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I. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, d, or e!

Picture 1, questions 1-3

4. Based on the text above, why Metro is
giving discounts? (ind 2)
a. to invite more buyers
b. to celebrate Metro’s 10th
c. to celebrate the first opening day
d. to cheat the people
e. to increase the selling rate
1. What is the topic of the poster?
a. Safety d. Art 4. How much is Charles and Keith shoes
b. Environment e. Sport in sale day? (ind 3)
c. Health a. Rp. 120.000
b. Rp. 180.000
2. What is the meaning of the message in c. Rp. 200.000
the poster? d. Rp. 280.000
a. We have to be careful to step
e. Rp. 400.000
b. We have to live carelessly to
destruct environment
c. We have to watch our step 5. How can you get lucky draw?
d. We have to watch our step to a. You go to Metro
destruct environment b. You are the first 100 shoppers
e. We have10toth live
carefully to prevent c. You buy things above Rp. 600.000
global warming in a single receipt
d. You buy Charles and Keith shoes
3. Word ‘you’ in the poster, refers to... e. You buy Charles and Keith shoes for
a. Readers over Rp. 400.000
b. Writer
c. Poster maker
d. Government Picture 3, questions 7-9
e. Children

Sale is now on!!
Picture 2, questions 4-6
Up to 70% discount
Free gift for the first 100 shoppers


 Gold Royal Silverware 70% off
 Sowaridi Chrystal Earrings 70% off
 Designer Label purse 55% off
 Charles and Keith Shoes

Certain methods Use clothes line c. Organ something in our home to solve ic farming global warming. 8. The form of agriculture d. form of agriculture Have insulation e. Based on the text above. questions 10-11 6. How 9. How a. How to solve global warming b. Have a dryer a. It’s dangerous Picture 4. b. Organic farm . It wastes much money b.. c. How to be strong c. Substances e. In paragraph 2 line 2. to become organic farmer Have a solar water heater d. It makes water pollution e. The b. word ‘it’ d. What is the poster tell us? to life healthy a... It makes air pollution d. What is the topic of the poster above? a. Why does travel by an airplane is bad for the environment? a. The c. Way of life d. refers to. we can do b. except.. Organ ic product 7. Health y diet e. advantages of organic farming Turn off the appliances at power point 10. It wastes the time c.

Nasya : How was your trip to Bali? Via : ……! I love the beach very 18. It was relief your .. Ah. anxiety ……. certainly a. Terrific e.. what it is. A : Be careful! The knife is very What is the suitable word to fill the sharp! missing word in the poster? B : ……. relief pleasure b. It’s great d. A : Sorry. it’s so hurt d. a.. A : My son always got nine at much. pleasure 14. what it is c. A: B: …………………. agreement e. someday B : Congratulation for your son! The underline utterance a. A: Can you help me to lift this box? 19. It is relieving c. A: What do you think of my new dress? B: …………………. relief c. disappointment a. Ah. e. d. pain d. Money a. I don’t think so 11. 12. I want to go there again I can’t say how pleased I am.I don’t think so e. Energy b. grant request e. It was terrific . I hate it a. love A : Thank goodness for that! b. Andi: Look. Lamp c. a.It was terrific expresses… b. Sure 13.. Sure no problem e. love d. my thumb is getting a. Body blood. It was a relief d. e. I am sorry to hear that e. b. disappointment b. Light d. what it is c. Ouch. I don’t know 17. Sure no problem b. anger The underlined sentence express c. It was relief e. I didn’t mean to step c. …………………………………….! b. English. I have found your new book! 15.Ah.. B: I’m sorry. but is a cheque available Lisa: Oh thank goodness for that! here? Lisa expresses her… B : Yes. anger c. opinion 16. Organic farmer d.

please 20. Whew e. l’d love to d. Lisa : Do you mind turning on the fan for me? Mita : …………………. especially the food served. What a relief b. I think I’ve broken it Your friend : It’s okay. Ouch c. thank you c. a. Terrific d.. Any : Look! You got A for your English test? Andi : …………………………… 3. 4. not at all e. You : ……………. I do b. foot. Make a simple poster about education! . Thank goodness a. I like it very much. no. Agung : What do you think about the party last night? Rini : ……. Essay Complete the dialogue below! 1. The main buttons come out. Fill in the blank with the suitable expression! 2. yes. II. You : I’m terribly sorry... Write a simple statement according to the picture below! 5. that’s all. yes.

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