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Prayer for the Karmic Clearing of the Cities of Our World and Your
Beloved God/Goddess or Universal Spirit,
I pray for all people on the Earth to open their hearts collectively so all of
the karma from the collective of humanity may be absolved and released
into the light. I call forth to my Divine Presence and all Enlightened
Masters, Archangels, Angels and the Divine Presences of Humanity to be
with me now. I ask to be held within the Universal Angelic Gateway with the
Angels and Archangels so I may receive the highest frequency of love and
healing for myself and all others via this world linkup with all others who are
doing this world service work with the angels and archangels. I call on
Universal Spirit of Love and the God Presence of all, The Holy Spirit to fill
me with the grace, love and divine energy so I may be an anchor of peace
and love for all beings on Earth and specifically all within our world’s cities.
I ask that my chakras be cleansed and aligned so I may be even more
open in my heart to be a transmitter of divine love to all beings.
God/Goddess, I ask for the grace, love, forgiveness, healing and karmic
absolution of all souls within humanity on this day and specifically for the
city of ………………………… (insert name of city eg Buenos Aires) and for
all in my community .............................................. (insert name your
community and country you live in). I ask that every soul within humanity
and all of our ancestors be freed of the collective’s karma and any effect it
may have over them in any way, through the highest dispensations and
karmic clearing of our collective consciousness and the grids over our cities
and communities, now.
I ask for all dispensations to come to humanity and to the heart chakra of
all cities and communities so that life may be easier, allowing all souls to
awaken and open their hearts deeply. I ask for the heart chakra of
……..........……… (insert name of city eg. Buenos Aires) and my own
community (insert name of community) to be flooded with pure love and the
blue celestial rays of the universal heart of God/Goddess for the next 24
hours as a cleansing of the collective karma held by all within this city and
my community. I call on all universal laws to flood through these heart
chakras and ask that all of the spiritual guides – the angels and archangels
of every living being within this city and community to now be present within

We call forth the Divine Mother and Divine Father to bless every soul that chooses this and we ask that all cords.. …………(eg.. (insert city eg... I ask for a focus on ………………… insert the group focus of the city here eg.. energised and filled with love. opened. I ask for all of my chakras to be filled with love. We call on all souls of……………… (insert name of city...… (insert city eg. love. control or of the old hierarchy. love and light and healing to work with me and assist me now to be a divine transmitter of love and blessings to …….. karma. now be lifted into the light by the Archangelic Light League. the Archangels of the Earth and the Heavens... archangelic and christ oversoul of this city and all cities of my community to open the heart chakras of these places so all of the collective energies held by the collective heart chakra of these places can be cleansed. eg. ties. Buenos Aires) to receive together now. (insert the name of your community or area) and ask that the highest blessings come into the heart chakra of …. or Star or Galactic Federation. I ask to be linked with all others doing this and for the heart chakra of …………. cleared and illuminated now. I call to all of the divine messengers of peace. purified. We ask for karmic absolution for all souls if they carry any karma that presently blocks their soul star chakra or heart chakra from opening within their community or city.…. via the assistance of their guides.. Buenos Aires) and to my community now.. As a representative of humanity... light and the divine energy for me to transmit my love far across the world. the tablets and codes of forgiveness.. I ask the angelic.. Buenos Aires) as well as my own community…….the city and community now. control or old authority/hierarchy and ask all souls to break all agreements to accepting duality. We call for a cleansing of the highest order of all old grids of duality.. I ask that all fear that may lie as veils over the collective heart chakra of all who live in these cities and my community. bonds or energy blockages in .... Buenos Aires) and my community to be ignited. grace and divinity and I also ask that these tablets and codes be spun through the heart chakra of this city and my community now.. Buenos Aires) and my community. …....... I ask that they bless all of the souls in this city and community with the light and love to be able to forgive all that may have taken place in this community and city. that may form old grids of duality. control or the old hierarchy or authority as their guides in life or as an influence on any level of their being at this time....

divinity. oneness. open and clear all fears held by our collective. We ask that all levels of energies that may lay in the unconscious or conscious realms of any soul from this city or community to now be filled with love and forgiveness. We call forth all of the celestial angels and the universal peacekeepers from all sacred realms and all of the divine mothers and divine fathers to bless the heart chakra of ……………. Buenos Aires) and begin to lift any collective karma as we all call for karmic absolution now for any energy or form of consciousness that may be blocking the collective heart chakra of humanity within this city and my community. (insert name of city eg. I give thanks for this and the healing of this heart chakra now and ask the Archangels and Enlightened Masters to ignite. blue and white light and that a golden dome of love and light be placed over every city in the world to strengthen and protect its energy and all souls within it. I give thanks to the Archangels and Angels and Enlightened Masters and my Divine Presence and ask that they continue this work for me until the heart chakra is freed. We now ask that this work be sealed with the divine golden. We ask that as this occurs. from this city and my community’s heart chakra.or around these ones to now be freed through the law of liberty. love. the heart chakra be filled with universal love and light to begin the process of lifting the vibration of each city and my community. We ask that they be bathed in the love and to choose now to receive deep love from the Angels. grace. Peace and Joy to flood into my heart and all of humanity’s hearts all over the world now and I ask to be a bridge of love to transmit love into the heart chakras of this city and my community now. Archangels that come to them to assist them to be freed. . forgiveness and karma. and the collective of humanity. clear and emanating divine love from the heart of this city and my community to every soul in the city and my community. We call forth to the Universal Spirit of Love.