,
casting coach is widely regarded as one of the biggest Delkim will produce a 25th anniversary
carp tackle casters in Europe, with fixed spool casts of special edition alarm which will be
over 263m on the tournament field and overhead casts based on the existing Standard Plus.
in excess of 220m. With a special silver metallic oval logo,
Terry had this to say about the appointment: Its an silver dial stickers, silver protective
honour to be invited to work with RidgeMonkey, and Im hard case and silver box, the Delkim
excited to be able to assist in the development of their 25 Plus will be offered through Delkim
forthcoming end tackle range. In particular, main lines are retailers. Available in all six of the
my specialist subject field, and I will be working closely Delkim LED colours, the 25 Plus has
with the team to ensure that they are at the absolute top an SRP of 69.99 (Purple 74.99).
of the game. If any single product is not good enough,
I wont be signing it off. The company will be running a number
The former three times UK record holder will be of competitions across its website and
a big asset to the brand as the range is expanded. His social media sites throughout 2017 to
experience and knowledge of the equipment required by mark the anniversary, giving customers
anglers of all abilities will be utilised to ensure that the the opportunity to win free products
soon-to-be-released range of main lines is the very best from its full range of alarms and
that it can possibly be. accessories.


In case you didnt know, Mainline are supplying their frozen range of boilies in 5kg
bags, so now you can choose from 1kg, 5kg or 10kg sizes to suit all sessions. All the
dedicated freezer bait bags now include a colour-coded bait flavour indicator label
that shows the size of boilies packed, i.e. 10mm, 15mm or 18mm boilies, to make it
much easier for customers.

Check out your local stockists for prices and availability.

10 Carpworld apr i l 20 1 7

009-011_Gazette_CW319_v3.indd 2 27/03/2017 16:38

Steve Broad
T: 0114 258 0812 Ext. 214

tom morrison

Tim Paisley

After welcoming 125,000 guests through the gates in 2016, SUBEDITORS

Countryfile Live is returning for its second year, bringing the very Lynda Glover
best of the great British countryside to the picturesque grounds & Tim Paisley Jnr.
of Blenheim Palace, from 3rd-6th August 2017. The event will
be of interest to families, fishing fanatics, animal lovers, and
Tyler Lowe-Fowler / Dan Roberts
anyone with a passion for the great outdoors.
With a host of exciting new attractions for 2017, and the ADVERTISING SALES MANAGER
rising popularity of UK staycations, Countryfile Live will be the big family day out this summer. Richard Newman
For fishing enthusiasts at Countryfile Live, the Fishing Area on the Waterside will provide much E:
excitement. Sessions in the family fishing area are geared up for all ages and abilities, from complete T: 0114 258 0812 Ext. 215
beginners through to top tips coaching for the more experienced anglers. Countryfile Live will be working
closely with Get Hooked On Fishing to encourage visitors to try fishing, and this years event also PUBLISHER
includes a Coracles Activity Area, which will offer demonstrations of the art of corralling fishing. Tim Paisley
Countryfile Live brings together everything there is to cherish about the British countryside, and
includes 4 days of live arena shows, hands-on activities, such as fishing, animal displays, debates, ADVERTISING DIRECTOR
food, drink and shopping from over 500 independent retailers and lifestyle brands. Philippa Dean
T: 0114 258 0812 Ext. 202
Full details available at
Jemima Musson


Seymour Distribution

A bait boat battery is suspected to have
started a fire in the tackle shop at Bluebell
Lakes, and destroyed 150,000 of stock in
Precision Colour Printing
the large tackle showroom. Also affected
was Bluebells superb collection of stuffed PUBLISHED BY
fish, including Benson, the Creature, and a Angling Publications Limited, Regent House,
The European Carp Fishing Association is a very rare 40lb pike.
company which deals with international fishing 101 Broadfield Road, Sheffield S8 0XH
Tony Bridgefoot, owner of the popular Tel: 0114 258 0812 Fax: 0114 258 2728
competitions. The company has a lot of experience Northamptonshire day ticket fishery, which
in organising and running angling and carp is home to three 50-pounders, said: Its Carpworld 319 april 2017 not to be reproduced
matches. When organising a competition, the believed that an anglers bait boat battery in any form without the permission of the
ECFA try to set the rules and criteria to make caught fire while charging. We nipped out publisher, Angling Publications Ltd.. The views
the outcome as just as possible, to allow everyone for a couple of hours, and returned to see of our contributors do not necessarily
to show their skills. Every competition combines smoke pouring out of the building. The represent the views of Carpworld, or
work with a lifetime hobby, and perfection in fire brigade was very quick to arrive and those of any Angling Publications employee.
the field of atmosphere, as well as organisation. soon had the incident under control, but
On this basis, the Stairs2Hell competition the damage was already done. PICK UP YOUR COPY OF CARPWORLD
will be held from 19th-26th August 2017. It will He went on to say: Weve got a FROM ALL MAJOR STOCKISTS
take place for 100 teams on Lake Novomylnsk temporary reception and hope to be running
(where last years World Carp Classic was staged) as normal in a few days, but it will take
in the Czech Republic. Here are some of the several months to put everything back
main points: to how it was. Ive also lost two racing
motorbikes, which will have to be rebuilt.
Teams are composed of two to three anglers who
have equal angling rights.
The minimum size of each peg is 120m.
Baits can be rowed out up to 400m from the bank.
The three biggest carp caught by each team to count.
Prizes include the following:
Simply fill in this form and hand it to your newsagent,
who will reserve or deliver your copy of Carpworld
First place: 25,000; second place: 10,000; third Dovetail Games, the multi-award-winning developer each and every month.

place: 5,000. and publisher, has announced that following on Dear Newsagent,

Biggest carp: 1200; sections winners: 1200 (four from its successful release on Xbox One, Dovetail Please reserve/deliver (delete as appropriate) Carpworld magazine
on a monthly basis until further notice, commencing with the next
sections); 30+ carp: 40,000. Games Euro Fishing will be launching on PlayStation
4 on Tuesday 11th April 2017, and is available to
Entry fee for teams from England: 1,100 per two anglers; pre-order at 20% discount from Name:

1,300 per three anglers. Whether you are a fishing beginner or angling Tel no:
pro, Euro Fishing authentically and accurately
replicates the feeling of real fishing from the Signed:
For further details visit:
comfort of your sofa. Welcome to the great indoors! Date:

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 11

009-011_Gazette_CW319_v3.indd 3 27/03/2017 16:38

Pass4press - Internal Rip


SINCE 1998


WW W.M I R RO R P O O L . CO . U K

3 10
V I S I T W W W . M I R R O R P O O L . C O . U K O R C A L L R O B O N 0 16 2 8 5 3 3 0 9 2

Mirror_Pool_CW317.indd 1 17/01/2017 16:07



Is it a biography? Is it a technical book? Is it anecdotal and storybased?
Quite simply, its all these things rolled into one.
With a diverse geographical chapter base, from as far away as Japan, to
Paris, Ockendon, and even Turkey, this book brings variety by the spodful as it
charts how Ali achieved many of his finest moments and angling highs.
This is a book which was written to inspire the working anglers, something to
make you laugh, while also giving a rare glimpse behind the scenes of Ali Hamidis
working and fishing life. More importantly, it is a book littered with angling edges
and technical advice, to help anyone reading it put more fish on the bank. It is built
around Ali Hamidis angling adventures since 2005, a period which saw him join tackle
giants Korda, an era when he helped bring Thinking Tackle, Underwater 7 and 8, The
Big Fish-Off, and numerous other high-profile angling projects to your TV screens.
It has been over a decade of pressure cooker-carping which has drawn tactical guile, effort
and innovation from the author; vital lessons and stories that he wants to pass on.
This book is dedicated to and focused on working anglers. A richly illustrated 400+
pages which will not only help you catch more under time constraints, but will also have Carp f
you laughing, sighing, and relating to much of what you read. Frank, honest, detailed, has ne ishing
technical, and varied just about begins to describe the nature of The Carpers High. anythin r seen
Softback this be like
for e
Available to order at 448 pages, or call 0114 258 0812 20.00 + P&P

The Carpers High(Book)_1/2_page_Horizontal_CW319.indd 1 27/03/2017 12:20

ad template_halfH.indd 1 27/03/2017 13:06



Greg continues his Kingsmead adventure, and reveals how knowledge

gained was a crucial part of his continued success on this busy and often
tricky venue. The rewards are there for those willing to make the effort.


Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 13

013-017_Kingsmead_Chaos_Part_2_CW319_v5.indd 1 27/03/2017 14:47


m a chronic carp angler, and every bites tend to slow up when fishing pop-ups, Things were looking good, but the fish
weekend Im out doing my thing, so and I wanted to know when the time was all seemed to be the smaller ones in the
I got to know the water quite well right to convert both rods to Snowman lake. Kingsmead probably holds about
by doing this. My next session was the Rigs. The same happened on the Church 180 fish, at a guess, and the doubles and
last weekend of May, which was a bank Lake the previous year. 20s far outweigh the bigger ones. A 14lb
holiday result. It was another 3-night stint With the rods sorted and the bait finally 14oz common made a beeline for my
at my disposal, and what a session it was. Spombed out to the hot spot, it was time dumbbell pop-up at 10.15 a.m., and what
I left London at 3.00 p.m., and managed to sit back and see the evening in with a a corker it was; a proper little wild one, as
to arrive earlier than usual, due to working cuppa. Id missed the place. The daylight black as anything.
on my own that day. I already knew where hours faded as the sun went down, and I Although I very much appreciated the
I needed to be the Helipad but even prepared for an evening of plane spotting bite and its company, I wasnt there for
getting down that early on a Friday proved as the busy Heathrow Airport launched that stamp of fish. Id paid good money
pointless, as it was stitched up every day a plane every couple of minutes. I was for a 50lb monster, and I needed to be
of the week after my big hit, and everyone buzzing, and to be fair, Im pretty immune as close to that as possible. With the carp
elses that followed. Dog 1 was free though, to noise pollution. Before I knew it, I was showing quite frequently, it was clear they
were on the bait Id put out the previous
night, and on it in numbers. I just felt that
something wasnt right. My gut instinct
got the better of me at 2.00 p.m., and I
reeled in my rods and went searching for
something bigger.
I headed for the public footbridge that
gives a good vantage point over the lake,
TOP: The Helipad and it also gives you a birds eye view of
Swim, looking out
into the open water. whats lurking in the Helipad Swim. This
is an area where the carp hold up the most
BELOW: Simple
but very effective.
throughout the warmer months, as its quite
shallow and full of natural food when the
RIGHT: The other weed growth takes over. As I stood on
side of the Heli,
with the cove the bridge, I could see that the Helipad
opposite. was free, which was crazy on a Saturday

and with a southwesterly breeze pushing being rudely interrupted by the sound of afternoon. On closer inspection of what
in nicely, it would have been silly not to my Delkim at just gone midnight. The was swimming beneath me, I could hardly
start the session in there, especially with heavily baited spot had produced the believe my eyes. I think I found every big
my previous success. goods after 5 hours. The Chod rod did carp which resides in the lake, including
I had a plan to do exactly the same the bite once again, which resulted in a the one I really wanted, the mighty and
as I did before, so I weighed out 5kg of 22lb 6oz mirror. enormous Starrys at well over 50lb.
the faithful Cell and Spombed it all over I quickly sorted the fish and took a few It was casually minding its own business,
Madonnas Tits. (Im guessing you read pictures for the record, before tying on a and probably totally oblivious to me being
Part One, right?) The only difference this fresh Pineapple Juice Dumbbell pop-up there and watching its every move. All the
time was that I incorporated a different and wrapping my rod up to the same accomplices were there too the Scarred
method to the business end. I traded one spot. I aimed for the Tits, and then felt Mirror, Mr Pink, Moonscale, the Ugly
of my Chods for a blowback Snowman, the lead down with a nice firm drop. I Sutton you name them, they were there,
consisting of a 15mm Cell bottom bait was back in business. plus a couple of 20s thrown in for good
and a newly released yellow Topper from I was up at first light watching the measure. The majority of fish that I could
Mainline. Simple but very effective. In the water like a hawk, and I spotted a fair see were all good-sized ones; I think the
latter weeks of spring, Ive found that the few carp showing in and around the area. smaller ones were having a party in Dog

14 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

013-017_Kingsmead_Chaos_Part_2_CW319_v5.indd 2 27/03/2017 14:48

1! I legged it back there and grabbed a TOP LEFT: Welcome
to Kingsmead.
bucket to reserve the Helipad before
someone else spotted what Id seen, and BELOW: The
Mystery Common
then proceeded to barrow my gear in there.
at 36lb 8oz. It
Game on this was it, this was my time. topped a great
I was unloading my barrow when Oli five-fish catch
that weekend.
Davies walked into my swim for a chat.
Just after I left the bridge to get my kit, he MIDDLE: A 25lb
14oz mirror from
was up there admiring the view I had just the Tits spot.
witnessed, and he confirmed that Starrys
was the big un of the group. I got the rods BOTTOM LEFT:
Any carp from
sorted and decided to put them both in the Kingsmead is
shallow area for the time being, right where very special.

the fish were. I positioned my blowback

Snowman under an overhanging tree in
the right-hand corner of the swim, under
the bridge. This had a small Cell stick
attached, and went bang on the money
at the first attempt. The Chod rod went
under a canopy formed by the trees above
a little cove where the outlet is; the fish
love it in there. If I could get it right first
go, I was in with a shout of a bite because
I wasnt disturbing the swim too much.
As I was preparing the rod, we saw an
enormous mirror slowly snake out of the
water up to its pecs, and give a little wiggle
as it disappeared beneath the surface,
showing off its true width and massive
proportions. It was right where my rig was
destined to land. Oli and I looked at each
other, and at exactly the same time, one
word left our mouths: Starrys. The sheer
size of this creature was unbelievable. All
that was left was the cast, which needed
to go right under the canopy and in the
cove. It was very tense, but I made the
cast and it went perfectly, right where it
needed to go. A split second later I heard

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 15

013-017_Kingsmead_Chaos_Part_2_CW319_v5.indd 3 27/03/2017 14:48


the lead rustle through the overhanging about 40 yards, where Id had some recent was off for a look. I cant sit in a fishless
trees. Yes, I had cast it straight up the tree! success. There was no chance I could have swim, I need to know that Im on them.
I managed to get everything back after cast it back under the canopy in the dark; I walked round the lake, and as I got to a
a game of tug of war, and made the cast I just about fluked it in the daylight. I swim called Secrets. I found them again,
on the second attempt. It wasnt perfect suppose I could blame the new rods and and in big numbers too. Quite mad really,
but it was good enough, and the main reels I was using for the first time. Yes, as this swim is down the far end of the
thing was that the fish were still about in Ill blame those; a bad workman always lake, and its the furthest you can get from
numbers. We watched them for a while, blames his tools and all that. Later that the Helipad. I was adamant that these were
and I said to Oli, If I get a bite tonight, night I was woken by the other rod fished the same big fish which had been in the
it will be Starrys. He didnt doubt it, under the bridge going off, which resulted Helipad the previous day. With that, the
BELOW: One and fully expected the same as me. It just in a 25lb mirror. I did a few photos, and kit was wrapped up, and someone was
night in the right seemed too good an opportunity not to got my head down again, thinking about already setting up their gear in the swim
place is all it
took. Moonscale assume any different. what had happened a few hours earlier. before I could leave, it was that popular.
at 40lb 8oz. I settled into the swim nicely, and As the first plane took off from The move paid off nicely, and that

although nothing had occurred during Heathrow, I was already up, waving my evening I had two fish and unfortunately
the daylight hours, I was still full of farewells with a coffee in hand. Nothing lost one, all on the Snowman Rig. The
confidence for the night ahead. A few else happened during the night, and biggest of the two was a fish known as
bleeps from the Chod rod fished under the the following morning it was dead. It the Mystery Common at 36lb 8oz. It was
canopy had me investigating the situation was absolutely lifeless in the swim and the icing on the cake for what Id class as a
at around 10.00 p.m. I looked closer and it seemed devoid of fish. This was the good bit of angling, even if I say so myself!
the swinger was jammed up to the butt, Helipad though, and the carp hadnt The following morning, I decided to have
indicating that something was on the end. moved from there for weeks. I gave it another look up on the bridge before I left,
Was it the mighty Starrys? Its something until midday and then decided to reel in as the fish had obviously ran away from
Ill never know, as it decided to kite left and go back up to the bridge for a better me again. Would you believe it? There they
when I picked up the rod and connected look. Completely different to the previous were again. Even Starrys was back under
with it, right into a dense weedbed. I day, I didnt see one fish in the area. They the bridge, looking absolutely monstrous.
tried a few tricks of the trade to free it must have moved out that night or early Oh well, I would try again next weekend,
up, and all I was left with was my rig. I morning, and now I was in a bit of a so I left the lake with mixed emotions.
was absolutely gutted. I knew it was all dilemma. Did I sit it out and wait for them My consistency with captures carried on
too good to be true. to return, as they most definitely would, for the next month, but I couldnt manage
After sorting myself out, I decided to or did I go and find them? any decent-sized fish. I was getting bites
position the rod out in the open water at The hunt got the better of me and I regularly, but they were all doubles and 20s.

16 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

013-017_Kingsmead_Chaos_Part_2_CW319_v5.indd 4 27/03/2017 14:48

The rest of the anglers were experiencing some valuable information, but my heart session all came good in the end, and one LEFT: They arent
all monsters.
the same, and if you caught a 30 youd wasnt in it. Although I had fish all over night in the right swim paid off nicely. I
done well. They were getting into spawn me, I just couldnt wait to go for a look was on the fish and decided to stay later BOTTOM: The
dumbbell Chods
mode, which was obvious by the lack of round Kingsmead the following morning, than usual, hoping to nick another bite
did me well, but
bigger fish gracing the bank. I didnt catch in the hope that a few anglers were going because the conditions were spot on they started to slow
a decent fish until mid-July. home. Its safe to say that the Church for the swim. up in the summer.

I arrived on the Friday evening and it Lake bug had left me, and I packed up at This choice later came back to haunt
was fairly busy, with anglers in the swims lunchtime and signed out with a blank. me. Someone asked me to pick them
from where I knew Id get a bite. At this Dog 1 was free, and that is where I up from a certain place, literally begging
time of the year, the fish seem to hold needed to be. I wont go into too much me, but me being me, I dont give up my
up in areas, and I got to know the lake detail on this session because Ive actually fishing for anyone. I cant write too much
very well. I knew if I was going to catch done a YouTube video. If you search Greg about it because its my personal life, but it
or not, and on this occasion, I definitely Ellis Bankside Diaries 01, you can watch spilled over into my fishing life, and a few
wasnt, so I decided to make the most of it live for yourself. I managed mirrors of days later I found out that the person was
my Gold Card and ventured next door for 16lb 6oz, 25lb 14oz, 30lb, and another in a bad way in hospital. A few days later,
a night on the Church. I found them in a one of the A-Team in the shape of a I had national news reporters knocking
weedy bay after a good friend let me in on spawned-out Moonscale at 40lb 8oz. The on my front door, and two people were
up on a murder charge.
The last text I sent would send shivers
down your spine. It was enough to take
any mans soul from his body, and I was
faced with living with some serious guilt
after that. She shouldnt have been there
that day, that wasnt the plan. She should
have been back in Essex, and I cant help
but think that if I wasnt on fish that day,
shed still be alive now. Oh, what had I
got myself into?
Despite my efforts, the following week
resulted in a blank; my head just wasnt in
the game. Rest in peace that girl. Things
were bad at the time, obviously, but a week
later saw some surreal big-fish action
unfold, and left me with what can only
be described as a weekend to remember.
Catch me next month for part three. This
one is not to be missed. CW

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 17

013-017_Kingsmead_Chaos_Part_2_CW319_v5.indd 5 27/03/2017 14:48


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Much has been written about the Shropshire and
Cheshire meres, so Bradley Lewis reveals how he tackles
these enigmatic waters, with a great deal of success.

20 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

020-024_The Magical Meres_CW319_v2.indd 1 24/03/2017 16:34

TOP: An awesome
mere resident.
This rig works
perfectly in silt.

eing a Shropshire boy born and The birth of the meres goes back
bred, I have always been aware thousands of years. The heritage and
of the hidden beauties in my ambiance they display is second to none,
home county. The Shropshire countryside and I appreciate being fortunate enough to
is peppered with stunning waters, from fish them. The meres of North Shropshire
historic estate lakes to the majestic meres, are the second-largest network of wetlands
and for many anglers, these waters are the in the UK. A mere is a small lake formed
bread and butter of carp fishing, and where on the permo-triassic sandstone overlain
it all started many moons ago. by glacial drift deposited during the last
Being a carp angler since the age of 9, Ice Age. During that time, the retreating
I have wet a line on many of the jewels ice gouged out basins in the rock called
Shropshire has to offer. Estate lakes kettle holes. These filled with rainwater and
and low-stock silty meres have been my created the meres present today. Taking
playground for many years, but fishing one this into consideration, you can begin to
particular venue had been on my agenda understand how deep some can be. For
for some time. Its a place of myth and example, my syndicate goes as far as 50ft
legend, and acquiring a ticket on such a deep in places. With such a large volume of
magnificent water is always difficult. You water offering different thermocline areas,
almost have to prove your worth on other locating the carp is extremely important,
difficult venues before being granted the and extremely difficult.
magical ticket, and after a good season on If the low stock of fish, incomprehensible
another water, I finally got a winter ticket depths, and vast size didnt make the fishing
on one of the areas most difficult meres. hard enough, there are other obstacles to
Over the course of the winter, I have overcome. The high nutrient levels found
been fortunate enough to walk the banks in many of the meres produce blooms of
of two Shropshire meres. I suffered a green and blue-green algae in summer and
lot of blanks on them both, but finally autumn, known locally as the breaking of
obtained some success. Here is my story. the meres. These blooms cause shading,

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 21

020-024_The Magical Meres_CW319_v2.indd 2 24/03/2017 16:35


with the correct hooklink material, the

business end lies nicely, ready for any
greedy carp. A soft-coated braid is my
personal preference, even when using
presentations such as Hinge Stiff Rigs.
I always opt for a softer boom because
I believe it acts more naturally.
I only ever use two rigs in my fishing,
as I like to keep things as simple as
possible: a trusted Snowman assembly
fished blowback-style, or a 360 Rig lying
low in the silt. The carp actively feed in
amongst the silt, so I keep my hookbaits
as close to the bottom as possible, while
maintaining a natural presentation with
the hookpoint proud and ready for the
bottom lip of any silty pig.
the silt can be difficult. Bait and application on the meres is
Silt is a solid dust-like sediment something into which I put a fair amount
transported and deposited by water, ice, of thought. I know that natural food
and wind. It is made up of rock and mineral items sit in the silt at different levels, and
particles that are larger than clay but smaller this is something I want to imitate with
than sand. Individual silt particles are so my baiting. To achieve this I always use
small that they are difficult to see. Some different-sized boilies, with the addition
areas of silt can be very soft, other areas of a small particle such as hemp; 10mm
can be firmer, but both offer an abundance Triple-N boilies, along with 15 and 18mm,
of natural food items for the carp. Silt is what has been on the menu for the old
maintains warmth and has insulating Shropshire beauties.
properties. Small insects and animals find Prebaiting is a massive edge, and smaller
these properties comfortable and bury food items such as the Triple-N 10mms
themselves in and under it. will sink into the silt and constantly give
TOP: Various size which may be partly to blame for the lack The carp feed in and amongst the silt, off food signals. Once all the boilie
boilies and a bit
of hemp, ideal
of aquatic plants. sifting out the food items, and its situations has been gobbled up, there will still be
for holding carp However, although the sight of such like this where you most likely see bubbles some hemp nestled under the silt, so
in the swim. creatures on the bank is rare, beneath the rising to the surface. Firmer areas of silt it gives you the confidence that bait is
ABOVE RIGHT: surface of these magical waters dwell the can be spots where the carp have recently always in the area. The weight of all the
Glugs help to most beautiful carp dark, old, real English fed. They clear the top layers to expose baits is different, so they sit at different
stop the bait
from tainting. warriors. If thats not enough to tempt you, the firmer substrate beneath, and if you levels. This keeps the carp guessing, and
the prospect of them frequently reaching can find these areas, you know that the displaying more natural properties than
ABOVE: Pop-ups
weights of over 40lb should, which, by carp have fed there before. Finding these a bed of 18mm sitting deep in the silt.
are essential when
tackling the meres. Shropshire standards, is an enormous carp. spots can be difficult. It requires a keen Thinking outside the box can sometimes
At the bottom of these immense pits eye and some time spent searching the be as good an edge as any.
BELOW: Choose the
lightest lead you there is silt, silt, and even more silt. Theres areas with a lead. Hookbait-wise, I like to use some sort
can get away with. no need for a feature-finding setup; there When feeling for a drop, I use the of buoyancy, whether thats a single 15mm
arent any gravel bars beneath the surface lightest possible lead for the distance pop-up on a 360 Rig or a Snowman setup.
of these waters. Getting your head around needed. This is so that whatever the lead The idea behind this is to neutralise the
lands on, I get the most accurate reading weight of the hook, so the hookbait is
through the rod. A heavy lead, such as picked up the same as a free offering.
a 4oz, will punch through a soft layer It travels further into the carps mouth
of silt and feel firmer than it actually is. before it realises theres a Size 6 on the
A lighter one, such as 1.5oz, will flutter end and its in the net. It doesnt happen
through the layers and nestle onto the very often on the meres, but optimism is
upper sediment, which leaves you with a a key ingredient for any winter campaign.
more accurate indication. Braided main I have been fortunate in that I was
line on the leading-about rod is a must. given the opportunity to test the new
Presenting hookbaits over the silt is Bait-Tech Triple-N boilie, which has
imperative to success, and its important been a huge part of my armoury on both
to supplement certain components so meres over the winter. I am a big believer
that the business end is lying correctly. in the importance of giving the carp a
My personal preference is the old faithful high-quality food source, especially when
lead clip arrangement. The lead often prebaiting, as feeding a highly nutritious
plugs into the softer silt, but coupled boilie aids the carps digestion and makes

22 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

020-024_The Magical Meres_CW319_v2.indd 3 24/03/2017 16:35

the frost-crusted path, as it is surrounded
by shrubs, trees, and a very impressive
otter fence. It was only when I got to the
bottom gate that the magical place revealed
itself. Setting eyes on it for the first time
is something I wont forget in a hurry. I
still remember the sound of the frozen
branches crackling beneath my feet as I
stood there taking it all in, mesmerised
by its beauty.
Its stocked with around 200 carp, and
a large proportion are over the 20lb mark,
so I was filled with excitement and couldnt
wait to get the rods out. Id done my
research and knew the mere was around
10ft deep, and renowned for good winter
form. I was the only angler there so I had
the pick of the pegs, and made the most
them feel great. to piece the puzzle together. The 10-acre of it by walking from peg to peg, searching
Essentially, the bait contains a unique mere had been on my hit list for a while, for any signs of carp.
blend of nutmeals and flours. The highly but I was committed to other syndicate Areas that provide cover are a firm
attractive blend of peanut, which is a waters and it was always on the back favourite of mine in the winter, especially
reduced fat formula, tiger nut and hazelnut burner. At the start of January, I received on these old silty meres. Snags, reeds, old
are mixed together and combined with word that it had been doing a few fish. lily beds and islands are a great starting
the correct nutritional balance of quality Like a lot of anglers this winter, I suffered point on any mere, as they hold a vast
birdfoods to produce a high-quality, easily many blanks on my syndicate mere. It amount of natural food and provide
digestible food source boilie. The addition only produced two fish all winter, one cover for the old girls. However, with the
of a unique Bait-Tech liquid food adds a of which was mine, a superb common frost-laden wind easing, I decided to set up
sweet and creamy attractiveness. It also at a chunky winter weight of 33lb. With camp in a central area so I could fish the
includes active feed stimulants, and is my syndicate waters locked down like open water where I had seen a few blows.
packed full of essential amino acids, and Alcatraz, it seemed like the perfect time To cut a long story short, I was dealt
these qualities helped with my success over to wet a line in Blakemere. I booked on, a blank, but I learned a fair bit about the
the winter. The baits sink into the silt, so and eagerly anticipated my session. water and booked for the following week
its reassuring to know that the flavour The morning finally arrived, and Id to have another shot.
content and liquid food attractors are like to say I was up at the crack of dawn This session arrived quicker than a
TOP: Soaking up
still pulsing out of the bait and giving off with the car loaded ready for action, but McGregor roundhouse kick, and I was the atmosphere.
those all-important food signals. this couldnt be further from the truth. down there bright and early, as ready as
This leads me on to my recent success After a late night, I didnt arrive until ever. I began my obligatory walk and was winter monster.
on Blakemere in Whitchurch, one of 10 oclock. I pulled into the car park still pleased to see a few like-minded anglers
Shropshires oldest beauties which is yawning, donned my wellies, and set off pegged up on the far bank. Being the BELOW: An
awesome linear.
hidden away from prying eyes. Before on the first walk around the old mere. I chatterbox I am, I made my way round They dont get
arriving, I did my research and soon began couldnt see the lake while walking down to introduce myself and discuss all things much better.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 23

020-024_The Magical Meres_CW319_v2.indd 4 24/03/2017 16:35


carpy. I couldnt help but notice how cold There was a snag close in to the right to reminisce on my capture and plan the
it was on the opposite bank; the bitter of the peg, and I noticed that it provided next stage of attack. Having one rod on the
easterly wind was crashing into the bank a lot of cover. It was a tight cast but spot go so quickly, it was clear that there
at a serious rate of knots. After a lengthy nothing I didnt feel comfortable with. were a few fish seeking asylum under the
discussion, it became apparent that nothing My instinct kicked in, and I felt this was cover of the old beaten snag.
had been seen on the wind, so I made an area where the carp could be held up. With one rod already on the dance floor,
hard-fighting my way back round to the other bank. I With my decision made, I collected the I armed the second rod with a washed-out
26-pounder. was told that a few fish had come out of gear and barrowed round to the back of Triple-N white pop-up and cast it just to
BOTTOM: Gently
a swim called the Moat, so I began my the peg, and started to walk my gear into the left of the spot. The next hour was
does it. search there. the swim. One rod, my bag, and the all- quiet, so I had time to set up camp at the
back of the swim. I finally sat down on
the bed, and then my alarm suddenly let
out a single beep, before bursting into
full symphony. The bobbin tightened up
to the blank, the rod snaked round, and I
was on it and into my second carp. After
a few attempts to ditch me in the snags,
she finally bubbled on the surface and
slipped over the cord.
Before I could even attend to the beast,
the other rod exploded into life. A double
take! I couldnt quite believe it, and tried
to keep my full attention on navigating the
fish out from under the snag, although I
had a lapse in concentration to enjoy the
moment. Thankfully, the fish didnt take
advantage of this foolish error, and she
soon found herself sulking next to her
mate in the bottom of the net. A lovely
brace of winter 20s awaited my immediate
care. One of them was a stunning linear,
at 22lb on the button. I poured water over
her dark golden flank and couldnt help
but appreciate the gorgeous apple-slice
scales that lined her side. After a few snaps,
they were finally released back below the
important kettle were laid down on the surface into the darkness.
cold gravel, far back from the waters edge. Now I knew there were fish there in
I constr ucted a little 360 Rig, numbers, I started trickling 10mm and
supplemented with a soft boom and a 15mm Triple-N boilies into the area.
Triple-N washed-out pink pop-up. I had Nothing over the top, just 15-20 baits.
to get down on my knees at the far side What happened over the course of the
of the peg to generate the angle to get remaining 48 hours will stay with me
the rig close to the snags and into the forever. I was fortunate enough to land
slack water. The rig was flicked out and seven stunning winter carp, six over the
slackened off to allow the line to sink, and magical 20lb barrier. The biggest was a
I was convinced the carp would still be in 29lb old Shropshire mere mirror, followed
the area and not spooked. My suspicions by two stunning 26lb mirrors.
were soon confirmed, as no sooner than I understood how to fish over silt
clipping the bobbin on the rod, a large effectively, and made extra effort to identify
ripple appeared on the surface and my certain areas that provide cover for carp,
rod bent round. which I believe contributed to the success
After a very lengthy battle, a gorgeous of my session. This, coupled with the
winter carp slipped over the net cord effectiveness of the Triple-N, in which I
and was sulking in the net. As quickly as am 100 per cent confident, proved to be
I could, the second rod was zipped out a deadly combination.
back onto the spot. I lifted the rare winter I am forever grateful to have been
beauty onto the mat and got her ready fortunate enough to experience the
for weighing. The needle spun round to magnificence of the Shropshire meres. I
26lb dead, and I was filled with joy and have only touched on how incredible they
excitement. What a buzz! My knees were are, and they remain what they deserve to
still rattling, so I took refuge on my chair be of myth and legend. CW

24 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

020-024_The Magical Meres_CW319_v2.indd 5 24/03/2017 16:35

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Mark takes a look at the fishing world, and

reveals just how much things have changed,
talks rigs, and discusses the ethics of prebaiting.


