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Humber Gives Event: Day Plan

Time Activity Key Contact Time Required Notes

15:45 Humber event team arrives at Arboretum N/A Team should be sure to arrive early before caterers, any guests, etc.
16:00:00 Caterers arrive, meet with Arboretum staff and Humber team 15 minutes
16:00:00 Team member meets with contact at Arboretum to set up microphone & any tech equipment, ensure in proper order 1 hour
16:15:00 Caterers begin set up of table, serving stations and cooking in Arboretum 45 minutes
16:15:00 Event team sets up decorations in Arboretum 45 minutes Designated person will be in charge of bringing décor with them en route, including Advancement Office's materials
16:15:00 Team member sets up place cards at dinner table to ensure scholarship recipients and donors interact 5 minutes
16:45:00 Team member waits by door to welcome any early guests and guide to correct location 45 minutes One team member will stay by door to welcome guests as they arrive and confirm location until all arrive
17:15:00 Guests begin to arrive 30 minutes
17:30:00 Drinks and small bites are served while guests mingle 30 minutes Chelsea or Paige should ensure that caterers are aware of serving schedule
17:30:00 Welcome photographer 5 minutes Elise
17:55:00 Guests are directed to sit at dinner table 5 minutes
18:00:00 Remarks from the Dean, Denny, Housekeeping notes (bathrooms, recognize students working the event- musicians,
catering, artwork), determine winner of artwork 10 minutes Tech person ensures that microphone functions properly
18:10:00 Dinner is served by catering staff (salad, dinner, dessert) 2 hours
19:40:00 Guests depart and team thanks guests for coming 15 minutes
20:00:00 Caterers take down serving stations and pack up 30 minutes
20:00:00 Humber students remove decorations, ensure clean-up of site 30 minutes

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