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Junior English The Great Gatsby 11.R.RI.


[ 11.R.RI.09] The Highly Proficient student can refer to specific textual
evidence in an analysis of foundational U.S. documents of historical and
literary significance, evaluating their themes, purposes, and rhetorical

Unit Calendar:
3-4 Weeks for novel

3-4 weeks for standard

Big Idea:
Referring to specific textual evidence enhances the implications of theme,
purpose, and rhetorical features.

Essential Questions:
1. Why is it an important literary work?

2. What are rhetorical features?

3. How are theme and purpose revealed through rhetorical features?

4. What are theme, purpose, and rhetorical features?

5. How are theme, purpose, and rhetorical features impacted by specific
textual evidence?

21st Century Learning:
 Critical thinking, problem solving, reasoning, analysis, interpretation,
synthesizing information

 Research skills and practices, interrogative questioning

 Creativity, artistry, curiosity, imagination, innovation, personal

Students will Know:
 Students will look at the rhetorical features to determine if the intent of
the document is to persuade, inform, or entertain.
Junior English The Great Gatsby 11.R.RI.09

 Students will understand rhetorical devices to include: figurative
language, allusion, tone, point of view, organizational style, diction,
irony, mood, etc.

 Students will use rhetorical triangles (speaker/subject/message and/or
logos/ethos/pathos) to analyze literary works for purpose, theme, and
rhetorical devices.

 Students will be able to read and understand foundational U.S.
documents and literary works and connect those texts to moments in

Students will Understand:
 Rhetorical devices

 Documents of literary and historical significance

 Foundational U.S. documents

 Themes and their connection with historical documents

 Ethos, Pathos, and Logos

Students will Do:

Author study activity

Project on 1920’s

During Reading:

Read The Great Gatsby

Respond to chapter questions

Classroom discussions on literary significance and historical impact

Character development assignment

Essential elements of a story project

Post reading:

Essay on theme
Junior English The Great Gatsby 11.R.RI.09


Questions PowerPoint

Multiple Assessments and Rubrics:
Essay rubric

Kahoot Review

Novel study rubric