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A. Ammonia Tank Pressure Shoot Up: The increase in pressure beyond 15 Kg/cm2
g is possible only when there is fire around the tank. To avoid such a situation,
storage is mounted in an open area of 150-meter radius. Also tank is provided
with two numbers of safety valves at 15 Kg/cm2 g to puff.

Storage is designed for 40 atmospheric pressure, inspected externally regularly
and internally once in two years. Tank and primary flanges, fittings are
hydrotested once in two years.

However due to any reason if leak is observed, storage sprinkler water system
will be operated and storage will be emptied out carefully. Daily checklist is
being followed to identify any leakage within system.

B. Reactor Pressure Shoot Up: To take care of any pressure shoot up in the reactor
pressure, reactor is provided with a rapture disk, that raptures at 1.0 Kg/cm2 g.
also reactor pressure is monitored continuously in the control room provided
with a high pressure alarm.

C. Static Mixer Temperature Shoot Up: Due to any reason if static mixer
temperature shoots up, process will be interrupted and Picoline feed will be cut
off to avoid any further increase in the temperature.

D. Reactor Temperature Shoot Up: As reaction is exothermic, due to any reason if
reactor temperature shoots up, process will be interrupted and Picoline feed will
be cut off and steam purging will be started to avoid any further increase in the

E. Cyano Gas Scrubber Low Level: There is provision of low level alarm signal for
gas scrubber. In case of low level, Picoline feed should be cut off to avoid any
damage to the reactor. Also reactor should be emptied to drain any hold up
inside the reactor.

F. Pressure Shoot Up in Process Vessels and Lines: Considering various reasons for
the pressure shoot up, safety valve is designed and installed in Ammonia feed
line, transfer line vaporizers, dump tank, nitrogen line, Distillation pot.

G. Storage Process Vessel Leakage: Gaskets, Valves in the storage, process
vessels, and lines are renewed regularly to avoid any leakages and spillage.
However due to any reason if leakage is observed in the storage / process
vessels material will be transferred safely to another standby vessels by external
cooling with water sprinkling arrangement. Water hydrant points are provided at
various locations for the same purpose. Dyke wall is provided to control any
material spillage.

H. Static Electricity: To avoid any mishap due to static electricity, following
provisions are made in the Dowtherm Dump Tank, Furnace Oil, Benzene,
Picoline, and Cyanopyridine systems.

Dowtherm Oil: Dowtherm oil is handled in totally enclosed system with a provision for venting of non-condensable. To overcome such situations. K. Dip pipe in inlet nozzles with anti siphoning hole. Lightning Arresters: It is provided at the top of tallest structure and is earthed. Storage earthing. J. Bonding cables along with transfer line. 2. I. Also navigation lamp is provided in the same manner. automatic switch on DG system is installed of 500 KVA capacities. water vapor and over-pressurization due to any reason. An expansion tank is provided to absorb expansion / contraction during heating / cooling. Also auto reset is provided for all pump motors. which starts within 35 seconds after power failure. . 3. Adequate controls have been provided to stop heating of furnace in case of undesirable situation as sensed by different sensors. 1. Vapor Emission from Condenser Vent: It may occur due to cooling water flow interruption to the exchangers due to power failure.