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The University of South Florida

College of Nursing
NUR4948L Preceptorship Evaluation

As the semester comes to an end we value your input as the clinical preceptor and will use
your comments in the student’s final semester evaluation. If you can take a minute to write
a brief narrative addressing these headings we will incorporate into the final evaluation.
Student Name: Olivia McBride Clinical Preceptor Name: Michelle R. Brown RN, BSN Date: 4/11/17

Motivation to Learn

Olivia demonstrated an outstanding motivation to learn during her practicum in the NICU

at John Hopkin’s All Children’s.

Patient Assessment

Olivia demonstrated a strong set of assessment skills with each patient she examined. She

was able to identify abnormal findings and report them accordingly. She took her time and

was extremely thorough with each exam.


Olivia was able to clearly communicate in a professional manner.


Olivia’s demonstrated strong skills in the NICU. One of the most challenging skills in the
NICU can be bottle feeding infants for the first time. Olivia was able to perform this skill

with little to no assistance or correction from myself. Very often in the NICU infants are

required to successfully complete their feeds prior to discharge and can be quite



Olivia’s practice at the bedside required learning the role of the bedside RN in regards to

completing a full safety inspection prior to each shift start, i.e. checking patient name

bands, verifying order sets in the computer, checking of bedside safety equipment, etc. .

Olivia adapted this practice quickly and was keen to point out any deviations of safety

violations immediately.


Olivia’s documentation was excellent, once again, documentation and navigating in a new

system can be challenging, however Olivia excelled in this area!


Olivia demonstrated the utmost of professionalism at all times. Her uniform and appearance were

always crisp.

Olivia’s representation of USF’s nursing program was maintained at the highest standard at all