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Inicio : well first of all good morning.

my name is felix Daniel gaytan garcia I am engineering student here in utt, I
have 19 years and thanks for my good stays, I am working on master trim
Toyota here in torreón.

and my industry asked me to make presentations at universities and
convention so to speak.

all in order that students learn more before going to a important industry.

Well , our convention is call “mini robotics”

the convention is for design and programing mini robots for precise
maintenance in the industry.

Duración y lugar the convention lasts 3 days.
starting on February 3 to 5

and it will be on in the laboratories of the university utt building c

this is only for students with average of 9 and 10.

the classs have a duration of 1 hour

Programa day 1: at 10:00 am, welcome the convention in the auditórium

at 11:00 am, systems development in mexico

at 12:00 am, instrumentation and measurement of the industry

at 1:00 pm, creation of drones.

Day 2 : at 10:00 am, lego build platform

at 11:00 am, management and technological innovation

at 12:00 am, the arduino program

at 1:00 pm, the mechatronic systems

Day 3 :
At 10:00 am, creation of mini robots

At 11:00 am, innovation of mini robots

At 12:00 am, demonstration of the projects

.. lml .. super party in the house of my brother in law until dawn ..At 1:00 am...