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rice polisher.
High capacity energy-efficient rice polishing.

An integral part of Bühler UltraLine.
Pioneering energy-efficient rice processing
for 21st century.

Featuring our own unique patented sieve design. cam and Designed and engineered to Bühler's highest standards teeth arrangements.Bühler UltraLine has mills. • Designed and engineered for low maintenance and hygienic processing 2 UltraPolyTM DRPG Brochure . Bühler UltraPoly TM delivers new standards and degree of polishing performance required. 21st Century rice polishing. sets the benchmark in rice polishing. With three new machine innovations featuring cost. Introducing Bühler UltraLine . • Setting benchmarks in rice polishing with Proprietary technologies deliver maximum count of head highest ever capacity and low energy rice and a uniformed consistency of superior polishing consumption performance even during high capacity processing . the UltraLine portfolio ushers processing capacity (up to 16 tons per hour) and premium in a revolution in high capacity. processors can now also control the in quality.all whilst offering an extremely low processing cost per ton. triumph of modern rice processing for today's UltraWhite TM and UltraPoly TM . An integral part of Bühler UltraLine. energy-efficient product quality rice whilst driving down the processing processing. SORTEX S UltraVision TM.a technological multiple international patents.UltraPolyTM high capacity rice polisher. Driven by Bühler's commitment to encouraging been industry-proven to deliver unprecedented levels of sustainable rice milling.

 Bühler highest capacity rice polisher  Easy access for cleaning Unique geometry of sieves with reversed bands Unique replaceable teeth design on cam provides slot enables better polishing performance at high capacity for cleaning inside the cam.easier removal of adjust required polishing degree bran  Hands-free operation Unique locking arrangement of sieve frame allows for a hands free operation UltraPolyTM DRPG Brochure 3 .UltraPolyTM at a glance. thus improving hygiene standards  Energy efficient operation Designed and engineered for low energy consumption  Easy access to sieves to deliver extremely low processing cost per ton Easy sieve frame opening for cleaning and maintenance  Reduced vibration and uniformed milling Firmly fixed screens restrict vibration and help maintain  Ease of operation a uniform gap between sieve and cam to ensure A slidegate at feed screw housing allows for a trouble uniformed milling and higher yield of head rice free operation  All-new Bühler innovative technologies  Optional pre-conditioner feature Patented sieve design combined with our unique A pre-conditioner attachment is available as an option arrangement of cam and teeth allows processors to for polishing specific rice varieties .

to have different paddle Bühler technologies to deliver a superior polishing finish even options or water injection points. Polished Basmati rice Polished Sona Masuri rice Polished Jasmine rice Polished Short grain rice High capacity Super. silky smooth polishing performance The UltraPolyTM features multiple patents and proprietary Built on a modularity approach. Manufactured from stainless steel for hygienic processing. Use of this mixing tube is based on Bühler technology recommendation. 4 UltraPolyTM DRPG Brochure .Setting benchmarks in rice polishing with highest ever capacity and lower energy consumption. a pre-conditioner is used to decrease bran streaks and improve polishing performance. A pre-conditioner can at very high capacity processing be also supplied as an optional fitting to meet process requirement Energy efficient operation Featuring newly fitted energy reduction features allows the Uniformity of polishing finish smaller framed UltraPoly to process at very high capacities The incorporated water dosing system offer processors with lower energy consumption per ton an option of shaft injection or mixing tube for a uniformed distribution of water film and control of flow to aid polishing Custom adjust to polishing requirement performance required and deliver a better polish and bran UltraPoly's cam teeth are fitted at an angle of 45o on the cam streak removal periphery to enable the teeth height to be easily adjusted according to required polishing degree Product Highlight: Mixing tube An optional unit. The Bühler UltraPolyTM is packed with multiple patented innovations and cost reduction features to offer processors a high capacity energy efficient solution whilst delivering premium rice export quality finish.

maintenance and easier access for cleaning operations. Reduced maintenance and wear parts cost Increase hygienic and safety operation Sieves are firmly locked in place to give added strength to Locking arrangement of sieve frame and slidegate at feed surrounding local area and improve sieve life screw housing offer a hands-free operation Sieves now have more splits along the milling chamber Sieve frames are now easier to open for maintenance and (axis) to minimize replacement cost cleaning UltraPoly's cam is split into 6 parts. so only worn out Unique replaceable teeth design on cam provides opening parts require replacing when worn.for hygienic operation ndividually replaced .simply reverse feed screw to utilise the other side UltraPolyTM DRPG Brochure 5 . focusing on sustainable rice processing and food safety. Teeth can also be for easier cleaning inside cam . Designed for reduced wear parts costs.Designed and engineered for low maintenance and hygienic processing. the UltraPoly TM is the result of our investments into research and development.reducing maintenance cost Unique reversible feed screw reduces maintenance costs .

This cools the rice. The product then falls into the feed screw of the 1 rotor section and is then conveyed to the sieve basket. 6 UltraPolyTM DRPG Brochure . unpolished rice is delivered into the inlet. 1 2 3 4 Input rice Air Bran Polished rice White. Diagram above is shown with the pre-conditioner. using a rotating cam shaft. fully polished rice leaves the machine through the outlet. UltraPolyTM working principles. Additional air enters through the adjustable slots in the doors. The polished rice is separated from unpolished rice by a sieve. 3 The rice then gently grounds against itselves in the sieve basket. using a two-component nozzle (water/air). which is open on both sides.mixing tube fitted. 4 The aspiration system produces an air current that is routed through the work area and the hollow shaft. 2 A uniform water film is applied to the product via the hollow shaft. The now.

technology and services Expertise and vast process know-how of rice processing Presence in over 140 countries offering local Global locations of Bühler Application centre for trials support and service sites and test machines Bühler operates in all major rice producing markets. local support. So. 1 Inlet with capacity slide 2 Water and Air 3 Out sampler 4 Aspiration 5 Water dosing system 6 Polishing chamber Technical details Type Capacity** Motor Aspiration Compressed Water Approx. wherever Bühler Service Stations are available in more than 30 you are in the world. Global coverage. ** Capacity as white rice input. 4 . . development and trends for food capabilities. weight in kg Volume (m 3) (tph) (kW) (m 3/min) air bar bar (max 250lph) Unpacked Railworth Seaworth Seaworth (max 150lpm) packing packing packing 75-90 UltraPoly TM 8-12* (Standard: 90-110 2-4 2-4 3200 3400 3400 6. safety. . food quality and nutrition UltraPolyTM DRPG Brochure 7 . Global supply of complete processing line of equipment. our local Bühler operating companies provide branches worldwide you with a window to our comprehensive global rice processing Leadership in research. . - (optional) * Depends upon the type of product and finished product quality. Technical details and global support. Wherever you are in the world.5 (DRPG) 75kW) Pre- conditioner .

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