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Bentley Buckminster

Date: October 1, 1930
Article Title: How Successful College Students Study by James D. Weinland
Journal: Journal of Educational Psychology

The article How Successful College Students Study is written based on a survey taken in
1930 at New York University. It begins by explaining the logistics of the survey like who is being
surveyed, how many questions, and what the goal is. They are surveying male, upper classmen,
honor students in hopes of finding the best ways to study. Their sample group was representing
the most successful students at the university at this time. Non-successful students were also
surveyed to see how their answers contradicted. The questions were not all study related, but
they were related to life habits in general like exercise, eating habits, and hobbies.
It was found that there were trends in the responses of the successful students. The
successful students all responded that they worked well alone and preferred to study alone.
They also take good notes and ask questions in class. These characteristics are the opposite of
the non-successful students’. The non-successful students do not ask questions in class and
they often have distractions when studying. The successful students were active outside of
being good students too. They responded to the questionnaire that they are social and have

Date: September, 2014
Article Title: Challenges in the First Year of Teaching: Lessons Learned in an Elementary
Education Resident Teacher Program by Bonni Gourneau
Journal: Contemporary Issues in Education Research

This article is about a resident teacher program where students are mentored through a
year of teaching and given the support they need to succeed. The reason this program was
started was because a high percentage of teachers quit within the first five years of teaching for
a multitude of reasons. The students going through the resident teacher program even said that
they too considered changing paths occasionally but the program proves to be successful. The
article says that the reason new teachers quit within the first five years is because they are
lacking in support and overall knowledge of how to teach and the mentorship provided with the
resident teacher program is supposed to remedy that. By the end of the program, the residents
will have their master’s degrees in education.
The article then goes on to explain some things that new teachers can do in the
classroom to make the first few years a better experience. Classroom procedures for things like
going to the restroom will help with the classroom management according to this article. It
discusses how to behave with students’ parents so that they know that the teacher actually
cares for the wellbeing of their child. Also, it says that positivity with the teacher should bring
positivity to the whole classroom. The article also discusses differentiating instruction and how
to successfully bring that into the classroom. It concludes with some advice from the resident
teachers in the program.