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Por favor elija y circule la mejor opción para completar la oración o contestar la pregunta. Tiempo
estimado de evaluación: 15min.

1. How old are you?
I have 23 years old I am 23 years old I have 23 year

2. ____you have a dangerous job?
Are Does Do

3. I usually _________________ to work.
Walking Walks Walk

4. This is the man ________ lives in my building.
Which Who Whom

5. Last weekend Paul and Ann (1)_____________ tennis and then (2)____________ swimming.
(1) Played Playing Plays
(2) Goes Wents Went

6. They weren’t home, so I left _________ a message.
Their Them They

7. My apartment is too small. I wish my apartment _____________ bigger.
Were Is Are

8. It’s Ann’s birthday next week. Are you going to go? – Maybe ________________________.
I am going to go I will go I am going

9. Paul’s parents love _________________ , next week they are going to travel to Aisa.
To traveling Travel Traveling

10. (1)_______ you go to the party, I (2)___________ go too.
(1) When If To
(2) Will Would Want

11. Ann (1)________________________________TV, when the phone (2)__________.
(1) Is watching TV Do watching TV Was watching TV
(2) Is ringing Rang Rings

12. I have never _________ of that movie.
Hear Hearing Heard

13. If I (1)________ you were going to the party, I (2)_________ too.
(1) Knew Had known Know
(2) Would have went Would go Would have gone

14. My father _______ his new car for two weeks now.
Is having Has Has had

At no time was informed I 24. A.. For On To 18. Pat has insisted _______ paying for the meal for all of us. I was thinking of call you I was calling you I was going to call you Chose the correct sentence: 21. I wouldn’t do that if I were you C. __________ Richard. I tell them the party was next Friday 23. The children looked after by my mother C. I was told the party was next Friday B. 20. Anyone _________ after the start of the play is not allowed in until the interval. A. Developed Has developed Was developed 17. it seems he finally made his decision. This area of town is beginning to look very _______ and impoverished. A. I didn’t do that if I were you B.. I wouldn’t do that if I was you 22. A. I told the party was next Friday C. was I informed B. Arriving Has arrived Arrives 16. At no time. Run-down Put-down Broken-down 19. The children were looking after by my mother B. was I informed C. 15. The theory _________ by a famous physicist. The children were being looked after by my mother . At any time. _____________but then I forgot. Had spoken to Having spoken to Speaking to.

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