28 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

028-032_Some Kind Of Monster_CW319_v2.indd 1 27/03/2017 12:48

hats how I feel right now after a carp when it sucks in the bait, and this ready to go. Before I leave rigs, I have
pretty uneventful winter. To be is where the decisions around the hook a quick suggestion with regards to the
honest, I didnt fish for carp a become very important. Fortunately, lots Ronnie Rig. It is being publicised with a
great deal, and I wasnt motivated. With of different things work, so use whatever curve shank hook, but in my opinion, its
hindsight, I should have continued on the you like. Ive stuck to just two for the last better used with a straight point wide gape
syndicate I was fishing because it does have few years, in which I have total confidence. hook such as the new Fox ones or a Nash
winter form. Like many places this winter, The first is the popular Multi-Rig for pop- Twister. I just feel this gives more of a
it was just not fishing, or so I was led to ups, on which Ive caught a lot of fish. bent hook effect, so give it a try. Ive got
believe. It turns out that a couple of local The other is a simple Blowback-type Rig, a couple tied up and will be giving them
anglers had been catching right through, which I use for balanced and bottom baits. a go when the situation arises.
including a new lake record, and keeping The photo explains it better, but I always Ive made my first trip to my syndicate
it quiet. I cant blame them, but Im still use a short shrink tube kicker which I cut and had some rods out, but it wasnt what
kicking myself at an opportunity missed.
Ive put that behind me now, as nothing
can be changed and spring is here, and so
is a new lake to call home for the season.
Im ready and raring to go, with all my
gear prepared, but it struck me while
doing the preparation just how much has
changed in recent times. Rigs are always
a source of confusion for many, with the
Spinner/Ronnie Rig being the latest in a
long line of developments. To simplify
things for anyone with rig doubts, there
are only four jobs a rig has to do, so get
those right and you wont go far wrong.
The first job is to get out there, which
is the lead setup, be it a clip, Helicopter
setup or other. The second job is to present
the bait so its available to the carp, which
requires a little more thought. What is the
bottom like over which you are fishing? If
its clean and hard then almost anything will
I would call a proper fishing session. I ABOVE: The rods
was there to do filming for some new were out, showing
the blue colour of
Mitchell reels that are coming out, but I the dyed lake.
did get a chance to see the lake and get
LEFT: The first of
a picture in my head. I walked the lake six in a morning.
with Ed Betteridge, who has done rather
well on there, and picked his brain for all
the information I could get. Information
like this is gold when starting a new water,
so if you can get someone to show you
round, then do it.
On the research side of things, things
have changed so much from when I started.
Back then, I collected old magazines with
articles and catch reports on the lakes
I was targeting, I listened to stories of
the previous seasons exploits, and went
to Carp Society meetings to catch up
on the latest gossip. All we have to do
do, and its the only time I use a bottom at a 45 angle. This has the same effect as now is go on Facebook and YouTube to
bait straight out of the bag. Pop-ups are a line-aligner, and causes the hook to flip find out what we need to know, which I
a bit more versatile, and lift the hookbait over in the carps mouth; a very simple suppose is good, but I miss the old way.
above any bottom weed and rubbish. Im and effective tweak to the rig. Whichever Not everyone was privy to the necessary
not a fan of the Chod Rig and it is banned ring I use, it always has a straight pointed knowledge, and gaining it was a trade-off.
on my lake for the year, but it can present hook which Ive sharpened. The first time I saw a picture of Elstow
a bait to the carp in more situations than The last and most obvious job of the 2s the Twin was on the cover of Carp-Talk,
any other. If in doubt about the lakebed, rig is to be strong enough to land a carp being held up by Phil Dasilva. At that
its always worth considering. when hooked. Test anything you cast out, time, I didnt have a clue what or where it
The third job of the rig is to hook the make sure its up to the job, and youre was, but the image stuck in my head. Ive

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 29

028-032_Some Kind Of Monster_CW319_v2.indd 2 27/03/2017 12:49


TOP: Sunset over written about my time on there before so more commons. but at least it was possible to get two fish
the monstrous pit. Ill not cover it again, but that picture was Guest speakers for the evening were in a session rather than two fish a year.
ABOVE: A spring the start of a 2-year obsession. Geoff Crawford and Gary Bayes, who I had one of them at 27lb, which was a
big pit common. Having had a first taste of my water were both kind enough to give up their new top weight for that fish. It was one
this year, I feel the same obsession starting time to help out. The result was enough which fluctuated in weight and was in A1
powerful Half Lin. to grow in me again. Ive also got a ticket cash raised to purchase 26 Simmos, which condition, and was so clean that I jokingly
for the near 200-acre pit near Lincoln, was literally a drop in the ocean but still called it the chicken breast, because thats
Hykeham, a water that has always been probably doubled the stock. I was there what it looked like.
good to me, especially in spring. Theres to watch the fish go in, and have photos Fast-forward to the spring of 2015. I
something about catching a carp, no of every single one as they were stocked. was back on Hykeham and intended to do
matter what the size, from a lake of those The slides got lost in a house move, but I the full season. I had no other tickets and
proportions; it just feels like more of an still have them scanned, which is fortunate fancied a year of fun, fishing away from
achievement to me. Not only that, the because some of them are still around and the busy circuit waters. I started with a
solitude and wildness are what have kept making the occasional visit to the bank. few blanks, apart from the odd bream in
me going back since 2000. My first encounter with one of them March, but slowly the weather improved
To me, the Twin was some kind of was after a poor season on a southern and carp started to show around the lake.
monster and this huge venue is too. syndicate, when I decided to go back. One swim I had been keeping an eye on
After my first couple of seasons, a few In the years Id been away, the lake had was known as the Tyre, and unlike a lot
like-minded carpers organised a social to changed a lot. Control was in the hands of the lake, it didnt need a very long cast,
raise funds for some new stock fish. Back of CEMEX, which had stocked around maybe 80 yards or so. A long island ended
then, the lake was seriously low stock; I 800 carp to boost the stock to about five to the right of the swim, and a gentle slope
knew of only six mirrors and not many carp an acre. It wasnt exactly a runs water, rose a couple of feet in line with the end of

30 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

028-032_Some Kind Of Monster_CW319_v2.indd 3 27/03/2017 12:49

the island. It was an area I fancied fishing,
but it was in a westerly corner and didnt
receive much in the way of warm winds,
not in spring anyway.
I arrived mid-May on a Sunday afternoon
for my usual 2 nights, and fished a swim
roughly opposite the Tyre, expecting the
wind to angle in, which is exactly what it
did. I woke up fishless and freezing! The
wind was blowing as forecast, but was
so cold I would have had more chance
trying to catch a char than a carp. There
was no way I was staying there, and off I
went in search of a likely area. The Tyre
Swim was in the sun, out of the wind,
and was at least 15 warmer than my
previous spot. All three rods were clipped
up at the same distance and placed a few
rod-lengths apart along the slope, which
I imagined the carp would travel along. I
was still using the Scopex Squid Red, so mat. The fish felt heavier than I expected, live Stretchmark. TOP: Theres always
spread a couple of kilos around the three and went 32lb 2oz on the scales. I was so That wasnt my only encounter with time to dunk.
hookbaits, which were white pop-ups. surprised that I lifted the scales twice to what are known as the sailing club stockies.
LEFT: Another
I wasnt the only person with eyes on the make sure of the weight. I didnt recognise I had a couple of weeks off after catching take on the
Tyre, as that evening, two separate people the fish right away, so did a few self-takes Stretch, and was eager to get back. I caught Spinner/Ronnie/
whatever Rig.
entered the swim to bait up. My own views and slipped her back. It was only while three on my next visit, and spent a good
on prebaiting are to do it as discreetly as checking my photos that I saw the carp amount of time looking for weed with BOTTOM: The
possible, and dont expect people to leave formerly known as the chicken breast had the marker float. The sailing club had white pop-up and
Multi-Rig that
it alone because a lot wont. Just dont tell fallen for my trap once again. It had lost dyed the lake because of the ridiculous worked so well.
anyone, but dont get upset if someone its smooth clean look, and had taken on weed growth, and it had worked a treat.
happens to fish the swim youre baiting a more weathered appearance from years Of course, when a lake has no weed, the
because it can happen, and that was the of weight fluctuations through spawning. carp are attracted to what little weed there
situation I was in. Id rather not know Indeed, only a couple of weeks after is, and I found a large area of grassy weed
about anyone elses prebaiting activities, my capture, she was caught again at 26lb, on a plateau that just had to hold carp.
so if I turn up to an empty lake with fish and has since been given the nickname of The next week, conditions were perfect
jumping all over one swim, I dont feel Stretchmark. As much as Im not one for for that swim, known as the Gate, but I
obliged to not fish it because Joe Bloggs repeat captures, its nice to have pictures couldnt fish it. It was full of students
is baiting it. Im sure as hell not going to of her on my mat being stocked at 27lb, having a party, with the barbecue going
go up to the fishless end of the lake and looking like a new penny, and then at and several of them skinny-dipping.
blank. Im going to fish the swim with 32lb, looking like an old warrior. Long I set up opposite to keep an eye on the
fish in. You may agree or not, which is
fair enough, but thats how I feel.
On this occasion, both the fellas were
nothing but polite and friendly, but Im
sure they were a bit disappointed. Ive been
there too, but its all part of the game. I
was still awake late on, when an absolute
run from hell came on the middle rod.
Almost without exception, the Hykeham
carp are hard fighters, but this one was
something else. The weed was sparse so
it had free rein to go where it wanted, and
it was doing just that, with me hanging
on for the ride. It felt heavy as I was
playing it, but knowing there werent any
real monsters in there, I was expecting a
bionic 22-pounder on the end. The Tyre
Swim was pitch-black, so all I saw slide
into the net was the pale shape of a carp.
I secured the net and got everything
ready for the weighing and photo ceremony,
not expecting to see an old friend on the

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 31

028-032_Some Kind Of Monster_CW319_v2.indd 4 27/03/2017 12:49

f ea t ur e

area and move in the morning, which I The next morning, I hadnt had a bleep, 20 minutes I was away again with a 22lb
did. The area of grassy weed was so large but was still hopeful of a fish to save common, which fought well, and then
that I fished all four rods at just short of a blank. Nothing had showed and Id another rod was away. I was fishing a tight
100 yards, and spread a couple of kilos of not had a bleep, but I knew it could still clutch so the carp would kite and not enter
boilies around there. White pop-ups were happen. After only one brew and no time the weed, but the reel was ticking away
on all rods again, which worked well over to cook my crumpets, the take came and while I played the common. I bullied it
below: Purple the Red Scopex Squid, and it was game the blank-saver was a chunky 22lb mirror. into the net and grabbed the next rod, and
water. on. As dusk came, I only saw one carp That was me happy, and I planned to the carp was still on. It had kited quite a
bottom: show, and it was so far away that I might start a slow pack-up after breakfast, but way, so I started pumping it back, or at
Stretchmark. as well have not seen it. it didnt turn out like that. Within about least trying. I gained a few yards of line

and the fish went off on another run. It

was probably the most powerful carp Ive
landed so far.
Also at that time, I was messing around
with a GoPro, which had been running
during the scrap with the common. When
we have a hard battle with a fish, we dont
know exactly how long it is, but with the
GoPro recording, I knew exactly, and it
was just short of 25 minutes. I let out a
sigh of relief when it joined the common
in the net on the third attempt.
It wasnt a repeat, but another of the
sailing club stockies known as the Half
Lin, which took the needle round to just
over 31lb. Theyre not the biggest carp
in the land, but carp with a story behind
them, and a history that Im a small part
of. I ended up with six carp in a mad spell
that morning, which capped off a very
enjoyable and relaxed spring. CW

32 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

028-032_Some Kind Of Monster_CW319_v2.indd 5 27/03/2017 12:49


Brolly Including 2 x Stormpoles RRP 269.99 179.99
Mesh Infill RRP 69.99 45
Groundsheet RRP 69.99 45


SS3 - 5 SEASON 379.99
SS4 - 5 SEASON 429.99
SS4 - WIDE 5 SEASON 469.99

BLACKOUT Banksticks from 20.99
BLACKOUT Bankstick Stabiliser 14.99
BLACKOUT Fixed Buzz Bars from 15.99 Separation of bait and
BLACKOUT Tiny Trebles Buzz Bars liquid to preserved/
37.99 separately
BLACKOUT Snag Bars Rehydrating air-dried
boilies with liquids,
BLACKOUT Adjustable
oils, or water
Glugging boilies/
Buzz Bars 37.99 pellets TRAKKER LEVELITE
Soaking/washing out boilies in lake water. OVAL SLEEP SYSTEM


LINE LE01992 462044

1704_Johnson Ross_TC.indd 1 21/03/2017 10:46



Last month, Simon wrote about location of the general areas

where the carp can be found. The next step is to nd the
spots within these areas where they are prepared to feed.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 35

035-040_Letter_To_A_Small_Island_CW319.indd 1 24/03/2017 09:49


ABOVE: A huge magine that you have walked the lake
expanse of water
with a new winter
a few times, looked in the most likely
northerly wind areas, and finally a couple of fish have
blowing. Quite head and shouldered well out in the lake in
predictably, the fish
started showing a front of a certain swim. This type of show
few hours later in is likely to mean that the fish are feeding.
the much calmer
water on the back
But what are they feeding on, and what
on the wind near is down there on the lakebed in that area?
the north bank. If you already know the swim and whats
By following a
few general rules out there, then obviously you have a good
of thumb, big idea of how to approach fishing the area.
waters can be
much easier once But what if youve never fished the swim
the theory behind before? There are a couple of options.
dissolved oxygen,
The first option, which seems to be very
and the carps common these days, is to get a marker rod
needs are and proceed to map out the area where the
fish showed. The marker float is popped
RIGHT: A lovely up all over the place, working out depths
30lb fully-scaled
English fish caught
and trying to find out what the bottom is
over the top of thick like. This approach seems to have become
weed where they almost standard practice. In many cases,
had been showing.
after this marker float work is completed,
the angler knows the depths and maybe
where any weed is located, but the fish the angler invest the time to find the fish other anglers, who arrived at the same
are long gone. If a few are still there, a and then spend the next hour or two time as me, still thrash the water to foam
couple of kilos of boilies, which are often spooking them away. So why has this with marker rods when one of the rods I
deposited around the marker, will make become normal practice in carp fishing? have quietly dropped on to a showing fish
sure that any remaining carp leave the area. If you have seen a couple of fish, has produced a bite. Many things in carp
They have seen it so many times before. then you already know roughly where fishing become standard practice without
A few days later, when the angler has they showed. If the shows were the type people questioning it, and this is certainly
left or moved, the bait will often be eaten. associated with feeding, e.g. head and an example of that. Break away from the
Anglers spend so much time trying to shouldering, mudding up, fizzing, etc., norm, be different, question everything
find them, and then do a good job in then you know that the depth must be you do, and watch your results rapidly
spooking them away from the area. We OK for the carp and that the area already improve. If you do the same as everyone
have probably all done this at some time. has food available to them. So why is a else, then your results will be similar to
Everyone seems to carry the main fishing marker float needed? everyone elses.
rods, plus a marker rod, and often a spod There is another option that I use all My approach is to resist the temptation
rod as well. There are times when the extra the time, and thats to have a quick lead to set up. I leave the gear in the car, relax,
rods are really important, but often, the around to check what the lakebed is like; and walk the lake for as long as it takes
disturbance caused by using the marker just a couple of stealthy casts, and then until I see a show or two. If I havent fished
kills the anglers chances for that session drop a rig right on the fish. Very often the area before, I try to cause minimal
before a rig has even been cast out. this can produce a fish or two quickly. disturbance while trying to get a bite
In no other branch of angling would I have lost count of the times that the or two from some very simple leading

36 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

035-040_Letter_To_A_Small_Island_CW319.indd 2 24/03/2017 09:49

around. At the end of the session, as the line has caught me a huge number of so in strong crosswind conditions.
long as it doesnt disturb anyone else, I carp over the years. It surprises me that Assuming I am fishing at 80 yards or
wind in the rods a couple of hours early most people focus on just the depth, but less, using one of my actual fishing rods,
and very thoroughly map out every detail there is so much more to it than that. I overcast beyond where a fish has shown,
of the swim. I make notes ready for the My approach to leading around is to and feather the lead down just before it
next time I see fish in the area and want use one of my actual fishing rods for hits the water, aiming for a tight line to
to angle there. In this way, I can slowly anything up to approximately 80 yards it. I then bring the rod up almost vertical
build up a picture of the whole lake, and range. Because I usually use monofilament and simultaneously wind the lead back
I dont scare away the fish at the start of line, which has quite a lot of stretch, this towards me. Its high in the water but not
each session after having invested the range is about the maximum where I am skimming the surface, until I judge that it
time to find them. still happy with the information that I can is over the spot where the carp showed.
I hear few people talking about leading feel through the line. Beyond 80 yards, The rod is then lowered slightly, keeping
around and feeling for the drop these I use a dedicated rod with braided line the line tight to the lead, until I feel the
days, but these are really valuable skills because braid has almost no stretch at donk of the lead hitting the bottom.
to master. They cant be Casting initially beyond the
bought and there is no fish and winding back with
easy way to learn. You just the lead high in the water,
have to practise a lot and I hear few people talking about leading but below the surface, means
eventually you develop a around and feeling for the drop these the disturbance is kept to a
kind of sixth sense for what days, but these are really valuable minimum, and a few casts
is on the lakebed, and what like this can be used on
skills to master. They cant be bought
feels right for a bite. most waters. By feeling the
In the last few years, there and there is no easy way to learn lead down, three pieces of
has been a big increase in the information are gained: the
use of bait boats, especially approximate depth, whether
for foreign trips. There is definitely a place all, and the setup is simple. any weed is present, and the make-up of
for bait boats, and using them effectively I remove any hooklink from the lead the lakebed.
can be a real advantage in some situations. system and put on a lead between 2oz If a feeding fish has shown on the
However, some anglers have become quite and 4oz. I prefer a round-nosed standard spot, then Im not that concerned with
dependent on the built-in echo sounders on distance-type lead. The round nose gives the depth. The reason this is good to
these boats to measure depths and provide good feedback because it lands on the know is because other carp are often at
basic information about the lakebed. bottom and the streamlined shape pulls approximately the same comfort depth in
I have yet to see any echo sounder through any weed easier than pear-shaped various other areas of the lake. Seeing a BELOW: After
finding a group
that can give me the same information or the dumpier leads. I use 2oz leads for feeding fish show over 5ft of water often of fish, this rod
about the lakebed as can be found by up to about 30 yards range, then 3oz for means you will find feeding fish in other produced two 40s
and two smaller
leading around. Some of carp anglings medium and 4oz for maximum range. areas that are also around 5ft deep at that
ones in a couple
fundamental watercraft skills are being I prefer smaller leads because they time. I will cover comfort depths in more of nights. Another
replaced by technology, which, in my make less disturbance, but sometimes the detail next month. rod in the same
area would have
opinion, is a poor substitute. Being able bigger leads are a necessity to gain enough The depth can be judged by counting probably reduced
to feel every detail of the lakebed through feedback down the line. This is especially down the lead in your mind, and you need the chances.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 37

035-040_Letter_To_A_Small_Island_CW319.indd 3 24/03/2017 09:49


lakebed, it will be plugged in a bit. The

amount of tension required to unplug the
lead gives you a good feel for how soft
the bottom actually is, and how far the
lead has gone into the bottom. If there
is a sharp well-defined donk as the lead
lands on a hard bottom, then very little
tension in the line is required to get the
lead sliding across the bottom.
Once the lead is moving across the
lakebed, I usually use a combination of
feel through the rod; I also hold the line
over my forefinger just above the reel for
additional feeling. The rod is brought down
to about 45 and then steadily but slowly
swept backwards to just past vertical. The
rod is lowered again to 45 as line is wound
onto the reel, and the process repeated.
If the bottom is hard, its usually
gravelly, rocky, sandy, or hard clay. If it is
gravel, then as the lead is pulled across the
bottom, there will be a tapping, knocking
sensation. The bigger the gravel pieces, or
the rockier the area, the greater the tapping
sensation. If the area is hard, smooth
sand or sediment, there will be almost
no sensation through the line. It feels like
the lead is gliding over the lakebed with
almost no effort. Hard clay feels similar,
but soft clay has a very slight resistance.
If leaves and small twigs are present,
they can be felt as a repeated slight build-
up of tension, followed by a release of
tension. This is caused by leaves building
up in front of the lead. Eventually, as long
as the correct lead is used, it pulls through
them before the same happens again.
Even individual sticks can sometimes be
felt, especially at close range.
If the bottom is soft, it will usually be
TOP: A 45lb mirror to develop your own system for this. I
caught from a count at a certain speed, and one count
rarely-fished swim
after seeing one in my mind is 2ft of water depth. For
show and moving example, if I count to four, then I know
on to it. Because
the water was that the depth is approximately 8ft. To
shallow, I decided get used to this, pop up a marker float in
that one cast with
a certain depth when you arent fishing,
one rod was the
best option to avoid and then practise counting down a lead
spooking them. on another rod right next to the float. You
ABOVE: When soon get used to judging the depth quite
it comes to the accurately with this method, with no need
number of rods,
I rarely fish more
for a marker float.
than two these When the lead hits the bottom, you
days. I believe develop a feel for what it landed on. A really
that less is more.
defined sharp donk means the bottom is
RIGHT: A 38lb very hard. A very soft, less defined donk
common from an
area of very soft,
means the bottom is soft. If no donk at
rich aerobic silt that all is felt, then heavy weed is present and
was full of life. the lead is hung up in it. After the lead
has landed, I tighten right up to it and
try to get maximum tension in the line
before it moves. If it lands on a very soft

38 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

035-040_Letter_To_A_Small_Island_CW319.indd 4 24/03/2017 09:49

silt. Silt ranges from very soft, almost towards the angler, its easier to slide the
liquid in nature, to quite compact and lead down it. If the gradient is steep, its
firm. A lot of information can be gained possible to lift the lead off the slope and
from the initial donk and the subsequent feel it land further down towards you.
unplugging of the lead to get it sliding. If Each subsequent donk provides more
there is constant high tension in the line valuable information. On the other hand,
required to slide the lead, then the silt is if the bottom slopes upwards, as the lead
likely to be uniform, deep and soft. If slides towards the angler, there will be
leaves are present, they can be felt as well. more resistance. Steep gravel bars can feel
When the lead is retrieved, it pays to almost solid until the lead reaches the top.
study it. There are two main types of silt: If weed is present, it can often be felt
anaerobic silt, which is characterised by on the initial drop, and then its easy to
the lack of free oxygen; and aerobic silt, feel because the lead pulls through it by
where oxygen is present. Anaerobic silt becoming stuck and releasing repeatedly.
is often black in colour, contains a lot of Often, weed comes back with the lead,
partially decayed organic matter, and smells and it pays to learn about different weed
foul. Aerobic silt is often lighter in colour, types and how high they grow from the
finer in texture because the organic matter lakebed. For example, Canadian pondweed
is fully broken down, and has less smell. (Elodea canadensis) can grow to the surface
Carp love aerobic silt because it contains even in deep water, whereas silkweed
a lot of natural food, whereas anaerobic only grows to a few inches above the
silt is often almost devoid of life. lakebed. The approaches to fishing over
If the area is silty, the lead sometimes has or in these two types of weed are totally
some silt stuck to it, and its occasionally different, so identifying different weed for gravel is a waste of time, and it risks ABOVE: No. 3 pole
elastic is used to
possible to tell which type it is. The best types is important. spooking the fish. Far better are the mark the distance
type of silt feels smooth, but a lot of Another interesting subject is gravel. aerobic silt areas rich in bloodworm, to the spot. A
far-bank feature
tension is required to drag the lead through Many anglers seem to be obsessed with or the low-lying silkweed areas which is used to line up
the direction, and
it. If the silt is choddy and you can feel finding gravel and hard spots. I think are full of life. If these are alongside feeling for the drop
lots of sticks and leaves, then it is likely to this trend has grown because there has oxygenating weedbeds, then even better. confirms everything
is as expected.
be the anaerobic silt that is not favoured been a lot of media attention given to The carp will show you the spots if you To me, this is far
more effective
by the carp. It is worth investing the time finding gravel. In actual fact, pure clean watch carefully enough. than using the GPS
It is also possible to feel polished spots on a bait boat.
to learn how the two different types of gravel does not hold much natural food
silt usually feel. An echo sounder cannot potential for carp. They are nice areas that the carp have fed on repeatedly. BELOW: A 55lb
tell you this. for rigs to present effectively, but they These spots are of real interest, and Badgers Holt mirror
caught from a spot
On tree-lined lakes, the northeast corner can be completely barren and totally rely feeling the lead across the lakebed is at the base of the
is often where a lot of leaves end up, on anglers bait to attract the carp. Also, usually the only way to find them. I will marginal clay slope,
just into the silt
having been blown there by the prevailing if they are obvious, they will be fished all cover this topic in more detail next month. where the bottom
levelled out.
southwesterly winds. They build up in these the time, so the fish will be reluctant to A couple of casts with the lead will tell
corners, become waterlogged, and sink. feed confidently on them. you what is down there. If a clean silty
Some leaf types are worse than others, In my opinion, spending ages looking area can be found approximately where
but in general this causes a slight dip in
pH in these areas while the organic matter
is breaking down. During the time this
process takes place, the carp rarely feed
right amongst the leaves. Very often there
is a quite well-defined leaf line where the
leaves stop and usually silt starts.
If a fish shows in a corner like this, it
can pay to slide a lead through the leaves,
which can be easily felt on the bottom, and
locate the edge of the leaf line. Fishing just
into the silt, as opposed to in the leaves, will
often be far more productive, and easier
to present the rig. It pays to be aware of
the prevailing wind direction during the
couple of weeks in autumn when most of
the leaves fall. This will tell you the areas
of the lake where leaves are likely to be an
issue during the late-autumn through to
late-spring period. Less leading around is
needed if you can predict what to expect.
If the lakebed slopes downwards

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 39

035-040_Letter_To_A_Small_Island_CW319.indd 5 24/03/2017 09:49


BELOW: A 61lb the fish showed, then thats what to look to be noted for the future. A four-turn then clip and mark the line of the fishing
mirror caught
while writing this for. If I find several different types of Stop Knot in no.3 pole elastic, wetted rod at the same distance.
article. This carp features where the fish showed, then given before tightening, works really well and Once the first rod is out and fishing,
came from extreme
range in just
the choice between aerobic silt, low-lying never slips. It is also easy to remove from I always ask myself if a second or third
over 2ft of water, silkweed, clay, gravel, sand, high-growing the line without damage. Another tip is rod is going to increase my chances or
fishing in very soft weed types, or anaerobic silt, I usually to put the marker knot on the line at the reduce them. Very often, the disturbance
silt after seeing
a few show there favour them in the order listed. spigot of the rod, so the knot is always required to go through the process of
during the previous At this point I wont disturb the water in front of the bite alarm, which avoids it getting a second rod out risks spooking
days. Dont ignore
the shallows in
anymore. I put the line in the clip, tie on catching in the alarm during a take; it can the carp and reduces the chances of a bite.
the winter. a marker knot, and reel the lead back in. happen with some models. Leave the ends If feeding fish have been found, the spot
Knowing approximately what the lakebed is of the elastic a couple of inches long so has been located, and a single rod has been
like, a decision can be made about the most they are easy to see at night. I sometimes put out without disturbing them, then
suitable rig. The rig is attached and the rod mark a couple of alternative spots for more rods can be a mistake. It amazes me
cast back to the spot using that so many anglers use
the spool clip for distance, the maximum number of
and lining up a far-bank rods without even thinking
feature for direction. I At the end of the session, if you are going about it. Less is more, as
feather the cast, aiming back, spend the time to map out the swim the saying goes.
to hit the clip lightly to At this point, a decision
avoid the lead bouncing
in more detail. This investment of time has to be made whether
back towards me. will pay back dividends in the future to put out some free
As I hit the clip, the lead bait or not. How much?
and rig should be travelling When and how to put it
just fast enough to tighten out? Tight or scattered?
the line and slightly compress the rod. the same rod, and using different-colour There are so many options, and its easy
Keep the rod high, follow the lead down pole elastics makes this easier. Finally, to make a mistake at this point. Bait and
with the rod a little, and feel for the drop make sure you always stand in the same bait application will be covered in future
to make sure that it is as expected. Dont position when casting to the spool clip. articles, as its a vast and important subject.
be tempted to move the lead once it If the distance to the showing fish is At the end of the session, if you are
has landed, as this can make the hook more than 80 yards and my braid rod going back, spend the time to map out the
catch on a leaf or weed and render the has been used for leading around, then I swim in more detail. This investment of
presentation useless. still put the braid in the clip when I am time will pay back dividends in the future.
The marker knot is added to enable happy with the spot. I walk out the braid Next month I will cover the topic of
the same spot to be reached on every rod and one of the actual fishing rods rig placement, and finding the spot within
subsequent cast, and to allow the distance together until the braid hits the clip. I the spot. CW

40 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

035-040_Letter_To_A_Small_Island_CW319.indd 6 24/03/2017 09:49




1.95 P&

The most up-to-date guide to modern-

day carp rigs and how to use them.
Featuring favourite rigs from:
Terry Hearn, Tim Paisley, Frank
Warwick, Mark Pitchers,
Terry Dempsey
and others.

Order Now 9.99 + 1.95 P&P

AT W W W. T H E C A R P S T O R E . C O M
MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 0114 258 0812

RigBook_HalfV_CW310.indd 1 08/12/2016 11:29

Key Cray Montage Ad Half Vert CW.indd 1 16/03/2017 09:59
ad template_halfV.indd 1 24/03/2017 13:05

mike kavanaghs

W e l c o m e t o R i g W o r l d. T h i s m o n t h I m f o c u s i n g o n s o m e o f t h e r i g c o m p o n e n t s t h at A n g l i n g I r o n
s u p p ly, w h i c h c r e at e t h e m e c h a n i c s f o r h o o k b a i t s e pa r at i o n a n d i m p r o v e d h o o k i n g ; a r u n n i n g
r i g s y s t e m f r o m K o r u m i n t e n d e d f o r b a r b e l f i s h i n g, b u t w i l l b e j u s t a s e f f e c t i v e f o r c a r p
f i s h i n g ; m y f e e d b a c k o n D e c e p t i o n A n g l i n g s t u n g s t e n p u t t y; a n d F ox C o r e t e x t m c o at e d b r a i d.
A l l t h at, a n d i n A s k K av t h e r e s m y a n s w e r t o a q u e s t i o n f r o m l o n g -t i m e r e a d e r C h r i s H av i l l ,
o n M u lt i - R i g b o o m o p t i o n s . I t s h o u l d g i v e yo u p l e n t y t o m u l l o v e r .

ABOVE: A selection Angling Iron put great store in the importance

of quality small
components from
Bait Screws, Hook Ring of the hookbait being able to turn independently

Angling Iron,
which, when used
Swivels and Stops of the hook; if manipulated between a wary
carps lips, something Ive seen them do with
correctly, can make
When it comes to carp rigs, its always the small free offerings, it ensures the hook isnt turned
a big difference
when it comes to things that matter good-quality swivels, rig rings, with it. If it did, the hook could possibly lie flat
hooking potential. etc., which allow the hookbait to be presented against the carps lips, as opposed to hanging
RIGHT: A part- correctly and separate from the hook, ensuring in the prime position, ready to catch hold if the
drilled pop-up the point can fully penetrate and be driven home. bait is taken.
absorbs the swivel
barrel, and when These Ring Screws are perfect for mounting pop-ups They purposely source glossy nickel finish
fully inserted, and hardened bottom baits, and the Hook Swivels, micro hook ring swivels, because when it comes
allows the bait to
used in conjunction with a latex bait band, offer to smooth rotation, they are superior to the same
perform a smooth
full 360-degree the ideal method to mount a particle bait such as size black coated swivels. As you can see, both
rotation a tiger nut or a pop-up (part-drill the underside components can be mounted straight onto the
of the bait just deep enough to accommodate the shank of the hook between the easy-to-fit Shank
swivel barrel). Stops, or on a D-Rig.

42 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

042-046_RigWorld_CW319_v3.indd 1 27/03/2017 12:54

Line Aligner Sleeves
Line-aligner sleeves need no introduction; they
make all the difference when using a supple braid
hooklink. Like other original contributors to the
development of carp rigs that have stood the test
of time, the inventor of the line-aligner concept,
Jim Gibbinson, did the groundwork so we could
all benefit. The ready-made line-aligner sleeves we
see today, which thread onto the hooklink with the
aid of a bait needle like these supplied by Angling
Iron, will turn a dragged hook over, and with a
bait in tow to weight the point down, cause it to
penetrate as soon as it does. The Line Aligners
Angling Iron supply come in translucent green
and gravel colours, and with little persuasion,
comfortably fit most popular size 4, 6, and 8 hooks. own when carp are confidently feeding in a large carp will be caught on a line-aligner hooking
Ive used a gravel-coloured sleeve with one of the baited area, where there is competition between arrangement, simply that its one of the best ways.
superb Size 6 Duropoint Wide Gape hooks, which, fish intent on clearing up the free offerings. In this Similar to the metal components, there are
in my opinion, is one of the most efficient hook situation, they throw caution to the wind, and the 10 Line Aligner sleeves in a pack from Angling
patterns to use with a line-aligner. My experience hook-turning line-aligner mechanics catch them Iron, and when it comes to rig mechanics, they
is that supple hooklink turning rigs come into their off guard. Im not saying that its the only way all serve their purpose very well. TOP: Three
examples of rigs
that will benefit
built for the many uncompromising bottoms it combined with the tapered tail end, it reduces the
KORUM RUNNING comes up against in the wild water of a weir potential for tangles during the cast, and provided
from good-quality

RIG KIT pool and fast-flowing river, so believe me when

I say it is robust enough to cope with anything it
the line is feathered when the rig hits the surface,
it remains that way all the way to the bottom.
supplied by
Angling Iron.

Im a great believer in running leads for swims encounters on a lake bottom while carp fishing. The swivel housing is designed to provide a BELOW LEFT: I
really rate this
that arent clogged with heavy weedbeds, where The run ring is large enough to glide freely over snug fit for a Size 8 swivel, which can be a QC Korum Running
they are likely to become snagged. Bite indication line or a leader, and the strong quick-change clip version, a flexi-ring version for Hinge Rigs, or a Rig Kit, and once
tried, I suspect
is much more positive with a running lead, and concealed beneath the retractable sleeve allows standard swivel with a tapered anti-tangle sleeve
you will too.
no matter which way a fish runs, the bobbin the lead to be exchanged easily, or removed that comes supplied with the kit. Korum refer to
responds. This Running Rig Kit from Korum has completely when folding rods. I also like the fact the colour of the kit as being Flood Water Brown, BELOW: Intended
for barbel fishing
been designed for barbel fishing with feeders on that the run ring locates perfectly against the which could easily be described as lake water on rivers, but its a
rivers, and thats why I bought mine. The kit is angled collar of the swivel housing, which allows brown, because its a colour that will blend into that superb and robust
running rig setup
the lead to hang in a position that encourages the environment just as easily. There are four running that will serve carp
hooklink to separate from the main line. When rigs to a pack, which in my view is terrific value. anglers just as well.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 43

042-046_RigWorld_CW319_v3.indd 2 27/03/2017 12:54


BELOW: A tungsten barrels, which is a bonus, and brings confidence comes in three colours: Brown (my favourite),
putty well worth
sticking to!
FEEDBACK when accurately counterbalancing Chod and Stiff
Hinged rigs, to name just two.
Green and Grey. If you havent tried it yet, I can
thoroughly recommend it.
BOTTOM : Put to
The adhesive properties are so strong that if I Moving on to Fox CoretexTM coated braid, Ive
the test, CoretexTM
is definitely one The last two items on my list this month are both forget and put a pop-up rig on my hall table and used this for my hooklinks in both 25lb and 20lb,
of the best. products Ive used long-term since they were leave it there for a day, when I try to pick it up, but mainly 20lb since 2013, and never looked
fi rst launched Fox Cortex TM coated braid and I have to peel the putty off the table top, which back. Ive been lucky enough to catch some
Deception Anglings Tungsten Putty. really pleases she who must be obeyed! Obviously, fabulous carp with it, including a rare specimen
Ive got to say that the latter is by far the best the surface of the putty isnt sticky underwater, which is a very special big English carp.
putty Ive come across for adhesion quality; it because if it was I would mould it around the CoretexTM has never let me down, even in some
really does stick like the proverbial to a blanket! hook to prevent it from being ejected! The tungsten of the most challenging swims I encountered at
Better still, it does the same with both bare and content matches most other brands Ive tried so Monks Pit in Cambridgeshire. When I fished there,
coated braid hooklink materials, and even holds far, and it doesnt require a blob the size of a pea they had become engulfed with Canadian and the
its own on mono and fluorocarbon, which are a to counterbalance a 15mm pop-up, so overall, brutal kelp weed. It makes a brilliant hooklink for
lot less accommodating. It also sticks to swivel its got everything going for it. Deception Putty Multi-Rigs, being just the right external diameter
to fit most hook patterns in popular sizes. It goes
without saying that it isnt restricted to one type
of rig; it works well with any modern carp rig that
will benefit from a coated braid.
CoretexTM also sinks really well, and the two
matt colours, Gravelly Brown and Weedy Green,
are a perfect match for the environment found on
most, if not all, lake bottoms. Both colours are
available in 15lb, 20lb, 25lb and 35lb, which gives
plenty of scope rig-wise, and a breaking strain
to suit any situation youre likely to encounter.
The coating is tough yet flexible enough to resist
fracture when knots are tied, but not so tough that
its too difficult to strip.
Despite the strong close weave, the core braid
is supple and delicate enough for subtle small
hookbait presentation, which can work well with
a combi-rig or similar. CoretexTM really is a delight
to use, and it fills me full of confidence because I
know its working for me rather than against me.

