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1. Introduction
2. History


can be tried as adults .The juvenile justice (care and protection ) act 2015 has been passed in the Parliament of India . in case of heinous crimes committed by a minor who has completed or is . It was passed on 22 December 2015 by the Rajya Sabha. So. he was tried in a juvenile court . HISTORY After the 2012 Delhi gang rape. It aims to replace the existing Indian juvenile delinquency law. The Juvenile Justice Act was earlier passed in the year 2000 by the parliament which had the provisions to try anyone under the age of 18 in juvenile justice system . it was found that one of the accused was a few months away from being 18. This act had been in force since 15 years until the infamous 2012 gang rape case in which one of the offenders was a short of 18 years . involved in Heinous Offences. Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act. 2000. It was passed on 7 May 2015 by the Lok Sabha amid intense protest by several Members of Parliament. So the law was amended last year and under the amended law . so that juveniles in conflict with Law in the age group of 16–18.

I am not saying that we should forgive the grave crimes like murder and rape committed by them but an adult prison is the . the child welfare committees do look after the institutional care for the children in their respective districts but the ashamed fact is that the juvenile homes are more of understaffed and overcrowded hell holes than reform centers . giving the driving license . Yes . SOLUTION when the children of our country lose their way . the juvenile justice board will try the minor as an adult .above the age of 16 years . we should guide them . legal intoxication of alcohol etc. ISSUE If you can expect a person of 16 years to be sensible enough to know the consequences of his act then you must also give them the voting rights . punish them and correct them so that they can have a better future but we should never stop taking care of them and let their future go in the dark . If you can try a person of 16 years as an adult in case of heinous crimes then you must consider the person as an adult in every aspect including universal adult franchise .

Harsher punishments for juveniles will only brutalise them more instead of helping them in any manner .least likely place where the juvenile will learn his lesson and his goodness will be reclaimed . In order to deter the crimes committed by children . trying them to adults is not the best option but it is best prevented by reaching out to them on time with open arms and imparting them with education and knowledge . CONCLUTION This new act should be considered as the biggest legal reform by the Indian judiciary and should be welcomed and implemented fairly and considered as a move towards stopping crimes by the teenagers of country by creating a sense of fear of .

BIBLOGRAPHY . there is scientific evidence to the level of immaturity in a developing brain and a teenagers brain is always developing compounded by the confusion of bodily changes and the surging hormones and each and every teenager goes through this process and we all have our own way to react to these changes depending on the kind of surrounding we have been in and the kind of upbringing we have experienced .punishment in the minds of teenagers by introduction of such type of laws.” So the major problem is that the brutal gang rape and murder of a student in a bus on a winter night in Delhi . RECOMMENDATIONS Quoting Nelson Mandela “There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats children . Then what should exactly be done so that the offender learns his lesson without his future being in dark . the quality of the soul of the Indian society stands on rest . Well. earch.file:///C:/Users/500055167/Desktop/48762798- 1AD7-4DA1-8E4C-9C096E6E87E5%20(1).manupatrafast. REFERENCES 1.legalservicesindia.strikingly. amended-juvenile-justice-act-does-it-really- impart-justice 2.manupatra.html justice-act-government-gives-nod-for-proposal- to-try-16-18-year-olds-under-adult-laws- 2079805 .com/article/articl e/juvenile-justice-act-2015-2147-1.http://www.aspx?sub=Constitution 3.The report was made with reference to an article written by me in a website and the facts were taken from the Wikipedia and manupatra .pdf 4.http://www.http://legallysound.