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Thank you for being a donor to the
Humber Gives campaign!

It is because of your generosity, that
the scholarship funds at Humber
continue to grow and benefit students
in need of support. The student stories
that you’ll hear tonight are a result of
your dedication and commitment to

From all of the students and those
involved in Humber Gives, thank you!
“A scholarship to me means hope. It represents a person caring
so much about the success of someone else that they would
donate to help a student’s dream come true. When I received
my scholarship I was filled with hope. It was an amazing feeling
to know that someone recognizes the struggles students goes
through and decided to lessen that struggle.”

Samantha Boisvert, Current Student, Advanced Diploma Game
Programming Program

“Graduating as a scholarship recipient is more than just a
name, it’s a responsibility I have to live up to. It will help me
to continue to push myself to grow as a businesswoman, as a
single mom, and to not give up on my dream when things get
hard. My scholarship allowed me to look for a different way to
fix any future situation.”

Manuela Astudillo, Current Student, Radio Broadcasting

“I was financially struggling as a student. I was at school until
3am in order to learn more and finish projects because I had no
computer at home. With my Humber scholarship, I was able to
have enough to eat and put some away in order to save up for a
laptop that could handle my work in media.”

Meeka McLean, Current Student, Broadcast Television and
Videography Diploma

“A scholarship means someone believes in you. In particular,
thais scholarship supported by my professors at Humber means
that people I have grown to respect and look up to in my sector
believe in me as well. They believe I can make a difference and I
think of them every time I start a new project.”

Devan Katsof, Alumni, Humber College
Postgraduate Class of 2015
“The donors who made this scholarship possible inspired and
motivated me to finish the program with the same tenacity
I had when I walked into the classroom on the first day that
past September. That feeling is something that has stayed
with me long after graduation. I feel such pride when I think of
my Humber scholarship and the people that made this award

Tayler Halonen, Alumni, Fundraising Management Program

“Winning a scholarship drove me to succeed in
advancement fundraising because I had a firsthand apprecia-
tion of financial aid. Receiving a scholarship made me feel like
I had succeeded in the program so far and gave me the push
to finish strong going into my internship with confidence.”

Cassandra Steele, Alumni, Fundraising Management

“When I received this scholarship I felt as though I was being
recognized for my hard work. It was the encouragement I
needed during a very busy time in the school year that gave
me the motivation to continue being focused and dedicated to
my studies.”

Tasha Hatkosk, Alumni, Fundraising Management Program

“Graduating as a scholarship recipient boosted my confidence
as I entered my career knowing that someone I had never even
met was rooting for me to succeed. I feel confident in my skills
and knowledge in a way my undergraduate studies never made
me feel and I have been able to push myself outside of my
comfort zone professionally.”

Sarah Byrnes, Alumni, Fundraising Management Program