44 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

042-046_RigWorld_CW319_v3.indd 3 27/03/2017 12:54

Hi Mike,
You wont remember me, but I wrote to you about the Multi-Rig and some of the Hair Rig
options in 2008, and we exchanged emails. I have just seen your article in the February
2017 issue, and noted your use of a fluorocarbon boom with the Multi-Rig tied via an Albright
Knot using non-coated braid. Its an excellent idea that I am going to try. This got me to
thinking, but Im not usually any good at thinking through ideas, so I thought I would run
this by you if you dont mind.
Im considering using booms, which I could tie from soft fluorocarbon and coated braids,
both soft and semi-stiff for the different lakebeds. My problem is that I cant settle on a
way of connecting all the booms to the variations of hook presentations. I was thinking of
looping the booms at both ends, and using a Size 8 QC swivel on the lead end, and a Size
11 QC on the hooklinks to attach to the booms, covered with a piece of silicone, or maybe
the Nash QC clip and sleeve.
Having considered those options as a possibility, Im concerned that in pursuit of the
flexibility to change rigs quickly, I am sacrificing the efficiency of the rigs. I would be glad to
hear your comments and suggestions if you have the time.
Keep up the articles in Carpworld. They are excellent, and for me its the go-to column
every month.

Chris Havill.

First of all, Chris, thank you for your email and kind hook rather than start from scratch and have to
words regarding the column. When I type an article, tie a complete new rig.
I hope I am meeting the readers expectations, so When choosing fluorocarbon or mono for the
its comforting to hear when I have, especially boom, my advice would be to use the smallest
from someone who has been a reader of RigWorld quick link you can find at each end and cover it
for so long. with a sleeve. The Nash Tackle clip you mentioned
Regarding the use of quick-change booms with is ideal. At the lead end, if there is no need to hinge
the Multi-Rig, they wouldnt sacrifice efficiency at the boom (when fishing on a hard, clean bottom,
all. The Multi-Rig I featured in Februarys issue for example), you could cover the quick link with
can be used for both bottom bait and pop-up a suitable-size tungsten-impregnated tapered anti-
presentations, and has caught very well, and tangle sleeve pushed over the eye of a standard TOP: Loop-to-
ring connections
theres no reason why a quick-change boom swivel up to the barrel. Either way, this gives the are very simple,
wont allow it to do the same. If choosing bare or quick-change option youre thinking about. reliable, and
a quick way to
coated braid for the boom, I would keep it simple. At the other end of my boom, Ive used a 3mm
exchange pre-tied
A loop at each end can be pulled tight to a rig rig ring to connect the hook section to the boom braid booms and
ring or swivel, and easily loosened to exchange via a loop, which again, can be loosened so that adjust the rigs
the boom as and when it becomes necessary. the boom or the hook section can be exchanged
Generally, a bare or coated braid boom is used for another. If you look at the photo, youll notice ABOVE: To hinge or
not to hinge, that is
with a stiff hook section, and in the photograph, I have stripped the coating below the hook loop,
the question. These
you can see how I set up mine, with loop-to-ring but left the loop itself coated. Unless Im using a two sleeves give
connections at both ends of the boom. Incidentally, bare braid hooklink with a hook loop permanently you the option.

the stiff hook section is formed using the Multi-Rig pulled down tight to the eye, similar to the third LEFT: Pre-tied
loop, which in this case is one complete loop rig down in the Angling Iron photograph, all my hook sections can
be exchanged
with the two ends tied to a Size 11 ring swivel. hook loops have the coating left on; when using
as quickly as a
Ive written about this method of forming the the loop positioned on the hookshank to create pre-tied boom, by
stiff hook section a number of times in the past, the various hookbait presentations the Multi-Rig loosening the loop
from the 3mm rig
more from the point of view that stiff mono or is capable of, the rigidity the coating supplies ring permanently
fluorocarbon doubled to make a loop forms a ensures the hookbait is better controlled and fixed to the boom.
natural curve suited to Chod Rigs. Thats something doesnt obstruct the hookpoint.
worth remembering if youre into Chods, and want I hope this helps, Chris, and increases your
the advantage of being able to change a damaged confidence enough to give pre-tied booms a try.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 45

042-046_RigWorld_CW319_v3.indd 4 27/03/2017 12:54


Enter p r i s e Tack le Qu i c k sp i k es R i g M ar o l e Freefal l Mi c ro brai ded J P rec i s i on Hooks 100 hand- sh arpen ed
with S i ght S t op s R i g Tu b e hooks i n p res entati on c as e
RRP: 3.99 R R P : 9 .99 RRP : 50. 00
Onli ne : e nt e r p r i s e tac k l e.c o.u k O n l i n e: ri g m arol e.c o.u k Onl i ne: j p rec i s i onhooks.c

These were featured on social media recently, and We saw the Freefall Micro Braided Rig Tube at the Carpin This is another great find on social media, and we were
we instantly knew we had to get our hands on On show, and were immediately impressed. Im a big pleasantly surprised at their prompt arrival, after being
some. Many rigs incorporate micro rig swivels on fan of tubing for certain situations, but one thing Im not told it was up to 2 weeks waiting time. Upon opening the
the shank of the hook to connect the bait; these a fan of is threading the stuff, and this is why I could clamshell-style presentation case, we found 100 perfectly
beauties help cut down the time spent tying a new instantly see the benefi t of this. Its super-supple and sharpened hooks. All of them are totally flawless, and would
Hair, and keep all the desired movement of the bait, threads easily, thanks to the stainless steel inner which draw blood with even the most delicate of touches. They
unlike most bait screws or spikes. They are easily has been polished to allow straightforward threading of are neatly stored in rows of foam to keep them separate,
mounted on the rig, and attaching a bait is simple. both braid and mono. which avoids blunting of the points, and although they
Create a pilot hole in the hookbait with a baiting It is cut into 1m lengths ready to be used, and is finished have been sharpened, they havent lost any strength.
needle, insert the spike through the bait, trim with a small amount of shrink tubing at either end. This We ordered a curve style of hook, although there
the excess spike, and then secure the bait in prevents the external material from fraying. The outer are many other patterns available, and they have been
place with the Sight Stop provided, ensuring it coating is made from two-tone hi-tech braid, which adds finished in a weedy green colour which is designed to
sits below the retaining barb on the spike. These camouflage and offers superb protection while playing blend in with a variety of lakebeds. If you want to increase
ultra-convenient Quick Spikes are sure to be a hit fish, and minimalises the possibility of lifting scales. It your chances, then it can pay to use the sharpest hooks
with many, especially those with limited time. If is available in Green & Black and Brown & Black, so you possible, and these beauties are a must-have for those
you find it fiddly to tie Hairs, you can have a baited can easily match the lakebed to keep the vital last metre who may not have the tools or ability to get them quite
rig ready in seconds. easily concealed over even the most uneven lakebeds. this sharp.

Ga rd ne r Tack l e R e a dy-Ti ed R o n n i e R i g s
RRP: 4.99 for t hr e e
Onli ne : GA R D NE R TA CK L E.C O.U K
Each pack of ready-tied Ronnie Rigs includes three perfect pre-tied hook sections that have been constructed
to exacting standards here in the UK. On close inspection, these rigs are absolutely spot on, and many
anglers will struggle to tie one as good.
These ready-tied rigs use Gardners popular and super-sharp Size 4 and Size 6 Covert Dark Mugga hooks
attached to the new dedicated XT Kwik-Lok Flexi Ring Swivel. Essentially, the combination of the Mugga hooks
in-turned eye, swept shank and amazing razor-sharp point is particularly effective in getting the most out of
these rigs, as it creates a fast-react and aggressive hooking mechanism that takes a firm hookhold. Each end
section features a matt-finished sliding Covert Size 20 rolling swivel, held in position with a Covert Hook Stop.
To get started, all you need to do is tie your favoured hooklink material onto the Flexi Ring. Tailor the
hooklink length and material to the lead arrangement and the nature of the lakebed being fished over, then
add a pop-up, balance it, and cast out.
These should be available from all Gardner stockists in roughly 2 weeks.

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042-046_RigWorld_CW319_v3.indd 5 27/03/2017 12:54

No matter what you need from a line, the new Berkley Connect Carp lines have it covered.
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Frank. He allows us
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With a diverse
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a common equal to and a lot of laugh of his finest moments
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It has been hard going for Paul,

and even a social session with
Dave Lane hasnt altered his
run of form this month.


50 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

050-054_The F Word_CW319 1 27/03/2017 08:17

Monks Pit, Early-Season Tactics, Fish- do some filming with Mainline Baits, but We set off in the wee hours of Monday
Finders Monks Pit has an excellent winter pedigree, morning, and met at Cambridge services,
At last, it seems we are on our way out and there are some real whoppers in there. keen for an early start. The latest info from
of what has been a tough winter, and The possibility of a winter whacker, or just the lake looked promising. We heard from
moving slowly into what is my favourite
time of year springtime. The daylight
hours are stretching out by a few minutes
every week, and more importantly, the Conditions were good, with low pressure
carp are beginning to stir. and a slight westerly, and we were both
Since the lakes froze over in mid-January,
in good swims, so my buddy told me
sport on the waters I fish has been non-
existent, which is why I did a piece on
braided lines last month. I have been
out there at least 2 nights a week, as well a bit of action, appealed massively to both one of Laneys buddies that the first fish
having a go with just a few other die-hard of us. I must add here that for possibly for 5 or 6 weeks had been out that very
fishermen (or just plain silly), but until the first time in his life, Laney is having weekend, plus three or four including a
early March, the sum total was a big fat an unthinkable run of blanking and bad 40-pounder. That would do very nicely
ZERO for all concerned. In fact, Ham luck, and hes somehow contrived to lose indeed.

Road in Kent, which normally has good all but one of the eight fish he actually Monks is around 18-20 acres, rectangular ABOVE: A
winter form (Laney and I had no less than hooked. This unprecedented run has now in shape, and full of big carp. The only fabulous sunrise
in late-February.
14 fish in a couple of days last February) stretched into at least 6 months, which I downside is that its right at the side of
hasnt done a single carp since Christmas. suppose proves to the rest of us that he the A14 and is incredibly noisy, but hey,
Ive heard similar tales of woe from is human after all. Dave is beginning to I could put up with that for a couple of
other good anglers, fishing many different think either a curse or voodoo doll may whackers, or just a carp, any old carp really.
waters, but seemingly, the only places be to blame! Conditions were good, with low pressure
producing the odd fish were no more Anyhow, a trip to Monks was just the and a slight westerly, and we were both in
than overstocked holes in the ground. ticket, as my old mate Laney knows it good swims, so my buddy told me. Out in
Although chances have been thin on the like the back of his hand, and had caught front of me the depth varied from 17ft on
ground, to say the least, Ive still enjoyed stacks from there in winters past. It would the right to around 9ft on the left, and I
the challenge and just being out. One such be like taking candy from a baby or so was told the spots were about in the middle
occasion was a guest trip to the famous we thought! The only time Id ever seen at around 100 yards. We were allowed
Monks Pit in Cambridgeshire, with my the place was fleetingly from the van four rods, and even though I hadnt seen
old mate Laney, in late-February. while travelling up the A14 to visit my the place before, I felt confident that we
The main reason for the trip was to family in Notts. would have a chance or two.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 51

050-054_The F Word_CW319 2 27/03/2017 08:17


RIGHT: The first

one for 6 weeks,
on a 12ft Zig.

BELOW: Laney
showing off his
inflatable bivvy.

I straight away put two rods out on thought my idea was brilliant. occurrences, so with little else to go on,
Zigs on the deeper right-hand side, one By lunchtime, with everything sorted, we moved back towards the car park and
at 6ft and the other at 12ft, knowing it to it was Laneys turn for bright ideas. How the shallower end of the lake, knowing
be a good method there, especially early about a lunchtime barbecue? I was a bit that once the filming commenced, it would
season. The other two were on pop-ups taken aback at first, but hey, why not? The take up our entire afternoon. To be honest,
on clear spots, over a few Spombs of corn food that Dave had prepared was 5-star as I felt much happier fishing in depths of
and hemp. Laney had an inflatable bivvy usual, the monkfish and king prawn kebabs less than 10ft, especially at this time of
with him, the likes of which Id not seen being the highlight of our midday feast. It year, and at the time I thought it was a
before. Once inflated, it looked and felt meant that we cracked open one or two positive move into the right area. By the
really solid, if a tad on the heavy side. Speckled Hens a bit earlier than intended. time wed finished some live filming, plus
As ever full of bright ideas, I figured By teatime we had somehow polished questions and answers on Facebook, it
that if it was inflated with helium instead off our entire supply and were forced to was pitch-black. Lamb steaks, kebabs and
of air, then it would be much easier to retire earlier than planned. Nothing of jackets were our evening meal, and even
move swims. It would just be a simple any note had happened, and to be fair, the though I say so myself, it was quite superb.
matter of attaching a long rope, and then beer helped numb the constant deafening Wed seen a couple of fish patrolling
unpegging the whole thing so it could be roar of traffic. the margin during the day, so we both felt
walked around the lake like a balloon. Laney T he night passed without any we might be in with a chance. Much to
our disappointment, the carp at Monks
Pit definitely hadnt read the script and
sweet nothing occurred again. By now
Id had a bellyful of the relentless traffic
noise, and I couldnt wait to get away. Even
though there was still a chance, rain was
forecast, so we wrapped it up and made
a quick getaway.
Just to make matters worse, Laney told
me that the day after we departed, a guy
moved into where Id fished on the first
day and caught the biggest fish in the lake,
at a shade over 50lb. Im now starting to
believe in Laneys theory about the curse
and the voodoo doll!
Paddlesworth has also been rock hard,
which is not surprising when you consider
how deep it is. After the lake froze mid-
January, there wasnt even a single bite
until early-March. During that period Id
done at least 10 blank nights and tried
everything, but realised that when the
water is that cold, the carp can barely move

52 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

050-054_The F Word_CW319 3 27/03/2017 08:18

an eyeball, never mind think about food. it said on the screen that it had become is ideal for a quick overnighter. I arrived an
Somewhat bizarrely though, the more disconnected, so I handed back the hour or so before dark, and immediately
difficult the fishing becomes, the more phone. After a bit of fiddling about it fancied a tight little corner swim with a
determined I get (smarter carpers stay at was working again, and another friend, snag bush, where a light southerly was
home until the time is right or they hear Tom the scaffolder, had now joined us. blowing nicely. Id seen the first few shows
a few have been out). For some reason, I was casting the rod and Wilko was in of the year in this part of the lake on my
a run of blanks spurs me on, and then it charge of the technical stuff. I attempted previous visit, plus Id caught a lot of carp
becomes a challenge where I refuse to be to gain a bit more distance on only my from there, especially at this time of year.
beaten. Crazy I know, but it has always been second cast, but the shockleader wrapped Oh, and it was close to the van.
part of the game as far as Im concerned. around the third eye down and the line Normally I just put two baits near the
The few who have persisted (not many) cracked off with an almighty bang that tree, both close in on the shelf with a
have enjoyed some really nice socials, and reminded me of a starting pistol. No sprinkling of hempseed, but just before
I suppose more than that, have enjoyed joking, it flew like a cannonball right out dark, for some unknown reason, I fancied
being out, especially with the venue being past the middle of the lake. a Zig out in the open water to my left. I
set up a 12ft fixed Zig with a tiny yellow
pop-up, and flicked it out about 40 yards.
Sometime after dark, Wilko popped round
for a chat, and while he was there the Zig
rod bleeped a couple of times and then
dropped back slightly. I crouched down
next to the rod and tightened up the spool
to check if it was a take, and as soon as
the line slackened again, I knew it was.
Because I hadnt caught one for a while,
I felt a little bit nervous playing the fish,
which put up a fair fight, especially on a
long Zig and in a tight little swim. I was
glad to see him go into the net.
I neednt have worried though, as the
cracking mirror of around 20lb was firmly LEFT: The second
hooked in the bottom lip, so much so that of the morning.
my tiny Size 10 Mixa hook was almost
BELOW: The future
buried. I was so chuffed with this fish, of angling?

quiet angler-wise.
Tactics-wise, Ive been fishing two on
Zigs and one on the bottom in the edge,
obviously in shallower water, but all to
no avail. More than a few, in fact most
of the anglers on this particular venue,
seem to have sonar devices. The most
popular is the Deeper Pro, and I must
admit it offers more information quicker
and creates far less disturbance than a
marker float. How do I know this? Well,
its another funny story.
With not much going on, and feeling
inquisitive about these new-fangled Tom creased up with uncontrollable and relieved after the long hard struggle
contraptions, I spotted a local guy called laughter, but I didnt know what to say. of the last couple of months. After a
Wilko casting his new toy about, and I I handed the rod back to its owner, couple of quick pictures, I slipped him
had to have a demo. It was all very clever commenting that using shockleader was back and put the Zig back out there,
stuff, showing depth, surface temperature, a bit silly, and I hoped they werent all that as you never know. The fact that nothing
type of bottom, and wait for it fish! expensive. I learned later they cost a mere else happened that night mattered not a
The latter part I was a bit sceptical about, 191.00! Luckily, the device floats, and I jot. I set off for work on March 1st with
but I know for a fact that two of the was eventually able to retrieve it from the a big smile on my face, knowing I was
regular crew, Jason and Ryan, had used the far margin, much to my (and Wilkos) relief. off the mark.
Deeper Pro to great effect in the pre- This entire episode, although extremely The following Friday, I was back for
Christmas period. funny, gave me a bad vibe about these more, armed to the teeth with all my Ziggy
Anyway, Wilko was casting his thing devices and their place in carp fishing. stuff. Despite my best efforts, it was back
while I watched the screen of his phone, The next week, I was working near to blanking, even though a few fish were
which is connected by Bluetooth. It was Rainham in Kent, which is about half the showing. I suspect they were cleaning off,
all very impressive, when all of a sudden distance to the lake as it is from home, so but nothing was caught. The following

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 53

050-054_The F Word_CW319 4 27/03/2017 08:18


week, I had a couple of days off work The shallower top end on the back of water swim, this new evidence was very
and intended to put them to good use the wind looked good, but with no signs hard to ignore. In the end, I went against
at Paddlesworth. The weather forecast of fish it was a difficult call. my natural instincts and in favour of the
looked good, with another mild southerly The one swim I did fancy had a tiny modern technology. I fished all three on
blowing into the road bank when Rodders inlet stream, which when I checked was Fox Zig Floats at 21ft-24ft, right amongst
and I arrived on the Tuesday afternoon. I running in at 51F, whereas the surface the shoal, but as you might have guessed,
saw one show immediately about 70 yards of the main lake was 46F. I figured the all three of us blanked because most of
out, and then another closer in. warmer water would surely attract carp, the fish on the sonar turned out to be
This will do us, I said to Rodders, so I put a bucket in the swim and set bream. DOH!
and we quickly chose a couple of likely off to pack my gear and move. On the I was back again after work on the Friday,
swims that were well apart and set about way I met up with Colin and Wilko, who determined to put things right. The fishing
getting some baits out there. Three more seemed very excited. Not only had they had again been slow, with only one fish
fish showed in the vicinity before dark, seen a couple of fish show, they also had out that week, a 25-pounder for Colin on
which led us to believe we were definitely shoals of fish showing up on the Deeper the last night of a week session. I headed
in the right area. My two rods on Zigs Pro sonar thing. I had a look and must straight up to the shallow swim with the
BELOW: The first were right amongst them, so surely it was admit it was pretty convincing stuff. inlet, and noticed just a slight tinge of
one from the
shallow water. just a question of how big and how many. There was no doubt at all that there colour in the water, which more or less
When morning arrived and neither us, nor was a big shoal of fish sitting 5-8ft down made up my mind. Apart from the inlet,
BOTTOM: My swim,
which produced
the anglers on the west bank, had had so from the surface, and moving up and the swim also offers the best shallow water
the 50-pounder. much as a sniff, I decided to go and have down in front of half a dozen swims. on the venue; theres a small island close
a proper look around the 40-acre venue. So, although I really fancied the warm- in to the right and a shallow shelf 6-8ft
coming off it. I cast three pop-ups on the
shelf, well spread out, with a sprinkling of
corn on each, and although I didnt see
or hear any fish before getting in the bag
around midnight, I felt confident with my
choice of swim.
A bream had me leaping out of bed
in the wee hours, and then around
4.00 a.m. I had an absolute screamer on
the middle rod, which I knew straight
away was a carp. I put the rod back out
and got back in the bag just as it was
getting light, so I put the kettle on for a
brew. Before it had even boiled, the same
rod was away again, forcing me to slacken
the clutch and walk back to switch the gas
off before commencing battle. As you
can imagine, I was over the moon with
a cracking brace of mirrors. To be fair,
I would have been pleased with just the
one, but a brace was great.
I cast back out and then set about
making the overdue cuppa. I felt like Id
earned it. The fish were both in full winter
colours. The first one was about 19lb,
the other slightly bigger, about mid-20s,
although the weight is immaterial when
it has been as difficult as it has. I stayed
on until midday, but I think the carp had
moved. A small group must have passed by
and Id been in the right place at the right
time, which really does beg the question
about these sonars and the rest of this
modern technology. Could it be that we
would be better off using our experience,
our eyes, and our instincts?
Tight lines until next month, when
Ill be talking about Zigs, plus my new
adventure with Laney on Wraysbury 2.

Mr F. CW

54 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

050-054_The F Word_CW319 5 27/03/2017 08:18


This month, Darrell banks
the first carp for 5 months,
from the very tricky
Bayeswater, and lands a
cracking 30lb+ common
from Blasford Hill.

56 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

056-060_Pecky_CW319_v3.indd 1 24/03/2017 12:56

inally, the worst of the winter the more I am aware of the world of carp TOP: A beautiful
seems to have passed, and I can fishing outside the UK, and the adventures Bayeswater dawn.

stop making excuses as to why I available for those willing to go. BOTTOM:
havent caught. Yes, you heard me right, I Bayeswater has been totally dead this Adventure angling
in Germany. I had
have actually caught, and it was from the winter, but even so, Ive been keeping in a great day there.
Bayeswater syndicate that hadnt done a touch with it because I know only too
bite in over 5 months. Spring is certainly well that carp thrive on neglect. Empty
in the air; the days are noticeably getting banks and warmer conditions almost
longer, the daffodils are up, the birds certainly lead to a chance, and I wanted
are singing, all sure signs that winter is to be amongst the first to sniff one out.
behind us. During the last week in February, Storm
Ive been pretty busy of late, with show Doris loomed on the horizon, bringing low
season in full swing. I think I mentioned pressure, extreme winds, and temperatures
last time that Id been to Zwolle, and since tipping 15. From past experience, I know
to Poznan, Hamburg, and Five Lakes. that big winds and milder temperatures can
Its always interesting to visit different be the catalyst for winter action.
countries, and see the diversity between In the January of 2013, many lakes were
the general carp-fishing scenes. frozen when I noticed a big low-pressure
For example, in Poland, the impression is system coming in. Temperatures were due
that catch-and-release is still in its infancy, to reach 12 and stay that way for over 48
and fish welfare doesnt even come into it. hours. I questioned my sanity as I loaded
In Germany, in the main, catch-and-release the van, but I was almost certain of where
is illegal, and all anglers are expected to the Rockford carp would be. I had caught
eat what they catch! The more I travel, on every single trip throughout the autumn,

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 57

056-060_Pecky_CW319_v3.indd 2 24/03/2017 12:56


RIGHT: The scales and the single blank I had was during
revealed the truth.
freezing-cold conditions in December
BELOW: Storm when it first snowed, the beginning of
Doris was on
the winter as such.
the way.
I left home for the session and had to
BOTTOM: Gaz scrape ice from the inside and outside of my
Hood in on the
action on Blasford. windscreen, but by the time I arrived at the
lake, all the snow and ice had disappeared.
The lake was completely devoid of anglers,
and as I set up, I wondered what the next
few nights might bring. What happened
next is, as they say, history, and I ended up
with a 57-pounder on the bank.
The point I am trying to make here is
that its the conditions that lead to the
result. Big winds coupled with warmer
temperatures saw the carp waken from
their winter slumber, and as well as the
carp I caught, I actually saw them crashing
right out amongst the waves. A rare sight
on most lakes in late January.
With Storm Doris looming, and gale-
of the plateau, in the centre of the bay,
into which the wind would be pushing.
After 24 hours the wind began to pick up
and the temperature rose. Things looked
good, other than the coots zoning in on
my friend Phil, and my spots. A plan was
hatched to deter my feathered friends. I
cast my Spomb across the narrowest part
of the bay onto the far bank.
What I did next was only possible
because Bayeswater has no trees around
it. I passed Phil my rod, then I collected
the Spomb from the far bank. Like a
gigantic cheese wire held tight across the
lakes surface, we walked out of the bay
and ushered the coots up the other end. I
then tied the spod braid to a wooden post
to make a tripwire, which was under tension
and whistling menacingly in the wind.
The coots were no longer threatening
to ruin our traps, and I had a feeling we
were in with a shout in such favourable
conditions. Disturbance had been kept
to a minimum, and the history books
force southwesterlies due, I opted for a
3-night session at the windward end of
Bayeswater. Why? Well, the previous year,
when it had kicked off in the winter in
similar conditions, it was at that end. My
thinking was to get some bait out 30
Spombs of maggots and 10mm Hybrid
before the big winds arrived, and hope
a few fish were turned on enough to have
a feed. There is a big plateau in this part
of the lake, which is fished by a number
of swims, and I decided to fish the area
from Peg 7.
Before this session, I had done some
plumbing there, so I knew where I was
going to place my rigs. My spot was on top

58 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

056-060_Pecky_CW319_v3.indd 3 24/03/2017 12:56

suggested we were in the right area. As
is the standard way at Bayeswater, the
second night passed without event, and I
soon found myself alone on the lake when
Phil left for work around 7.00 a.m. The
sky was deep-grey and the ever-increasing
wind was surprisingly warm. I watched
intently, just willing one to let me know I
was in the right area.
The worst (or the best) of Storm Doris
was due in the early hours of the following
morning, and despite not seeing anything,
I thought I would hold out for one more
night. Something had to happen it just
had to.
The night passed uneventfully, and
by dawn, Storm Doris was unleashing
hell upon me. Bayeswater is open to the
elements, and the scene in front of me on, I spread my four rods over a huge The fish fought hard on the light tackle, TOP: The small
wasnt ideal. My buzzers were bleeping area, making just one cast each so as not but soon enough, a large common was island where I
caught from at
like crazy, white horses were driving down to spook anything that might be around. lying in the bottom of my net. On the Blasford Hill.
the lake, and before long, all my rods had It would be silly to say I was confident scales she was just shy of 38lb, and after
ABOVE: Black
been dragged from their spots. It was at because the lake hadnt done a bite for 5 the photos, I was left alone to recast.
foam. Dont
that moment that it dawned on me that months, but it certainly felt like I was in I glanced at my phone while I was doubt it, ever!
most of my personal success in these the right area. All four were fished with constructing a fresh rig, and I already
conditions has come on the back of the Zigs set between 3ft and 5ft, with either had Facebook messages congratulating
wind, where its possible to fish effectively. yellow or black foam. me on my capture! I had been chipping
It was time to bail. The rods had been out for 30 minutes away all winter, not really doing loads,
A couple of days after Doris had passed, when a coot hooked itself on my right- just a bit here and there. I always hoped
and the more I thought about what hadnt hand rod. I had just made the recast with that if I was lucky enough to catch the
happened, I felt compelled to try again, the lead still in flight, when the left-hand first one after such a lengthy lean period,
but at the opposite end of the lake. A rod went into absolute meltdown. It was I would keep it quiet long enough to milk
wind like that had to have generated a my first Bayeswater take of the 2016-2017 it, before the onslaught of silly season.
huge spike in water temperature, and I season, and instantly it was clear it was a What happened next is exactly why Id
felt it really increased the chances. big fish. To be honest, to catch anything hoped to keep it quiet.
I set up in Swim 2, put up my Tempest sub-30lb is rare there. Out the corner The following afternoon, Richard
to protect me from the wind, and the of my eye, I noticed two guys running Turner arrived with some hot information,
difference it made was immediately towards me from the day ticket lake, and and rather than come and congratulate me,
apparent. The sun was occasionally poking they were soon behind me, offering words he took the LONGEST ROUTE round
through, and it was warm enough to sit in of encouragement. At the same time they to fish the peg on the opposite side of
a T-shirt. If I was a carp, that was where were texting their friends with every last me. Now thats not a dig at Richard in any
Id be; it was a totally different world on detail of what I was up to. If Im honest, way because hes sound. We all want to
the back of the wind. Being the only one it was a massive buzz-kill. catch, and on low-stock venues it means

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 59

056-060_Pecky_CW319_v3.indd 4 24/03/2017 12:56


fishing where the fish are. Besides that, I as the carp lazed around in the early-
was leaving anyway. spring sun, and temperatures reached
He caught a 28-pounder a couple of just shy of 20.
days later, and then on his next trip, he We initially fished Zigs without success,
caught Buggies at 43lb in the same zone. but as the sun dropped, I changed my
I returned to the lake between Richards approach to Iso Sweet pop-ups fished
captures and found him in Peg 2, with super-tight to an island, at 30m range. The
one rod on the ground. He had seen one depth was minimal, which ensured that
show, and moved round for a couple any fish hugging the island margin were
of hours. Having caught there myself, I very likely to encounter the hookbait.
waited for him to leave before slipping To help them find it, a good six or
straight back in. so pouchfuls of Hybrid 10mms were
At dawn, I saw my first Bayeswater catapulted over the top. All through
shows of the year, black heads breaching the night the buzzers went crazy as the
on the wind line, and for a brief moment I fish hit the bait. Half a dozen doubles
thought I was about to get lucky. Nothing came to the net through the hours of
happened, and later that morning I moved darkness, but although fun, it wasnt what
round to Swim 4 with the feeling that the we were there for. We needed a bigger
fish were best reached from this position. one to film on the mat, as a double just
Regardless, nothing happened despite the wasnt going to do it justice.
activity, and up until this moment I have Luckily, as we were filming the cut-
yet to catch another Bayeswater carp. This away pieces to go in the video, the alarm
is not for the want of trying because I shrieked, and on picking up the rod,
have been fishing as much as humanly I knew it was one destined to be our
possible, racking up a few nights, while movie star. After a much slower, more
eating dirty Boss Hogg burgers from the powerful fight, one of Blasfords biggies
nearby fast food van. was soon in the bottom of my net. On
Other than Bayeswater, I popped over the scales he went 30lb 8oz, and is my
to Blasford Hill in Chelmsford, for a biggest-ever carp from Blasford Hill.
quick night with Gaz Hood from Trakker Well, thats me for now. Spring is in
Products. We needed a 20-pounder to star the air and I am absolutely buzzing to
alongside the new unhooking mat and get out, and away from this computer
retention slings for a short promotion film, screen. Be lucky gents.
and Blasford is my local banker venue for
such things. On arrival, the lakes surface Cheers,
was almost covered with black shapes, Pecky. CW
ABOVE: A perfect
common, just
what we needed.

RIGHT: At 30lb
8oz, my biggest
fish from Blasford.

60 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

056-060_Pecky_CW319_v3.indd 5 24/03/2017 12:56

100 L

30% OFF










BAF_CW_319.indd 1 21/03/2017 15:19



Im fishing an 80-acre pit which is tough-going at the best of times. The problem Ive got is that the majority
of the bottom has a light covering of weed. Due to this Ive ruled out bottom baits and opted for pop-ups.
I have been using Chod Rigs, but because every man and his dog is using them, I want to try something
different. Ive tried a Hinged Stiff Rig but feel that the stiffness causes the rig to sit unnaturally. Can
you help with other rigs that would be suitable and possibly give me the edge? Thanks.

Darran Capewell, Stoke-on-Trent.

Hi Darren, is finished. Just before casting out, use a piece of dissolving

I wouldnt be too concerned with a light covering of the green foam to wrap around the hook. This not only stops the pop-
stuff; if anything, I would try to embrace it and go against the up moving during the cast, it also keeps the rig clear when
grain, so to speak. If most anglers are using blatant Chod the lead hits the lakebed. If the foam comes up to the surface
Rigs, I would suggest that a bottom bait presentation or a very after a few seconds, you know the rig is fi shing effectively

short pop-up would most certainly give you the edge over the and clear of any weed.
rest of the competition. The Hinged Stiff Rig is a great choice of rig initially, and
The lead setup is just as important as the rigs being used, suits the situation perfectly if you want to use it. Keep the Chod
and I would use either a lead clip system or a Helicopter section as standard, and just change the boom section to a
system. Both these systems will allow you to drop the lead soft-coated braid such as N-Trap Soft. This way, the rig lies
if necessary, with a simple lead clip setup or the Korda Heli perfectly across any debris on the bottom and takes on the
Safe System. If you fish the Helicopter system with the beads contours of the lake. Again, make this around 12ins.
set well apart, it allows the lead to plummet into the weed,
but the hooklink will lie neatly above as you sink the line. Good luck,
The distance at which the beads are set apart is roughly the Lawrence.
amount of weed you are fishing into.
Look at using a bottom bait presentation, such as a Snowman A short pop-up can
be a perfect choice.
Rig with a 12ins hooklink, and a small PVA bag threaded
down the hooklink to protect the hook. Dont worry too much
about the weed situation; if its only a light covering, the rig

will work effectively, and this will be a real edge as opposed

to the pop-up rigs the fish are used to seeing.
If you use a pop-up rig, think about using a Multi-Rig,
which I use for all my pop-up fishing. This rig is underused
and serves multiple purposes, such as changing the hook
without having to construct a new rig, and you can determine
how high to fish the pop-up. Construct the rig to around 12ins,
just to make certain the rig is fishing effectively, and tie the
overhand loop roughly so theres an inch pop-up once the rig
W I N N5I 0 *

This nice mirror QUEST NG

fell to a Snowman
presentation with
Are you
this mo
askthee Contact Jo s winner?
a 12ins hooklink. xperts@ n at
to claim mainline-bait
your pri

Sometimes, Chods are overused.


Send your question to Jon Shoes Jones, and if it is
picked as Question of the Month by our panel of

experts, you win the 250 Mainline Baits Package!

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 63

063-065_Ask_The_Experts_CW319_v2.indd 1 27/03/2017 08:35


This months PA RT I CL ES H O W T O G ET T H E B E ST FR O M T H I S UN D E R U S E D B A I T
panel Dear Panel,
includes Im thinking about using particles this year, and I dont know where to start. Can someone tell me whats best
to use, and which rig and hookbait should I utilise when fishing with particle?

Paul Rodgerson, Bath.

Hi Paul, I hope this gives you a basic view of particle fishing. Keep
Particles are probably the best baits ever used to catch carp. The using them and it will help you go a long way in your fishing.
legendary sweetcorn has accounted for hundreds of thousands Remember, its up to you what you use, but stick to the basics
of carp over the years; hemp and tiger nuts are next in line, with and you wont go far wrong.
impressive catch figures. So why are they so good, and why do
Lawrence East we need to use them? Kind regards,
Lawrence is the perfect man
Carp love grubbing around searching for food items, and by Shoes.
to answer a question about
using particles you can create a feeding frenzy and get the carp
choosing an alternative
rooting around in the swim. The tiny seeds and pulses make it The new Mainline particles.
p re sen tati on t hat is
different to the much-used irresistible for any carp to ignore, and they keep coming back for

Chod Rig when the lakebed more. What to use is up to you, but the combinations are endless.
is coated with weed. Ill set you off in the right direction with these three classic mixes.
Hemp and sweetcorn are devastating, and seem to work wherever
they are used; hemp and tigers are the same; a particle mix of
small seeds, nuts and pulses also works wonders.
What about hookbaits? During the warmer months of the year, one
of the best ways to catch carp over particles is to use a Balanced
Wafters are the new pop-ups.
Wafter. Introduce a few boilies into your chosen mix and then fish
a matching Balanced Wafter. If using the new Mainline Power+
Particles, use one jar of Hemp to half a jar of Tigers, followed
Jon Shoes Jones by two teacups of 15mm boilies of your choice, and then fish a
Particle baits are nearly matching Balanced Wafter over the top.
as old as carp fishing, and My chosen rig for this approach is a stiff mono D-Rig. This
are still one of the most presents a Balanced Wafter perfectly, and will reset if a carp
effective baits ever. Shoes picks it up and blows it out. The last thing you want is a braided
reveals whats best to use, hooklink tangled in a mess when the carp are feeding on your bait.
and the perfect hookbait
for the job. This mirror loved the
particle/wafter approach.

