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Copyright in Jamaica

Copyright is a collective term for a bundle of economic and moral rights

granted by law to creators of original work in literature, music, art and

drama. In Jamaica, the creative geniuses are covered under Jamcopy;

Jamaican Copyright Licensing Agency.

Jamcopy is the national rights management organization that is a non-profit

entity under the Jamaican law and also in accordance with the Jamaican

Copyright Act of 1993. This organization was established to manage the

reproduction rights of creators and publishers in Jamaica whose work are

published as print. Once a person licenses their work under Jamcopy, they

protect and facilitate seamless access to this person’s work. From academic

works, newspaper articles, novels, music sheets, photography, illustrations

and even large scale of work for digital

Copyright is the means by which the creative geniuses benefit from their

intellectual property. The work they have created is very essential to other

human creativity. Creators have received financial rewards for efforts and

recognition for the importance of their work to the development of society.

Without protection, there would be no incentive for creators to produce new

work. Therefore, it is not necessary to print the copyright symbol onto your

work and it is not registered with the copyright agency. However, the use of

the copyright symbol identifies the copyright holder and acts as a reminder

that the work is protected by copyright laws.

Once you are license holder with Jamcopy, the organization provide an

easy mechanism to which users can have access to legally reproduce

extracts of the copyright material without committed as form of plagiarism.

Jamcopy acts a bridge between the creators and users of the copyright

material. Offering a convenient service where society can benefit from the

work of the creators while respecting and complying with the copyright act.