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NUTRITION FORCE. See info on Gantt Chart Template Pro
Project Lead: Mario E. Galaviz
Project Start Date: 1/1/2017 (Sunday) ########################################################################################################################################################################
Display Week: 1 Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 Week 7 Week 8

1 / 2 / 17 1 / 9 / 17 1 / 16 / 17 1 / 23 / 17 1 / 30 / 17 2 / 6 / 17 2 / 13 / 17 2 / 20 / 17

WBS Task Start End
Days M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F S S M T W T F S S
1 Contacto con proveedor. Sun 1/01/17 Thu 1/05/17 5
1.1 Investigar proveedores regionales. Sun 1/01/17 Tue 1/03/17 3
1.2 Clasificar por precio de venta. Wed 1/04/17 Wed 1/04/17 1
1.3 Seleccionar mas barato Thu 1/05/17 Thu 1/05/17 1
2 Generar inventario inicial. Fri 1/06/17 Mon 1/09/17 4
2.1 Clasificar por tipo de producto. Fri 1/06/17 Sat 1/07/17 2
2.2 Tomar fotografias para subirlas a redes sociales. Sun 1/08/17 Mon 1/09/17 2
3 Promocion en redes sociales. Fri 1/06/17 Fri 1/13/17 8
3.1 Crear pagina en facebook. Fri 1/06/17 Fri 1/06/17 1
3.2 Subir fotos de productos a ofertar. Sat 1/07/17 Sun 1/08/17 2
3.3 Contacto con clientes potenciales. Mon 1/09/17 Fri 1/13/17 5
4 Levantar pedidos de cliente. Sat 1/14/17 Thu 1/19/17 6
4.1 Crear base de datos con productos a pedir. Sat 1/14/17 Sun 1/15/17 2
4.2 Esperar envio de mercancia por parte del proveedor. Mon 1/16/17 Thu 1/19/17 4
5 Generar inventario de mercancia recibida. Fri 1/20/17 Sat 1/21/17 2
5.1 Contactar con el cliente. Fri 1/20/17 Sat 1/21/17 2
6 Hacer entrega del producto. Sun 1/22/17 Thu 1/26/17 5
6.1 Entrega de productos personalmente. Sun 1/22/17 Thu 1/26/17 5

within the limits of the terms of use. so you can fully customize it and add worksheets as needed. and Duration of tasks. or Monthly View The Pro version includes a drop-down next to the Display Week that lets you choose to display the columns in the chart area as days. Use Work Days as an Input By default. For example. It also comes with other bonus content. Exclude Holidays from Work Days List holidays and other specific non-working days that you want to exclude from work days. Simple Color-Coding The Pro version includes a column for specifying the color of bars in the chart. End date. or months. you could change the color based on urgency or task lead.Gantt Chart Template Pro Gantt Chart Template Pro is similar to this free version.html The following link is a blog post that talks specifically about the Pro version for Excel Online. but it is more feature-packed.vertex42. the Pro version is set up to have you enter Work Days instead of Calendar Days. Customize Your Work Week The Pro version for Excel Online uses the WORKDAY. The expanded set of template rows provides more options for defining the Start date.Start date and End date . Define a task based on … . Weekly. Learn More About Gantt Chart Template Pro .com/ExcelTemplates/excel-gantt-chart.INTL() functions that allow you define the work week as something other than Monday-Friday.Start date and Calendar days Easily Create Task Dependencies Though you can still use your own formulas for creating task dependencies. Gantt Chart Template Pro for Excel Online Benefits and Features of Gantt Chart Template Pro Unlocked The Pro version does not have password protected worksheets. the Pro version includes template rows that calculate the Start date based on the WBS number that you enter in the Predecessor column.INTL() and NETWORKDAYS. weeks. Learn More About Gantt Chart Template Pro http://www. Daily.Start date and Work days .

but with other bonus content. art Template Pro ks specifically about the r Excel Online . this free version.