Dan Daneshi
Zig fishing is a technique
t h at m a n y a n g l e r s a r e
a f r a i d o f, s o h e r e , D a n
explains how to balance
the setup with fish safety
in mind, and also gives some
great hookbait options.


Send your question to Jon Shoes Jones, and if it is picked as
Question of the Month by our panel of experts, you win the
250 Mainline Baits Package!

64 Carpworld a pr il 20 1 7

063-065_Ask_The_Experts_CW319_v2.indd 2 27/03/2017 08:36

W W W. M A I N L I N E - B A I T S . C O M


Dear Experts, MAINLINE
It wont be long before the season on my local lake is closed, and then I will move to my spring water, which
is 20ft deep. I am considering using Zigs because I have not caught off the bottom on this water, so I want some
help to set up a Zig. The only thing I know is that you have to use a small hook, but is there something else I
can use other than black foam, as I have no confidence in it. MONTH
Charlie M c Conville, London.
Application of bait in spring can be the
difference between success and failure. I
Hi Charlie, In terms of setup, I personally like a heavy lead around 4oz,
have got into the mindset that when I locate
Zig fishing is a great way to try to get bites when nothing is happening which is fished on a lead clip without the tail rubber and secured
the fish, I need to keep just enough food in
on the bottom, and once you have a few fish on the tactic, it can with a small piece of PVA tape. Once the fish takes the bait, the
the area, so the fish are held and interested
become an important part of your armoury in carp angling. lead sends the hook home, then comes straight off and allows
in feeding, but not too much so they have
Carp spend more time off the bottom of the lake and up in the the fish to come straight to the top. Theres nothing worse than
eaten enough before finding the hookbait.
water at various depths throughout the day, so bringing the Zigs playing a carp on a long hooklink with a lead bouncing around.
I have had good results when fishing
out and working the different levels of the water to locate the fish For the hooklink, most people use a low-diameter line, as this
small PVA bags of Mainline Spod and PVA
can turn a blank on the bottom into a great session. helps keep the bait up in the water and is harder for the fish to
pellet mix. I believe the mixture of sizes, oil
Anglers use foam due to its great buoyancy. It can be flavoured spot. I always assess the situation, and if there are weedbeds or
content and breakdown times offers a great
and left out for days with no worries of it sinking. You can trim issues like gravel bars, I step up the line accordingly. Fish safety
little package of food that a carp finds hard
down pop-ups, and some companies even make Zig Rig hookbaits. must come first, and theres no point in hooking loads of fish
to resist, even in the coldest of weather.
In terms of black foam, I use it a lot in my fishing, but never and losing them.
I never cast out without injecting an
really on its own. I like to mix it with yellow or red foam, and have In my experience, its hard to be confident in something which
extra boost of liquid enhancement into the
had my best results by doing this. If I think the fish are up in the hasnt brought you success, but once the results start to come, I
bags 20 minutes before casting out, to
layers and the bites are still not coming, a change of colour can bet you wont look back.
help attract the fish to the bait even more.
make the difference. Its also worth keeping an eye out for any fly
hatch. Try to match the hookbait to the hatch in terms of colour Tight lines,
Lewis Daneshi.
and size, as the fish are more than likely feeding on them too. Dan.

This lovely common couldnt resist a nice

PVA bag of pellets.

A Zig in the right place, at the

right depth, can be devastating.

The new Mainline Ziggers

and Supa Sweet Liquid.

Make sure the Zigs

are ready to go.

Questions to be sent via email to: 250
if your entry is selected
Please include your name and full address as our Question of
the Month

Carpworld april 20 17 65

063-065_Ask_The_Experts_CW319_v2.indd 3 27/03/2017 08:36




connect-combi-set-CW319_v3.indd 1 22/03/2017 16:45



Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 67

067-074_The Big Interview - Ali Hamidi_CW319(v2).indd 1 27/03/2017 18:19


RIGHT: My very
first article ever.

As an angler, Ali is probably one of the most recognisable faces in the media, thanks to his numerous
and excellent appearances on mainstream TV. His knowledge and determination has led to the
pastime we all know and love having a very important platform, which is not only entertaining,
but also vital to encourage participation in fishing. Behind his larger than life persona, he is a
very intelligent, skilled, and talented individual who has done an excellent job for his employer,
Korda, and for angling in general.

Ali and I have known each other for well over 15 years, stemming back to the days when I was
a junior reporter covering the BCAC for Angling Times. His friendship with Rob Hughes and
Jon Jones, who ran the event back then, led him to be at the final at Dovecote Lake near Milton
Keynes, unsurprisingly, to do some filming. Since then we cross paths on a regular basis at various
events, filming, and other occasions, and more recently, during the production of his hit book,
The Carpers High. It is a huge pleasure to interview him.

Youve always had a connection with in. I got a proper taste for it, and wanted way, but a part of me is as loyal as a dog,
Angling Publications, so when and to write loads, and I got masses of good so thats why I did it with AP.
how did that come about? feedback from people. After that, I did another article simply
Tim Paisley tells a slightly different version Back then, if you had something in because I was so in love with carp fishing,
of events than I remember, saying that I Carpworld it was mega; there were only which was a thing called Carp Fishing
used to phone the office every day, trying magazines, not all the other media Legends. If I remember, I wrote about four
to get a feature published. What happened platforms. The response to anything or five people who I thought were special.
was Gaz Fareham got an article published was really good, and once youd been in I sent it into Jules, who said he liked it,
in Carpworld, and at the time, we were both Carpworld, you were on the way. I wrote and would run it by Tim, who knocked it
really interested in getting stuff published, about several of the meres, including back. He told me that to call carp anglers
so I wrote a piece on fishing big silty meres. Redesmere, and bumped into Crowy, who legends was wrong, and it never appeared.
I was living up north then, doing my said: Well done on those articles, fella. I By that time, I had a series in Crafty called
degree, and thought I could do with a bit always tell Jules and Crowy how important Ali Hamidis PVA Workshop, which Crowy
of extra cash. The person I approached was they were, and I dont forget that. That had given me. Then Ian Poole stopped
Julian Cundiff. I saw him at a carp show, was the start of my journey, so when it doing BaitWorld, and I took that over, so
collared him, and he told me to send it in. came to doing my last book, The Carpers in a very short period of time, Id gone
So, it was Jules who saw my first article, High, I wanted to publish it with Angling from nothing to having a regular column
and he actually signed it off, so it went Publications. I could have gone another in both magazines. I was working at the

68 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

067-074_The Big Interview - Ali Hamidi_CW319(v2).indd 2 27/03/2017 18:20

time, and time was very short, but I look
back at it with fondness, and a little horror
at the diabolical pictures I used to send in.

Was it your experience at Sky, or your

marketing background that made
you think you had something to offer
to angling?
I was at university doing marketing and
sports journalism, and was really keen
to get into that sort of thing. But from
a young age, I was into drama, business
studies, media, and PE, so it was a
combination of all that, plus my love of
fishing, that sort of guided me. I did my
dissertation on the promotion of carp
angling, and Tim will remember because
I phoned him up and interviewed him,
simply loads of question on all sorts. I
should really look it out.
In my second year, I had to find a
work placement, and I thought it had
to be something special, not just doing
something rubbish at the local fishing shop.
Ive had kids ring me up at Korda wanting
to do just that, and Ive told them to aim
high, and go somewhere like Google or
Apple, which will look amazing on a CV.
I went to Sky, and as you know, Im
not the shyest of people (much laughter
on the tape), so I quickly made loads of
good contacts. At the time, I burst into
the office of Roger Moody, one of the
big cheeses at Sky, with a pile of fishing
DVDs and said: Have you got 5 minutes,
fella? Of course, you are meant to have
an appointment, not wander down the
corridor and pop in, especially as I was
on work experience. Anyway, he was so
taken aback by my courage that he told
me that if I ever got support for a fishing
show, with my enthusiasm and ideas, I
could have one.
That was it for me, and I went all out to

get backing. I spoke to Tim, Rob Hughes,

TOP: I do go
and others, and ironically, I got Rob into fishing as well.
Sky and he took the opportunity, and sort
ABOVE: Its not just
of said, Thanks, you can piss off now. a couple of guys
By then I was working in marketing, with a camera.
and didnt want to move to London to BOTTOM: Thailand
work at Sky because I could earn more was a great
where I was, but I kept my contacts there. place to film.

That was my trump card when I came

to Korda the TV element and its
something Ive always built on.

Did you have interviews with anyone

else before you went to Korda?
At that time my career was going really well,
and I was already a marketing director for a
company. One of the clients was an event

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 69

067-074_The Big Interview - Ali Hamidi_CW319(v2).indd 3 27/03/2017 18:20


contract, but we were still paying for it,

and Dan was investing in producing the
videos. We got a bit of help and support,
but back then we did all the editing at Sky.
Now we do everything in-house. We have
multiple editors, cameramen, the full bit
we are our own production company;
there are production companies out there
that are smaller than Korda. We have loads
of projects on the go all the time, and we
spend millions on creating information,
and still get criticised for it.
Without Dans foresight and support,
I would have just been the little lad who
went to uni with loads of ideas about
fishing, none of which wouldve seen
the light of day. In the end, we did nine
series of Thinking Tackle, and we were
going to go into a tenth when The Big Fish
Off arrived, and Monster Carp came into
TOP: The
management company which actually had existence, which really killed it.
Underwater PlayStation on its books, so I ended up
filming was for getting job offers from both companies. I When did the celebrity side come into
carp anglers.
was living in Spain at the time, and didnt the equation?
RIGHT: We made really like it, so was looking for something Its a big step from technical fishing
eight in total.
else, and I was missing my fishing. There programmes to lifestyle-type shows.
I was with two great job offers, from two Once subscription telly took on the
mega companies, then I saw this advert repeats (which has been going on for 10
for a marketing role at Korda. years now), we got something on terrestrial
I knew Damian, and hed known me telly, which was the next big step, and
since I was a kid in Essex, not actually a something Id always wanted. I want to
good thing. I dont think he realised just support fishing, and luckily, Dan and
how far Id come; he just saw me as this Damo are the same and want fishing to
annoying little kid who hed seen around grow from a grass roots level. To get to
the lakes. I applied for the job, and to these people you have to go via TV they
be fair, my CV was so much better than are already watching, so that was the
anyone else whod gone for it: experience, challenge. We wouldnt get on there with
knowledge, qualifications, including a a show like Thinking Tackle. We might
Masters. So I went for the interview, but watch it, but your missus or mum wont.
I think Damo was hell-bent on me never Basically, something for anglers just isnt
ever getting it, and he even told Dan they for the mass market, so thats where I had
wouldnt employ this guy. However, after to get my thinking cap on.
the interview, even though theyd already Korda was a big entity. You probably know A director who Id done some work
offered the job to someone, they said, better than most because you worked with, a guy called Nick, actually came up
Weve got to give it to him. with him for ages. If he tied a rig using with the celebrity idea. Wed presented a
It was a match made in heaven, but Im a particular product he said the name, few things to ITV, and the one they liked
not sure Dan would say that, or Damian for regardless of whose it was. Then Korda was with me and Dean coaching. It was
that matter. They say Im high maintenance, started making products, so obviously, he the celebrity thing that swung it really, as
but they know I mean well, and my heart talks about them. People often criticise it was safe ground. We were going to use
is in the right place. him, but they dont realise he is still just people who either did or didnt fish, and
giving information, which is the same pit them against each other, very much
Can you enlighten us to how the Korda/ ethos hes always had. No one gives better the reality angle. The idea was that even if
TV relationship came about? technical information than him. the viewer didnt like fishing, they would
Underwater had started before I arrived Going back to the original question. He watch for the celebrities competing. This
at Korda, and really reflected Dans did the State Of The Art videos with Frank was where we created friction with the
philosophy. Hes one of the few people Warwick, then the Underwater series, which angling market because there were guys
willing to put his money where his really catapulted Korda to the next level, on there from things like Made in Chelsea,
mouth is, and is passionate about giving but it was just Dan doing what he loves. and they might not have liked it, but it
information. People always talk about the As I said in the beginning, I had served a purpose.
Korda marketing machine, and it came connections at Sky, and told Dan that Now its gone from strength to strength,
into existence to provide information to I could get us on TV, and thats where and we will soon be filming the fourth
all. Hes always written things well before Thinking Tackle was born. We got the season. For us its a breakthrough because

70 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

067-074_The Big Interview - Ali Hamidi_CW319(v2).indd 4 27/03/2017 18:20

were guests who I really loved and we PICTURES: These
guys are real stars,
hit it off instantly, and there were others and good mates.
who I wont be going out for a drink with.
But thats just normal, its like people in
an office. There are people Ive become
friends with, and stayed friends with. In
series 3, which is on now, there are people
like Kell Brook and Ricky Hatton who Ill
be friends with forever more. We really
did hit it off.

That sor t of leads into another

question. You must have the most
enviable contacts list there is, but who
are your friends?
My real mates are from my everyday life,
and regardless of where Ive been or what
Im doing, I cant wait to get back to my
missus, and my local mates who were at
my wedding. Just normal folk from my
local scene. I make friends from all walks
of life, just like anyone. I have fishing
mates, people I meet at football, and guys
from The Big Fish Off. Mick Norcross and
I have been friends for ages; Jamie OHara
from Big Brother hasnt been on any of the
shows but hes a really good friend of
mine, and came to my wedding. Tamer
is a good mate, and although we dont
see each other for months, we will have
a catch-up and a good night out.
I really hit it off with Kell when we
filmed, and was ringside when he fought
Golovkin. I gave him a hug when he got
out of the ring. There are some bonds
with him, the same as there are with
Deano, and the boys who I do Monster
Carp with. Tom and I have been mates
since he started work here when he was
16. Hes like my little brother, although
hes definitely wiser than me.

Weve talked a lot about financial

investment. How do you feel this has
been beneficial to Korda as a brand,
and angling as a whole?
Without a doubt, theres a certain kudos
about being on television; its the fickle
world we live in. People sit in their lounge,
and when you suddenly appear on their TV,
thats a big deal. If they see you walking
the commissioners like it, and the number you already know. It was down to loads down the street, its not. It is just the
of female followers is massive, which is just of networking, which is one of my real world the media have created. I looked
great. It means that we have the support strengths; you know me, I aim high and into all these things when I studied, and
to keep doing it. get them by hook or by crook. what influence it all has on individuals.
Thats how we come to love the likes
How did you actually find the You were working with proper celebs, of footballers.
celebrities? Was it through your as opposed to angling guys, so what We see a massive positive effect from it,
friendship with Mick Norcross? was that like, and were there any prima but I find it hard to put into words. I can
Yeah, it was Mick, who was in Towie, his donna moments? be out clubbing with the wife, and groups
son Kirk, Tamer was Micks friend, David I can say that there wasnt one, nothing of lads are there star-struck, and I wonder
Seaman was my mate, and Scott Maslen remotely like that springs to mind. They why. Im just a bloke who goes fishing.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 71

067-074_The Big Interview - Ali Hamidi_CW319(v2).indd 5 27/03/2017 18:20


BELOW: Fishing TV I even get stalked in the supermarket. little quote, but one that really does get it, gone past that, and we have a never-ending
has to be a lot of
things, even funny. My mates who arent into fishing think and resonates with me completely. stream of things that we do purely for
its mad; we can go out to watch boxing, The episodes were filmed in a different fishing. This TV thing needs to be a great
RIGHT: My bond
and a gang of 10 lads will stand up and order than they appeared; the Japanese one, watch and enjoyable, plus you cant have
with these guys
is amazing. shout my name. It isnt all from fishing, which was filmed last, went on first. It was a show thats biased. I think that Monster
its from being on TV. actually the Hungarian one, on Balaton, Carp is totally justified editorially because
that was done first, and at the time there they are my mates. Im not going to do it
Monster Carp is a show I love, and it was no agreement with any TV company, with people from different companies; it
excites me as a carp angler. How did just Alis dream. We set off filming hoping needed to be done with friends for it to
it come about? wed got it right. Id sort of planned and work, and we had to prove that.
The logistics of it were epic, and for ages had written the opening bit that I read
I was at loggerheads with Dan. The focus at the top of the show, and that was the Where do you see angling on TV going
of the show was moving away from doing script. We were trying to achieve mystery, in the future?
the technical stuff, and I had to tell him it travel, culture, and adventure. Its hard, but I dont really look at what
couldnt go on air as he wanted it because it By the fourth show, we knew it was other people are doing. Im so engrossed
wasnt what the guys wanted. Then I went going on air; they loved the Hungary show, in what we are doing, and want to make
filming with Dan, who was the lead of the so I had a template, which includes all the it the best it can possibly be interesting,
show, and that was a weird dynamic. It was stuff that comes together to create the big exciting, and turn on people who arent into
hard to deal with emotionally, because it picture. The scenes we create away from angling. Basically, I want to show all the
was very uncomfortable. I was telling him the fishing are as important as the fishing; reasons why you should get into fishing,
its like the glue to bond it all together. whether its travel, adventure, adrenaline,
culture, even companionship, whatever
I hadn t realised it wasn t channel you choose. The more avenues
commissioned, and that you werent there are, the better the telly, and the more
following a plan youd been given. In likely someone is to give it a go. Thats
fact, its only now that I realise you where Monster Carp ticks all the boxes.
were creating it all on the spot. I do have some other ideas that involve

Both The Big Fish Off and Monster Carp other species globally, but at the moment
were created from scratch, and the risk I want to draw people into coarse fishing.
was solely Kordas until we got approval. In the next series, we have a dabble after
Now when I come up with an idea, its far other species, but thats more about the
what to do, and Dan is a leader of people, more relaxed, because they know I have culture, and which angler would turn down
he doesnt get led. Im like that as well, a track record. Two shows have been big the chance to try something different?
which puts me in a very strange position. successes, so its built a bridge. I understand
The whole concept of the show is very them and know what Korda are trying to What do you think about the general
Top Gear. Three mates travel the world, achieve, so everyone gets the best result. quality of other angling that is on
and its not just about the fishing; its about When you are spending someone elses TV now?
the emotion, the shared experience, the money, theres so much pressure, which is River Monsters was definitely a plus for
adventure, and reaching the finish line. what Ive been doing. I had to come up us in getting on to ITV; because they
Even though its called Monster Carp, its with a concept and pitch it to Dan, with did so well it opened the door for other
not about that, its about what makes these no proof I was right. The good thing fishing-related shows to be given a chance.
trips so special. I think Tom summed it was that I had great support from Dovey, Robson Green was another one, and he
up at the end of the Japan show, with Spooner, and Damo, who could see it, but had massive viewing figures, although
me, him, and Pecky, and he said, The even then, Damo was asking what there most anglers didnt like it. However, if
adventure is in the adventure. Its a funny was for Korda in all of it. However, weve you ask the lady next door, either that or

72 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

067-074_The Big Interview - Ali Hamidi_CW319(v2).indd 6 27/03/2017 18:20

River Monsters is what she watched and As a contrast to that, what was the occasionally. I keep my nose out because
TOP: The stuff
remembers. Thats exactly what we want worse moment you experienced? for me its pointless, and you arent going of great telly.
to achieve, but with more fishing integrity To be fair, Ive had a really good run, and to solve much. Stuff like the fish from
because we use proper anglers, in real never felt like I was staring into the abyss. Rob Hales place, with people sending awesome buffalo
situations. At the same time, we want it Ive had a few where weve struggled, death threats because a bloke caught a carp from some
recent filming.
to be a household name and appeal to all. but Ive never had a show where weve carp. Thats really beyond belief. I always
Both those shows are positive elements caught nothing. These days, a show like joke about it at my shows; Im a legal
to getting more fishing on TV, but you still that just wouldnt see the light of day; it import, and I turned out alright! So, how
have to have the know-how of delivering would be the worst advert for fishing. In can people say that their carp is better
top-class telly. Its not like any fishing the Thinking Tackle DVDs, there were a than anyone elses? If you think that,
brand can just go up and have a chat, you few gruellers, and I can remember arguing just crack on.
have to have the CV. Most people havent that they couldnt go on air. Everyone else There are many different people with
got a clue as to how hard it is to catch a thought they were fine, but if Id have been a variety of backgrounds, with X amount
fish for the cameras. In fact, they actually the commissioner, I would have turned of angling time, but they all deserve to
think its easier than normal fishing. As it down. The truth is that it was all good. go fishing. Just let them get on with it,
Darrell Peck puts it: Its fishing with the and fish for what they want to fish for.
handbrake on. Bit of a change of tack here. Angling If its not hurting anything, was brought
politics love it or hate it, and do you in legally, and doesnt threaten the rest
Most memorable TV moment? think theres a place for it in angling? of the countrys stock, then let them get
From a dramatic point of view, it was I think its unavoidable, but I try not to on with it. Its actually a form of fish
the end of series two of The Big Fish get involved, although I do get dragged in racism its like the EDL of carp fishing!
Off, when we caught the arapaima with
Ricky Rayment. Although it was from a
commercial venue, it was the whole thing,
and it went mental from the moment we
hooked it. The line went around a feeder,
we had to jump in the lake everything
happened. The feedback from the whole
thing was tremendous and everyone loved
it. It was heart-in-the-mouth stuff, and
the moment it went in the net I just knew
it was something really good.
The director looked like hed seen
a ghost and didnt know what was
happening. The braid was tangled
everywhere, including around our legs,
cutting into them. One minute we were
sitting around chatting in the intense
heat, and the next, two people were
swimming underwater, trying to follow
a fish. It was just mad, but excellent all
at the same time.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 73

067-074_The Big Interview - Ali Hamidi_CW319(v2).indd 7 27/03/2017 18:20


there. You build it all up, with gold medals nothing, which is the bit that frustrates me.
and trophies, but it didnt mean anything
because FIPS hadnt communicated with On that controversial point, what does
any of the angling media globally. It was the future hold for Ali?
just a match, jobs for the boys, and I Hopefully, down the line, a family, but if
remember getting very animated with not, loads of dogs. If Im lucky enough
the head of FIPS about the whole event. to have a family, awesome, and then loads
I think angling as a whole is in the dark of dogs. I love what I do, but it is really
ages, and some of the bodies running stressful; I love the people I work with
it are too! and the company I work for. On the dog
front, Id like to do my bit for charity,
I must admit that when Korda got and help stray dogs abroad. Maybe Ill
involved with Team England, I thought do a TV show about helping dogs one
it was going to be a huge success. What day who knows?
went wrong?
I was really behind backing it, but I was sold Thats a great answer and its really
the dream from inside the England Team. made me smile. Fishing-wise, have
We werent involved in anything apart you got a bucket list of places to
from financial and media support. When go fishing?
I actually went there and got involved in It depends on which type of fish youre
things, I thought it was terrible, and FIPS talking about. I went to the Amazon with
were doing nothing. It comes down to The Big Fish Off, and would really love to
the fact that its only as good as what the go back there, I like going to the Florida
home nation can do. Keys, and would love to own a boat out
TOP: Down the line Do you support any angling bodies, FIFA do everything with the World there one day. South America; I think
Id love a family,
and loads of dogs.
and if so, which, and why? Cup sell the TV rights, tickets, all sorts theres some great fishing to be had there,
Obviously, Ive supported the PAG for a of things. Thats from the inside going as long as the commercialism and need for
BOTTOM: Some number of years, by doing talks and stuff. out; this thing was from the outside going food doesnt ruin the ecosystem.
of the biggest
carp in the world Since then, Dan has created Embryo, in. As long as FIPS is like it currently is, Carp fishing-wise, Id love to go back to
are in this area. which Im behind. The Angling Trust there is no vision, and match fishing will Iran and make a Monster Carp programme.
is on the radar, because of my England be kept in the dark ages. I said this to Dick I havent been there since I left aged 6, so
Team connection a few years ago, but I Clegg until I was blue in the face, and I to return and meet my family would be an
havent done much since. Cards on the told the AT the same. emotional little number. When you talk
table what do I think the AT has done I had a vision for what I could do in about the size of carp in the world, and
for fishing? Not a lot. The fishing industry the fishing industry, with massive support draw a circle around SE Europe, Russia,
itself has done more than they have, which and great colleagues to work with to make Asia, and northeast Africa, you probably
is the same as FIPS. it come true. At the other end of the have the biggest natural-sized carp in the
When Korda sponsored the England spectrum, things like the AT and FIPS world. Thats the sort of place Id like to try.
Team, I went out filming and saw what it have an opportunity that they are making
was all about, and I was embarrassed. The nothing of. Its a real shame because it On that intriguing note, Ali, lets wrap
World Cup I went to in Portugal was like would be great telly, and I know Rob it up. Thank you for your honest and
going to a local club match, and it only Hughes is now trying really hard to do that. eye-opening insight into your world.
meant anything to the guys who were However, the governing body are doing Cheers fella. CW

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067-074_The Big Interview - Ali Hamidi_CW319(v2).indd 8 27/03/2017 18:20

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T H I N K TA N K T h e w o r d t h e r m o c l i n e i s o f t e n b a n d i e d a b o u t at t h i s t i m e o f
y e a r , a n d i s d e s c r i b e d a s a s e c t i o n o f wat e r w h e r e t h e wat e r
t e m p e r a t u r e d r o p s d r a s t i c a l ly w i t h a s m a l l c h a n g e i n d e p t h .
T h i s h a p p e n s b e c a u s e w a r m s u r f a c e l ay e r s o f w at e r a r e l e s s
d e n s e t h a n t h e c o o l e r d e e p wat e r , b u t h o w d o e s i t a f f e c t o u r
f i s h i n g a n d c a r p l o c at i o n ?

H a r v e y Wat s o n Kevin Horton Lewis Read G a r y B ay e s

Has been full-time carp fishing Is never happier than when hes Is a great thinker, and loves to Primarily known for his superb
for the last 2 years, and his got 48-72 hours at his disposal. get inside a carps head. Whether knowledge of bait, it is often
usual sessions are 5 nights to On longer sessions, theres it be rig-related, sussing out the overlooked that Gary is a superb
a couple of weeks long. His always an opportunity for him feeding pattern to present the angler who caught the UKs first
style of fishing is varied; he to adapt to the varying best arrangement, knowing where 60lb carp, when he broke the
has fished both bigger and conditions that present they are going to be, as location British record with Two Tone at
smaller lakes, and is just as t h e m s e lv e s, b e i t f l o at e r is a massively important part of 61lb. His all-round knowledge
comfortable fishing at extreme f i s h i n g , s ta l k i n g , o r s i t t i n g achieving success, especially on of anything fishing-related is
ranges as he is in the edge. back and waiting for a bite. the large waters he tackles. truly second to none.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 79

079-083_Think_Tank_CW319_v4.indd 1 27/03/2017 17:56


TOP: A map HARVEY WATSON SAYS: along underneath the surface in the water because they warm up the fastest.
illustrating the
thermocline. A thermocline is an area of rapid change opposite direction. This is why Zigs play a massive part in
MIDDLE: Fish will in temperature. At most of the lakes in The reason that thermoclines affect fishing in the spring; the carp want to be up
follow a good the UK, these dont exist because the carp location, especially in the winter in the warmer layers, and a small bug looks
strong wind.
water is usually too shallow; in deep lakes months, is that midwater is the most like a nice easy mouthful, especially when
They are there (over 25-30ft) they are more common. constant area of water temperature, they have been dormant for a long time.
to be caught all The wind has a big effect on thermoclines and this is where the carp spend a lot When summer comes around, the more
year round. constant water is in the middle layers of
because it pushes around the warm and of time. The temperature of the surface
A lovely summer-
the cold water. Wave action and wind layer of water changes quickly because it the lake and the slightly cooler water is
caught carp. action, especially at the windward end is warmed by the sun and cooled by the still at the bottom, whereas the surface
of the lake, can cause the surface water air every day. In the winter, the colder layers can vary from day to day. This is
to be pushed down; the colder water gets water sits at the surface, chilled by the because the surface layer is in contact with
pushed to the surface and warms up the air above, which is usually much cooler. the air. If its a warm sunny day, the upper
water. This also causes an undertow in The warmer water sits just under the layers become the warmest, whereas if the
the lake, as the surface water is pushed surface layers, roughly a foot below the temperature drops or there is a wind, the
surface, unless it is very windy. In this surface layers alter with the conditions.
case, a wider variation of temperatures If it rains, the water sinks through
in the water is created. the layers, getting warmer as it drops,
The water is constantly mixed though especially after a hot day/cool night. In
the layers by the wind and undertow, the summer, the carp can be found in
but the bottom of the lake is a static 4 the surface layers when the sun is out
and wont warm up until spring. In the and temperatures are high. They often
winter months, the carp are dormant, follow a warm fresh wind in the summer
and once they have been located, there because the surface layers are mixed and
are usually a lot of them because they the end of the wind is the warmest place
have found the most comfortable spot. in the lake. The carp find an area where
In the spring, the lake heats up from they are the most comfortable, which is
the surface down because its the sun generally the most constant temperature.
warming it, and as the daylight hours In the autumn, the water cools from
increase, the sun is out for longer and the surface down, so the fish are often
slowly heats all the water column. Over on the bottom of the lake in the more
time, the cooler water sitting at the comfortable layers. They are found at most
bottom of the lake is warmed up by levels in the autumn because the oxygen
the sun, which causes the silt to release levels are high all over; they sit where the
gases. This makes the silt a no-go area food is the most plentiful. Big beds of
for a few days as the gases are released. bait can keep fish in one area for a long
In the spring, the carp are often found time in the autumn, as they are happy to
in the shallow or the upper layers of the be sitting in the bottom layers.

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079-083_Think_Tank_CW319_v4.indd 2 27/03/2017 17:57

clear areas throughout the year, but with TOP: Rods out on a
moody wintery day.
the fish only gently breaking the surface,
I guessed they were slowly moving over An awesome
the top of the fresh weed and enjoying 35lb+ mirror.
the sun.
I had to choose my plan of attack. I
wanted a bait that wasnt far from the fish
and a hookbait that had visual attraction,
so I decided that the Naked Chod Rig
was the way forward. I flicked a light lead
into the weedy area, and brought back
a few long strands that indicated 2-3ft
of straggly new weed growth. I fished a
bottom bead approximately 3ft up line
from the light lead, and a fluorocarbon
main line ensured a slow-sinking line that
would settle on any weed. Being virtually
invisible, it would look more subtle than
heavy leadcore.
KEV HORTON SAYS: as fish move less in the colder water, you The hooklink section would sit nicely
As I write, spring is pretty much upon may be off the fish and have zero chance of on top of the fresh weed, and close to the
us, and we often hear other anglers talk a take. Zigs are realistically the best option warmer layer where the carp were obviously
about the carp being in the warmer layers, for a bite for long periods of the day, but so comfortable being. A Triple-N Pink
or the thermocline, which sounds like an if you know the bite times on your water, washed-out pop-up which offered a
air-conditioning firm! having rigs on the deck at the right time is subtle visual attraction was attached to
What exactly is a thermocline? I think also worth a shout. the hooklink section. I have been fortunate
that a good way to visualise it is as a layer Not all lakes are the same depth, which enough to have been involved in the testing
cake, with the water being broken up into takes me back to last spring when I was period with this exciting new bait. A carp
bands defined by the temperature. Picture fishing on my Oxford syndicate. The lake feed stimulant has been added and it really
the warmer layer being red and the cold depths average around 5-6ft, with a few oozes attraction.
layers blue, with an orange colour as areas being 7-8ft, and because I had fished it It certainly paid off, and I managed six
something in between. If you walk around for a year, I had a picture of the lake in my carp in a matter of hours, and more fish
a lake on a cold but bright winters day, head and took notes of the different areas. on that trip. I kept with this tactic for the
and spot a few carp just below the surface, I turned up at the lake and had a good look next few outings, and managed to bank
thats because the top layer always feels around, and spotted all the birdlife at one end carp up to 35lb+. It just goes to show
the effects of the sun first and warm up of the water. After a few minutes, I noticed that you dont have to go crazy with bait
the quickest, and the fish take advantage a dorsal fin break the surface amongst the in spring. If you can find the water depth
of this. birds, then a second, and a third, so it was where the fish are happiest, you have every
They stay there until the sun drops, obvious there were a few fish about. chance of catching them.
and then drop down to the next warmest I had fished this end of the lake a few Bear in mind that thermoclines are
layer, which is most likely the mid-layer. times, and knew it was prone to heavy weed areas of varying water temperature, and
This depends on the depth of water; the growth in the summer months. There was like all cold-blooded creatures, carp love
deeper it is, the colder it is at the bottom a bit of fresh weed growing because the nothing more than the warmest part of
because no sunlight penetrates to this temperature had crept up over the past the lake. How you put a rig in this area is
depth, and hence it is colder. Wind plays a couple of weeks. I had fished most of the completely up to you.
part in stirring up the layers, but in general,
assume the mid- to upper-layers are most
likely where the carp are in deeper water.
So, how does it affect us and our chances
of catching? The first and most common
style or method is Zigs, which can be
absolutely devastating in the springtime,
and all year round for that matter. In the
deeper lakes, at 10/12ft, theres no other
way to get at the carp if they are around
6/8ft off the bottom, so Zigs really are
the only way forward. Obviously, there
are always certain times of the day when
the fish head down to the bottom of the
lake in search of food.
However, the feeding spells could be
very short windows of opportunity, and

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 81

079-083_Think_Tank_CW319_v4.indd 3 27/03/2017 17:57


TOP: My preferred LEWIS READ SAYS: point in case. As soon as the temperature lake and swimming a bucket of maple peas
Zig Rig presentation
for the upper layers. The fish we target are cold-blooded, so it starts creeping up, the fish spend a lot of out to an island, and as I crossed open
makes total sense that they crave layers or time in the upper layers simply because its water, the decrease in temperature from
BOTTOM: A pockets of warmth. Just imagine the bliss much nicer to be there. If they drop down the surface was almost startling.
chunky Zig-caught
common. of seeking out areas where the warmth its just downright unpleasant and cold! If the carp want to be in shallow water,
floods back into your body after being This is carp angling, and there arent fish shallow areas or revert to Zigs. Both
chilled for months on end. Comfort zones many hard and fast r ules, but the have their place, and both have their
are not only stratified layers of warm water understanding that carp cannot regulate individual challenges to anglers. Targeting
(thermoclines), they are also pockets of their body temperature (they have an flighty carp in shallow clear water around
calm water at the back of the wind or in intrinsic metabolic need to find the most the edge is enormously exciting. The carp
the lee of an island. comfortable areas to hang out, and possibly are normally there to have a little browse
This is further befuddled when you feed) is as valuable as knowing your bait and enjoy some thermal gain, but they will
consider the variance created by big winds, works. You can use it as a starting point also be VERY aware of bankside activity
relative humidity (temperature allowing to track them down and work towards and wont tolerate angler mistakes and a
for the relative rate of evaporation off a catching them. For instance, always look clumsy approach. In fact, I would suggest
surface), sunlight, and the suns position at a bank that is bathed in sunshine and they are probably harder to catch than a
relative to other factors, depth, water is on the back of the wind; check out fish in the pond sampling a random bit of
clarity and the presence of safe structure. shallow areas out in the lake from up a floatie stuff tethered on a Zig, although
Theres a lot to consider if you try to take tree this gives a very good idea as to this may be indicative of my ineptitude
these environmental factors into account, what they are up to. at stalking!
but luckily, carp behaviour and location They may just be up in the water away Ive caught a lot of fish on Zigs, and
isnt about deciphering and dissecting a from anything, but the top couple of feet favour a very simple approach of long
weather forecast. are invariably the warmest area for most Zig Link hooklink with an in-line lead
Essentially, the environment in any body of the year. If you cant find them in any arrangement (a combination that rarely
of water constantly changes, and the fish shallow water or near to the surface, then tangles) and a nice tight line. Im always
behave accordingly. At certain times of you may be able to cut down vast swathes torn on whether to douse the trimmed-
the year, they are focused on staying warm of the lake in terms of your approach. down Zig Rig Foam in terms of attractors,
or finding warm areas, and the spring is a Many years ago, I remember falling in the but on the basis that the fish have to sample
the hookbait by inhaling it, I prefer to err
on the side of caution, and use unflavoured
foam for most of my fishing. This way,
rather than them being able to taste the
bait (olfactory glands line the lateral line
as well), they literally have to suck the
hookbait into the mouth to sample it.
Oh. And heres a thought none of
these perceptual points of debate count
if youre fishing heavily stocked waters
where they come to the sound of the spod
going in. Competing hungry carp are much
easier to nobble in this scenario. What Im
talking about is largely a single Zig left to
soak for periods of time.
If you can identify marginal areas that
fish are visiting at certain times of the day
(often related to the position of the sun),
there is always the chance to fish short
sessions. Time your arrival in the swim
carefully to have the jump on the fish, or
set up in consistent conditions, knowing
or hoping that the fish will be back at the
same time tomorrow.
A delicate approach and a subtle
presentation is more successful and
consistent, and I cant remember the last
time I cast out an in-line lead and Trickster
hooklink arrangement that wasnt in a
PVA bag. I almost always revert to this
style of arrangement when edge fishing
where I dont have tangle issues, and I
can be 100% certain that the in-line lead
is lying flat to the lakebed.

