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Maintenance Programme

Plant Area Equipment Criticality Check List / Jobs To Be Frequency
Pyridine – 1) Air heater a) Checking of air heater Daily
Picoline system blower and motor for
Reaction abnormal sounds vibration.
b) Auto sequence of
operation of LPG air heater

2) Reactor a) Reactor bed temperature Daily
(Pyridine- calibration check.
Picoline) b) Mass flow formaldehyde
glass tube and
acetaldehyde feed line
metal tube rotameter.

Pyridine – a) Formalin a) Checking of pumps for Weekly
Picoline unloading pump abnormal sound and Twice
Reaction b) Acetaldehyde vibrations.
unloading pump b) Checking of mechanical
seal setting & corrective
action if necessary.
c) Checking of lubricating
oil level of pumps.
d) Checking of motor and
pump coupling alignment.
Utility PUMP 1) Checking for abnormal Weekly
MAINTENANCE: sound and vibrations. Twice
2) Checking and
1) Process water maintaining lubricating oil
pumps level.
2) P.P cooling 3) Checking of coupling
tower water alignment and replacement
circulation pump. of coupling spider if
4) Gland tightening / gland
replacement if necessary.


1) Process water 1) Checking load current of
pump drive motors.
motors. 2) Checking for abnormal
2) P.P cooling sound and vibrations.
tower water 3) Checking for terminal
pump drive box connection and
motor. replacement of damaged
4) Greasing of bearings Weekly
replacement if necessary. Twice