4) Important: When inserting new rows. because the cells of the Gantt chart area are formulas. copy and and paste rows and cells. but it may be useful for a category task to display the minimum Start date and maximum End date of its sub tasks. but you can manually enter them if you need to. Category Tasks . 1. the numbering will reset to 1. you will need to know how to enter formulas. You only need to know some basic spreadsheet Before sharing this spreadsheet.2. . . Getting Started Tips . 1. 3.The Project Start Date determines the first week shown in the gantt chart. change the Display Week.To adjust the range of dates shown in the gantt chart.The WBS numbering uses a different formula for each level.You can indent the task description for sub-tasks by entering leading spaces or using the Indent feature in Excel.x.You can use tasks that are just labels. Copy the entire row you want to use from the set of template rows. . Watch Demo Videos on Vertex42.You can enter the Start date manually. widen the column to display the cell contents.2. 2. please read the license agreement in the TermsOfUse worksheet. based on the level (1. This can be done using =MIN(range_of_startdates) and =MAX(range_of_enddates). insert a new row.FREE Version Intro This Gantt Chart spreadsheet is designed to to help you create a simple project schedule. you can copy and paste just the WBS cell that you want to use.If you see "#####" in a cell. . such as how to insert. like the project title and task descriptions.If you leave a blank cell above a WBS number.2. Paste the row you copied on top of the new row you just inserted. . Be sure to read the Getting Started Tips below.3.To insert a new task.Some of the labels include cell comments to provide extra help information. Using the Template Rows and Choosing a WBS Level Inserting New Tasks. 4. but the formula does not reference any other cell in the row.Backup your file regularly to avoid losing data! Excel files get corrupted occasionally.x. then copy/paste a row from the selection of template rows at the bottom of the worksheet. .[ Bracketed Text ] is meant to be edited. you must copy and paste an entire row. .HELP Version: Gantt Chart Template for Office 365 . or define task dependecies using a formula. 1. Watching the video demos for Gantt Chart Template Pro may also help you see how to use the spreadsheet. So. delete. Changing the WBS Level in the WBS Column . depending on how you want to define the task. The formulas are meant for convenience. Creating Task Dependencies . 1. For more advanced uses. Below are the most common options for defining the Start date: . .3. . such as defining task dependencies.Input cells for defining the task dates and durations have a light green background. Copy and paste the WBS cell separately. Insert a new blank row where you want the new task to be.

Q: How do I change the Print Settings? (Excel 2010.enddate2. How do I fix it? When using =MIN(). Q: The Start date.1) where enddate is the reference to the End date of a predecessor task. it is easy for the references to get messed up if you move rows around or insert new rows. =SUMPRODUCT(workdays. you could calculate the overall percent complete for the group as: =(10*50%+12*25%+14*25%)/(10+12+14). Reference the Project Start Date (e. 2013) Select the entire range of cells you want to print and go to File > Print Area > Set Print Area.Use the formula =WORKDAY(enddate.For multiple predecessors.1). respectively.complete)/SUM(workdays) Example: =SUMPRODUCT(H9:H15. ] FAQs Q: How do I enter the Work Days instead of Calendar Days? Entering work days instead of calendar days is one of the main features of the Pro version. Then go to File > Page Setup or File > Print Preview and adjust the Scaling. Enter the date manually (e. Example: The image below shows that the MIN() function is not referencing all of the sub tasks. Set the Start date to the next Work Day after another task's End date. 1/3/2015) B. . or %Complete for a Level 1 task is wrong. ] Changing the Color of the Bars in the Gantt Chart [ This feature is only in the PRO version.-5) E. If you want to figure it out on your own. where "workdays" is a reference to the range of work day values and "complete" is a reference to the %complete for each of the subtasks. You should verify and fix these formulas if they are not referencing the correct ranges. . but if you are familiar with conditional formatting. Marings. .J9:J15)/SUM(H9:H15) Let's say you have 3 sub tasks that are 10 days.WORKDAY(enddate2.This formula is just like the one in C or D. except that in place of the "1" you enter the number of days.g. A. =MAX(). Set the Start date to a number of days before or after another date.5) or =WORKDAY(startdate. Use the Predecessor column to start the day after another task [ Template rows that use this feature are only in the PRO version ] Changing the End Date Font to Red when Behind Schedule [ This feature is only in the PRO version. =$E$4 ) C. and 14 days long.g. use the WORKDAY() function to define the End Date and calculate the Calendar Days based on the Start and End dates. .This formula is very simple: =enddate+1 . End date. the formula would be =MAX(enddate1.enddate3 )+1 E. and Page Orientation as desired. If the first subtask is 50% complete and the others are 25% complete. and =SUMPRODUCT(). . you could try doing this yourself.For multiple predecessors. such as =WORKDAY(enddate.1)) D. the formula would be =MAX(WORKDAY(enddate1. Q: How do I calculate the %Complete for an entire category of tasks? The %Complete for a category task can be calculated from its sub tasks using the formula below. 12 days. Set the Start date to the next Calendar Day after another task's End date.

How do I fix it? Find a row that works. © 2015 Vertex42 LLC . then copy the cells that make up the gantt chart area from that row into the row that is messed up. Q: I've messed up the chart area somehow.

Input Cell Label .



com © 2006-2015 Vertex42 LLC This spreadsheet.html Do not delete this worksheet.html By Vertex42. Please review the following license agreement to learn how you may or may not use this template. See License Agreement Thank you. Do not submit copies or modifications of this template to any website or online template gallery. including all worksheets and associated content is a copyrighted work under the United States and other copyright laws.vertex42. you may hide it by right-clicking on the tab and selecting Hide.vertex42. If necessary.Gantt Chart Template http://www. .com/ExcelTemplates/excel-gantt-chart.