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Only knowing about a person, or a group of people through one story or source is not

smart and can be dangerous because if all you know about that person or group of people turns

out to be wrong can make you look bad, offend the person/group of people, and result in you and

that person to not get along. An example would be how many Americans view Muslims. Many

Americans view them as terrorists who hate America, and everything that America stands for

when a very small minority are this way. The reason why many Americans feel this way about

Muslims is because the mainstream media portrays them this way. Because of this many

Americans have animosity towards Muslims or anyone who “looks” Muslim. This has caused

many Muslims living in this country to feel alienated by their fellow countrymen, and has also

resulted in travel bans being imposed upon a few counties in the middle east that have high

Muslim populations. This anger towards Muslims upsets me because the actions of a few people

who claim to Muslim causes all Muslims to suffer. It also upsets me because the people who feel

this way towards Muslims have probably never met anyone who is Muslim because if they had

they would not feel this way about them. This is why allowing one story to define a person or a

group of people can be dangerous. In order for these kinds of situations to be avoided people

can’t just get all their information about someone from one source.

An example of people creating one single story about us would be how many European

countries view Americans as cowboys or rednecks. This story has been created about us because

American western films are very popular in Europe. Another example of people creating stories

about us would be how terrorists in the middle east recruit new members by making America

seem evil. An example of myself accepting one story to be true would be when I was in high

school I used to think that most Muslims either hated America, or were terrorists. I stopped
thinking this after I became friends with a person who is a Muslim. He quickly corrected me, and

changed my opinion of Muslims.

The danger in accepting one story about a person or group of people is that these stories

are almost always inaccurate, and because the person who is telling the story could have bias,

and could be making the story. Another danger in accepting a single story about a person is that

if the story is wrong, and you talk to the person whom the story is about and treat them

differently because of the one story you could offend the person you are talking to, and make

yourself look stupid.