82 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

079-083_Think_Tank_CW319_v4.indd 4 27/03/2017 17:57

GARY BAYES SAYS: the same time, but suggestions are that the In shallow water, large areas of low weed, TOP: An aerial
photo of a group of
Carp being carp, they sometimes throw deeper water is less oxygenated at times. especially black silkweed, are usually colder big fish, clearly in
the rule book out of the window and Reading echo sounders with than clean shiny sand. I assume thats the the upper layers.
do the most obscure things imaginable. temperatures is depressing when recording suns influence, being absorbed by the black MIDDLE: Google
Maps is great
Understanding the carps need to seek out lower temperatures on a long session, but bottom and reflected by the shiny clean for giving a
a bit of warmth will help you locate your its nice to see it go up. I remember fishing bottom, in effect double-heating the water. good idea of the
quarry, and hopefully identify the best way Fen Drayton, and having a look round in A bit of wind mixes the water, especially different depths.

the boat, recording different temperatures on the surface, but if the temperature is a BOTTOM: A
to catch them on your regular fisheries.
Im sure that lake ther moclines in each quarter of the lake. Im not exactly sudden change, the colder deep water will mirror from a
drastically affect the fishing, not only sure how well fish detect a warmer quarter not mix, hence the thermocline. shallower area
of water.
temperature-wise but also with dissolved of a 90-acre lake when they might be in I dont know the exact science of it all,
oxygen. I was fishing for perch with live the coldest one, but I mostly saw more but Im sure it all makes a big difference.
baits, and any baits cast into more than movement in the warmer quarter. We blame lack of success on the weather
12ft died within minutes; the only perch On deeper lakes, most of the summer conditions, although Im convinced that
I caught were in less than 10ft. So, depth- fish are generally caught in the shallower fish will eat if the food is presented
wise, down a slope, such as the side of a water, but come autumn, this can change. correctly all the time. Depth is one of
bar on a gravel pit, or distance/depth on Temperature drops, a couple of big winds, the most important factors, because of the
a deep irrigation reservoir, can be vitally and angling pressure on the shallows all temperature and dissolved oxygen. CW
important for getting bites.
Ive fished both deep and shallow lakes,
and seen spells when nearly all the bottom
bait takes have come from one depth.
This is related to temperature/dissolved
oxygen levels. Its hard to work out for
each session though, but anglers nearly
always cast to the same spot when they
catch one, so its worth paying attention.
If you are switched on and know the lake,
youll know the depth to recast to, but its
more important to note the depth than
the bait or rig. If you havent got a bait in
a similar depth, you could be losing out. have an influence, but Im sure the biggest
For instance, I had a full winter when I factor is the overall temperature. I believe
caught all my fish between 10 and 12ft on that as the water temperature drops, the
one lake; on another lake, the September thermocline in a lake disappears, or almost
depth was 11ft, and the October depth was the opposite occurs and the deeper water
9ft for most of the bites. On a river, where is warmer. The oxygen levels also increase
thermocline should be less important, all in the deeper water, so the carp find their
the takes were in 7m, which was a natural most comfortable zones deeper down.
food trap. We all know its the surface of a lake that
Ive been swimming in a lot of lakes and freezes, but you would expect the coldest
had the wind knocked out of me when Ive part of the lake to be at the bottom.
hit a cold spot at surface depth, but Ive Some of the cold spots in the daytime
paddled like mad and got back to warm can be related to bottom type on still days.
water. This has always amazed me because
I imagine the water temperatures to be in
layers, but its not always the case; perhaps
its one of the reasons all the takes come on
one spot. I usually fish two or more rods
on one spot, and have had instant takes
by leap-frogging the biteless left-hand rod
over the right-hand rod, and vice versa.
When I use boats, I nearly always
have an echo sounder that also records
depth wherever the transducer is. This is
usually at the surface, but I have a long
lead and sometimes drop the transducer
down to 12ft (end of the lead), and have
recorded 2C temperature drops. I also
run several lakes and test for dissolved
oxygen at different depths, and I see
marked differences. I havent done both at

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 83

079-083_Think_Tank_CW319_v4.indd 5 27/03/2017 17:57




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n Read your purchased titles on iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch,

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MINIMAL 2.pdf 2 20/01/2017 13:05






FOR 2017/2018

A range of fresh
frozen bait is
available at the

WWW.CRETELAKES.COM Cretelakes is located in

Fismes, northeast France
and boasts some of the best
Cretelakes is one of the premier fisheries in France with five beautiful lakes to choose facilities in France, with
from. The lakes hold literally 1000s of carp to over 70lb, so its easy to see why Cretelakes a fully equipped kitchen,
is a firm favourite amongst anglers. shower block, on-site shop,
ALL-INCLUSIVE OPTION Sky TV, games room, and on-
At Cretelakes we offer an all-inclusive package that includes travel, site bailiffs to look after your
breakfast, evening meal and full use of the facilities, including showers that are open daily needs.
24 hours a day. Early and late-season prices are from 550, so book early to avoid
disappointment. Meeting times are at Relyon car park, Dover on Saturday mornings. A full English breakfast
SELF-DRIVE OPTION is served at 9am and the
495 per angler per week, which incudes the food package. Only 2 hours from Calais. evening meal at 5pm.
For interactive maps, actual swim views and hotspots go to


1703_CreteLakes2.indd 1 06/02/2017 08:56


A change of circumstances led to Simon

trying his hand on this deep, tricky, and
often busy Essex venue, and he had some
truly outstanding results for his efforts.


Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 87

_087-091_My Manor_CW319(v3).indd 1 27/03/2017 15:31


am sure that most people reading this with a shelf going around the lake. There
will have heard of the Essex Manor. isnt much in the way of features, which
It has been fished by some fantastic kind of puts everyone on an even playing
anglers, and each time Ive seen these field. The water was quite high on my first
fish appear in Carp-Talk and some of year, but in the past it has gone right down
the other papers, its made me try harder and the fishing is totally different.
to obtain a ticket. I had my ticket and couldnt wait to get
I never thought I would get the started. Id always done well wherever I
opportunity to fish somewhere like had gone in the past, but still wondered if
the Manor. I work full-time and live in I could cut the mustard on a busy circuit
Norfolk, so it never really had the appeal, water. The stamp of angler is high, and I
but since going self-employed with access suppose it was a little bit daunting at first.
to midweek time, it was back on the radar. The fish seemed to spend a lot of time
When I got my ticket, I couldnt wait to in the reeds and the upper layers of the
give it a go. I had only ever really targeted water. The obvious answer to that is Zigs,
individual big fish from the lakes in but the fish had been clumped on them. In
Norfolk, but the Manor offered something fact, I am sure the Zig float was invented
totally different; I was now fishing for a on the Manor, which shows how long they
large head of big carp. have been used on there.
The stock varied depending on who I I had a great first season, catching 22
talked to, but from what I could gather, fish, and some good ones too. I learned
it seemed to be around 70 fish. At the a lot, and with a year of experience under
TOP: The Manor. right time of year, 20 of those fish are my belt, I felt confident going into the
over 40lb. There are some famous old second year. It did beat me up at times
Lin at 38lb 10oz.
carp leading the way, such as Stella, the and I had a really slow start; it can be very
Northern Linear, the Anchor, and so on. busy and swim choice is critical. It wasnt
ABOVE: Bright Its an irrigation pond which is quite until the end of May that I had my first
ones over the top
of the boilies were deep in the middle, going down to 30ft, fish of the season, a common of over
Simons choice of
hookbaits, and it
certainly worked.

RIGHT: A Stiff
Hinge Rig was
Simons choice for
most of his fishing
on the Manor.

Peach at 49lb,
which was part
of an amazing
morning brace.

88 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

_087-091_My Manor_CW319(v3).indd 2 27/03/2017 15:31

29lb. I was back the following week and
the wind was pumping down into Swim
One. The fish were clearly on it and there
were a lot of anglers down on the wind.
I knew from the previous season that
the fish are quick to get on a wind, but
can back off it just as quickly. The fish
pop up in areas where there are no lines,
and as I sat there in a swim I didnt really
fancy, I noticed a fish show in the margin,
halfway up the lake. I stood and watched
for a while, and I saw a few more fish go
over. I rushed back to get the gear because
I knew a nice little spot on the marginal
shelf. The area can be productive, so I
decided to put a couple of rods on it.
Both had the Elliot Gray Stiff Hinge
Rig, one with a Krill Pink, the other with
a Signature pop-up. I like having no swivel
on the rig, as I believe it can catch up on
small strands of weed and affect the rig;

if there is a thin layer of silkweed over me a hand with everything. The Peach
the spot, it wont snag. I gave them a good was 49lb on the nose and Heart Tail was
hit of straight Krill boilies, which was a 39lb 4oz. It was an incredible morning,
bait that they seemed to like. but little did I know that mornings like
The following morning, the conditions this would happen again.
were bang on and the middle rod pulled I was back a couple of weeks later, and
up tight. I went down the slope, picked I knew it had been very warm and the
up the rod, and there was a big old weight fish were close to spawning. I managed
hanging on the end. With it being such to get in the End Pads for a couple of
deep water and the fish doing most of the nights, but the night passed with no joy. refreshing and what I was used to in my TOP: The Match
fighting out there, they all feel like they The next day it was baking hot, and I was angling, so the prospect of not worrying Mirror at 43lb 6oz,
another one of the
could be a monster, but this one felt really constantly up and down the tree. I could about so many anglers made for enjoyable many Manor 40s.
big. I caught a glimpse of a large mirror, see Stella sitting in the pads, as well as a fishing. The lake had been fishing slow,
LEFT: The Manor
and didnt hesitate to slip the nut under few other good fish. I was fishing close to but I managed a 16lb common by fishing fish can move
her at the first opportunity. It was a fish some reeds and wanted to get a fresh rig tight to a set of pads. quickly, so keeping
known as the Peach, one I really wanted out there, but with her being so close, I The following trip went very well. I a watchful eye
was essential.
to catch. I secured the net and started to couldnt risk spooking her. The following ended up back in the same swim and
get everything ready, when the other rod morning, I did get a bite, and it turned out managed a five-fish hit, with the biggest ABOVE: Simon
used the marker
on the spot pulled up tight. to be a fish known as the Match Mirror, being over 31lb. It was a small 24-hour on certain spots,
It fought hard, and with a mirror looking at 43lb 6oz. window out of the 3-night session. I which allowed him
near-50 in the net, I was a little nervous Over the course of the summer, the caught some lovely fish, not all huge, but to bait tightly.

to see which this one was. It was one of lake was a lot quieter, and it meant I could it really doesnt matter to me. The fish
the older fish, known as Heart Tail. A angle against the fish. Sometimes I was had spawned and were down in weight,
couple of the lads came round to give the only one there on the lake, which was and thats what kept the lake quiet. It

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 89

_087-091_My Manor_CW319(v3).indd 3 27/03/2017 15:31


I arrived on one trip and found the

fish at the opposite end of the lake, as
I walked on to it. I had nothing the first
night, but noticed a big set of fizzing on
one particular spot. I waited for it to finish
and then got a couple of rods in position.
The following morning, I got the bite, and
from a rare fish too, a mirror known as
3-Scale at just over 40lb. That was it for
that trip, but I was more than happy with
catching another Manor gem.
The next time I went I was in the End
Pads. It was warm and the fish just wanted
to be there. I had all my spots marked, and
by now I could get the rods out quickly
without too much disturbance. It was a
pretty productive trip in truth, with three
fish, topped by the awesome Anchor at
40lb 2oz. She was another one of the
Manor prizes, and I had seen plenty of
pictures of her in the past.
Before long we moved into autumn,
which is one of my favourite times to
be out angling, and big-fish time on the
TOP: The End Pads would have been nice to catch them at
were rocking, their biggest and in the best condition,
and the bites
were regular but I didnt care. They are lovely fish
throughout the and because the lake was so quiet, I was
summer months.
enjoying it.
RIGHT: I was fishing the cleaner spots, firm
Fluorocarbon was on the drops and clean pulls with the
my choice of line
for this tricky water. lead. I wanted to concentrate the bait
tightly, so I popped the marker up over
Anchor at over
the spot and catapulted the bait over it.
40lb. This was It meant that I didnt have to spread the
the first of four bait or fish to an area. I could keep the
captures of this
carp for Simon. fish visiting the smaller spots, and it was
working. I concentrated my efforts in
the End Pads, where the shallow water
and absorbing warm winds seemed to
hold the fish.
Manor. I got down on the Sunday and I
could see a few fish showing in front of
the Steps Swim. I flicked the rods out to
the spots I had noted, and before long, I
netted a mirror known as Gracies at 44lb
10oz. I couldnt believe it the rod was in
the water for no longer than 40 minutes,
over about a kilo of Krill.
I noticed a coot drifting over the top of
the spot and it spooked, so I knew there
was a big fish underneath, but little did I
know how big it would be. The following
morning, I repeated the Peach, followed
by the Scaly Lin in the afternoon.
It was another crazy day on the Manor
and another memorable trip. I loved my
fishing and was catching some lovely, big
carp, but the more I had repeat captures,
the more I wondered if Stella or Georges
would ever make an appearance.
I was back down a week later and settled

90 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

_087-091_My Manor_CW319(v3).indd 4 27/03/2017 15:31

in the Steps Swim. The fish were still visiting
the areas, and with the odd one rolling out
in front, it seemed the obvious choice. I
managed one that week, again a good fish
called Cluster, at over 39lb. I kept plodding
away, getting down for my 48- or 72-hour
sessions each week, and it couldnt have
gone any better. A blank trip followed and
the lake seemed to be fishing really slow. I
ended up in the swim know as the Garden,
which is left of the Steps Swim that had
been so kind to me.
I caught the Peach again that night,
followed by a fish known as the Bream
Common at 43lb 4oz. The spot was just
rocking, with loads of fizzing and plenty
of shows all around it. I knew that once I
had put a kilo of bait out and got a good
drop on the rods, I was going to get a bite
if they arrived.
The next morning, I got a bite which
absolutely beasted me. It took a while to
TOP LEFT: Seeing
which one of the
Manor characters
Id just landed.
ABOVE: Using a
good fishmeal bait
worked extremely
well. The carp
absolutely loved it.

LEFT: Gracies
at 44lb 10oz.

get her in, but eventually I slipped the net I managed a few more fish that autumn, the bigger fish, yet she still eluded me.
under a 40lb 8oz mirror. As that went in the before it got really cold and the lake began I went into the End Pads, knowing
net, the other rod was away with a mirror to freeze. It was perfect timing, because that the sunny days would draw the
just shy of 30lb. It was turning into one of with so much work coming in, I had to fish into that area. I repeated with the
those sessions when everything just goes take it. I wasnt missing out on anything, Anchor, followed by mirrors of 36lb
right. I had to wait for the following morning so I worked as much as I could through 4oz and 38lb on the nose.
for the next bite, but as previously, it was the winter in preparation for the spring. As I write this, we are approaching the
pretty much two on at once, which were In early-March we had received a small end of the season. I have had a blinding
mirrors of 40lb 8oz and 39lb. glimpse of the spring sunshine. Everything year, landing 37 fish, 14 of those being
I ended the session with four 40s, a was beginning to wake up and the carp over 40lb to nearly 50lb. I have loved
39-pounder, and a near-30. I went through seemed to be on their way too. A few were my time on the Manor, and I am going
9kg of bait and my supplies were rinsed, getting caught, so I went down to the to have one more season pushing for
but as I packed up I was totally blown away. Manor for a few nights to see if I could Stella and Georges fish, both famous
Im sure that I would never get something catch up with Stella. It was amazing really, old Manor mirrors, and ones I would
like that ever again. as she was one of the friendly ones out of dearly love to catch. CW

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 91

_087-091_My Manor_CW319(v3).indd 5 27/03/2017 15:31

Pass4press - Internal Rip

e stars of the angling

e & meet th wor
c om l d

Sheltons Annual
Open Day
Good Friday - 14th April 2017
Doors open at 9am

Rig & Bait demos | Grand RAffle | bbq

Free Parking & free Entrance
Set to be our biggest & best yet

Confirmed to attend
Nash Tackle Avid Carp

Alan Blair Carl Alex Ian Russell

Sticky Baits Shimano

Also present will
be representatives
from: Korda, Daiwa,
Fox, CC Moore,
Fortis Eyeware
Dan Wildbore Jake Wildbore Iain Macmillan & PCF

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The awesome new Key Cray bait has recently been launched, so weve teamed up with
the guys at Nash to offer you the chance to win part of our 599.90 prize bundle.
There are five prize packages up for grabs, with each winner receiving one of each of
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com to enter the competition via our website.

SERIES FEATURING ALAN BLAIR? Messages cost 1.50 per message plus standard network charge. Under- The competition is open to UK and European entrants only.
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START DATE: 03/04/2017 | END DATE: 03/05/2017

Combining the devastating HNV base of proteins, aminos and

essential vitamins and minerals included in the original Key bait,
with the deadly Nash Bait craysh meal, the incredible Key Cray was
born. You only have to look at the catch results from various high-
prole Nash-backed anglers who used this bait during the testing
period, to back up the claims of just how successful this bait really is.
This carefully developed bait has already accounted for numerous
captures in the UK and overseas, and when breaking open the baits,
you can clearly see why it works so well. It has a very open coarse texture
that allows the natural attractants and food signals to leak out, so the carp
can home in on this unique bait which is absolutely packed with nutrition.
Thanks to its stabilised nature, it doesnt require freezing, which makes
it ultra-convenient to keep on hand at all times. With 10kg at your disposal,
were sure it will produce some excellent results, as it has
for the team behind the development of this
phenomenal bait.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 93

093_Nash_Competition_CW319.indd 1 27/03/2017 18:04

sh offersexcel


Big-fish angler Lee Wagner first started carp
fishing 20 years ago, and here he reveals
how he has continually worked to create
the most efficient rig possible.


Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 95

095-098_The Evolution Of Efficiency_CW319(v3).indd 1 27/03/2017 16:47


you have at the time. of patience that works for me, which
This was the start of a journey that is still is only achievable if I know Im in the
ongoing, and from that day I continued to right place to begin with. On occasions,
use the standard Hair Rig. Over the next you get that from your first hour of the
few years, although I caught the specimen session, but most of the time, you have to
carp on occasion, the frequency of those get in tune with the lake first. Ive found
captures was significantly less than my that experience is what gets me to this
mixed coarse fishing, and I wasnt used to it. position quicker.
Its bizarre, because in those early days Call it watercraft or just blind luck, but
when I fished day sessions, a 10-hour blank when you do get on em, you must put
seemed like a lifetime. Filling those hours the most effective rig you can in front of
was a mix of reading a book, eating, or em. The first variation of what would
playing Snake on my Nokia phone! Now, eventually become my current Horton
a 3-night session seems to pass in a flash Rig was essentially a KD-Rig. The idea
and dead time is at a premium. I constantly of exiting a Hair very close to the eye,
watch the likely areas of the water, and making the point heavy, really appealed
Im fully engaged in trying my best to to me. I landed many fish with this rig
winkle out a lump. style, but there were still occasions where
Obviously, its not just the rigs we use by the very nature of what made this
that evolve; we also evolve as fishermen. rig good could also make it ineffective.
The experiences you have that develop you The hook size, for example, is relative to
as an angler are key, and in those first few any bottom bait Hair position, and is a
years, I didnt know if I would be able to recurring theme when tying any rigs with
do this form of fishing long-term. The sound mechanics in mind.
low-fish-to-time variable attributed to Where the standard KD-Rig was
this style of fishing was a big hurdle to concerned, anything larger than a Size 8
get over, but Im glad I did because Ive meant that the hook was too far turned
learnt that the tougher something is, the over when it was whipped in the traditional
more rewarding it is. manner associated with the KD, which in
Thinking about it now, I must have heard turn meant the hookpoint was in a less
the term, be patient more times than I effective position for pricking the fishs
care to remember, from numerous carp lip. The other issue, and for me the game-
anglers, and they were right. Thankfully, breaker, was that the Hair, because it was
in the last 20 years, Ive learnt a form loose and unruly, and could wrap around

TOP: Confidence in remember being introduced to the
your rig is a must.
Hair Rig in 1997, and this basic
MIDDLE: Rig premise gave me the tools and mindset
preparation that triggered my desire to predominantly
at home.
target carp. On that day, within 4 hours I
ABOVE: My landed my PB at a shade over 17lb, which
hooklink choice
nowadays. I believe was the eureka moment in my
own personal angling.
RIGHT: Even live for
Putting a fit-for-purpose rig in front of
the Gardner film
cameras, the rig them is whats driven me over the years. Ive
came up trumps. been fastidious in tweaking and evolving
rigs to achieve my ultimate goal of rig
mechanics perfection. Only by putting
this into words can I relay the importance
of that initial enlightenment, and the
effect its had on my angling approach.
Understanding how your quarry feeds in
any given circumstances means you can
tailor the business end of the setup to be
as effective as it can be with the knowledge

96 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

095-098_The Evolution Of Efficiency_CW319(v3).indd 2 27/03/2017 16:47

the shank of the hook, effectively ruining
the mechanics of the rig. PVA-taping the
Hair to the shank was a solution I toyed
with that fixed it for the cast, but if it was
mouthed and ejected, it was potentially
compromised, and that just didnt sit
right with me.
The next thing I tweaked on the rig was
a way to combat this, and what I came up
with was whipping it halfway down the
shank, then trapping the Hair centrally
and whipping beneath it KD-style. I could
exit the Hair in the perfect position, just
above parallel to the hookpoint, which
meant that upon it being lifted, the eye
was just slightly weighted. The point was
now in what I believed to be the optimum
position to prick the lip.
Unfortunately, again there was a
problem. I think that for consistent
hook-ups, theres a fine line between too
long and too short a Hair, and the long
whippings meant that unless I got the
correct amount of tag end before I started,
the finished Hair was different for each
new rig I tied. It was only between 1mm
and 5mm difference but when you tie a
rig that has the right amount of separation
between hook and bait, it always gives you
a confidence boost.
Again, I needed to rectify this, and the
solution, and MK3 variation of this rig,
involved leaving a long tag. For the first
time, I didnt have a loop to attach the bait
to. Instead, I tied a slip knot, to which I
added a rig ring that I locked in the sweet
zone to ensure optimum bait separation.
This change truly started to yield some

significant results, and to be honest, the TOP: Thanks to the

Horton Rig, this
next step was made more out of curiosity carp stayed on.
than necessity.
I decided to add a blowback element ABOVE: This fish
hadnt seen the
to the rig, and if the KD-Rig was the bank in 5 years
Horton rigs mother, then the Multi-Rig until she fell foul of
the MK5 version.
was most definitely its father. By doubling
the hooklink, as you would with a Multi- BOTTOM:
Rig, and passing it through the eye, I could RK Leisures
add the rig ring to mount the bait too, and Island Lake.
take the whippings down to the ideal place
relevant to hook size every time.
Results started accelerating, and
swapping out the rig ring for a Size 12
swivel negated the critically-balanced
nature of the rig as well, allowing the bait to
swivel under light vortexing. I pretty much
had a perfectly consistent mechanically
effective rig every time.
The final addition, and what completed
the evolution from KD-Rig to what I use
now (the Horton Rig), are the excellent
Gardner Covert Hook Aligners. Id never

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 97

095-098_The Evolution Of Efficiency_CW319(v3).indd 3 27/03/2017 16:47



It all started with the KD-Rig, without The opportunity to add a touch of
doubt a good rig, and one that many still blowback mechanics to this already solid
use today. By trial and error, I set about rig also appealed. The doubled-over loop
improving the potential of this setup. method that passes through the eye
ABOVE: All three been a fan of shrink tubing the eyes, The MK2 version used a longer deep when tying a Multi-Rig was the starting
armed and ready primarily because its too much like hard whipping, which allowed the Hair to point, and the deep whippings Id added
with the rig.
work, but when used in conjunction with exit level with the point. This meant to my KD-style presentation worked
TOP RIGHT: In the aggressive in-turned eye of a Mugga, the hook was parallel to the bottom perfectly to ensure the rig still flipped
the beginning.
these soft kickers actually increase the upon being lifted. The Hair exit point is into a parallel position immediately as the
BELOW: Ringsteads bite of the hook. This means you get all always relative to the hook size, and the bait was lifted by the carp. It was starting
the Prince was the benefits of the supreme hookhold degree that the eye is turned in or out. to look more like the finished article.
caught on the
MK 3 variant. attributed to the pattern, with even more The MK3 focused on being more Finally, the MK5, the current version
chance of it catching hold in the first place. user-friendly, in terms of being able to of the Horton Rig. The addition of a
Its a win-win situation. consistently tie rigs that always had the swivel to mount the bait was firstly to
final stage of
the evolution. Ive summed up 20 years of my personal same separation between hookshank and negate the buoyancy of the Snowman
rig evolution here, and believe me, there bait. The use of bait floss to mount the topper I like to use. It meant there was no
were many tweaks, hours spent tinkering, bait to the rig ring meant there was no need to add any more weight anywhere.
watching, failures and lessons learned need for a different rig, regardless of The bait can roll on the Size 12 barrel
that could have been included. This is whether I used a single grain of corn swivel, allowing it to move under slight
just the story of one of my bottom bait or two donkey chokers! Now I had the movement created by fish feeding in
rigs, and Ive been equally focused with right Hair exit point and the right amount the area. The rig had less tendency
my variations of pop-ups and Chods, of separation for what I consider to to jump off the deck when force was
etc. For goodness sake, dont even let be the sweet spot for a bottom bait/ imparted on it, which could, and indeed
me get started on lead system variations! critically-balanced rig. did, spook the fish on occasions. The
Stay riggy. CW The MK4 is where this rig became barrel that the bait is mounted to in
more hybridised. It came about from the final evolution allows it to oscillate,
successful sessions using the Multi- and therefore dissipate some of this
Rig and my desire to incorporate this undesirable side effect.
method in a bottom bait presentation.

98 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

095-098_The Evolution Of Efficiency_CW319(v3).indd 4 27/03/2017 16:48



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ar at t F To d, sse G e nd
e p tr a TE giv Th nt ran now
os act saf RS
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e C
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IN ou w gen ell ,
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er s

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After Garrys article, An Invitation To The Whitehouse, in

the last issue, he carries on with the story of his time on
the Deepings syndicate. If you thought his first year on the
water was good, after catching Black Spot, then read on.

102 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

102-106_The_Deepings_Years_Pt2_CW319_V3.indd 1 27/03/2017 09:13

rom an angling perspective, we
all have good years and bad years.
2009 was a good year, made more
special by my capture of the mighty Black
Spot at a whopping 50lb+. Deepings
One was known as a grueller of a winter
water, so I decided to leave it well alone
during the colder months and fish a few
local runs waters. My heart wasnt really
in it though, and I couldnt wait to get
back down there in search of those big
Lincolnshire lumps.
2010 started exceptionally well. During
the month of March I bagged a 39lb
mirror on my first visit, along with a 19lb
common, which fired me up no end. My
next outing was a 24-hour session on
the first Sunday of April, and I couldnt
wait. Things were waking up, and a few
fish started to come out up and down the
country. However, when I arrived at the
lake it was blowing a cold easterly and
things didnt look good. There was one
other angler present, my good friend Ian,
who was walking the banks looking for
signs of encouragement.
One of the unspoken rules on Deepings enjoying my second cuppa of the day when
is first come, first served. Theres none another syndicate member, Ellie, arrived
of this running around the lake planting for a 48-hour session. I hadnt seen Ellie
buckets in swims. Ian told me he hadnt for a good while, and we chatted while
seen anything show, and couldnt make desperately scanning the water for clues.
his mind up where to go, so if I had After tea number four, Ellie decided on the
somewhere I preferred, I should get in swim next door to me, the Long Cast, and
there. I fancied a swim known as The set off to retrieve his gear from the car.
Top Corner, which is where I caught from I needed to be away by dinnertime, and it
on my previous visit, and with no signs was fast approaching. I had a 2-hour drive
elsewhere, it was a good place to start. home and was working the next day, but I
My rods still had the marker elastic in really wanted to stay. I didnt feel confident
place from my last trip, so the hookbaits in any way, but I was thoroughly enjoying
were soon in position; with a handful of the social side of the session, and once
freebies around each one, I was all set. I left, it would be at least 3 weeks before
Ian made up his mind and dropped in I could return. Dean wound in his rods
the Car Park Swim. He had just finished and called round for a brew, and I told
setting up when one of the other syndicate him how I was feeling. The first thing
members, Simon, arrived. He decided on he suggested was that I should throw a
the Point, just as Dean turned up, and then sicky and do another night. At the time,
there were four. I was employed by Bennetts of Sheffield,
Dean came round for a brew and we sat the fishing tackle dealer, and they were
chatting for an hour or so, commenting on aware of my trips to Deepings, so Deans couple of hours, discussing all things carpy, TOP: A good
the slim chances in the less than favourable suggestion was a bit of a no-no. and more. All the while we scanned the start to 2010,
with this cracking
conditions. Neither of us was exactly However, I decided to phone in and lake, desperate for a sign, but nothing. Dean 39lb mirror.
brimming with confidence. After much ask if I could book a holiday for the decided to return to his swim to put the
ABOVE: The layout
deliberation, Dean decided on a swim following day. I knew I was pushing my rods out for the night, and just as he got to of Deepings One.
known as the Windy, in the other half of luck, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. his feet, the alarm on my middle rod gave
the lake, so off he went to set up shop. Fortunately, the boss was in a good mood a single bleep. Our heads snapped around
The rest of the day passed without and I convinced him that I wouldnt be at the first sign of indication in 24 hours,
event, and so did the night, with none missed for one more day, so that was that; and we stared at the bobbin, willing it to
of us registering so much as a bleep for I could stay another night. I stuck the rise; it lifted a couple of inches and the
our efforts. No fish had been spotted and kettle on so we could have a celebratory rod tip pulled down. I was on it in a flash
nothing had been heard during the night. brew while I phoned my wife, Wendy, to and lifted into what felt like a bream, but
In fact, you would have thought there pass on the news. there were no bream in Deepings One.
were no fish at all in the lake. I was just Dean and I sat chatting for the next Its a little un, I said to Dean. Better

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 103

102-106_The_Deepings_Years_Pt2_CW319_V3.indd 2 27/03/2017 09:13


RIGHT: Winter in than nothing, was his reply. I thought it

The Point, and
I didnt fancy was one of the doubles, and proceeded to
my chances. pump the fish towards us with practically
no resistance at all.
Dean took charge of the landing net,
and when the fish appeared on the surface
he scooped it in at the first attempt. He
turned to me and said, It might go 20.
We prepared the mat and weigh sling
before lifting the fish from the water, at
which point, we got the shock of our lives.
It was clearly way over 30lb, and Dean
recognised it as Tin Opener, so-called
because of an old healed cut in its tail,
which resembled a tin opener.
By now the other lads on the lake had
noticed all the commotion and gathered
in my swim for the weighing, and as we
lifted the old girl onto the scales, the
needle settled on 40lb exactly. Not bad
for a little un! What a lucky capture that
was. If I hadnt booked a holiday I would
have been halfway up the A1, but instead,
I was cradling 40lb of mirror carp.
My luck continued, and I got among the
fish on most of my trips, catching some
awesome carp along the way. Tin Opener the Deepings logbook to see if there good look around, I set up in the Point.
was the biggest I banked that year, and was a pattern. Two of the target fish, It was sheltered from the cold northerly
l began to wonder why the big five were the big common and Black Spot, were wind and captured the winter suns rays
evading me. It was my third season on nomadic and could pop up anywhere, for most of the day. I spread my rods all
Deepings One, and I had only managed but the other three seemed to favour over the place to cover as much of the
to nail one of the real biggies, the mighty certain areas. My last session of 2010 was area as possible. My middle rod was cast
Black Spot, while the other four target fish in October, and I landed three fish. Two straight in front, just off the tip of an
remained elusive. The four consisted of a were repeat captures, one of which was island, my right-hand rod went into the
huge common known as Clarissa, which Tin Opener at 39lb 15oz, and I began to top corner on a smooth spot, and my left
went anywhere between 47 and 50lb, and rethink my approach. rod was cast well down the lake in front
three big mirrors known as John Hallats, In November, Bennetts of Sheffield of a swim known as DDs. All three were
Tommy Teds, and Steves Long Lost. went bust, and I was devastated. I equipped with a variation of Terry Hearns
John Hallats and Tommy Teds were both thoroughly enjoyed my time there, Stiff Rig, with a sprinkling of freebies
upper-40s, while Steves Long Lost was working in the angling industry with a around each one.
usually around 43lb. great set of people, and the prospect I had Saffy and Tyke, the two trusty
When I joined Deepings at the start of of job-hunting was daunting. I rang all carp dogs, with me, and we watched the
2008, there were possibly four fish over the local businesses to see if there were water until sunset, when the wind dropped
40, but the incredibly rich water saw the any vacancies, and luckily, Climax Tackle and the lake became flat-calm. Not a
stock pile on the pounds, and at the start offered me a position. I was thrilled thing stirred, and it was uncannily quiet.
of 2010 there were at least six fish over the to stay in the tackle trade with such a The temperature dropped as darkness
big 4-0, with several others getting close. fantastic company, and things looked a descended, so I retreated to the bivvy. I
I recalled a chapter in Rod Hutchinsons whole lot brighter. wrapped the dogs in some old sleeping bags
book, The Carp Strikes Back, where Rod I didnt go fishing at all through and settled them down before climbing
explains that some anglers have a knack November, December and January, and into the sack. It was only 6.00 p.m. and l
of catching big fish. He mentions Ritchie by the time February 2011 arrived, I was was already in bed! I struggled to keep my
McDonald and Chris Yates, and their desperate to get on the bank. I mentioned eyes open, when the silence was shattered
uncanny ability to trip up the big girls. that Deepings had a reputation as a by my middle rod melting off. I ran out
There were a couple of anglers on difficult cold-water venue, but impossible into the night in my stocking feet.
Deepings One who seemed to have this was a better description. I had the chance After a hectic, scrappy fight, I slid the
knack, but I wasnt one of them, and I to get out for 24 hours and couldnt decide net under a chunky 17lb common. I was
wondered what I could do to change this. where to go somewhere with a good thrilled I had bagged a winter fish from
I recalled a conversation I had with Ian, chance of a fish, or Deepings for a good Deepings! I released it before doing a quick
when he said that big fish were creatures of nights sleep? I decided on the latter, as I victory dance, and then returned to the
habit, which often fed on the same spots was desperate for a Deepings fix. bivvy for a warm. After a swift celebratory
time and time again. So, I looked at past I turned up on a bleak Monday morning brew, I tied on a fresh pop-up and got it
captures and spent some time studying to find the lake deserted, and after a back on the spot. Two hours later, I was

