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The research work of Dr.

Pankaj Madhani has been cited / included in following

International Books:
1. Strategic Information Systems and Technologies in Modern
Organizations (Advances in Business Information Systems and Analytics)
Author: Caroline Howard Citation: Madhani, P.M.
(Ed.), (HC Consulting, (2015), “Demand Chain
USA) and Kathleen Management: Enhancing
Hargiss (Ed.), (Colorado Customer Lifetime Value
Technical University, USA) Through Integration of
Publisher: IGI Global,
Marketing and Supply Chain
Hershey, PA
17033, USA Management”. The IUP
(January, 2017) Journal of Business Strategy,
12(3): 27-26
Language: English
Citation: Madhani, P.M.
ISBN-10: 1522516808 (2013), “Marketing Firms vs
Hardcover: 366 pages SCM-led Firms: DCM
Comparatistics”. SCMS
Source: AMAZON Journal of Indian
Management, 10(2): 5-19

2. Handbook of Research on Global Fashion Management and
Merchandising (Advances in Logistics, Operations, and Management Science)

Author: Alessandra Vecchi Citation: Madhani, P.M.
(Ed.), London College of (2015), “Enhancing Customer
Fashion, U.K., Chitra Lifetime Value in Fast
Buckley (Ed.), London
Fashion Retailing with RFID
College of Fashion, U.K.
Initiatives”. International
Publisher: IGI Global, Journal of Business and
Hershey, PA Globalisation, 15(2): 205-237
17033, USA
(May, 2016)

Language: English

ISBN-10: 152250110X
Hardcover: 799 pages

Source: AMAZON

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International Management Publisher: Cambridge Journal. 2013) ISBN-10: 1107649226 Paperback: 542 pages Price: $162 Source: AMAZON 13. UK. (March.M.” DHAROHAR. Strategic Customer Management Integrating Relationship Marketing and CRM Author: Adrian Payne Citation: P. Compensation and Benefit Design Applying Finance and Accounting Principles to Global Human Resource Management Systems . Madhani is Professor of Marketing (2011). 1(1): 36-48 University Press. “Value Creation at the University of New Through Cross-Functional South Wales in Australia Collaboration: Making a Case and Pennie Frow is Professor of Marketing at for SCM and Marketing Cranfield University.12. Integration.

Citation: Madhani. 2012) ISBN-10: 0133064786 Hardcover: 368 pages Price: $109.. USA (December. California. “Investment Decision University of Bremen. He is Organization: A Business Visiting Professor at Keller School of Management at Cycle Perspective. P. Journal of Indian 28359. 6 (1): 5-17. Quantifying the Value of RFID and the EPCglobal Architecture Framework in Logistics Citation: Madhani. Bremen. a Global and Variable Pay in a Sales Consultancy.” SCMS Hochschulring 20.M.99 Source: AMAZON 14. Publisher: FT (Financial Times) Press. 42 (3): 179-89. Author: Uckelmann. Dieter is Professor at (2009). Tool: ‘Real Options'. Biswas. Review. 2012) ISBN-10: 3642279902 Hardcover: 200 pages Price: $139 Source: AMAZON . Germany Management.” DeVry University in Compensation and Benefits Sacramento. Author: Bashker D. is the Principal of the Biswas (2010). Publisher: Springer (April 26. P. “Rebalancing Fixed Group Inc.M.

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