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Vidya is a prominent criminal lawyer and a single
mother who has never lost a case. On the day of a
parent-child race organized in her daughter Kyra’s
school, Kyra gets kidnapped and kidnapper
contacts her and tells her that she has to defend a
convicted fellow to get her daughter back. Vidya
has to lie to police and her friends that Kyra is safe
at her grandmother's house.The fellow is Altaf
Shaikh who is convicted for the rape and murder
of a young woman and the case against him is set
for judgement in four days. The kidnapper keeps
track of Vidya very closely to make sure she
complies with his demand. As all evidence
suggests that he is the murderer, Vidya has to
work hard to win the case and with the time
running out, she tries to get help from her police
friend Sultan who has been suspended from the
police force by other corrupt officers for flaunting
the rules and regulations too often. The case
against Altaf Shaikh is closely monitored by a
powerful politician Rajeev who asks a renowned
public prosecutor who has been defeated by Vidya
in the past to take up as rape is a critical issue the
current government is fighting.

Vidya is able to get Altaf out on bail due to lack of evidence and also implicates Rajeev and Jai as co- conspirators of murder. .though initially infuriated after finding the truth about Garima.Vidya tries to gather information by hook or crook. thus destroying the political career of Rajeev. As Sultan and Vidya continue digging. they end up finding that Garima is behind all this and she was the one who kidnapped Altaf with the help of a paid aid and burned him alive since she finds the death row to be less of a punishment for someone who brutally raped and murdered her daughter. offers her services for her case in the end. including lying to the victim's mother Garima during which she figures out that Rajeev’s son Jai was the victim's boyfriend who was intoxicated during the murder. Vidya.