104 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

102-106_The_Deepings_Years_Pt2_CW319_V3.indd 3 27/03/2017 09:13

completely ecstatic when a 33lb mirror
rolled into the landing net after picking
up the bait on my left-hand rod. What an
incredible start to the year.
I was itching for another session, and
2 weeks later I returned for 24hrs. It
was incredibly cold and the night-time
temperature plummeted to -4. I woke
the next morning to find the water in the
dogs dish frozen solid, and ice forming in
the margins. I was once again in the Point
Swim, and all three rods were on the same
spots as my previous visit. Nothing had
occurred during the hours of darkness,
and I was convinced I was on course
for a blank. As the sun climbed above
the treeline, the ice began to thaw and
it turned into a beautiful, crisp winters
day. Around dinnertime I began a slow
pack-up, knowing my next visit was several
weeks away.
I decided to have one last cup of tea,
and just as the kettle began to boil, the run of fortune continued. kept my eyes peeled for signs of the big ABOVE: July 2010
bobbin on the middle rod smacked against I continued to catch, but the big five fish. Anglers who can put in the hours are saw me have this
cracking common
the blank and line peeled off the reel. I still eluded me. I was confident in my bait always at an advantage; opportunities can at 29lb, plus a
couldnt believe my luck. Five minutes and rigs, and was certain neither of them be few and far between, but the longer few more.
later, a lovely mirror of 27lb 8oz slipped was the issue. I cast my mind back to the you are lakeside, the more likely you are BELOW LEFT: The
over the net cord, and I snapped off a previous year, when I studied the past to be there when it happens. I was at a bit lads gathered
of a disadvantage, but I didnt let it get to to help with the
few self-takes in the sunshine. captures. The fish known as John Hallats
40lb Tin Opener,
My year was off to a flyer, and it didnt seemed to get caught from the Point Swim me. I just had to put in more effort while and what a great
stop there. A few weeks later I returned; the most; Tommy Teds slipped up in either I was there. social too.

it was well into March and spring was in the Hole or Long Cast; Steves Long Lost It was the last week of April and I spent
control. I decided to try my luck in the preferred the Top Corner; Black Spot and 24 hours blanking in the Top Corner.
Top Corner, with one rod in front of Clarissa could tip up anywhere. I often Everything was packed on the barrow
the Point Swim, and try out a couple of fished the Top Corner and the Point, so and I was just about to set off for the car
new areas with the other two. The same either I was fishing the wrong spots, or when a very big fish head and shouldered
spot came up trumps again, this time in had been unlucky. in front of the Long Cast. I ran to the
the shape of a 37lb mirror. My incredible I studied the water more than ever, and back of the swim to get a fix on the spot,
and seconds later it showed again. It was
undoubtedly one of the big mirrors, and
I remembered what Ian had said about
big fish being territorial and feeding on
the same spots. I had to leave, but I felt
like I had a clue as to where one of the
elusive big girls might trip up.
My next opportunity to get out was the
second week of May. The renewal date
for tickets on Deepings was 1st June, and
incredibly, Phil Gregory asked if I could
recommend someone for membership, as
one of the existing syndicate had dropped
his ticket. I immediately thought of Sam,
and got in touch to see if he was interested.
Sam relished the thought of fishing for
the monsters of the Deeps, and couldnt
wait to see the place.
We arranged a visit straight after work
on Sunday afternoon. There were a couple
of anglers fishing when we arrived, and
we spent some time chatting to Jamie,
who was in the Point. As we strolled into
the Long Cast, I mentioned the sighting

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 105

102-106_The_Deepings_Years_Pt2_CW319_V3.indd 4 27/03/2017 09:13


BELOW: Sam of the big mirror on my previous visit, low-lying silkweed, surrounded by tall off in another direction. It headed straight
flew down to do
the pictures, and which I thought was Tommy Teds, and Canadian. I clipped up one of my rods for the top corner of the lake, past an
Im glad he did. how I would dearly love to catch it. It was and peppered the area with a kilo of bait. overhanging willow. I was at full stretch,
Thanks mate.
probably the most elusive of the big five, I would have liked to put two rods on it, and then it changed its mind again and set
and only came out once a year, if ever! but it was too tight. I positioned another off back out into open water. It surfaced
Sam absolutely loved the place, and paid on top of a bar to the right, and the third over the same spot where I had hooked it,
for his ticket there and then. We set off on a spot to the left in front of a willow and I began to get the upper hand. Slowly
back up the A1, chatting like two excited tree. As the day wore on the wind seemed but surely, I pumped line back onto the
kids, in anticipation of the summer months to gain in strength. Fish continued to crash reel, until a huge set of shoulders broke
ahead. Once home, I prepared for a return out in the Car Park Swim, while absolutely the surface 10 yards out. I sank the net,
trip to Deepings for 24 hours. nothing showed in front of me. shaking like a leaf, all the while praying it
I arrived at the lake shortly after sunrise, The night passed without so much as didnt fall off. I coaxed it over the net cord,
just in time to photograph a stunning 40lb a bleep from any of my alarms, and I dropped the rod, and collapsed in a heap!
common for Jamie. This fish was known considered moving to the Car Park for the There in front of me was Tommy Teds,
as the Long Common, and it was a real last few hours. Another fish spectacularly the fish of my dreams. I was completely
stunner. A strong southwesterly had sprung crashed out and made my mind up for me. alone on the lake, so I slipped the beast
up during the night, and Jamie told me I would throw everything on the barrow into the retention sling and set about
that fish had been boshing out in front and get round there. I was just about to preparing the scales and the camera for
of the Car Park Swim. I had a dilemma. light the stove for a last cuppa when the some self-takes. That done, I phoned Sam
I wanted to go in the Long Cast, to target alarm on my middle rod bleeped twice. to pass on the news, while Tommy Teds
the spot where I had seen the big mirror I stared at it and it did it again, this time had a breather in the margins.
show, but the Car Park looked nailed on accompanied by a 2ins lift of the bobbin. Sam was ecstatic, and asked how I would
for a bite. I made my way back to the car The rod tip pulled down and I frantically manage on my own. This was a bit of an
and loaded the barrow, intending to head scrambled to hit it. issue, as Tommy Teds had a reputation
for the Long Cast, when what looked like I lifted the rod and it seemed solid, for being a bit lively on the bank. I would
a mid-20 mirror hurled itself out of the and for a moment nothing moved. Then have liked some help, but there was nobody
water in front of the Car Park. If I wanted suddenly, whatever I was attached to woke around so I would have to make do.
to trip up a big girl, I had to make some up and decided that it didnt like having I was in the process of psyching myself
adjustments, so I walked straight past a Size 6 in the bottom lip. I had never up when my phone rang. It was Sam, and he
the Car Park and barrowed my gear to experienced anything like the fight that immediately said, Keep it in the retainer,
the Long Cast. followed; it felt like I had hooked a Ford Im on my way, and then he hung up!
The area I wanted to fish was at 80 yards Escort travelling in the opposite direction! How on earth he managed the 80-mile
range in front of an island. I investigated This thing flat-rodded me at 80 yards and journey in little over an hour remains a
the lakebed with the marker setup, and ripped line off a tight clutch at an alarming mystery to me, but I was truly grateful that
it took me the best part of 3 hours to rate. It suddenly changed direction and he did. He took some cracking shots of
find what I was looking for. The marker came straight at me, and I had all on an amazing fish the awesome Tommy
surfaced in 7ft of water over an area of trying to take up the slack before it shot Teds, all 47lb 12oz of it. CW

106 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

102-106_The_Deepings_Years_Pt2_CW319_V3.indd 5 27/03/2017 09:13






Weight Price
MEAT / LIVER 25kg 57
*All Boilies are shelf life
50kg 107
75kg 157
100kg 199

BOILIE These pellets dissolve
quicker than normal boilies.

100kg 415 415 MONSTERCRAB PINEAPPLE Weight Big Small
10kg 29 29

SCOPEX COCONUT 100kg 200 200




B U L K Create your own
bulk deal from 10


*All Boilies are shelf life

DEALS different avours!

100KG FOR ONLY 415*
Weight 15mm 18mm
100KG FOR ONLY 275*
10kg 38 38 FR R
25kg 79 79 Free with every
50kg 149 149 bulk deal:
Dip, Pop-ups
100kg 275 275 and Cap!



Baitology_Ad_CW319.indd 1 21/03/2017 13:56

Pass4press - Internal Rip

ad template.indd 1 1 19/04/2016
17/06/2016 10:59
Pass4press - Internal Rip

OPEN DAY day 2 2 n d a p r il

S at u r 9am - 6pm
Special gue
ests inclu







* Weather permitted
PLUS TACKLE LABS WILL BE OFFERING Plus the opportunity to ask
A FREE ICE DRAG SYSTEM UPGRADE questions and get some top tips
TO ANOTHER LUCKY WINNER! to help you land more fish!
Dont miss out on the most Carpy
open day Newark has ever seen!
Tel: 01 6 3 6 6 1 2 6 5 4
w w w . Fu t u r e Fi s h i n g . c o . u k
FUTURE FISHING LTD, Unit 15, Hardys Business Park,
Farndon, Nr Newark, Notts NG24 3SD

ad template.indd 1 Fishing_Open Day.indd 1 15/03/2017 15:00
24/03/2017 10:17
we have the

Fish predigsted, Liquid Krill, Egg Albumine, Krill meal, Soja, Maiscorn, wheat flour,
Cell, Blood meal, wheat germ, Seeweed / Kelp, Betaine HCL, Fenugreek, Vt sjin.


Solution_AD_CW319.indd 1 21/03/2017 13:57



a l s o in s ide : T HE AN G L IN G B AIT C O M PA N Y | BA I T-T E CH | E N T E R PR I S E TA CK LE | S T I CK YCA R P | N A S H BA I T | CR A FT Y CA T CH ER

@JoeTsBaitWorld j o e .t u r n b u l l s b a i t w o r l d joetsbaitworld

Maggots get a lot of bad press for being LEFT: My first

Finally, the time of the year that many of us have been waiting for has arrived. Lots of capture of the year
somewhat devoid of any kind of nutrition, but
you will only just be getting the rods out, and for many its the start of a new season. came during a brief
in fact, they have an array of naturally occurring mild spell back
This month I take a look at two old favourites with a new twist mail order maggots and
aminos acids, including many essential and in January, while
worms by The Angling Bait Co., and Bait-Techs latest groundbait, Special G Dark. As well using maggots.
as this, theres the Enterprise Tackle Popup Sweetcorn Classic Flavour Range. non-essential aminos. Lysine is the highest amino
included in the make-up of the maggots, and BELOW: The worms
were of a great
bloodworm also contains high amounts of it,
quality, and fresh.
which explains why they are attractive all year
round. One final fact: in a recent university study, BOTTOM: The
housefly larvae meal was found to have a higher maggots and
amino score than that of a standard fishmeal. worms from The
Angling Bait Co.
All in all, its a great service with a product
delivered fresh that I couldnt fault, so give them
a try.

THE ANGLING BAIT COMPANY maggots? If you look at the maggots from the top,
you should see a small black dot on their backs.

ONLINE: THEANGLINGBAITCOMPANY.CO.UK The larger the spot, the fresher they are. This is
known as the food sack, and the small dot/mark
Maggots and worms can, of course, be purchased is the food they are fed at the collection stage
from your local tackle shop, but the Angling Bait being digested, which tells you that they
Company supplies a door-to-door service which are as fresh as possible. These
delivers fresh maggots and worms. Based in Lydbury particular maggots all had large
North, Wolverhampton, the guys have put together spots, which means they were
a website that enables you to order more or less indeed fresh.
anything you need, all at the touch of a button. The maggots are vacuum-
I was interested to see how maggots and worms packed, and at first they seem
fare in transit, and wondered what kind of service dead or lifeless, but once the
to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised. After packet is opened and theyre
placing an order for a pint each of red and white placed in a suitable bait tub,
maggots, as well as a tub of dendrobaena worms, they quickly start to wriggle.
they arrived the next day in tip-top condition. The Both the white maggots and
maggots came vacuum-packed in a leakproof red variety were of equal quality,
plastic envelope, which stops anything from and have so far lasted for well
escaping, and the worms were tightly packed in over a week in the fridge. I never
a sealed tub. I was a little dubious about ordering chuck them away if I dont use them
over the Internet, as fresh maggots can often all because they
be tricky to find because they have a relatively can last a long
short lifespan. time when kept
Have you ever wondered how to check for fresh refrigerated.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 111

111-117_BaitWorld_CW319_v4.indd 1 27/03/2017 17:58


This has always been a big favourite of carp

and carp anglers alike. Simply add a small amount
of this oil to a bait tub of groundbait and mix
thoroughly; you dont need any water. This creates
I recently came across Bait-Techs latest offering, an incredibly attractive and active mix which can
the Special G Dark, which is based on the GPS90 be used in PVA bags and sticks.
Green, which is one hell of a fish-catcher. However, The Special G Dark can also be used as a
this Dark version gives a whole new dimension to paste by mixing it with lake water, or any liquid
groundbaiting, especially when fishing food. Its a fine groundbait, so its very good for
clear venues. Made from the very same powdering free offerings such as boilies and pellets.
ingredients as the original, namely I like to slightly dampen my freebies by adding a
a soluble fishmeal, it delivers small amount of lake water or liquid food/oil, and
a powerful parcel of highly then slowly sprinkle the powder over the baits,
attractive feed signals. shaking as I go. The layers can be built up by
As the water begins to warm repeating the process, which is an excellent tactic
up, I like to combine the mix for creating an active baiting situation that works
with some kind of fish oil, but very well when the water is still relatively cold.
because the water isnt quite Warm water helps particular ingredients to
warm enough for maximum work much better, but this is a way around getting
solubility, I aim for thinner activity in the swim. Also, if mixed with the fish
alternatives. The Bait-Tech oil, the groundbait slowly gives off small globules,
Super Fish Oil is something I which pulls the fish down from above. Its a truly
have been looking at, and its great addition to an already brilliant range of
a thin type of combination of groundbaits and additives, and will definitely
oils which includes salmon oil. have a place in my bag.

New Special G
Dark and fish oil
is a great combo.

Pour some of the Special G into a tub. Add some oil, and watch how dark it goes.

Note how black it is perfect. Paste is just one of the things it can be used for.

112 Carpworld apr i l 20 1 7

111-117_BaitWorld_CW319_v4.indd 2 27/03/2017 17:59

There is also a range of washed-out colours
that come in the following: beige, blue, yellow
POPUP SWEETCORN CLASSIC and pink. They are available in other flavours
F L AV O U R R A N G E as well, two of which have always been good
for me Green Lipped Mussel and the Plum

ONLINE: ENTERPRISETACKLE.CO.UK version. Each of these flavours is from the CC

Moore collection, and despite others being
Enterprise Tackle are known as the innovators of available, these are probably my favourite. The
the plastic hookbait revolution, and despite a few main difference with these particular flavours is
rivals, they have kept their good reputation for that they actually taste of what they say they are.
always having something new up their sleeve. Many so-called flavours used within the
The uber-sweet betalin has gained a reputation for bait industry arent actual flavours, but smells
being one of those additives that many people use of flavours (if that makes sense). If you taste
but try to keep under their hats. It has a smooth- some of them which are used for making boilies,
tasting sweetness with no underlying aftertaste, most dont taste anything like what they say
as many sweeteners have. they are. Chemical flavours are very difficult and
Betalin is a form of natural sweetener harvested expensive to produce, and considering that we
from the katemfe fruit from West Africa. It has a are fishing for carp, it isnt viable to use such
couple of alternative names, such as talin or high-end products.
thaumatin, and is said to be 10,000 times sweeter I believe this is why natural fl avours work
than sugar. Its widely used in the human food chain. so well, as they are true to their nature, i.e.
Enterprise have now added a Candyfloss flavour, nature-identical. However, get yourself a true
which smells amazing when the tub is opened. flavour (talin) and you could be on to something.

ABOVE: The new

washed-out range
of flavours from the
guys at Enterprise
are very nice.

LEFT: Spot the

difference between
the original colour
and the washed-
out version.

S T I C K YC A R P - H O O K S & B A I T P O P - U P R A N G E Fruit Ester This old-school flavour has been catching carp since 1985, and is a
beautiful fruit flavour mixed with low-level soluble oil with betaine, N-Butyric, minerals,
and finished in a washed-out pastel pink colour.
PB1s A careful blend of two fruit flavours which are a deadly combination. Available
We noticed this superb range of pop-ups while browsing the stands at the Carpin On in washed-out pastel yellow, they contain betaine and N-Butyric to really pack a
show, and immediately felt the need to make a purchase. They are simply perfect; each punch of attraction.
bait is immaculately round, and all have been formulated on tried and tested flavour and
colour combinations that have been proven over many years of carp-fishing experiences. Spice Specials Carp love a bit of spice, and these baits are sure to catch them all
The baits are super-buoyant and are ideal for using as single hookbaits on pop-up year round. They have a subtle smoky aroma, followed by a kick of spice which has
rigs such as Chods, Multi-Rigs and Hinged Rigs, when supreme buoyancy is vital. been combined with garlic and fenugreek to make a very potent flavour.

Tuna Krill Two successful fi sh attractors, combined to make a very potent fi shy
aroma. Carefully selected krill oil combined with a blend of tuna and other attractors,
all rolled into one super-attractive pop-up

Maplecream & BP A combination of more old-school flavours, which are

still as successful today as when they were first discovered. The flavours
complement each other perfectly to create this superb fish-catching bait
which comes into its own during the winter and spring.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 113

111-117_BaitWorld_CW319_v4.indd 3 27/03/2017 17:59


D NA Fr u i t yl i ci ou s Fl u o r o P o p u p s
RRP : 5.99
Onli ne : d na b a i t Dynamite Baits Premium CSL Liquid
If youre a lover of fluoro hookbaits, then the fluoro range of pop-ups from DNA RRP : 8. 99
Baits is sure to take your fancy, especially these beautifully rolled Fruitylicious Onl i ne: dynami tebai ts.c om
Fluoros. They are hi-viz orange in colour, and each one is perfectly spherical,
so its the perfect single hookbait, and can even be used in conjunction with a Designed to boost pulling power in any
small mesh bag. The hi-viz colour creates a strong hookbait, this supremely rich and highly
visual signal, allowing the fish to home in on nutritional glug is jam-packed with a special
them easily. This has been combined with a blend of roasted nuts and a sweet liquid food
fantastic attractor and flavour package, which attractor, which makes for a beautifully sweet
includes a good helping of betaine and other and palatable flavour that is sure to get the
carefully blended flavours, and this creates attention of any passing carp. It is a thick
the stunning fruity flavour associated glug and doesnt wash off on impact with
with the Fruitylicious flavour. They water, so is ideal for dipping hookbaits to
have a soft and spongy texture so its really boost the attraction around the bait.
easy to pierce them with a needle, It is PVA-friendly, so it makes for the perfect
and trimming them down binder or additional liquid in stick mixes; it
to balance the rig is can even be used neat in solid PVA bags.
a simple task. It also comes in 250ml bottles, so there
are plenty of applications in one container.

B r i ti sh Aqu a Feeds Mi l k E +
R R P : 1 0 0 g 8. 99
O n l i n e: b ri ti s haqu afeeds.c o.u k

You only have to open a packet of Milk E + to know you would certainly want it in any milk, nut or birdfood-type bait
mix. It has a beautifully sweet and creamy aroma which is very identifiable. It is fine white powder which has been
manufactured from a combination of lactones and aldehydes, and is used to help with palatability and intake of feeds and
flavours. The inclusion rate is dependent on other additives used; it is recommended
to start at a mere 5-10g per kilo of feed, which gives more than 10 applications per
packet of Milk E +. When buying further quantities, the price drops dramatically, so
its even more cost-effective. It is a superb additive, and a must-have for anyone
who is serious about making their own baits.

B ai t-T ec h Nu tty G l u g
RRP: 6.99
O n l i n e: b ai t-tec h.c om

Designed to boost pulling power in any hookbait, this supremely rich and
highly nutritional glug is jam-packed with a special blend of roasted nuts
and a sweet liquid food attractor, which makes for a beautifully sweet and
palatable flavour that is sure to get the attention of any passing carp. It is
a thick glug and doesnt wash off on impact with water, so is ideal
for dipping hookbaits to really boost the attraction around
the bait. It is PVA-friendly, so it makes the perfect
binder or additional liquid in stick mixes; it can
even be used neat in solid PVA bags. It also
comes in 250ml bottles, so can be used a
number of times.

114 Carpworld apr i l 20 1 7

111-117_BaitWorld_CW319_v4.indd 4 27/03/2017 17:59

C rafty C atc her C hi l l i Oi l
RRP : 4. 99
Onl i ne: c raftyc atc her.c o.u k

As the weather starts to warm up, oil plays a bigger role in baits, and one oil
that can really produce the goods at this time of year is chilli oil. Crafty Catchers
Chilli Oil comes in 250ml bottles, and it packs a real hit of heat, giving any
passing carp a strong scent to home in on. Its no secret that many species
of fish love spicy baits, and chilli oil certainly isnt an exception. It is a very
versatile liquid that can be used to soak boilies, added to spod mixes, and
even used as a neat glug for hookbaits. It is an exceptional big-fish attractor
and is completely PVA-friendly, so can be utilised for literally any application
D NA B a i t s Hy d r o Sp o d Sy r u p s you can think of, which gives you a huge edge because it is often overlooked.
R R P: 9.99
Onl i ne : d na b a i t s.c o m

Designed to complement the awesome range of baits from DNA, the Hydro Spod Syrups
have been formulated on a base of the awesome Hydro Wheat Liquid, which is a proven
big-fi sh attractor in its own right, and tweaked with a few added extras that have also
been included in the established bait ranges. They complement almost any spod mix,
and during the extensive testing period, proved to be a real winner, accounting for some
incredible results by the DNA consultants. They are supplied in 1-litre bottles, so you can be
as generous as you like when making highly attractive bait creations. Unlike the standard
Hydro Wheat Liquid, they are a lot more user-friendly because they are less active, so you
can safely store the bottle without worrying about any mishaps.

Na s h K e y Cr ay C u lt u r ed H o o k b ai t s
R R P: 9.99
Onl i ne : na s htac k l e.c o.u k

These specialist hookbaits from Nash have become a vital piece of their fantastic bait
ranges, so to go with the superb Key Cray range, its only right that there are Cultured
Hookbaits too. The Key Cray Cultured Hookbaits feature a balanced core bait which
has been surrounded by a cultured skin containing a generous helping of the exclusive
wild-harvested crayfish meal. As the outer skin begins to break down on the lakebed, it
slowly begins to release aminos, nucleotides, vitamins and minerals, which provides
unbeatable attraction. They make for the perfect hookbaits to be used
in conjunction with the Key Cray matching bottom baits, and come
in three sizes: 15mm, 20mm and 24mm, so theres a selection to
choose from to suit your own preference and angling situation.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 115

111-117_BaitWorld_CW319_v4.indd 5 27/03/2017 17:59


We have many years of experience in manufacturing boilies and boilie machinery. Our equipment is
made to the highest specication, using high-quality stainless steel and durable materials, and is
used by many of the UKs largest bait-rolling rms. All machines are safe and easy to operate and
come with a 2-year warranty.

Boilie Design, created the ultimate answer for the carp sher who
wants to make his own carp baits. We offer a complete solution for
making boilies, for both small-and large-scale production.
With our machines it is possible to create different boilie diameters
because all our rollers and scales are interchangeable. We have a
choice of 11 different diameters ranging from 8mm-30mm.
Boilie Machine
1 W

Electric Boilie Gun

Automatic Dough
Pusher* Two-Roller System
*Available for 300 & 500 machines incl. speedcontrol Extruder & Boilie Machine

Boilie Gun 4kg From 8kg till 18kg

Extruder Boilie Gun Steamers Dough Mixer

For questions and orders please email us at:

BoilieDesign_CW319.indd 1 21/03/2017 14:02


When time is limited, a bait that works effectively, with quick results, is a must.
The Big Hit range from Crafty Catcher has been designed with this in mind, to
meet the demands of modern carp anglers.


Designed to give an edge in a variety of different
angling situations, on various types of venues, the
Big Hit Boilie range offers excellent quality bait with
instant attract properties. It encourages confident
feeding at a very affordable price. Thanks to its high
leakage and coarse open texture, which is packed
with nutritious ingredients, it soon gets recognised
as a food source when applied on a regular basis. As
with all baits in the Big Hit range, the more you apply,
the higher you stack the odds in your favour.
These boilies have been thoroughly tested and
researched to ensure they are of the highest quality,
and are easily digested to encourage regular feeding and
keep them coming back for more. This is also due to the
high leakage, which attracts and holds fish in the area for
prolonged periods of time.
There are currently three different flavours in the Big Hit
range: Raspberry & Black Pepper, Spicy Crab & Garlic and
Coconut & Maple Cream, with a brand-new flavour to be
launched in the near future. All three flavours come in
15mm and 20mm and in washed-out colours, which
is perfect for venues that see a lot of boilies and
the fish can be wary around fresh, bright
baits. Washing out boilies is a great tactic
for outwitting big fish, which makes these
baits ideal for a lot of applications.

attraction. Each flavour is matched to the

BIG HIT MUNGA JUICE colour of its boilie equivalent, so if you
wanted to fish single hookbaits or make
RRP: 4.99
the baits really stand out, simply give
These liquids complement the Big Hit Boilies them a good coating of the matching
perfectly, with four flavours in the range, which Munga Juice.
include: Raspberry & Black Pepper, Spicy Krill & The fourth flavour in the range,
Garlic, Coconut & Maple Cream and Chocolate & Chocolate & Vanilla Nut, is slightly
Vanilla Nut. They have a multitude of applications, different to the others and doesnt
and can be used for glazing and soaking boilies, have a matching boilie, but thanks to
mixing in with pellets, adding further attraction its cloudy properties, its an excellent
to spod mixes, and even adding to bag mixes, addition to sloppy spod mixes when
thanks to the PVA-friendly properties. fishing over Zigs, or when you want
They all have very pungent aromas, which to give the bait a good boost of
lingers for a long time, and are packed with beautifully sweet and intense flavours.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 xx

111-117_BaitWorld_CW319_v4.indd 6 27/03/2017 18:00


Mid Kent Fisheries &
Environmental Consultants
The GOLD ticket, which is 350 for the year, will give you access to 14
shing venues. After an initial deposit of 50 the remaining cost can
then be made in three monthly payments of 100 at no extra cost.

Want the best shing in Kent? Mid Kent Fisheries provides

some of the best carp and coarse shing available in the
southeast, with an excellent range of shing covering over
16 venues, from as little as 125 per year.

Carper readers, Quoting: ccmkf10

10% off joining fees for all Crafty
We also offer an impressive range of complex featured in Martin
contract services and shery management Bowlers book and DVD,
to large commercial companies and Catching The Impossible, is
councils, as well as smaller private and considered by many as the
individual services. best tench and pike shing in
There are a variety of venues to choose the country.There is also great
from every visit can be a different specimen shing for roach,
experience. Our aim is to bring affordable rudd, bream, chub, barbel and
top-rate shing to everyone, offering a all other coarse sh. Our
variety of angling, including specimen carp lakes are all mature gravel pits,
in excess of 30lb in all lakes, with most ranging in size from 110 acres
lakes producing sh over 40lb and some down to 3 acres. Canal and
even hitting the 50lb mark. river shing is also available.

For the ardent anglers, we offer specimens TEL: 01227 730668

of all species, with many lakes producing EMAIL:
double-gure tench and bream.The Milton WEB:
Mid Kent Fisheries, Chilham Water Mill, Mill Lane, Chilham, Kent CT4 8EE

MidKent-CC236(2).indd 2 08/03/2017 15:57

Fallen Kings
By Dave Levy
Fallen Kings is the story of Dave Levys angling so far, and takes its title from
the mirror and common carp under the king carp strain. It follows Dave from
being a small boy who dreams of catching fish, angling in streams, to growing
up to become a well-respected carp angler fishing some of the well-known
big-fish waters in the country. What is most extraordinary about Daves story
is the fact that hes achieved his ambition of catching big carp while balancing
everyday life that most of us face.

30 +P&P

O R D E R Y O U R C O P Y N O W AT W W W. T H E C A R P S T O R E . C O M
MAIL ORDER HOTLINE 0114 258 0812

Fallen KIngs 2016 Half V AD.indd 1 07/11/2016 18:01

ad template_halfH.indd 1 24/03/2017 14:17


Available N



E Y P O I N T S :
TRIPLE-feNctive all year-round boilie
A super e f e e d stimulant
I n c lu d e s an ac t iv
f o o d s o urce bait

it io n a ll y balanced
Nut r
Tr ip le - N ut blend

Untitled-2.indd 3 02/03/2017 09:42

MAILORDER HOTLINES 0208 298 9055 OR 0208 298 9090

159 BLENDON ROAD, BEXLEY, KENT, DA5 1BT TEL: 0208 298 9055 or 0208 298 9090

EOS 10000 RRP 49.99 O/P 44.99
12000 S RRP 169.99 O/P 89.99
RRP 199.99 60 STD RRP 689.99 O/P 599.99
FX 9 RRP 149.99 O/P 79.99
FX 11 RRP 179.99 O/P 108.99 O/P 139.99 XL RRP 849.99 O/P 749.99
RRP 159.99 O/P 149.99
RRP 139.99 O/P 134.99
R1 - RRP 84.99 O/P 74.99
9 O/P 89.99
R2 - RRP 94.99 O/P 84.99
R3 - RRP 194.99 O/P 94.99
Bite Alarms & Receiver O/P 99.99
IN ST 10% Deposit - 51
OCK 12 monthly payments of just 38
RRP 199.99 O/P 169.99 KNX SLEEP SYSTEM
RRP 197.99 O/P 179.99
GT RODS CARP CARE RRP 351.99 O/P 319.99
GT3: 12FT 2.75LB RRP 199.99 O/P 69.99 RRP 406.99 O/P 369.99
GT3: 12FT 3LB RRP 199.99 O/P 69.99 CARP COT XL RRP 450.99 O/P 409.99
GT5: 12FT 2.75LB RRP 179.99 O/P 89.99 RRP 417.99 O/P 379.99
GT5: 12FT 3LB RRP 179.99 O/P 89.99 AVID CARP CARE DEAL RRP 472.99 O/P 429.99
GT5: 12FT 3.25LB RRP 179.99 O/P 89.99 INDULGENCE SS4 5-SEASON WIDE
RRP 516.99 O/P 469.99
RRP 104.99
RRP 42.99 RRP 384.99 O/P 349.99 STOCK
RRP 149.99 O/P 84.99 RRP 395.99 O/P 359.99 BIVVIES 2017
99.99 RRP 505.99 O/P 459.99
AVID BENCHMARK XL RRP 134.99 O/P 121.50 RRP 539.99 O/P 399.99
FOX VENTEC VRS2 RRP 189.99 O/P 159.99 FOX ALARM SUPER DEALS RRP 659.99 O/P 599.99
FOX VENTEC VRS3 RRP 199.99 O/P 169.99 TITAN T2
FOX EVO-TECH ERS2 RRP 94.99 O/P 79.99
FOX VENTEC CAMO VRS2 RRP 199.99 O/P 174.99 RRP 799.99 RRP 549.99 O/P 499.99
TRAKKER AS365 RRP 189.99 O/P 149.99 RRP 87.99 O/P 79.99
TRAKKER PEACHSKIN RRP 199.99 O/P 99.99 RRP 999.99
TRAKKER LAYERS RRP 168.99 O/P 129.99 O/P 679.99 NEW
12FT 3LB - 12FT 3.5LB - 12FT 3.25LB
RRP 85.99 O/P 44.99 4
2-ROD PRESENTATION RRP 169.99 O/P 129.99 RRP 99.99
O/P 269.99


RRP 219.99 O/P 174.99
O/P 69.99
O/P 289.99 3-ROD PRESENTATION RRP 319.99 O/P 259.99

p061_TC_03_Danson.indd 1 09/02/2017 10:46



AVOCAST 7000 BLACK EDITION One-touch aluminium handle that folds in a split second Avocast 7000 BE is 89.99 RRP.
4+1 ball bearings
The Avocast 7000 BE is a distance casting machine with a great carpy
appearance. The go to reel choice for the image attentive carp angler
Washed-out look wooden handle knob Buy two for 179.98 and get a third FREE.
Slow oscillation for perfect line lay
looking for value without compromising quality. 415m / 0.35mm line capacity

MIT_Avocast7000_A4_Ad_English-UKmarket.indd 1 21/02/2017 14:39


The long cold winter is over at last, and
Chilly is glad to see the back of it because
its been so hard. But, with spring here,
his fortunes have certainly changed.

