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To Whom It May Concern


It is a sincere privilege and honor to offer a recommenda:on for Mrs. Sarah King to be selected as one of
your teachers. Sarah has served Spotsylvania County Public Schools since 2003. Having served the
school division as superintendent for the past 5 years, I am excited to be able to offer addi:onal insight
into and reinforcement of her strong instruc:onal background, knowledge and skills. Sarah King is a
teacher who exemplifies both the passion and pioneering spirit of dis:nguished educators in the field of
public educa:on. Her body of work coupled with her con:nued growth make her an ideal candidate for
schools and school divisions who desire to see students ac:vely engaged in their learning.

In addi:on to possessing quality creden:als, including a Master’s Degree in Curriculum and Instruc:on,
Sarah con:nuously translates her knowledge into significant and relevant student learning experiences.
A prime illustra:on is how she recently u:lized her training in Project Based Learning through our
partnership with the Buck Ins:tute to create meaningful instruc:onal units of study in World History.
Her 8th grade student projects involved developing museum exhibits that they presented orally, through
3D generated ar:facts and in wri:ng. Further, Sarah understands the importance of ensuring parent
and stakeholder par:cipa:on. The aforemen:oned unit involved parents, colleagues and was even
featured as an instruc:onal highlight division-wide at a recent school board mee:ng. Indeed, Sarah is
highly regarded and broadly perceived to be an exemplary educator in Spotsylvania County.

Effec:ve teachers do not focus primarily or solely on the delivery of content or coverage of informa:on.
Rather, they design and facilitate authen:c and meaningful learning experiences that bring the content
to life. I believe that Sarah is the caliber of teacher that not only strives to accomplish this, but also
rou:nely fulfills this concept. Whether it is stepping out of the box to bring in an archaeologist through
virtually learning, using PBL to assist students in making connec:ons and understand complex ideas or
issues, or inten:onally incorpora:ng reading and wri:ng across the content she is teaching, Sarah
remains steadfast in her passion for suppor:ng engaging and meaningful learning for ALL students.

Amidst the genuine substance of Mrs. King’s planning, delivery and assessment of student learning, she
also brings a wealth of teacher leadership experience that is hard to find. She has been a presenter at
our division Leadership Learning Exchange, wriYen and piloted new curriculum, par:cipated in
instruc:onal device pilots, and served as a mentor and teacher leader at her school. Finally, I know that
I am far from alone in expressing how sorry we are to be losing Sarah here in Spotsylvania County.
However, I know that she will con:nue to make a profound difference in the learning and lives of
students no maYer where she goes.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance to you as you consider Mrs. King’s


S. ScoY Baker
Superintendent of Schools, Spotsylvania