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Final graded discussion

Answer the FIRST question, and then choose THREE of the other nine to answer on a
separate sheet of paper. Answers must be thorough and well thought out. Staple your
answers to this page and turn them in after the discussion.

1. MUST ANSWER: Introduce and explain the poem you read. Why is this poem
and its perspective important? Indicate which line is the most powerful for you.
2. Why study the Harlem Renaissance and past diverse artistic movements in
general? Why is it still relevant? Why is it important?
3. Do you agree with Chimamanda Adichie (the TedxTalk the Danger of the Single
Story) when she says, “The issue with stereotypes is not that they are incorrect,
but that they are incomplete,”? Why or why not?
4. Does a film like Crash help or hurt the push for diversity and tolerance? Think
about both the film itself and the controversy surrounding it.
5. What is your interpretation of the final pages (29-31) of Brownies? What is the
significance of both the Mennonites and that the author chooses to end her story
with this memory?
6. Think about a time where you have judged someone unjustly. What would you
say to them if they were standing in front of you now? Explain to them why you
judged them, and what you think now after reflection.
7. In his review of Crash, Scott Foundas says, “"When Sandra Bullock's pampered
Brentwood housewife accuses a Mexican-American locksmith of copying her
keys for illicit purposes, Haggis doesn't condemn her reprehensible behavior so
much as he sympathizes with it." Do you think that Haggis (the director) has a
more sympathetic view of the white characters in the movie as a whole? Why or
why not?
8. How does the short story Two Things by Amy Tan expand on the stereotype of the
“Tiger Mom” and what does this add to the “single story” of immigrant parents?
9. We all make assumptions based on how a person looks/acts every day. Are these
assumptions useful? Are they okay to make?
10. What is one marginalized group you feel needs to be talked about more? Explain.