122 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

122-126_Chilled_Out_CW319.indd 1 27/03/2017 08:08


Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 123

122-126_Chilled_Out_CW319.indd 2 27/03/2017 08:08


OORAH!!! Its over. At long
last, the worst winter I can
ever remember has come to
an end. I no longer write a diary, but I
did so for 16 years without ever missing a
month, and never fully realised how much
I had to adjust in the colder months until
I stopped compiling it. The reason, of
course, was to keep the articles interesting
by catching carp.
Very often, the fish I was targeting at
the time would have to be put on the back
burner as I tried to find a water from which
to get some action. Yes, it could be very
frustrating at times, but it was the centre of
my carp-fishing universe. And Ill be honest
here, I wasnt always that disappointed. It
taught me a lot about the world of carp
fishing, and visiting so many waters and Not in terms of catching carp necessarily, this time, and I never received a single
TOP: This meeting a whole host of different anglers but finding a new rhythm. bleep to indicate anything was even alive
38-pounder made was a truly enjoyable experience. I had in mind a water to fish this winter, in the lake! To be honest, I have no idea
me forget about
the dire winter
I have never wished to be a one-track and in many respects, it didnt matter if why I stayed, but I did. I suspect I did
campaign. wonder, moving from one target to the I caught a carp or not over that time. so because I could keep introducing a
next. I wanted to experience carp fishing Im not normally one to enter a world small amount of bait regularly to assist
BELOW: The scene
of the post- in all its forms, and the winter seasons of self-inflicted pain and boredom, but my fishing there in the spring. That said,
winter action. gave me every chance to do so. Life, of I needed to find a home this winter. The I turned up at the beginning of March,
course, moves on, things change, and opportunity eventually came to fish a very and once out of the van I could tell the
John Dunford, thats what has happened to me over the private lake with a small syndicate, and air temperature had risen considerably.
the man who is last 12 months. With little direction to mighty pleased I was too. I had visited it a For the first time in a very long while, the
always behind follow without a diary to write, I have couple of times as a guest, but this winter wind was pushing clouds across the sky
the camera. found my fishing a tad difficult at times. I fished it hard a couple of nights a week. from a southwesterly direction.
You have already seen the successes I eventually decided to fish one of the
I had in the build-up to winter, and to three swims I had been concentrating
say I was excited about the start on 1st on, and after positioning three hookbaits
December is a bit of an understatement. 5 yards apart in a silty gully at about 90
It isnt an easy water, and what I had so yards, I settled down with my first brew.
far was as good as it could get at that time I didnt go too mad with the bait, just a
of year. However, the four fish I landed couple of kilos of 10 and 15mm Hybrid
were the only ones caught for a month or boilies were spread over the area. I was
so, and I could never have imagined the happy, but again the alarms remained silent
total and utter shutdown the water went through the night. I watched the dawn
through from the start of December to fill the sky with a brew in my hands, and
the beginning of March. wondered where it had all gone horribly
I never saw another carp show during wrong, when all of a sudden, a big fish

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122-126_Chilled_Out_CW319.indd 3 27/03/2017 08:08

you just confuse the issue still further. And
when doubt starts to enter your mind, you
will be on the slippery slope to failure.
Im always confused when some anglers
start talking about more complicated rigs.
In the main, its because they have nothing
else to try to make them sound, or appear to
be, important. They always seem to forget
about surface fishing, and to a slightly lesser
extent, Zig fishing. On the surface of a lake,
you invite the carp into the area of the lake
where they feel their most vulnerable, and
not only from angling pressure.
A carp is a wild creature and is armed
with many self-defence mechanisms, and LEFT: Bait has
once it enters an area where it feels most always been my
way of unlocking
vulnerable, i.e. the surface, all its instincts
a lakes secrets,
are on full alert. Yet we angle for them with not the rigs I use.
the simplest Hair Rig setup known to man.
BELOW: One off
The odd self-professed expert will tell you the top on the most
boomed out of the water about 5 yards over the colder months worthwhile. Isnt it that you still have to strike the hook home, basic rig of all.
off my right-hand rod. amazing how one fish can make you forget but you dont do you? The controllers BOTTOM: My rigs
It was the most encouraging moment in all the bad times? Thats exactly why I go we use nowadays are just as effective as a have remained the
over 3 months, and I sat up even straighter carp fishing in the first place and long lead on the bottom, and the hook is most same for years,
but the quality of
when another fish head and shouldered may it continue. of the way home once the fish has made the material I use
right on top of the dinner plate. I saw It was approaching 6 oclock, and I its mistake. has improved.
nothing else, but it had been enough, and slipped the fish into a retainer. Next on
after a visit to the shops around midday, the agenda was to ring my friend John
I once again positioned the rods and Dunford, cameraman extraordinaire, to
freshened up the baited area. Again, the come and film proceedings for my next
day was quiet, and as I gazed over the lake Vlog. He was with me an hour later, and
at about 1.00 in the morning, I started to we got on with recording events. Once the
wonder if my chance had gone. fish was slipped back home, we sat down
The fish had other ideas, and for the for a celebratory brew. I have been working
first time in months I started to get the with John since 2008 in conjunction with
odd liner. For all I know, it could have been Fishing.TV, and he has seen me fish in
small fish bumping the line where it entered lots of situations, but is always asking me
the water, or even pike which had become about the rigs I use. Or should that be the
much more active. I didnt care really. The lack of rigs that I employ in my fishing?
batteries in my alarms werent flat, and I He giggled as I sighed and looked at
could almost sense the carp drifting in and the ground. If there are a thousand things
out of my baited area. It was around 4.00 in that are important to me in carp fishing,
the morning and I was sipping yet another then rigs come in around 937th. The
brew, when a huge fish boomed out in the equipment I use to construct these rigs is
darkness. It was right over the bait, and I sat very important to me, but following the
just a little nearer the edge of my Flatliner. latest trends is not my style. And neither
An hour later, I was once again beginning is it necessary. Rigs are the first thing to
to give up hope, when the middle bobbin get the blame if an angler fails, and in
lifted an inch. A single bleep alerted me and many respects, it ensures people never
I gazed at it for a few seconds, convinced look in the one place where they will find
it was another liner. That was until the line the answer to the problem. Themselves.
pinged out of the clip and the alarm called Lets be honest here. We look for a
out its battle cry. I lifted into the fish, which rig to overcome the filtration system in
made little difference because it seemed a carps mouth, not, as many suggest, its
intent on getting to the distant bank. We intelligence. I might have mentioned that
argued the point for about 15 minutes, before, but it is a point I believe in more
until eventually, a large carp appeared than any other. And lets face it, once you
in the red glow of my headtorch, and a take away the needless worries of rigs, carp
few seconds later he disappeared into the fishing is a much more enjoyable thing to
bottom of my net. It is rare that my fires do honest! Strong sharp hooks, yes, and
feel so lit, I can tell you, and at 38lb 7oz, gear that wont let you down, but when
the beautiful mirror made all the effort you change your mind every 5 minutes,

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 125

122-126_Chilled_Out_CW319.indd 4 27/03/2017 08:09


Zigs are a slightly different matter, in had moved a considerable distance, but exactly the same baiting pattern, yet one
that the hook and hookbait can be a very I only received one bleep. Go figure, eh? came on my bottom bait setup and one
long way from the lead, an item of tackle Back then I was fishing a basic Hair Rig on the stiff link pop-up. I often read that
which most consider is the main reason with the two mixers tight to the shank of I should never have done such a thing,
the hook is driven home on a take. If you the hook, no different from my surface and revert to the latest doo-dah thingy
look at things from a more critical point setup today. Fortunately, I have my Zig gadget rig for better results. I caught an
BELOW: If I can get inordinate amount of carp and two lake
of view, then you will be aware that a carp Aligna Kits to make things a whole lot
them feeding hard,
they are so much taking a Zig can move a fair old distance better, where the addition of a tail rubber records at the time. In my book, it doesnt
easier to catch. without even giving the slightest indication ensures the hook is sitting in the perfect get much better than that.
RIGHT: One of the at the anglers end of proceedings. position to take hold. I tried everything this winter, and I
two rig options The second-biggest carp I ever caught Ninety-nine per cent of my fishing mean everything. Zigs, bottom baits, pop-
that I use.
in this country, Jack from Horton, was on the bottom is done with boilies and ups, pellets, single hookbaits, lots of bait
BOTTOM: The on a Zig, yet my friends and I had a full Response Pellets, and to that end I only and very little bait, but all to no avail. I
first Farriers 46+ discussion as we decided if the single use two rigs. The first is a stiff link pop- even thought about stripping naked and
common. This
one came on a beep I had received was indeed a bite or up that is fished when I spread my boilies running a couple of laps of the lake, with
stiff link pop-up. not. When I picked up the rod, the fish out a little, and the bottom bait rig is used AC/DC singing a few tunes, to get their
when I include smaller boilies and pellets. attention! If they arent eating, then I think
The latter is always used with a PVA its very hard to catch them. To that end, I
bag, the size of which depends on the would suggest that bait is the best way to
distance I need to cast. I havent changed get the fish looking for a bite to eat, and
that scenario for many, many years, and it once you achieve this, they are so much
never lets me down. easier to catch.
The last big campaign I had was at Next time Ill take a look at carp tucker,
Farriers Lake in the Cotswolds, and I so until then, all the very best. CW
proved (to myself at least) that it really
doesnt matter which of these methods
I use. I left the pellets at home after the
first couple of sessions because of the
tench, and continued to fish with just 10
and 15mm boilies. To begin with, I stuck
to my guns about which rig to use over
which baiting strategy, but in the end I
decided to use whatever I wanted. And
do you know what? It made absolutely
no difference to my results whatsoever.
I landed two 46lb+ commons over

126 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

122-126_Chilled_Out_CW319.indd 5 27/03/2017 08:09

Local Knowledge
Big Boy
Camo Ba .99
RRP: 249 9.99
: 16

MK2 r
Interest Free orte
Carp P 9.99
Finance available MK2 Triporter 14
RRP: 118.99
Barrow C E :
RRP: 189.99
FR PRICE: 149.59

Powerlite 2
RRP: 109.99
FR PRICE: 84.99 Front
B row Bag
RRP: 59.99
12 Stores FR PRICE: 46.99
MK2 Pu arrow
Proof B 9.99
RRP: 1 144.49
E :

100+ Big Brands Front

ront Deluxe ag
Monster F Food B 99
Carryall 5.
RRP: 8 67.99
RRP: 59.99 9 E
42.4 FR PRIC

FISHING_REPUBLIC_MAGAZINE_A4_Crafty_Carper_Carp_Porter.indd 1 27/02/2017 11:05:27

The latest book by Ian Chilly Chillcott

Fanning The Flames

Fanning The Flames is the eagerly awaited follow
up to Chillys first autobiography, Light My Fire!
The tome begins way back in 1966 when the
initial spark ignited his carp fishing passion, and
explains a little more about the man himself. The
story of the journey, however, starts at the very
moment he pushed his barrow away from the
swim at Frimley where he achieved his lifelong
obsession of catching a common equal to Walkers
1952 record. The variety of environments Chilly
finds himself in is breathtaking, and the number
of big carp from so many different waters certainly
makes you believe in the magic of your dreams.

+ 2.95 A limited number of leatherbound
copies will also be produced
Please call for details!

Order online at:

Call us on : 0114 258 0812

Fanning the Flames Book AdCC236.indd 1 20/03/2017 11:02


your guide to all the v e r y l a t e s t g e a r
THIS MONTH: greys | Coleman | chub | cygnet | jrc | Fox | TFGear | MITCHELL AVOCAST

Top of
the Pile
The name prodigy has been around for a long
time now, and has always had the reputation
for being a high-performance rod. The latest
addition to the ever-popular greys rod stable
certainly has a high standard to meet.

GREYS PRODIGY APEX ROD RANGE durable carbon armour blank finish for extra toughness. The
RRP: from 159.99-189.99 reel seat is black Fuji DPS-18, which will take any size of reels.
Online: GREYFISHING.COM All this is finished by a full Japanese shrink-wrap handle and
The Prodigy name has been around for about 15 years, and engraved stainless butt cap. I cant begin to tell you just how
in that time it has gained a good reputation in carp-fishing good these rods look.
circles. It is very popular, and this new incarnation is set to I briefly got to play with the 12ft 3.25lb TC version with
keep with that tradition. 40mm butt ring while I was out on the bank with Ed Betteridge
The blanks have been designed using Toreon nano from Greys. The rod is lovely and balanced, and in fact, it had
composite material, which not only makes the blank incredibly the new Mitchell Avocast 7000 Black Edition reel on it, more
slim and lightweight, it also gives it increased strength and of which later; it was very crisp and light. It weighs in at a very
finesse. The rod action has been specifically designed to get meagre 411g, and comes with a universal line clip which can
the best out of modern, powerful overhead casting styles and be added if you so wish, which I like and find very handy, as
Toreon technology allows for a super-fast tip recovery speed. it can be positioned anywhere on the blank. Casting was
This gives the rod a crisp and responsive feel normally associated effortless, and even for someone as vertically challenged as
with ultra-high-end carp rods. The action is very smooth and me, I was soon punching a rig very reasonable distances in
progressive, and cushions lunges during battle, yet gives plenty a brisk and very chilly crosswind. It is easy to load, and the
of power and control when you need it, which really does tip recovery speed is sharp and crisp. Just bending the rod
inspire confidence. with the line through the rings saw it take on a lovely curve,
There are eight rods in the range, including a 10ft 3lb TC, which I cant wait to see when I take it out for a proper session.
which is perfect for small waters or boat work. Then there are There really isnt anything to dislike about this rod. In fact,
three 12ft versions in 2.75, 3.00, 3.25lb TC, which all come the opposite is true, and theres a lot to love. This particular
with 40mm ringing; three 12ft models in 3.00, 3.25, 3.50lb model strikes me as being a great all-rounder, and a tool that
TC; and a 13ft 3.50lb TC, which all come with 50mm ringing. will cover the vast majority of what most people realistically
Cosmetically, all the rods are minimal and look superb, really need. It casts superbly, has a great action, and is a really
good in fact. They have a 2k woven carbon finish on the butt, good-looker, with the added bonus that it can be purchased
and a 1k weave on the tip section, complemented by the for about 150, which is a lot of rod for the money.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 129

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brew time
CHUB Coffee Maker
RRP: 34.99

Were big coffee drinkers here at Carpworld HQ, so when we saw this beauty by Chub, we could clearly see how
useful this piece of kit could be. You always hear carp anglers discussing how to make a good cuppa on the
bank, but when it comes to coffee, you always end up drinking a mug of freeze-dried granules which can be
disappointing, to say the least.
This clever piece of kit lets you make a hot fresh cup of coffee with ease; simply load the coffee into the filter,
add water into the bottom, and wait for it to boil. As the pressure builds, the water is flushed through the coffee,
infusing your favourite roast ground coffee and providing you with a caffeinated delight from the spout at the top.
Unlike regular coffee percolators, it is suited for life on the bank, with a scratch- and corrosion-resistant coating
which is easy to clean, and its lightweight. It takes up hardly any room in a brew bag, and is a true life-saver for
work overnighter enthusiasts who want fresh coffee in the bank.

JRC X-Lite Banksticks

RRP: from 6.99-10.99
Offering superb reliability and stability, these lightweight aluminium banksticks from JRC are available in five different
lengths: 9ins, 12ins, 18ins, 24ins and 36ins, and can be used for a variety of applications. The shorter ones are more suited
as rod support, with the longer variations being ideal for storm poles. They feature solid points, so can be easily pushed through tough ground, and
can withstand the abuse of day-to-day angling. They are fully adjustable, with a tubular inner stick which allows weight to be kept to a minimum, and are
locked in place using the rock-solid thumbscrews which feature a nylon end cap to grip the inner section of the bankstick and hold it securely in place. While serving a practical purpose, they
look great too, and have been coated using a hybrid of anodising and powder coating in matt-black, to give a stealthy appearance.

Bank BUG Rock Steady Back Rest System V2 Coleman Divide+ 700 LED Torch
RRP: 12.99 x1; 24.99 x2; 34.99 x3 RRP: 49.99
Online: Online:

The original Rock Steady Back Rest System from Bank BUG was very successful, and when we finally Its always good to have a torch to hand on the bank, and when it comes to putting
got our hands on some of the new and improved V2s, we could clearly see the modifications that the rods back out at night, its nice to be able to see exactly where the cast lands.
have been made after listening to the extensive feedback over an 18-month period of testing. It works The Divide+ 700 LED Torch from Coleman has a beam distance of 330m, which
in the same way as the hugely popular original, but with new and stronger 2.5mm Viton O-rings. is more than adequate for any far-bank fishing. It is a tough and compact unit which
They are easy to fit and attach to a longer locking boss, which allows for even greater security when features a super-bright 700-lumen light output, and
leaving rods on the setup. They simply wont move when locked in place. Another great improvement lasts for an incredible 55 hours on low. It runs on
is how adjustable they are when fishing with the rods at higher angles. They can be fitted onto any six AA batteries and utilises Colemans patent
rod and positioned anywhere along the butt, so can be left on while playing fish without getting in pending Battery Lock technology, which prevents
the way. These are perfect for anglers who prefer to fish locked up or fish snaggy waters, and protect the batteries from draining when not in use. This
the rods from being dragged in, where a traditional-style butt rest may not provide the same security. gives longer battery life without the worry of the torch
running out of power. It weighs in at a mere 433g, so
its perfect to be stashed in a backpack when doing
overnighters, or even for walking around the lake
to bait up at night.

130 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

129-137_TackleWorld_CW319_v3.indd 2 27/03/2017 16:17

Spiderwire Ultracast Fluoro-Braid
RRP: from 34.99-39.99

Combining supreme sinking properties with incredible strength, the Ultracast Fluoro-Braid is ideal for carp fishing; it allows
longer casts thanks to the low diameter, without compromising the breaking strain. Utilising Gore Performance Fluoropolymer
fibre, it gives fantastic density and sinkability which has been combined with the
highest grade Dyneema to give strength and amazing sensitivity. Even
when fished at extreme ranges, it helps with registering indication on
the alarms. It is available in four different breaking strains: 10lb,
15lb, 20lb and 30lb. The 30lb version makes an ideal shockleader
for fishing extreme distances without the worry of the
leader spooking fish, as it simply sinks into the
lakebed and stays concealed. The lower
breaking strains are ideal for general
carp fishing, where a super-dense

and thin line may be required.

Mini GLOW IN THE DARK Mixing/Baiting Spoon and Handle Set

RRP: 4.99
This small bait spoon has a multitude of purposes, and is ultra-convenient in a variety of baiting situations. It can be used for NEW!
mixing spod mixes and other bait mixes without having to get your hands dirty. It features a 25cm aluminium handle that is
perfect for even the stodgiest mix; this can be swapped for a longer handle, so you can use the bait spoon for placing baits or
rigs in margins that may be tricky to access by casting. The spoon itself has been manufactured from a glow-in-the-dark

material, which is a fantastic idea because it charges throughout the day and glows during the night-time. Its easilyY seen
without the need for a headtorch, which is especially useful when placing baits at night. You can see exactly

where you are positioning the baits without the need for shining the torch on the water and
potentially spooking fish.


Cygnet Specialist Tripod
RRP: 19.99

Featuring three fully adjustable legs which can be locked in place with the

easily gripped thumbscrews, the Cygnet Specialist Tripod is ideal for a
number of purposes, including positioning buzz bars when fishing

on hard ground where banksticks cant be used, such as canal
walls. It can even be used to attach a camera adaptor for
self-take photography. The legs offer superb stability, which
makes it a highly versatile piece of kit. The 30-58cm
adjusting legs are compatible with other Cygnet
Specialist storm poles to give even greater elevation
when required. This clever little tripod weighs
in at a mere 400g, so its perfect for travelling
light, and keeping in your kit for when
you need it.

Carpworld april 20 17 131
129-137_TackleWorld_CW319_v3.indd 3 27/03/2017 16:17

whats new at fox

Fox B lack L a b e l Na r r o w F i x ed B u zz B ar s
RRP: 2-r od 26.99; 3 - r o d 3 2 . 9 9
Onl i ne : FOXI Fox L i m i ted Edi ti on
This new narrower version of the best-selling Black Label Fixed Buzz Bars allows for a more compact C am o Hoody
look. They are available in 2-rod and 3-rod models, and are made using the same lightweight RRP : 39. 99
anodised black aluminium as the originals. They have been designed to work with the Black Label
Onl i ne: FOXI NT.c om
Conversion Kit to transform them into goalpost setups, or the Black Label Compact Pod. The central
screw thread can be removed and replaced with a blanking cap when being used as a goalpost Hot on the heels of other great clothing
setup. They come supplied with hard-wearing leather washers to give good purchase when tightening products Fox have just launched, this
to a bankstick. new hoody features the unique Fox
Width: 2-rod 3.75ins (95mm) rear and 4.3ins (110mm) front; 3-rod 7.5ins (190mm) camo pattern and it utilises top-quality
rear and 8.6ins (220mm) front. material with elasticated cuffs and
stylish detailing. It also has a lined
handwarmer kangaroo front pocket,
and drawstring hood. It can be worn
on its own or with the matchng joggers,
this on-the-bank clothing is superb quality.
Sizes available: S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL

Fox L i mi ted Edi ti on

C amo J og g ers
RRP : 49. 99
Onl i ne: FOXI NT.c om
Fox E OS 12ft 3lb T h r ee- P i ec e
To match the hoody, there are joggers featuring
RRP: 43.99
the same unique Fox Camo pattern, which are
Onl i ne : FOXI
fully lined with soft insulating tricot fabric for
This is a three-piece purpose-designed rod comprising three 4ft sections, and the compact size is comfort. They have a whole host of features,
ideal for small vehicles and travelling light. It has been built using a lightweight low-resin carbon including zipped front pockets, elasticated ankles
blank with Slik guides throughout, from 40mm butt ring through to 14mm tip ring. It boasts a matt- and waist, and a drawcord on the waist. Fine
black finish, an ergonomic tapered butt grip, and an 18mm DPS-style reel seat. If space is an issue, details include branded metal eyelets, a soft brushed
this attractively priced rod is ideal. back fabric which is 80% cotton/20% polyester,
and 100% cotton lining, ensuring you stay warm
and comfortable on the bank. This makes them a
very practical piece of clothing that looks great too.
Sizes available: S/M/L/XL/XXL/XXXL

Fox E OS 10ft 3lb Fox C hai r C overs

RRP: 39.99 RRP : S tandard 11. 99; XL 12. 99
Onl i ne : FOXI Onl i ne: FOXI NT.c om
This waterproof cover is designed to keep a chair dry when left outside the bivvy in rain/
Short rods have really found a place in carp fishing, and this new model from Fox should attract an heavy dew. The elasticated cover comes with its own carrybag, and both come in a subtle
army of fans. It is ideal for small waters, boat fishing, tight swims, and suitable for young anglers. khaki colour, with 2000mm
This stylish rod sticks to the same tried and trusted design and has a lightweight low-resin carbon hydrostatic head and fully-taped
construction, with Slik guides throughout, from 40mm butt ring through to 14mm tip ring. It has a seams. Two sizes are available:
tapered butt grip, an 18mm DPS-style reel seat, and a lovely matt-black finish. Standard to fit small/medium
chairs, and XL for larger recliner-
style chairs.

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129-137_TackleWorld_CW319_v3.indd 4 27/03/2017 16:17

Pass4press - Internal Rip
Pass4press - Internal Rip



SEE WEBSITE FOR ALL see website for full see website for full
RIDGEMONKEY PRODUCTS range and best prices range and best prices


see website for full see website for full see website for full
range and best prices range and best prices range and best prices





Shop open MON-SAT at Audax Close, Clifton Moor, York YO30 4RA - Check our website for shop opening times
TEL: 01904 476476 Lines open 9am to 7pm Monday to Sunday
Prices correct at time of going to press but may change with time. Bait not post free

ad template.indd 1 20/02/2017 11:19

ad template.indd
England 1
Anglind Advert.indd 1 24/03/2017 18:20
08/02/2017 16:56

Rigid air poles.

Quality leakproof air valve.


whole structure is, which is thanks to the super-tough puncture-
Introductory price: One-man
resistant air poles. It was genuinely rock solid, and I was very
279.99; two-man 329.99
impressed. The fact that the groundsheet is sewn in is a bonus,
making it perfect for long or short sessions. Another thing
TF Gear have just introduced a bivvy that utilises quick-inflate thats noticeable is the sheer size of the one-man version its
air poles instead of the more standard metal poles. I decided big!
to take the Airflow out on the bank to see just how user-friendly The bivvy has all the usual bits and pieces front vents,
Porch tension bar.
it is, and how quickly it can be erected, or should I say various door options, rod straps in fact everything you need.
pumped up. It is easy to deflate, and was quickly rolled up and stashed
The first thing that struck me was the compact pack size, in its bag.
which weighs in at 11kg. This includes the sewn-in groundsheet, In short, I really like this bivvy, and think it is well-made
pegs, and pump, which is comparable to many bivvies. The and very attractively priced. I havent seen the two-man
carrybag is of a generous nature, so it doesnt become a version, but its probably the perfect long-stay bivvy, especially
wrestling match to get it back in the bag. for trips to France. For this price, you should take a look at
After spreading the bivvy out on the bank and attaching this excellent bit of kit, it might be just what youre after. In
the pump, from that point to fully inflated was slightly over a the very foreseeable future, Ill be taking this bivvy on a couple
minute. All thats left to do then is peg it down and add the of excursions, and I look forward to putting it through its paces
Velcro rod straps
pole for the peak. The first thing I noticed was how rigid the in a real warts-and-all session. for added security.

Chub X-Tra Protection

Float/Zip Sack
RRP: 34.99
This bit of kit is a multi-purpose piece of carp-
care equipment that has several uses, such
as a weigh sling, a short-term retainer, and
when the situation allows, it can be used as
a sack for retaining fish for longer periods of
time. It has easily removable floating bars
which simply slide into the allocated pockets
at the top of the sling and zip securely in place,
and a hi-viz orange cord allows you to easily
locate the sling when being used as a sack.
It is manufactured from Chubs Eazi-Flowgreen
mesh, which is a soft material that allows
water to flow through with ease.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 135

129-137_TackleWorld_CW319_v3.indd 5 27/03/2017 16:18

Pass4press - Internal Rip








New Body Line Comfort Technology. The Kenwick series recliner chair offers a high density foam
The Kenwick heavy duty bed offers fully adjustable padded base, heavy duty fabrics, super lightweight alloy frame,
lightweight alloy frame, multi-point recliner adjustable legs with swivel mud feet, and a multi-point recliner
system, swivel mud feet, high density system to help obtain the perfect sitting angle.
foam filled sprung mattress, fully
adjustable legs with swivel mudfeet
and welly-wipe. INCLUDES

210 x 80cm. 9.5kg. COMFORT TECHNOLOGY

CODE: UL1509

Rated to 20 stone.



The Vision Beanie unhooking mat is manufactured from COMFORT CHAIR
carp-friendly materials to ensure the safest environment The Kenwick series XL Comfort Chair offers a high density
for handling the largest of the UK specimens. foam padded base, heavy duty fabrics, super lightweight alloy
70cm W x 110cm L (Open) Code:UL1204 frame, adjustable legs with swivel mud feet, and a multi-point
Euro Version 85cm W x 125cm L (Open) recliner system to help obtain the perfect sitting angle.
Code: UL1205 Legs adjust by 20cm
Size 58cm x 75cm Overall Height (unextended & upright)
Seat Height 45cm Weight 7kg Rated to 25 stone
CODE: UL1204 CODE: UL1205

RRP 21.99 RRP 27.99 RRP 89.99 CODE: UL2199


Layflat Design Bed with Comfort Padding,
swivel mud feet, sprung mattress, fully Revolutionary in design, featuring the
adjustable legs with swivel mudfeet. new Body Line Comfort Technology. The
208 x 85cm. Kenwick series Armchair chair from
Rated to 20 stone. Vision features a high density foam filled
back support, heavy duty fabric, super


89.99 39.99


Order Direct: 01472 823777

KASHKYM PRO DOME 2 MAN Kashkym Pro Dome 1 Man

- TWIN SKIN CARP BIVVY - Twin Skin Carp Bivvy
Legendary Windtex material with integrated twin skin,
Legendary Windtex material with integrated twin skin
20000HH Breathable Twin Skin Design,
RRP 279.99 20000HH Breathable Twin Skin Design, twin CODE: UL2242
twin groundsheet protection. groundsheet protection.
3 Rib aerospace aluminium pole supports 3 Rib aerospace aluminium pole supports
Reinforced Pegging Points Reinforced Pegging Points
Heavy Gauge Groundsheet Heavy Gauge Groundsheet
Clip on Second Groundsheet Clip on Second Groundsheet
Heavy Duty T Bar Pegs Heavy Duty T Bar Pegs Clear Infill Door Panel
Clear Infill Door Panel 300cm W x 255cm L x 144cm H
Durable Carry Case
Size 315cm W x 225cm L x 140cm H CODE: UL1502 RRP 209.99

Kenwick Overnight 60 Vision Carp Cradle

Umbrella - Carp Brolly Shelter This is without doubt the best piece of carp care equipment developed in a long time.
Convenience of a brolly, It is the ULTIMATE in fish safety the fish cannot damage itself in anyway. Thick walled
but the protection of a shelter. unhooking mat with heavy duty handles creates a dark claming environment for the fish to
Removable groundsheet aid effortless unhooking.
Side protection wings, Padded Side and Base
Supplied with storm sticks and Fold Over Flap doubles as kneeling mat
heavy-duty pegs., Drain Holes
210D Oxford nylon fabric with a 56cm W x 96cm L x 27cm H
5,000mm hydrostatic head

Size 270cm W x 150cm L x 135cm H
CODE: UL1505 RRP 69.99 RRP CODE: UL2363

Ultimate Direct_CC236.indd
ad template.indd 1 1 09/03/201714:55
24/03/2017 15:29

RRP: 89.99
I was very lucky to get a sneaky first look at this exciting new
reel from the Mitchell stable. I suppose Im at that certain
age (old) when I remember Mitchell reels ruling the roost,
and many people like me will look back with fondness at
their first carp setup, which no doubt included a pair of
them. So, it was with a great deal of curiosity that I
scrutinised this ultra-modern, and I must say stylish,
reel for the first time.
Cosmetically, the reel has a washed-out
almost matt-black finish, which is coupled with
a matching black aluminium spool and a quality
sprung line-clip. The handle has had the same treatment, and is quick-
fold for ease of packing up or if you like the ultimate tight setup on the buzzer
bars, and is finished with a dark wooden handle. Aesthetically, the whole package
looks awesome, and anyone would be proud to sit behind a set while waiting
for a bite.
It isnt lacking in guts, having a 4+1 bearing configuration for smoothness, and a
4.3:1 gear ratio, which provides plenty of cranking power and puts 83cm of line on the
spool per rotation. It holds 415m of 0.35mm of line, which makes it ideal for long-range work,
aided by the slow oscillation for superb line lay.
The reel also has a lovely smooth drag which gives line effortlessly, whether in the heat of
battle or while waiting for a take. The whole package weighs in at a meagre 651g, so its a very
serious proposition in the competitive reel market.
My brief flirtation with the Avocast really impressed me, and it was heart-warming to once
again handle a quality Mitchell reel. Performance-wise, it was excellent, especially when you
consider that there is an introductory offer of two 7000s for 179.98, get a third free,
which puts them at 59.99 each truly great value.
Im looking forward to taking these bad boys on long-term test,
so I can give you the full low-down on how this good-looking
and great-value reel performs in the real world. Watch
this space.

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 137

129-137_TackleWorld_CW319_v3.indd 6 27/03/2017 16:18

Pass4press - Internal Rip


(The Final Countdown)

114 258

In this tome, Tim talks of the incredible highs, but conversely, visits the horrible
lows just as descriptively, and I have to admit the lows are just as enthralling as
the highs. In fact, although I hate to admit it, several of the low points had me
laughing out loud. The great thing about laying it all out in a book is that every
part of these stories is covered in incredible, and very often graphic, detail. From
his beloved Mangrove to Rainbow Lake, from Iktus via Gigantica, Les Teillatts and
Lac Serreire, Tim takes us on an epic quest to catch his second 70lb carp, striving
to end a 13-year search. And while that may be the theme which meanders through
this story, the experience is punctuated by the characters he has shared it all with:
Briggsy, Hutchy, Damian Clarke and Tom Duncan-Dunlop, among others.
An extract from Ian Chillcotts Foreword

Tim writes about the journey through the agonies and the ecstasies like no one
else can, and although I expected the book to be good, it easily surpassed all my
expectations. I really cant give Bivvy Three enough praise because it is a superb book
and a riveting read, and I guarantee that you wont be able to put it down. Tim, I WAS 3
dont know how you do it, but youve done it again. In fact youve done it better 0
than before, and given us readers something very special. Well done that man! SPECIA

Steve Briggs, Carpworld Review.
Bivvy Three will clearly have enormous appeal to the seasoned session carp
angler who will immediately be able to identify with the subject matter.
However, I think that this is also a book which will be enjoyed by carp
and specialist anglers who may rarely, if ever, try this style of fishing for
themselves, but will find the detailed insight into the life and experiences
of a dedicated session carp angler totally fascinating and absorbing.
Tony Gibson, Carpworld Review.

