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Committee: Human Rights Council

Topic: Humanitarian Crisis in South Sudan
Country: Republic of Portugal
Delegate: Loren Dorothea N. Prado, PSC42

Since the end of the second world war, the world has been facing the largest humanitarian crisis
with more than 20 million people in four countries facing starvation, sexual violence and other
serious human rights violations. The Republic of Portugal is a country committed to the respect
for fundamental rights, freedoms, and all other Human Rights protected in the international
instruments. The Republic of Portugal has been since an active member of the UN Commission
on Human Rights striving to promote and protect all Human Rights in all parts of the world,
trying hard to bridge differences and to use dialogue as a way to move forward.
The Republic of Portugal is deeply worried and concerned about the tensions between North
Sudan and South Sudan due to unresolved issues. The conflict which has been as a “civil war of
interlocking civil wars” has led to the perpetration of grave human rights violations, crimes
against humanity and severe humanitarian crises in the country’s South. The Republic of
Portugal strongly condemn the terrible acts of violence, and was shocked by the level of sexual
violence, including gang rape committed by armed men belonging to all groups. The
humanitarian situation in South Sudan is of Portugal’s particular concern, Republic of Portugal
supported the call for a thorough investigation by the United Nations Commission on Human
Rights in South Sudan into the violations and abuses of human rights and related crimes.
The Republic o Portugal recognized the independence and sovereignty of the Republic of South
Sudan and believed that South Sudan’s independence is small, but an important step. Fulfilling
the expectations of that independence, all remaining challenges must be addressed in an urgent
and comprehensive way. The Republic of Portugal recommend that the Presidents of both
countries must make efforts to solve the issues and conflicts. Indeed, dialogue and political
commitment at the highest level is needed to create solution and bring peace. People of Sudan
should understand that whatever divisions exist, it is more important to unite and end the
suffering because of the risks for countries in conflict and the international community.
The Republic of Portugal believes that there is a need for common understanding on key issues
such as citizenship, management of the oil sector and borders in Sudan. The Republic of Portugal
shared the view that the North and South would benefit from United Nations assistance
concerning the border and urged both countries to make full use of the good offices of the
African Union High-level Implementation Panel. The Republic of Portugal participates actively
in ongoing discussions aiming at improving the international human rights legal framework and
ensures that human rights crises get the adequate and prompt response from the international
community. The Republic of Portugal fully cooperate with the Human Rights Council through
the establishment of a constructive dialogue and cooperation with members and non-members of
the Council, ameliorating the quality of debates within the Council and participating actively in
the work of the Council with traditional and possible new initiatives in all field of human rights.