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Date: April 7, 2017
From: Alex MacDougall
To: Gina Eisler
Re: Goodness Gracious Anglican Church: Stewardship Plan for Agnes

Assessment of the donor
Agnes Smithson is an elderly woman in the church’s congregation. She
was born and raised as an only child in the local community and has been a
life time member and supporter of the church. Her family was a well-known
successful business family in the town. Her parents passed approximately 20
years ago. Agnes attends church every Sunday and is also part of the
Church’s Women’s Social Committee. On February 15, 2015, Agnes lost her
husband Bruce at the age of 79.
Giving History (recent-past)
 $100 in January 2017 through the Women’s Social Committee
 $80 to honour what would have been her late husband’s 80th birthday
in 2016
 $30,000 as the sole funder of the new church roof in 2012
Agnus has strong ties to religion and the church. Given her giving history,
Agnus can be represented as a devout donor. Her philanthropy seems to be
selfless and trusts that the church will do what is right with her money. An
example of this is when she placed a cheque for a very large sum of money
in the collection basket for the roof project. Devout donors prefer to be
recognize on a small scale within the religious community. Agnus is most
likely to feel appreciated if the contact between her and the church stems
from religious and moral motives and not obligation.
The objective of stewarding Agnus is to use moves management to
create a stronger existing relationships between her and the Goodness
Gracious Anglican Church. Most donors like to see the difference that their
gift has made and the impact it has had on the clients of the charity.
However, I believe that the devout donor in Agnus is more interested in
doing what is right in God’s name and perhaps building a stronger
relationship with the church itself.
Building a personal and meaningful relationship with Agnus is what is
most important to her and to us as well. Creating a stewardship plan that not
only completes the donor cycle but also creates a higher level of donor

involvement is the main objective. If this relationship with Agnus is genuine
and strong, Agnus will hopefully become more involved with the church and
may as well begin to influence her friend and peer groups.

Stewardship methods
The first stewardship method that I chose is an introduction phone call
to introduce myself to Agnus and get to know her a little bit better. In this
phone call I hope to add the personal touch that women of Agnes’s age
appreciate and as well ensure feels appreciated. In the phone call I plan to
inquire if there is anything she maybe displeased with as to show her that
she is our priority. I think that a phone call is a very inexpensive way to have
a very personal and memorable connection with a donor. I plan to make this
phone call in the week before Easter because the holiday gives us something
to talk and is an important holiday in the Christian religions.
The next stewardship method that I chose is a handwritten personal
Birthday card for Agnus. For this card I chose a card that has painted flowers
on the front and a beautiful religious saying inside. A birthday card is a
wonderful thing to receive in the mail and to someone like Agnus, receiving
one from her church with a nice inscription speaks to Agnus’s devout donor
profile. To determine Agnus’s birthday I plan to as her good friend Grace who
has known her since grade school and is still close friends with her.
The third stewardship method that I chose is the gift of a bible with a
personalized hand written dedication from the Church’s Priest. The gift of a
bible means a lot to people with strong connections to their religion and for
Agnus would be a gift that she could look at for ever and remember the
church and her impact on it and her community. The personal dedication is
something that would touch Agnus emotionally and truly deepen her
connection with the church. This type of gift is one that out be treated as a
family heirloom with the dedication always reminding people of how
important Agnus was to the Church. The best time to gift this to Agnus is
around Christmas time because the holiday season is a very important time
for Christians and people are much more willing to give and receive gifts
around this time.
Stewardship timeline
The rule of 7, which is stewardship best practice states that every
donor needs to be thanked a minimum of 7 times for each gift. It is important
to be mindful of the 10% CRA rule meaning that the stewardship practices
cannot be more than 10% of the donors’ gift to the charity. This proposed
timeline is for the 7 points of stewardship from Agnus’s most recent gift of
$100 through the Women’s Social Committee. Of the $100, the stewardship
for Agnus should not surpass the cost of $10.

Date Stewardship/Point of Contact
January 23rd 2017 Received Tax Receipt 48 hours after gift and a thank
you letter
April 12th 2017 Get to know you and thank you phone call
June 9th 2017 Receive a personalized Birthday card
August 20th 2017 Invitation to attend a women’s brunch after the service
to thank everyone for their support
September 3rd A strawberry social and yard games
December 17th Receive a bible with a hand written dedication from the
2017 Priest
December 24 Receive a handwritten Christmas card
Three Pieces of Correspondence
Phone Call
Ring Ring… Ring Ring…
Agnus: Hello?
Alex (Me): Hello, is Agnus there?
Agnus: Yes, this is her.
Alex (Me): Oh hello Agnus this is Alex MacDougall calling, the new Director of
Philanthropy at your church!
Agnus: Oh hi dear!
Alex (Me): How are you doing today?
Agnus: I’m well! The change of season is making my arthritis ache a bit more
than usual today though.
Alex (Me): Oh no sorry to hear that! My allergies as well are coming with the
change of season!
Agnus: Ah yes but the beautiful flowers are beginning to bloom! My favourite
are the tulips!
Alex (Me): I love tulips too! All the Easter colours! Are you planning on joining
our Easter sermon at the church this weekend?
Agnus: Oh yes, I have never missed it!
Alex (Me): I hear they have arraigned an excellent program and have already
begun to hear the choir practicing. They sound wonderful!
Agnus: The choir truly is excellent! My favourite is the children’s choir
though! They are so adorable!

Alex (Me): Yes, I have heard them rehearsing for a few Sundays now! It is
going to be quite a day!
Agnus: Yes, I am looking forward to it!
Alex (Me): Well Agnus I am just calling today to touch base with you and get
to know our congregation a little bit better!
Agnus: That’s lovely dear! It is wonderful to get to know you as well!
Alex (Me): Thank you! I wanted to thank you for all that you have done for
the church as well as your participation in the Women’s Social Committee. It
is active people like you that keep our church turning and the friendly place
that it is!
Agnus: Well darling the church is a wonderful place to meet new people and
socialize, I don’t know what I would do it without it! The women in that
committee keep me young!
Alex (Me): Haha that’s wonderful! I know we are glad to have you every
Sunday in the congregation and are pleased that you enjoy being there as
well! Is there anything that perhaps we could do better to make it a more
enjoyable experience?
Agnus: Dear you know what? It was actually a bit stuffy and hot last Sunday
and I found I had to take off my shawl to feel comfortable!
Alex (Me): Oh I’m so sorry that the temperature was to warm! I will make a
note to turn on the fans or air conditioning this Sunday to make the
temperature more comfortable!
Agnus: Thank you dear I would appreciate that!
Alex (Me): Thank you for letting me know! I’m in the office here almost every
day so please feel free to call me anytime!
Agnus: Oh okay! Thank you for calling, it’s time to go get lunch ready!
Alex (Me): Okay Agnus I will let you go! Enjoy your lunch!
Agnus: Okay, goodbye dear!
Alex (Me): Goodbye, see you on Sunday!
Agnus: See you then!
Alex (Me): Bye!

Bible with Hand Written Dedication
Dear Agnus,

I dedicate this Word of God to you, a person who is seeking God's Truth and Will for
your life. Let this gift be an inspiration, a guide, and a comfort to you each day. May
God burden you with the need to share this Word with others who need to know
God's plan, love, and mercy.
You are a blessing to this church and community,
Father George