TO ORDER BY PHONE, CALL 0114 258 0812


ad template.indd 1
062_BivvyThree_CW310.indd 1 17:08
17/06/2016 17:07

still carping on

tim paisley There is a tide in the affairs of men

I know I have written about The Carp Society the litigation costs involved, the drain on known as Farriers) was obtained on lease ABOVE: The
saga on and off through the last 12 months, but time, effort and nervous strain has been and stocked, and a lease on Langholme Carp Society
headquarters on
the fact that settlement has been reached, and the immeasurable, and entirely avoidable. From Lake was negotiated and obtained, and Horseshoe Lake.
deposed directors have thrown in the towel, deserves the word go, our legal advice has been that that lake stocked, too. It is accepted that
a recap on how and why the boardroom battle they didnt have a case. Presumably they the Society was stretched financially
came about, and a blow-by-blow description of were receiving legal advice to the contrary. during this period until its assets could
how it unravelled. The Society lives on, and we To recap: In 1992, the already- contribute to the income stream. Its long-
can all go and get on with our lives! established Society purchased Horseshoe term future was never in doubt, because it
Lake for 330,000, a quite remarkable owned Horseshoe Lake. At that time, the
In a period that has seen a flurry of achievement without parallel, before or income came from shows, membership,
breaking news, from my point of view, since, in the world of angling. The purchase publications, ticket sales and fund-raising
the biggest news of the last month is that was achieved through the sale of 11- events. When I again retired from the
the four deposed Carp Society directors year permits, a scheme to which 1,300 Society administration in the late-90s,
Malcolm Coller, David Mannall, Derek carp anglers subscribed. They purchased possibly slightly later, I was asked if I
Buxton and Shane Thompson finally Horseshoe Lake on behalf of The Carp would be president. I declined because I
dropped their case against the incumbent Society, and thereby on behalf of the world wasnt entirely comfortable with the new
directors and settled out of court on agreed of carp fishing. At some point in the 90s, regime, and wanted to be in a position to
terms acceptable to the current board. The I was asked to become re-involved with the comment independently on its progress.
case was due to go to trial at the end of Societys affairs (I was one of the founders, The new regimes decision to withdraw
March/beginning of April, and if it went and the first secretary) when some sort of its financial support for the SACG was
through the courtroom door the costs crisis occurred in the administration of an indication that the new administrators
would have spiralled out of control, and the lake. The second half of the 90s was didnt share the previous administrations
would possibly have become irrecoverable, a difficult period for the Society financially. philosophy regarding the importance of
whatever the outcome. It is a mystery to Horseshoe had yet to become a source of the political representation of carp anglers.
all of us why it has taken so long for the income because of the ongoing permits. Its fair to say that through the noughties
deposed four to back off. Apart from In addition, Carp Lake Daiwa (now I was a distant bystander and observer

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 139

139-144_Still Carping On_CW319(v3).indd 1 27/03/2017 08:39


of the Society, which appeared to be

moving in the right direction, and political
representation apart, developing the long-
term objectives and efforts of previous
administrations. According to a booklet
published around 2007, the Society was
still a membership organisation, and the
dream of an HQ on Horseshoe had been
realised. The Society magazine, Carp Fisher,
ceased to be published around this time,
which could be construed as a commercial
decision and of no undue significance in
the greater scheme of things.
In 2011 I received a letter from chairman
Malcolm Coller, re a possible revamp of
my life membership, which I simply didnt used to support the Society Junior Carp trying to find a way to sell Horseshoe
TOP: In 1992, the
already-established know how to reply to. In fact, it sat on my Camp, and would I consider becoming Lake, and possibly The Carp Society, for
Society purchased desk for almost a year before I wrote to a vice-president of the Society? By that his personal benefit and, he claimed, the
Horseshoe Lake
commercial manager David Mannall, who time I was comfortable with the way the benefit of a handful of others, with David
for 330,000.
Signatories Mike I knew better than Malcolm, explaining my Society appeared to be progressing, and Mannall expressly named in the outlined
Kavanagh and John bemusement, and offered to pay 250 to accepted the role of vice-president, a share-out. The second anonymous letter,
Seal completed
the purchase, and the accompanying documents, was
with the late Tony also sent to Rob Hughes at that time. I
Keoghane, Vic
Cranfield, Paul
was alarmed, and it was around this time
Willis and the that I first started making enquiries on
late Paul Young, the basis of the Coller material.
solicitor, looking on.
To cut a lengthy story shorter, I
RIGHT: The discussed these documents at great length
Horseshoe Lake.
with former Society general secretary,
The purchase was and retired solicitor, John Seal. As vice-
made possible by president, I felt that action of some sort
1,300 members
buying 11-year was required, as John did. The impression
permits. we gained was that the membership had
BOTTOM: I wrote been run down deliberately, possibly to
to commercial make the necessary 75% membership vote
manager David
for the sale of Horseshoe possible, which
Mannall, who
I knew better service my life membership (I enclosed position that carried life membership. I was clearly not in the interests of The
than Malcolm, a cheque for that amount) if it was being felt the position would be that of a distant Carp Society. After much deliberation and
over the life-
membership issue. a drain on resources. I received a friendly figurehead requiring little or no input on lengthy exchanges between me and John,
letter back, suggesting that the 250 be my part, and reflected that I was by now I prepared a document which I nervously
a life member twice over! handed to David Mannall on the Sunday
What I didnt know at the time was morning at The Carp Society Winter Show
that the 2011 letter from Coller was at Sandown in late-November 2015.
apparently part of an attempt to get rid of Later in the day, David came to discuss
the Societys life members, an issue which the document with me, asking what we
would become crucial in recent years. were looking for. We were simply seeking
Ironically, shortly after my appointment the resignation of Malcolm Coller, the
in 2014, I received an anonymous letter reduction of the subscription to a sensible
suggesting that all was not well within the level, and the return of The Carp Society
Society. I was unaware that the subscription to a democratic basis. At that stage, we
level had risen to 95, and unaware that didnt seek the resignation of David
there were very few voting members. I was Mannall because we knew he was either
bemused by the revelations, but had no employed by, or had a contract with, the
idea what to do about them, other than Society, a situation which would have to be
to await developments. I did not raise addressed by the board. Davids immediate
any queries with the Society at that time. response was that Coller, who was at the
In or around May 2015, I was brought show, wouldnt resign. The conversation
down to earth with a bump when a second was friendly enough, but unsatisfactory,
anonymous letter appeared (I think from a and inconclusive.
different source), this time with a number Early in December 2015, shortly after
of copy documents attached, which made my meeting with Mannall, I circulated the
it clear that Malcolm Coller had been document and attachments I had handed

140 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

139-144_Still Carping On_CW319(v3).indd 2 27/03/2017 08:39

to David to the other directors, with a offences under company law.)
covering memo. Prior to January 2016, In correspondence with the other side
my fellow vice-president, Bill Ward, had via their solicitors, Palmers made it clear
not been made aware of the situation, from the outset that our concerns were
simply because we thought we could addressed to the individual directors, not
resolve the issue once the board was made The Carp Society.
aware of the facts. When Bill was made Following a four-way discussion between
aware of the position, he took an even Luke Morgan of Palmers, counsel, John
stronger view of it than we had, and tried Seal and me in February 2016, we were
to arrange a meeting with the directors, advised that under the Societys Articles
but without success. of Association, Society life members
The Society was a company limited were appointed for life, and that situation
by guarantee, which meant the assets had not been changed by Collers actions
were protected under the terms of the in 2011.
Articles of Association and Company I cant emphasise the significance of this
Law. In terms of a possible sale of the legal advice strongly enough. The Society
assets, others were seemingly implicated in membership situation suddenly changed
correspondence, in that Coller confirmed dramatically from one where the board
to solicitors K&L Gates that he had the held a voting membership majority, to one
necessary majority to affect the required where the life members potentially held
changes to the Articles (to make the sale the majority vote. At the time there were
possible), which, for the reasons explained 24 life members, plus good-guy paying
below, could be construed as implicating member (95 sub) Steve Bowles, plus
four directors. At the time of my initial Bill Ward and me as vice-presidents, and
enquiries, Mannall and Coller thought the possibly then-president Matt Hayes. We
president (whom they had already shed, had grounds for calling a special general
as it turns out), and Bill Ward and I had meeting (EGM), and we notified the board
no vote, which makes some sense of their of our intentions to do this, correctly
perceived attempt to achieve a 75% voting confirmed via Palmers in correspondence.
majority from what they considered to (Even some of my friends and colleagues
be the voting membership. (It was after within The Carp Society have wondered
we had made it clear that we did have at my total confidence in the outcome
membership status in Dec 15/Jan 16 of this affair. When Palmers counsel
that they took steps to remove me and advised us about the status of Society
Bill as members, but thats another story.) life members, he was unequivocal. He
The first meeting of the Society board, had looked at the Articles and company
after the facts had been presented to them, law, and he was adamant that the Society
was on 24th January 2016. We hoped that life members remained life members,
Coller would be removed, and our other regardless of what Coller had tried to
demands met as a result of that meeting, achieve in 2011. Queens Counsels are
but he wasnt, and they werent. (We later paid to be right, and he convinced me,
learnt that this was declared not to be an and John, beyond any shadow of a doubt
official board meeting!) There were over on the life membership issue, which was
50 membership applications waiting to be why I came to fund the matter to the point of 37 members (including life members). ABOVE: In May, the
processed at this meeting, but they were of the outcome of the May 2016 EGM. By the boards reckoning it stood at 10, deposed directors,
Coller (top),
deferred to the financial year end (June) It later transpired that the Societys own 11 or 12. As undisputed members, Bill Buxton (middle),
for ease of administration. solicitors had previously advised Coller and Ward and I represented over 5% of the Thompson (bottom)
and Mannall,
Following this failure on two counts Mannall that they couldnt get rid of life membership, on either reckoning. Belatedly, challenged the
(the failure to remove Coller and the members without changing the Articles the other side appeared to realise there was status of the life
failure to admit new members, with the of Association.) a serious threat here, and tried to call an members, the
legality of the EGM,
obvious AGM voting implications), we There was another legal point of real EGM, but were too late; they were out and its outcome.
consulted company law solicitors Palmers significance supporting our cause here. of time under the terms of the Articles.
of Basildon via an introduction by Kev According to the Articles, 100 members The EGM we called for 12th May last year
Knight and Cliff Fox to see if there were required to call an EGM, which had would be valid, provided it was called and
was any way of taking action against struck me as odd from the outset, in the run by the book, which it was. Palmers
the individual directors (but not against light of the membership figure of 10, or and John Seal made sure of that!
The Carp Society). We made it clear that maybe 12. In fact, Company Law specified Our meeting was called for 12th May
our concern was with the directors for that an EGM could be called by 5% of at the behest of me and Bill Ward as
their failure to remove Coller, allowing the membership, a stipulation possibly members of the Society, and all the
the membership to run so low, and their overlooked by the other side. According to members, including the directors and
possible fiduciary mismanagement. (In that the records, by any reckoning the Society life members, were circularised. The life
connection, there had been a number of voting membership stood at a maximum members were acquainted with the facts,

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 141

139-144_Still Carping On_CW319(v3).indd 3 27/03/2017 08:39


to light during the initial assessment of the

previous regimes running of the Society
by me and Bill as vice-presidents, and
John Seal, was the payment of significant
sums by way of irregular bonuses to
the directors. Happily, the good-guy
directors, Paul Boichat, Steven Hall and
former director Malcolm Tuckwell, have
now accepted that the payments were
irregular and have repaid their bonuses.
The Society is currently considering the
prospect of pursuing the deposed directors
for repayment of their irregular payments,
and an unauthorised withdrawal of 10,000
of Society funds by David Mannall towards
their legal costs after they were deposed as
directors at the EGM on 12th May 2016.
ABOVE: Carp and asked if they wished to be present, action which resulted in the calling of When we were at the Sandown Society
fishing needs or were willing to vote by proxy. To their the May EGM and the deposing and show at the end of November, someone
The Carp Society
as a focus, and eternal credit, some attended the meeting, replacement of four directors. In May, made a comment to me along the lines of:
to represent the and some voted by proxy. (Of the 24 life the deposed directors, Coller, Mannall, Why dont you just let it go? I was busy on
interests of carp
anglers. The current members alive at that time, seven attended Buxton and Thompson, challenged the the stand and didnt have the opportunity
board in session the EGM and 11 voted by proxy.) status of the life members, the legality of to pursue the conversation. Letting it go
during what has
The EGM duly took place, and the the EGM, and the outcome. The solicitors was never an option. The Carp Society was
been a difficult 10
months for them. dismissal of the four directors, and Bill and I used prior to the EGM felt created as an accountable, politically-active,
the election of their replacements, life compromised over this action, because democratic membership organisation.
members Derek Stritton, Greg Fletcher the two unchallenged directors, and new I know that because as founders, Greg
and Brian Sefton, plus member and fishery solicitors, Wilmots of Cirencester, were Fletcher and I helped create it in 1981.
manager Miles Carter, was confirmed appointed by the newly-elected directors. It has grown into a potentially powerful
unanimously. A full record of the meeting What may not be clear in all this is why organisation, with a solid base, an HQ on
was kept, including an attendance record we sought to remove four directors from its own lake, and an infrastructure which
and minutes prepared by me. I rang Palmers the board of six. Well, when the Coller took over 35 years to achieve. Malcolm
from Lechlade as soon as their office material first surfaced in mid-2015, then- Coller looked on the Society as a business.
opened for business the following morning, director Paul Boichat challenged Coller He and David Mannall helped put it on
on Friday 13th May, and emailed them the over his actions at a board meeting. Things a sound financial footing, based on the
outcome of the meeting. They put in place got very heated, a vote was taken, and resources already in place when they came
the immediate business of confirming that Boichat was purportedly (but, we claim, into office, but they werent interested in
outcome to the now-former directors and unconstitutionally) removed from the democratic principles, and they werent
their solicitors. board. When the vote was taken at that interested in political aspirations. Posterity
Shortly after, Wilmots Solicitors meeting, he received voting support from will have to judge the rest of their eventual
were appointed to represent the newly- directors Malcolm Tuckwell and Steven interests and actions.
confirmed directors, and proceedings have Hall. In an email exchange with David Historically, carp anglers do not have
been ongoing through them. All Palmers Mannall about Collers actions, Mannall political aspirations. Peter Mohan was
correspondence relevant to the matter of commented to Boichat that Tuckwell and apolitical on behalf of his organisations,
Paisley and Ward versus the directors, and Hall were unlikely to be approached by the BCSG and the CAA. The Society
the calling and conduct of the EGM, has Coller because they were Society through struggled politically until the SACG was
been made available to Wilmots. (Steven and through. created at the end of the 1990s, and
Hall later confirmed his willingness to For that reason, and their support for flourished on behalf of specialist and
continue to act as a director; Paul Boichat Boichat at the controversial board meeting, carp anglers. Its efforts were voluntary,
was reinstated, and Marsh Pratley was we chose not to challenge them at the but even voluntary organisations need an
co-opted. Bear in mind that at the EGM, EGM. Steven has since continued as a element of funding, and the Society was
and in the aftermath, directors had to be director on the newly-appointed board, one of the sources of that funding until
drawn from the existing membership.) and Malcolm (Tuckwell) has resigned, it was withdrawn by the Coller/Mannall
Just to clarify the situation, there have after becoming disillusioned with the regime. ECHO was created to deal with
been two separate consecutive (with some whole affair, we are told, and seemingly a specific political issue, the illegal import
overlap) legal processes at work over the suffering health problems over the saga. of carp, which it did well, but like every
last 14 months. At the end of January Some of the material Steven Hall has other carp organisation, other than the
2016, Bill Ward and I as vice-presidents, been able to make available to us has been Society, ECHO was a cottage industry with
supported and advised by John Seal, extremely useful. (In truth, he was helpful no HQ, and no infrastructure. Ultimately
challenged the old boards actions under throughout. Steve and I go back to the it faded away, partly because its objectives
the terms of the Societys Articles of mid-80s, when he first joined the Society.) had been achieved, and partly because it
Association and the Companies Act, an One of the contentious issues that came hit the wall as a membership organisation.

142 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

139-144_Still Carping On_CW319(v3).indd 4 27/03/2017 08:39

Carp angling is OK until it faces a sale of its near 2,000,000 assets for the You wander through life in your own BELOW: Miles and
Sabrina are the
political issue with special reference to its benefit of a handful of directors and little comfort zones, emerging occasionally engine room of the
own needs. The head-in-the-sand attitude their acolytes, but because carp fishing to make a dramatic change like fishing a Society, and it has a
Rolls-Royce engine.
and sneering comments about angling needs The Carp Society as a focus, and new water, and using a new rig or bait, and
politics prevail while ever there is nothing to represent the interests of carp anglers. then something as foreign to you as all
to be political about. Cormorants were an When it was created, predation was not an this legal process comes along and stops
angling issue from the early-90s, although issue. Nor, to the best of our knowledge, you in your tracks. When we finally got
carp anglers tended to ignore that threat was the illegal import of carp. Nor was the news that the other side had given
because they felt it didnt affect them. the next threat which will surely come up the fight, my immediate reaction (after
There were rumblings about otters from our way, and which we need to be strong opening a bottle of red wine) was: My
the southwest, Yorkshire and East Anglia, enough and prepared enough, and have lifes works done, which was perhaps a tad
and a couple of other areas, as long ago enough foresight, to deal with. melodramatic, but heartfelt nonetheless.
as 1999. The predation issue became a Finally, I must pay tribute to the two It was a battle that had to be fought,
focus of attention for the SACG in the largely unsung heroes of the Society and the amount of support we received
late-90s. It is ironic that the Society was dispute, the office staff of Miles Carter throughout, and since the outcome was
guided away from politics because they and Sabrina Widdows. At the outset of announced, makes it clear that a great many
were at the centre of otter predation from this dispute, they were clearly in a very
the turn of the century. In the 90s, there difficult situation, and seemingly faced with
was a multiple otter release near Lechlade, conflicting loyalties. They were answerable
not a million miles from Horseshoe Lake, to Coller and Mannall and the board of
and their impact was immediately felt at directors, but knew there were moves
Horseshoe and at the trout farm next afoot which were not in the interests of
door. In fact, more recently, the Society the future of their employers, The Carp
has spent almost 70,000 otter-fencing Society. As vice-president, I was able to
Horseshoe and Farriers, and has budgeted investigate the Coller material, and Sabrina
28,000 to fence Langholme. and Miles couldnt have been more helpful
So, we come back to politics. John through what was an uncomfortable few
Wilson was the first to understand the months for them. The real crunch came
full impact of predation, including signal when we asked Miles, a Society member, to
crayfish. He lived close to the original otter stand as one of the replacement directors.
release from the Otter Trust at Bungay, I thought we had put him in an impossible
and signal crayfish bared their claws and situation, but he is as tough as old boots,
jaws early on in the River Wensum. The and knew that he had to hang tough (as
issue of otter predation was raised by Sabrina did) if we were to effect change.
John with the-then newly-formed Angling Without their initial, and ongoing, input
Trust, which a) didnt feel there was a and support, the eventual outcome would
problem, and b) feared a backlash from not have been possible. They have my
public opinion if they went public about undying admiration. They are the engine
the otter threat. As a result, the PAG room of the Society, and it has a Rolls-
was formed. I got involved because we Royce engine.
were back to square one; a political issue Thanking them does not diminish the
rearing its very ugly head, with no one thanks due to the many people who have
specifically representing the interests of made the eventual outcome possible,
carp and specialist anglers. The PAG was during a fraught and potentially ruinous
yet another cottage industry, with no HQ period. Two lots of solicitors costs had
(there was one: Angling Publications), no to be guaranteed and paid, the first lot
members, and no employees other than a by me, and the second by the current people understood that. The world of carp
handful of committed volunteers now, directors, chairman Derek Stritton, fishing needs a democratic, accountable
happily, a couple of handfuls of very plus Greg Fletcher, Brian Sefton, Miles political organisation, because it needs the
committed volunteers. Carter, Marsh Pratley, Steven Hall and continuity such an organisation can bring.
But why should the multi-million-pound Paul Boichat. (Dereks guidance of the None of us is here for ever, which was why
pursuit of carp fishing be represented Society, and the board, through the legal the Society was originally created along the
politically by a couple of handfuls of and financial maze of the last 12 months lines that will now be reinstated. When we
volunteers, when the organisation which has been quite remarkable.) Kev Knights started the Society, our guiding philosophy
was created to represent carp anglers is help at various stages has been invaluable, was the old clich: The Society has to
flourishing, has its own lake, has its own and the fund-raising efforts by Mick Dee- be more important than any individual
HQ, and is run by two members of a Dee and his friends have been essential. in it. The fact that it has survived the
very highly qualified office staff, and a The support from many individuals, and worst efforts of Coller, Mannall, Buxton
committed board of directors? some members of the trade, has been and Thompson to erode that philosophy
The battle to retain The Carp Society significant and heart-warming, and all who means we can have our guiding principles
in its original identity was not simply to have contributed will be publicly thanked back hopefully for good.
prevent a possible under-the-counter in due course. There is a tide in the affairs of men,

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 143

139-144_Still Carping On_CW319(v3).indd 5 27/03/2017 08:40


on. He is working on an autobiography,

and we are jointly working on Carp Along
the Way Volume Three, for which Rod is
writing a great deal of new material. Hutchy
aficionados will be aware that Carp Along
The Way Volume Two took us to the early-
90s, and there has been a great deal of
carp water under the bridge since then,
so to speak.
In addition to Rods book, Ive been
working on a couple of bait books, the
first of which, Carp Baits: The Science, has
just gone into production. From my point
TOP: In February, Which taken at the flood, leads on to of view, this has been nearly 40 years in
a meeting was fortune. the making while Ive been trying to come
arranged in
Sheffield with Omitted, all the voyage of their life is to terms with the basis of underwater
Andrew Cooke bound in shallows and in miseries. attraction and nutritional recognition.
(second right), and
marketing manager
On such a sea we are now afloat. The book includes material from Hutchy,
Pete Chandler And we must take the current when it happened behind the scenes over a period Simon Horton, Kev Knight, Lee Jackson
serves, or lose our ventures. of time. Understandably, Andrew wanted and yours truly, and will see the light of
ABOVE: Rod has
got his writing Mark Antony, Julius Caesar, Shakespeare. Hutchy on board with the venture, and day in the foreseeable future. Im now
head back on. He Rod wanted to meet the new proprietor, starting work on the second volume, which
still writes all his
material longhand. Change of subject to Rod Hutchinson and assure himself that the commodities will focus on the current bait scene, with
Here he is checking Its been a tough old few years for on offer through the business were of a contributions from high-profile successful
a transcript of
Hutchy. Control of his business went to standard that Rod felt he could be happy carpers on all aspects of bait and its use.
Carp Along the
Way Volume Italy, and there were a number of aspects he was putting his name to. For many And then just when I had finished
Two material. of the running of the business that he was years, Rod had little or no input into the first draft of this, my old mate Les
RIGHT: More good less than happy with. Then he had a long the products being marketed under the Bamford rang to talk about Redmire and
news My old period of eye operations, during which his Hutchinson banner. its future. Deadline for my material was
mate Les Bamford
rang to talk about
eyesight was badly impaired, and at the In February, a meeting was arranged fast approaching, so the outcome of the
Redmire Pool end of which he had lost the sight in one in Sheffield with Andrew Cooke, and Redmire discussions with Les, on behalf of
and its future. eye. At some point the Italian connection marketing manager Pete Chandler. Mally the Richardson family, appears elsewhere
got into difficulties, with the result that Roberts and Mark Lawson accompanied in this issue of Carpworld. It now appears
Rods bait and tackle was not as available Rod to give their appraisal of the current that the estate will almost certainly remain
as it should have been. Eventually the products, and Rod asked me along to hold under the control of the family, which fully
company went into liquidation. his hand in the initial negotiations, and appreciates the importance of Redmire
One of the suppliers of the Italian take a few pictures of the meeting and Pool to the world of carp fishing, and is
connection was an old-established animal some of the products, which I duly did. appreciative of all the effort that has gone
feed company in Sheffield by the name The upshot of all that is that Rod is back into the maintenance and fishing of the
of Donald Cooke Ltd., established over in the land of the living, business- and pool. The indications are that carp fishing
100 years ago. Cookes was owed so marketing-wise, will be attending the odd will continue at Redmire for at least as long
much money by the Italians that current show, and will be able to fish with his own as members of the Richardson clan have
proprietor, Andrew Cooke, was able to products again. control of the Bernithan estate.
make a deal with the liquidators and take More exciting for me personally is the Its been a good-news sort of month
over the remaining stock, all of which fact that he has got his writing head back all round, really. CW

144 Carpworld ap r il 2 0 17

139-144_Still Carping On_CW319(v3).indd 6 27/03/2017 08:40


The New Cyfish Bivvy Range features a brand new, sturdy 4 section frame and spaced pole design offering
maximum internal space. An extremely versatile range that can be used for short sessions right through to adding
the provided second skin for ultimate long session comfort. Available in twin skin options in both 1 and 2 man sizes,
plus dome versions with an inner capsule design.
Pass4press - Internal Rip


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RG_Baits_CW316.indd 2 21/12/2016 16:54
16/12/2016 11:17

giants with tony davies-patrick


p1 6 8 w hy you dont need to p174 just a short drive from calais,

c hang e yo ur tactics abroad les lacs du verger is an ideal destination


147_InterCover_CW319.indd 1 27/03/2017 12:10
Pass4press - Internal Rip

An 8-acre complex in the stunning Loire Valley.
Situated near the beautiful city of Le Mans and its
world-famous racetrack.
A commercial fishery with a very successful, fully
registered fishing business and bookings already in
place for 2017 from new and returning customers.
There is a 2-bedroom chalet on site, built 4 years
- Must-see ago, with an en-suite bathroom and separate toilet.
property Large open-plan kitchen and lounge.
- Mature carp
5 outbuildings, a garage to take a 4x4, a large tool
shed, and a separate area for hens and rabbits.
fishing lake
Completely secure with electric gates.
- 58 years old Fencing all around the perimeter.
- New on the A separate piece of land, approximately 2.5 acres

in size, adjoins the 3-acre main lake, which could be
utilised to create one big lake.
In the lake there are around 100 large carp to 50lb-
plus (mirrors, commons and grass carp), 2 beluga
sturgeon and 5 big catfish to 100lb-plus. Plus, many
little fish, like roach, perch, bream and zander.
There are 3 aerators working 24/7 to oxygenate
the very healthy lake. It is spring-fed with a wishing
well. In the hot summers you can flick a switch and
bring the water level back up. The lakebed is sand
and gravel and up to 3 metres in depth.
There are 2 rowing boats.
There is also a new ride-on 4TRAC mower.
This property is sold lock, stock and barrel.
Owners retiring.
There are 2 fully furnished mobile homes on site as
well as a fully furnished anglers cabin.
Telephone: 0033 243 887752

Please see our website

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27/03/2017 14:34


The lakes are waking up and the fish are getting hungry.
There are some big fish gracing this months feature, and
its great to see the first authentic 60lb+ from the USA

E M A I L b r i g g s y. s t e v e @ h o t m a i l . c o m


Its great to be able to report that the USA has produced its first authentic carp over 60lb. For many years,
people have known that fish of that size exist in American waters, but the waters are vast and carp anglers
are relatively thin on the ground. SERREIRE

It was only a matter of time before someone put in the effort and tracked down one of the monsters,
and that person was Luis Montes. The exact location wasnt given, but Luis was fishing a water in Orange They say you shouldnt mix work and play, but at Serreire it
County, California, and this is what he had to say: seems to be the perfect combination. The close season is when
Here is my new personal best common carp, which weighed in at 62lb 4oz. I knew it was just a matter all the commercial waters have the work done and despite
of time. Thanks to my brother for all the help with this baiting campaign, and even though he only fishes what some people think, there is always a lot, such as clearing
for bass, hes always got my back when it comes to trees and brambles, rebuilding swims, and chalking the lakes,
carp fishing. I knew it was a new personal best as amongst many other things.
soon as I picked up my rod. Before this fish, I had The reward for working during the days is to be able to get
caught a 35-pounder and a 47-pounder, so I knew the rods out at night, and for Keith Williams and complex owner
she was around, waiting for the right angler to put in Simon Mansbridge, it was very much worth it. Between them they
the time. I feel very lucky to hold a fish this big, and landed an incredible amount of big Serreire fish, topped by a new
Im still speechless after what happened today. I did complex record when Keith banked the Grey Lady at 81lb 8oz.
everything I could to see this fish on my mat, and after Keith has been fishing the Island Swim and has had six fish in
a few 60-pounders got bow-fished near me, I knew it USAs new record for Luis total, and besides the big one, hes had five mid- to upper-30s.
Montes, at 62lb 4oz.
was the time to put in the work. Simon has been fishing from the Middle Swim on the left bank,

and hes racked up 14 fish, with the best being a 61lb mirror,
backed up by five 40s to 48lb.
It shows that the work and winter feeding programmes have

RO LYS ON A ROL L started to pay off, and the fish are holding their weights very well.
The Grey Lady might be a new complex record, but there is another
fish in the lake which could be even bigger, so there will be lots
of interest in the coming weeks to see what the lake can produce.
Despite the warmer weather getting through to most waters, including Rainbow Lake, things have been
fairly quiet on the fish front. Plenty of people have been visiting the venue, and it remains one of the most
popular waters, with anglers always asking how they can get on there. Unfortunately, as hard as the
fishing has been on Rainbow, the hardest part is still getting a booking there.
But with Rainbow Lake it only takes one bite to potentially change everything, and thats exactly what
happened to Roly Faragher during a 2-week stint at the record-breaking lake. With temperatures down to
-7, it was always going to be tough, and the lake was actually frozen for 4 days of Rolys trip. Things were

very slow until the sun arrived, and all of a sudden it warmed considerably, with daytime temperatures
reaching 17. Roly moved a couple of his rods to shallower water and he started to receive a bit of action, Serreire owner
but then he had the take which made Simon Mansbridge
A PB 75lb 4oz common and his 61lb mirror.
all the difference, and on the end
for Roly Faragher.
was a huge PB 75lb 4oz common.
It was enough to make the trip for The new
Serreire record
Roly, which was just as well because of 81lb 8oz for
after one more fish the weather took a Keith Williams.
turn for the worse again, and Pascal
had to go round and warn everyone
that a big storm was on the way. He
advised them to pack up, so that was
the end of things for Roly, although it
was already job done.

N E W S I T E M S A N D P I C T U R E S S H O U L D B E S E N T T O : E M A I L b r i g g s y. s t e v e @ h o t m a i l . c o m

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 149

149-154_Echoes_CW319_v3.indd 1 24/03/2017 13:31



Nils Oetien went for a week of fishing at the mighty Rainbow Lake in France. He was in Swim 17 and fished the snaggy spots between the small channels and little islands. After
a few rather quiet days with only one fish of 26lb, the longed-for tentative take finally came.
The take was very careful. Just three small bleeps. As the fish emerged in front of my
Nils with his 87-pounder!

boat, it didnt look that big to me. The relatively small head gave nothing away that I hooked
such a cracker of a fish, Nils explained.
The later weighing of the enormous common, in front of several witnesses, revealed
the massive dimensions of the carp. The scales finally settled at 87lb 5oz (39,7 kg) after
subtracting all the weighing equipment. The scales proved what everyone suspected; it was
Rainbows famous Scarface, one of the current top fish at Rainbow Lake.
The bait that did the trick for Nils was two small Successful Baits VNX+ Pure Nature Traveller
Boilies (salted baits) in 12mm. On such sessions, where I sometimes have to leave my
bait lying at the spot for up to 4 days, I really have to believe in the baits 100% (no less!),
says Nils, who has been using the new range of VNX+ boilies with a lot of success during
his recent trips abroad in the last months.
In combination with the End Game tackle from Carpleads, and the Pinpoint hooks, the
VNX+ bait made the difference in this session, and brought me the fish of a lifetime.

Right through the winter period, Warren Farrance has been concentrating his efforts on Lac Serene
in the Champagne region of France. He has been constantly keeping six spots baited over the
fishable periods between mid-November and now, baiting with chilli hemp, groats, sweetcorn
Arjen Verkoelen from Holland, and expat Mick Murray, headed all the
and groundbait from Range baits. Bait of choice has been Mainline Essential Cell. All in all, he
way to Morocco for a session on the famous Bin el Ouidane reservoir.
has fed over 300kg of mixed boilies and particles in that time.
Arjen runs the well-respected Vortex Boat company, so they went well-
Warren believes that if you give the fish bait they will come, and they certainly have done
armed with the latest boats and electric engines, and plenty of bait.
because he has ended up with a load of big-fish captures, including two big commons over 60lb.
Bin el Ouidane is a huge piece of water, and location is always
He has been concentrating on the far margins of the lake, baiting in depths of between 7ft and
of vital importance. Sitting in one place and waiting for the fish to
9ft. All his bites have come from just
arrive is a risky business, so it pays to be vigilant and ready to
two spots between 9.00 a.m. and Another winter
cracker at move if things arent happening. Both the guys are old hands and
11.00 a.m., but that has changed in

62lb 15oz. well experienced on the continental waters, and it didnt take long

the past week to between 1.00 p.m.

for them to get amongst the action.
and 5.00 p.m. They have come in
In the first couple of days, Arjen in particular banked some very
all sorts of conditions; the first fish,
impressive commons on a variety of particles and boilies. The weather
a 47lb mirror, was caught in -7!
was up and down, ranging from 25 in the sunshine to dark and
At the time of writing, he has
gloomy wet conditions, but the fish seemed to like it and the duo
landed 17 carp, with seven of those
caught well for the entirety of their stay. The one thing missing from
over 50lb. Biggest of the lot was
their haul was one of the pretty mirrors, which are outnumbered by
a superb 67lb common, closely
the commons, but Mick put that right when he got his hands on a
followed by another of 62lb 15oz
lovely scaly mirror towards the end.
The biggest of
and mirrors to 58lb. Its a brilliant
Warrens winter
result and reward for perseverance marathon, at 67lb.
and hard work over the winter, but
hes not finished yet. His fishing will
come to an end about the same time
as this magazine hits the shelves,
and what he is really hoping for is
the Big Girl which resides in there
Arjen Verkoelen with
and could be over 90lb. Watch one of the big lumps
this space!! from Morocco.


150 Carpworld apr i l 20 1 7

149-154_Echoes_CW319_v3.indd 2 24/03/2017 13:31

Sascha Pingel from Hamburg runs the
very successful Adventure Fishing shop Its not too often that Belgiums Raf Van Opstal is out of the action, but
in his hometown, so his own chances to for various reasons, he hasnt actually caught a carp since last October.
get away fishing are few and far between. However, true to form, he put that right just recently. Raf had visited the
He has recently been down to Rainbow carp show, which was taking place for the first time at Reims in northern
Lake for a session with his good friend France, and after returning home, conditions looked good, so he loaded

Gary Hillson, which he enjoyed, but the car and headed off to one of his local canals in Belgium for a quick
his favourite trip was to a public venue overnighter. It was his first time out with the rods this year, but it paid off

somewhere in France, where he managed for him when he banked this cracking 39lb common on his favourite bait,
to catch a very nice mirror. the Krill from Sticky Baits. A great way to get the ball rolling.
Everything came good
The large water was quite bleak,
for Sascha in the end.
and the main problem was that the
bream were on the feed. He hadnt long put back the latest slimy chunk when another
stuttering take made him think that another bream was to blame. The indicator tightened
up to the rod and slowly fell back. He picked up the rod and felt more resistance than
before, but didnt think anything more as he began to pump the fish back to the shore.
He started to wonder if maybe it was a small carp after all, so he took to the boat just
to make sure of things.
He called over to his friend, Bjorn, that maybe he should see what was going on.
Bjorn did just that and was first to see the fish: Sascha, it must be over 20kg! he
shouted. Sascha was shocked, but by then the fish was tired and they managed to net
it without any problems. It was a lovely mirror and well beyond their first estimations at
25kg (55lb). Sascha was just pleased that his efforts hadnt been wasted. First carp of the year for Raf Van Opstal.
As he pointed out, it was a trip to a new water, which wasnt without its complications,
and the weather was cold and miserable with a biting wind whistling past his ears.
However, that one fish made it all worthwhile, and as he said, you just never know

whats around the corner.


Things have gone really well for Koos Walters and his Carplantis venue over in Holland.
A few months ago, we reported on the first-ever 30kg fish to come from there, which Not many details with this one, but over in France, James Green caught
proves that the fish are growing well. One of the main reasons for the lake doing so a new continental PB, with a superb 60lb 10oz common from Etang du
well is a huge water movement system that Koos has installed, mainly because the Bois. The weather had been grim for some time and very little had been
fish were sticking to the shallow areas of the lake. happening, but although the fishing is tough, the rewards are there, as

Carplantis is quite a deep water, and he thought that the oxygen levels werent very this fish certainly proves. Looking at the weather reports, he said that it
good over a certain depth. He was 100% right, and within a short time the carp were was due to warm up in the coming weeks, which is just what is needed
using all the lake and feeding better than ever. However, that brought with it a problem, in the lead-up to the first guests arriving.
in that with a much larger volume of water being available to the fish, it gave the
The first
impression of the lake being understocked. fish was
With that in mind, Koos has a big one
One of the
undertaken a restocking programme for James
stunning new
over the last few weeks, in order to additions for
improve things once the new season Carplantis.
starts. Koos has always had a good
relationship with the fish farmers,
and as before, hes managed to
get his hands on some stunning
new additions for the lake. The new
season promises to be an exciting
one over in Holland.

N E W S I T E M S A N D P I C T U R E S S H O U L D B E S E N T T O : E M A I L b r i g g s y. s t e v e @ h o t m a i l . c o m

Carpworld ap r i l 2 01 7 151

149-154_Echoes_CW319_v3.indd 3 24/03/2017 13:31



The guys at TopCats have just sent in this great catch report from none other than Mark Simmonds, and heres what he had to say about his trip.
I was very keen to visit Koh Samui. I had never been to the island and I fancied a weeks fishing and some time on the beach, and from what Id heard, TopCats
would tick the boxes. On arrival, I was very impressed with the surroundings, the accommodation, and the bar. The first day was a learning curve, and I struggled to
catch using a pop-up over a PVA bag of mini boilies. The worms went out on the other rod, and despite the TopCats redtails never seeing a worm before, the fishing
was manic, with the first run before I even got the rod in the rod rests. Minutes later, a 40lb redtail was in the net, and that day I had 15 runs, all on the worms. I landed
seven redtails to 60lb and a 20lb pacu.
On the second day, Ben, the guide, got me to change tactics. I switched to a Method feeder and took a superb 80lb Siamese carp. On day four I had my biggest
redtail of the trip at 80lb, and on my final sixth day, a personal best alligator gar, also on the worms.

My worst day, after a late night on the beer, saw six fish landed when I only managed 5 hours on the rods; my best day was 13 fish. In all, I landed 47 fish, including
10 redtails over 50lb, all on the worms, Siamese carp to 80lb, Mekong to 70lb, pacu to 25lb, tambaqui to 30lb, Asian redtails to 25lb, and two alligator gars.

Simmo with a pristine Simmo with a

alligator gar. beautiful redtail.

Down at Iktus Lake in the far south of France, things
have been ticking over nicely and several fish have
been caught. But for once, its not the carp which have
been mostly on the munch, its the sturgeon. Once
they start feeding, there seems to be little to put them
off. The main bulk of the sturgeon are in front of the
two lakes, so the larger of the two can be fished and
theres less chance of encountering them. UK carp

anglers tend not to favour the sturgeon so much, while

anglers from many other countries really like them.
A number of the prehistoric-looking fish have been
banked weighing over 50kg, a size that is guaranteed
to give a fight you wont forget, but as far as the carp
are concerned, the action has been steady, if not
hectic. For the first time in ages, no carp over 60lb
have been reported, but there have been plenty in
the 30lb to 50lb range to keep everyone interested.
The fish tend to move around, and different swims
have been producing at different times. Swims 14
and 15 have been consistent right through the winter,
and so has Swim 8 (the VIP Swim), and they have
Action has been
invariably turned up a few fish here and there. steady at Iktus.


152 Carpworld apr i l 20 1 7

149-154_Echoes_CW319_v3.indd 4 24/03/2017 13:31